推广神韵中的修炼体会 (Cultivation journey whilst promoting Shen Yun)


Cultivation journey whilst promoting Shen Yun

悉尼(Sydney: Ms Yang





Dear Master, and dear fellow practitioners, I obtained Falun Dafa in 1996 after seeing a newspaper advertisement for free classes to teach the Dafa exercises. I also had the honour of attending Master’s first lecture in Australia. 

In Lecture Given at the Conference in Sydney, Master said: “Some people have asked me, “Teacher, you have taught us so many things and given us so many things—what do you seek?” I said, “I seek nothing. I am just here to save you. I just want to see you strive to become a better person and for you to be able to advance and improve yourself.”



Master’s words deeply touched me. I hadn’t fully obtained the Fa at that time. I thought in my heart: “I want to be a better person and I am willing to improve.” From then on, I started practicing Dafa. Looking back on my cultivation process, I am extremely grateful for Master’s compassion. As a person full of karma and attachments, I have had ups and downs. However, I am on the path of cultivation that constantly purifies me and leads me towards godhood.


Part1. Responsibility


Since Shen Yun started touring Australia in 2007, I have spent almost all of my leave, 5-6 weeks each year, promoting Shen Yun in shopping malls. After retiring 6 years ago, I devoted myself fully to promoting Shen Yun. In the early days, I had no sales experience and my English wasn’t good enough. The first thing I had to overcome was timidity and lack of confidence. As a practitioner, I firmly believe that courage and confidence must come from Dafa and improvement in cultivation. I realized that the effect of clarifying the truth and saving people is closely related to the state of your Fa study and cultivation. Therefore, before promoting Shen Yun, we must first adjust our cultivation status and strengthen our Fa study. At the same time, we should learn some sales skills from ordinary people, improve our customer service abilities, and shift from a volunteer mentality to being sales professionals.


When we do well selling tickets in shopping malls, it is a reflection of our overall efforts and cooperation; when we do poorly, it must be because we have areas that need improvement in our cultivation. When promoting Shen Yun in shopping malls, I try my best to introduce Shen Yun to everyone who is destined. Even if they don’t buy tickets at the stall right away, I still want them to have a good impression of Shen Yun. Some people happily come back to tell us that they have bought tickets online themselves. 

所以我非常珍惜在商场推广神韵的机会。有机会我就去其他城市的商场卖票。去年,澳洲巡演的最后一站是南部的一个城市,知道他们人手少,经过沟通,我就提前订好了机票,在悉尼的神韵演出结束后,就加入了当地的商场销售。由于商场的展位小,没有椅子,一天8-9个小时全要站着,一周7天,有时一周一次晚间的购物高峰期(SHOPPING NIGHT 人手不够就要站10个小时以上,连续站了三个多星期,如果没有师尊的加持,对于一个60多岁外婆级的人是很难做到的.

I cherish the opportunity to promote Shen Yun in shopping malls. When I have the chance, I’ll go interstate as well, to help with the promotion. Last year, the last stop of the Australian tour was Adelaide. Knowing that they were short-staffed, I booked my flight tickets in advance after communicating with them. After the show in Sydney, I flew over immediately to join their promotions. Because the mall’s booths are small and there are no chairs, I had to stand for 8-9 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes once a week during late-night shopping, when there weren’t enough people, I had to stand for more than 10 hours—for 3 consecutive weeks. Without Master giving me strength, it would be very difficult for a 60-year-old to do so. 


Due to the overall efforts and cooperation of all the practitioners, we were at one of the better shopping malls for two weeks, and one week, we sold more than 80 tickets. A senior customer was very satisfied with our service and bought three bouquets for us. He said that he had never seen three ladies working together so perfectly in his life. He said that he felt peaceful and compassionate. Although I worked full-time as a salesperson in a shopping mall for nearly five months last year, I couldn’t describe the joy in my heart when I saw people being saved by watching Shen Yun. I am grateful for this opportunity.


Part2. Improving in cultivation


Over the past decade or so, in the process of promoting Shen Yun in shopping malls, there have been many opportunities for cultivation and improvement. The first step is to get rid of the fear of setbacks, the human notion of saving face, the attachment of desire, and wanting to be comfortable. Sometimes it might take me 3-4 hours to make a trip, starting at 7 am, and I’ll be exhausted when I return at 7 pm. Especially when I stood at the mall for several hours and no tickets were sold despite my efforts. When you are frustrated, it is easy to look outwards. You need to find your righteous thoughts from the Fa, find your various attachments, and improve yourself.


In the early days, when I saw fellow practitioners arriving late and leaving early, or there were no sales after a whole day at the booth, did I remain unmoved? At first, I would think to myself: the rent is expensive and you still don’t value this opportunity. Would you be like this if it were your own business? The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. In fact, behind my feelings of injustice, there were notions of jealousy, disdain for others and intolerance.


When I gradually let go of these attachments, these phenomena disappeared. Every practitioner is working hard and improving. We should understand and be considerate of fellow practitioners, and with good intentions, not make rash judgments based on superficial phenomena. We shouldn’t let the old forces take advantage of them, thereby creating misconceptions and creating distance between practitioners. Every practitioner has strengths, and you cannot use your strengths to look at other people’s shortcomings.


Although I have lived in Australia for more than 30 years, which is longer than I have lived in China, the imprint of the Party culture still shows. One time, a fellow practitioner who had a good relationship with me took the initiative to take my place at lunch. This practitioner was exceptional at distributing flyers. She was able to distribute to every customer that passed by. After her efforts, there were not many flyers left. Unfortunately, there was no other stock and we didn’t know when the flyers would be reprinted. I told her about the situation, and suggested that we should first chat with customers, and if they were interested, then we could give them a flyer. However, because she was on a roll, she didn’t listen to me. I had no choice but to ask her to leave, even using the excuse that she wasn’t on the roster that day and that her attire wasn’t professional enough. 


My behaviour angered her, and she loudly said to me repeatedly in the mall: “You can’t sell a single ticket today” and “You won’t be able to cultivate in your lifetime like this.” Looking at the strange looks of the passing customers, I forced myself to calm down. After she left, although I tried hard to sell tickets, I felt that the field around me had changed and I couldn’t achieve the intensity I needed to save people. That day was the only day we did not sell any tickets in the two weeks at that mall.


For this reason, I could not forgive her for a long time. In other words, in this test, I was not able to overcome the attachment and improve my cultivation for a long time.

师尊在《精進要旨》<再认识>中开示:“ 你们知道吗?只要你是一个修炼的人,无论在任何环境、任何情况下,所遇到的任何麻烦和不高兴的事,甚至于为了大法的工作,不管你们认为再好的事、再神圣的事,我都会利用来去你们的执著心,暴露你们的魔性,去掉它。因为你们的提高才是第一重要的。真能这样提高上来,你们在纯净心态下所做的事才是最好的事,才是最神圣的。

In Essentials for Further Advancement, Master said in Further Understanding: “Do you realize that as long as you’re a cultivator, in any environment or under any circumstances, I will use any troubles or unpleasant things you come across—even if they involve work for Dafa, or no matter how good or sacred you think they are—to eliminate your attachments and expose your demon-nature so that it can be eliminated, for your improvement is what’s most important. If you can succeed in improving yourself this way, what you do then, with a pure heart, will be the best and most sacred.”


It took me a long time to see my problem. I used one attachment to cover up another. On the pretext of doing a good job in Dafa, I would use a certain “reason” to suppress others. With the notion of self, and my desire to prove myself, my words were not pure. Not only did I fail to convince my fellow practitioners, but I angered them. At the same time, I realized that I should also let go of my perceptions and feelings about fellow practitioners. Cultivation is about getting rid of human notions, and treating every challenge with compassion. An environment for practicing the Fa is maintained by each of us truly cultivating ourselves. We cannot replace cultivation by doing a bunch of things we think are “right”.


Holding on to attachments for a long time is artificially nourishing those attachments and notions. It is laziness and a lack of diligence in cultivation. It is irresponsible to one’s cultivation and irresponsible to the sentient beings we are responsible for. When I realized my problem, I was really happy, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off me.

第三部份、兑现誓约 帮助众生与神韵接上圣缘

Part3. Fulfill the oath and help people connect with Shen Yun


Shen Yun has great power to save people, and most sentient beings can be saved after one performance. In the process of promoting Shen Yun, I can always feel that everyone is looking forward to this opportunity of salvation that they have been waiting millions of years for. But this opportunity depends on the efforts of Dafa disciples to help people connect with this holy destiny.

一次,有一位高龄的西人老太太站在电视机前迟迟不肯离去,她不断的重复说着,这个画面是她非常熟悉的,这个文化是她非常熟悉的,她还告诉我: 30年代时,她曾经在中国住了很长时间。我感受到了她内心深处的波澜和对某种情怀的留恋,向她介绍了神韵所展现的5000年的真正中国传统文化,她表示她想看神韵,虽然她目前独居,靠救济金生活,没有多余的钱。

Once, an elderly Western lady stood in front of the TV and refused to leave. She kept saying that the scene was very familiar to her, and this culture was very familiar to her. She also told me that in the 1930s, she lived in China for a long time. I felt her emotion and nostalgia and introduced her to the 5,000-year-old true traditional Chinese culture displayed by Shen Yun. She expressed that she wanted to see Shen Yun, although she currently lives alone, on a pension, and has no extra money.


I told her that there was a discount for the elderly (there was a 10% discount for the elderly in the early days), and she said she would find a way. On our last day at the mall, she came in with a lot of coins wrapped in cloth. She repeatedly insisted on paying the full price, saying that she knew the purpose of Shen Yun. The next year we returned to that mall, and she came over to express her gratitude for the wonderful memories Shen Yun brought her in those final stages of her life. I never saw her again and believe she went to a wonderful place.

还有一次,一位西人男士从商场的神韵展位前来回路过了好几次,我和其他同修都试着和他交谈,他都拒绝了,表示他知道了,没想看,我们就不再主动向他介绍了。一天快下班了,他突然主动过来和我打招呼,可能是他太多次拒绝我们的善意,有点不好意思的来解释,说他有一个90岁的妈妈,不方便出门去看演出,我和他讲了神韵的意义和人生中有些东西是不能错过的。他突然说:“you sold me!(你说服了我!)我现在没带钱,回家拿钱给你。我说:好,我等你。

Another time, a man passed by the Shen Yun booth several times. Other practitioners and I tried to talk to him, but he refused, saying that he knew and didn’t want to see it, so we didn’t attempt to promote it further. One day as we were about to finish, he came over to say hello to me. Maybe he had rejected our kindness too many times, so he was a little embarrassed when he explained that he had a 90-year-old mother and it was inconvenient for him to go out to see a show. He and I talked about the meaning of Shen Yun and how some things in life cannot be missed. He suddenly said: “You sold me! I don’t have any money now. I will go get the money from home.” I said, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”


When I saw that it was past the stall hours, and he still hadn’t come, I silently sent forth righteous thoughts. After a while, he came back and bought 2 tickets. I saw him when he was watching the show and he was very happy to introduce his 90-year-old mother to me. He told her that I sold him the tickets and that they should thank me because they like Shen Yun very much.


Part4. Gratitude to all sentient beings


Once, a young man was carrying a large bag of fruit past our booth. He was a graduate student studying Asian culture at university. I talked to him about the meaning of culture and the soul of a nation. He was moved and bought 2 tickets, ready to take his mother to see Shen Yun. Many times when we have sufficient righteous thoughts and are in a good state, Master will give us wisdom and abilities.


He came back shortly after buying the tickets and gave me a large bag of fruit. I later gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries in English. When we have done what we should do, and when sentient beings understand that we are working tirelessly so that they can have a better future, their understanding side will express their support for Dafa’s salvation in various ways. Out of gratitude, I sometimes receive flowers, lunch, fruit, milk tea and coffee from customers, but most importantly, they are given with hugs and gratitude.


Since last year, Chinese people, including some dance professionals, relatives of mainland celebrities residing overseas and proprietors, have started buying tickets to watch Shen Yun and have expressed their support for us.


There are many more stories about saving people, so I won’t go into details here.


During the process of selling tickets in the mall, I realised that our thoughts are very important. When selling tickets, we must concentrate our thoughts, purify our field, and not let any distracting thoughts interfere. With strong righteous thoughts, what we say will have strong penetrating power. As Master taught in Zhuan Falun: “Bathed in divine light, conduct and thought become right.”




Looking back on the cultivation process I have gone through in promoting Shen Yun for more than ten years, I have grown from a timid person who only manned the booth, to an experienced salesperson; I have also grown from a person who does not know how to cultivate or look within, to being a disciple who has learned to look inwards, and constantly cultivate to get rid of human notions, thoughts, and emotions. Along the way, I can feel Master’s compassionate care and blessings. 


I am grateful to Master for bestowing this supreme honour on disciples, and this rare opportunity and blessing to cultivate. Thank you also to fellow practitioners for their tolerance and cooperation.



Recently, I studied Master’s new writing, Dafa Spiritual Practice Is Serious, and I deeply felt the gaps and laziness in my cultivation. 

Master taught: “Practice with the heart you first had, and success is assured.” On the path of cultivation ahead, I will constantly use these words to remind and encourage myself, to constantly improve myself and cultivate well, to help Master save all sentient beings, and return to Master at Consummation. 


The above is my cultivation experience at a limited level, please correct me if I am wrong.



Thank you, Master! 

Thank you, fellow practitioners.