网络讲真相及推广干净世界的一点体会 (Clarifying the Truth on the Internet and Promoting Gan Jing World)


My Experience Clarifying the Truth on the Internet and Promoting Gan Jing World

悉尼:聂 Sydney: Ms Nie


Greetings to our great and compassionate Master.
Greetings to fellow practitioners.


As the Fa-rectification proceeds rapidly and society is undergoing continuous changes, it is a crucial moment for Dafa disciples to fulfill their vows by seeing the chaos for what it is, upgrading our xinxing, and saving sentient beings.


During the pandemic, there was limited in-person contact between people, making it very challenging to clarify the truth face-to-face. Local coordinators who were proficient using the internet helped us set up online platforms, create personal accounts, and helped us use the internet to clarify the truth and assist Master in saving more sentient beings.


I’d like to share some of my cultivation experiences from the past year or so regarding clarifying the truth, saving sentient beings, and promoting Gan Jing World on the internet.

第一部份、 坚定信心

Part1. Increasing in Confidence


I rarely visit everyday websites, and I’m not skilled in using the internet or aware of what it’s like. One day, I decided to browse the internet. I felt an unconscious sense of resistance and repulsion. In this state of discomfort, I came across a person attacking Dafa. I felt angry but wasn’t sure how to respond. After finding the place to send a reply, I wrote, “you can’t tell good from evil, or true from false. What strikes good must be evil. ” I angrily wrote these few sentences and then logged off. 


Seeing the chaos on the internet and the presence of all kinds of people, I began to wonder if I should continue clarifying the truth online. I felt conflicted and wasn’t sure whether to keep going. In that moment of hesitation, the words “going against the tide” flashed in my mind.


Master said in 2018 Fa Teaching Given in Washington, D.C., “As divine beings see it, anyone who can resist the mighty current that is pulling this world down and stand his ground is really something. Anyone who is unaffected by it is really exceptional! And yet Dafa disciples are not just unswayed by it all, but moreover, are going against the tide!”


I suddenly thought that perhaps Master was giving me a hint? In the face of disasters like the pandemic, the people of the world are in peril. I am a Dafa disciple, here to assist Master in saving people. Where there is chaos, we need to clarify the truth even more. How can I retreat? I realised that not only should I not retreat, but I should do a good job as well. Although I don’t know how to use a computer or the internet, and I can’t even understand English, , I’m not worried about the potential issues on the surface because since I began cultivating in Dafa, I know : “I have Master.”


I began to study the Fa with more effort and a heartfelt determination. The more I studied, the more I loved to study.. Master revealed to me a clear understanding of the vast cosmos, space, time, alien beings, advanced technology, the crisis facing humanity, and more. Master taught disciples how to see through the chaos and how to lead people out of tribulations. In the process, we Dafa disciples are also fulfilling our path back to heaven. My plan was to find truth clarification material on Minghui, Zhengjian, The Epoch Times, and New Tang Dynasty websites and share them on mainstream platforms to spread the truth and save sentient beings.


After Gan Jing World was launched, I gradually replaced what I shared with content from the Gan Jing World platform. When encountering issues, I used Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance as my guide and continuously corrected myself. Through this period of cultivation, my xinxing has improved, and I’ve changed from the state of wanting others to cultivate and neglecting self-cultivation. Especially after studying Master’s new scriptures such as “Stay Out of Danger” and “Dafa Spiritual Practice Is Serious,” it’s even clearer to me that truly cultivating myself is essential.


Part2. Cultivating Kindness

I generally consider myself to be quite virtuous and can usually assess situations using the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. However, when faced with arguments, I sometimes struggle to handle my xinxing. For instance, on one occasion when I was online, a rather arrogant and complacent person listed about 10 of our media channels and made some irrational and hostile remarks about them. I immediately got angry and responded, “Don’t think so highly of yourself. With your lack of reason, you would lead a country to destruction. Because you can’t distinguish between good and evil, lack morality and respect for others, and speak nonsense, you’re making enemies for yourself.” 


Then he replied, “You’ve been thoroughly brainwashed by Falun Gong. You should focus on the way you speak and  treat everyone with kindness.” .” I was quite surprised  because this didn’t sound like something this person would say.


I looked within and thought that, from a factual standpoint, I wasn’t wrong. However, from a cultivation perspective, I shouldn’t have gotten angry; I should have approached the situation with kindness. This was an opportunity for me to cultivate shan. Later on, I kindly explained the three withdrawals to this person several times, and he agreed to withdraw. What’s remarkable is that he agreed to withdraw but didn’t tell me his real name. So, I gave him an alias for the withdrawal. When I told him the alias I’d chosen for him, he responded, “That’s my name! How did you know?” I was quite surprised at the coincidence. 


Later, I understood that it was indeed Master who was saving people, and I was just moving a few fingers and writing a few words. This process was possibly Master’s way of  giving me with an opportunity to improve my xinxing. From this, I realised that looking within is truly a magical tool given to us by Master. Later, when faced with similar situations, I was able to stay calm, not be swayed, and continually use Master’s teachings to cultivate myself, be kind to others, and replace evil thoughts with kind thoughts or eliminate them altogether.


Part3. Cultivating Forbearance 


One day, when I was online, someone started chatting to me. I looked at their profile and noticed they had a cartoon next to their profile picture that defamed Dafa and was disrespectful to Master. At first, I wanted to respond with stern words, but then I calmed down and thought, Master is here to save people, and I’m here to assist Master in saving people. The fact that I’ve encountered this person is not by chance. What should I do? At this critical time when the pandemic is eliminating people, it’s like rescuing someone from a rushing river. If you let go for even a second, that person might be swept away by the current. I remembered that I’m here to assist Master in saving people, and saving people is my mission. If this person couldn’t be saved because of issues in my cultivation, I would deeply regret it later. With this in mind, I restrained myself and pretended I didn’t see the disrespectful cartoon. I focused on cultivating myself, remembering that “Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible” and I asked Master to strengthen me.


I then sent four messages to that person:

I talked about the crisis facing humanity, explained why Master introduced Dafa, described how the Chinese Communist Party manipulates all government branches and media to fabricate attacks and suppress Falun Gong, and even how organ harvesting takes place. I mentioned the saying: “Money can’t buy health, and status can’t withstand disasters.” 

Do you know how many people have died due to the pandemic? The plague is like a demon, and this demon has eyes. Those who align themselves with the CCP won’t be spared, not even one. Whether or not you believe it is up to you. The fact that we can chat like this and that you can see the truth is predestined. I don’t want to see people with predestined relationships missing the chance to be saved.”


Later, that person replied, “Thank you for your explanation.” Two days later, I checked his page, and there were no disrespectful images towards Master anymore; it had become a normal page. I immediately felt the guidance from Master’s “Hong Yin 4” in the poem: “The three words of Zhen, Shan, Ren are sacred with boundless power divine.” If I had clashed with him at that time, I don’t know what the outcome would have been.


Similar situations like this happened from time to time. Sometimes, a few people or even a dozen people would all leave comments or messages with negative content. We clarify the truth in different ways to different people. Master continually gave me wisdom throughout this process. During this period, some people wanted to learn the Fa and exercises, while others voluntarily did the three withdrawals. One person wanted assistance in helping the head of a local department in his city quit the CCP. He told me this person’s real name and asked for help. Since the department head planned to go abroad and apply for a certificate for withdrawing from the CCP, he needed to use his real name. I searched the “Evil Person List” and couldn’t find that person’s name, so I helped him with the withdrawal. Later, we exchanged contact information via email to ensure his safety. 


Part4. Promoting Gan Jing World


When Gan Jing World was first launched, and I saw the design of the website, I realised that Master’s rectification of the Fa might have reached the human world, starting with purifying humanity. I felt that Gan Jing World was a sign of the Fa-rectification’s progress. Regardless of what it is, I will follow Master’s guidance in whatever He does. Master said  in the Fei  Tian College Lecture on Classical Chinese Dance, “you all know about “shen-dai-shou” (the body leads the arms) and “kua-dai-tui” (the hips lead the legs). These are things that were passed on by me, your shifu.” I understand that this teaching not only for Fei Tian College but is a Fa-principle. I am Master’s disciple, so I will follow Master lead. Studying Master’s new scripture, I have gained many insights. Gan Jing World is another great opportunity given by Master to fulfill our vows, save more people, and establish mighty virtue. In my understanding, it might now be the time for saving people on a large scale.


As soon as the ads for Gan Jing World started, I gradually started promoting it. Later, I realised the significance of promoting Gan Jing World is much greater than I initially imagined. I attended several training sessions by the global promotion team and learned about the scale and scope of Gan Jing World’s mission to save people. In the future, it will be enormous. With my increased understanding of Gan Jing World, I have dedicated my time and effort to this cause whenever possible.


At the beginning, I shared ads online and, whenever I had time, I went out to post Chinese posters, approached businesses, and distributed flyers. With the rapid growth of the Gan Jing World platform, I started focusing my efforts on the platform. I would schedule my time each day, visit the channels, search for programs I wanted to watch, and if I found something worth sharing, I would save it in a prepared folder. Once I had collected enough, I would share them all at once. Some news and other content served as a helpful supplement in clarifying the truth. 


Master said in Hong Yin 6, “The adherents of Dafa have guidance to offer”.


My understanding is that Gan Jing World is a gateway to the new universe and a potential platform for future human interactions. Once I become familiar with operating the platform, it will become easier for me to guide people to use it.

一天,网上有个人,看我每天推的都是干净世界的内容,就问我:如何上干净世界?,我就把步骤一一的发给他。目前,我在这平台上,已有2万多转发的推文,假如一个推文 ,有一个常人能看见,这样就有2万多常人,看过我转发的真相及干净世界平台的频道内容。

One day, someone online noticed that I was sharing content from Gan Jing World and asked me, “How can I access Gan Jing World?” I gave him some  step-by-step instructions. Currently, I have shared over 20,000 posts on this platform. If each post is seen by only one everyday person, that would mean more than 20,000 people have seen the truth and content from Gan Jing World channel through my shares.


Gan Jing World primarily features programs aimed at everyday people. I understand that this is related to the progress of Fa-rectification. When saving people on a large scale, there are ways to reach  such a broad audience. As long as people join this platform, there is a possibility they can be saved. This means if we bring people to this platform, these people have a chance to be saved. This task is quick and simple. Fa-rectification has a time frame, and saving people also has time constraints. Master has once again given us this opportunity, and I’m immensely grateful for Master’s boundless compassion.


Gan Jing World is something anyone can do, but not everyone participates. This project doesn’t have any specific requirements for how much you do, or when you do it, , nor does it have any age or education requirements. So, when Gan Jing World was introduced, I started working on it, learning as I went along. Each day, I collect and watch more than 20 programs from various channels, engaging in activities like watching, liking, and sharing. I aim to be efficient in this process.


I’ve come to realise what an honour and sacred privilege it is to collaborate with practitioners worldwide, following Master in saving sentient beings and leading them into the future. Even though clearly it’s Master who is saving sentient beings, He bestows the mighty virtue on us. When I encounter problems, Master continuously gives me wisdom. I understand that as long as I rise above human understandings and use Fa principles to deal with everything, problems are no longer problems, and obstacles are no longer obstacles. Everything becomes easy and smooth.


There are no words to express the immense gratitude in my heart towards Master’s boundless compassion. The only way to truly repay Master’s compassionate salvation is to cultivate diligently, save as many sentient beings as we can, and live up to the immense sacrifices Master has made.


If there is anything in my sharing that is not on the Fa, please kindly correct me.



I am immensely grateful for the boundless grace of Master!

Thank you for the support and assistance from fellow practitioners!