2020年澳洲在线法會發言稿 13: Clarifying the truth to VIPs at practice site 在煉功點向議員及候選人講真相 (帶中文翻譯)

Clarifying the truth to VIPs at the weekly practice site

Greetings revered Master and fellow practitioners,

The high number of federal, state and council elections in recent years has presented several opportunities for me to clarify the truth to political candidates about the ongoing persecution of Falun Dafa, and help them witness the beauty of Falun Dafa first-hand.

In the past I did not pay too much attention to elections because contacting all of the candidates seemed to be a lot of work. I also thought it would be easier to simply contact politicians after they had won the election, and clarify the truth to them then.

However, after trying this for more than 10 years by myself, I found this approach was very difficult to achieve good results since, by the time politicians had already set up their offices and hired staff to handle the enquiries, there were much fewer opportunities to speak with the MP or councillor directly and build a relationship that would open doors in the future.

I recall from Master’s 2007 lecture to Australian disciples, he discussed at great length the importance of not only visiting politicians when there is a problem. It is also important to visit politicians to clarify the truth. Having a background knowledge of the persecution and beauty of Falun Dafa, in my understanding, provides politicians with a much better understanding that helps them position themselves better if the CCP interferes with Falun Dafa activities in Australia.

This is why I enlightened to the importance of meeting with candidates before the election and making the most of the opportunity to clarify the truth to them, invite them to the local practice site to meet with other practitioners and even learn the Falun Dafa exercises while they are there. This involved a lot of work and made me much more diligent in my own fa study, exercise and cooperation with other practitioners.

In order to conform to everyday society, and remove any confusion that I might be trying to convert them, I invited several VIPs to a meet the candidates event at the weekly practice site on the Gold Coast. When they arrived practitioners taught each of them the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises and showed each candidate photos of group practice from before the persecution in China, Fa conferences, previous Falun Dafa events in the local area, proclamations and letters of support from other local politicians. The candidates were provided time at the end to deliver speeches, and meet with practitioners who live in their electorates individually.

Master states in Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Washington DC Fa Conference (https://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2004/8/1/50926.html) “During this period of time, there’s definitely not going to be millions of gods doing divine things in the human world, and Dafa disciples definitely won’t be using their godly sides to do large-scale divine things, with full-blown divine means, in front of the masses of people in the ordinary world. Dafa disciples are utilizing ordinary people’s means to validate the Fa. They haven’t gotten involved in ordinary people’s “politics.” There’s nothing wrong with utilizing some forms from ordinary people that are useful to validate the Fa.”

After learning the exercises, several candidates commented how peaceful and relaxing the atmosphere was. It was totally different to the kind of debates they experienced at other, meet the candidates events out in ordinary society. They commented there was no hostility at all, the audience was well behaved and every candidate had a chance to speak. I understood this was a reflection of the fundamental difference between ordinary people and cultivators.

Some of them also noticed the shorter standing and sitting meditation exercises were quite challenging to perform, and commented they really respected the diligence and perseverance of practitioners who could exercise for the full two hours.

Others expressed strong dissatisfaction with the CCP’s 21-year persecution against harmless practitioners who simply wanted to exercise in the park and behave truthfully, compassionately and tolerantly in their daily lives.

One of the political candidates won the council election and later visited the practice site to encourage everyone in her electorate to join the practice site and experience the many benefits of Falun Dafa for themselves. She shared a group photo of herself with practitioners and other photos showing different exercise sets to her official social media page, which thousands of residents follow. She also wrote a letter of support for World Falun Dafa Day that thanked practitioners for their tireless volunteer work, and even gave permission for practitioners to display the letter on the Falun Dafa information board for all passerbys to read.

Master said in Essentials for Further Advancement (https://falundafa.org/eng/eng/jjyz69.htm), “The good citizens and good deeds publicized by the media—such as radio, TV, newspapers, etc.—many have been done by our Dafa practitioners since they practice cultivation in Dafa and have improved their xinxing … cultivation practice is a great and magnificent thing. Why can’t you tell the interviewers in an open and dignified manner that you do those things because you practice Dafa cultivation? If the reporter does not want to mention Dafa, we should not cover up for any form that plagiarizes Dafa and fails to validate it. All of us are trying to be good people, and this is in the interest of society and mankind. Why can’t we have a just and legitimate environment? Disciples, you should bear in mind that Dafa is harmonizing you and you are also harmonizing Dafa.”

Another political candidate who won the state election recently returned the practice site, spoke with practitioners, and set up his official marquee right next to the practice site. One of his campaign organisers, who saw Shen Yun in Brisbane, has joined the practice site every week for the past three months. She commented how Falun Dafa helped her recharge and get ready for a busy weekend of campaigning.

Her regular attendance has helped me a lot in being more diligent in attending the local practice site. In the past I would sometimes be so extremely busy balancing three everyday jobs at once that I would often need to keep working very late into the night and finish in the early hours of the following morning. On the ordinary level, I was providing well for my spouse, quickly paying off my mortgage and leading an executive lifestyle. However, being extremely busy for almost five years had severely reduced my free time to focus on personal cultivation.

Some Saturday mornings, I felt so exhausted that I would simply not wake up even if I set the alarm to sound. I later understood this was actually caused by evil beings in other dimensions who tried to prevent me from hearing the alarm or make me feel so tired I went back to sleep.

Other times, I felt irritated and a bit annoyed about spending my hard-earnt leisure time attending the practice site. I eventually enlightened this was actually my thought karma manifesting and making me feel as though I did not want to cultivate and fool me into believing I might prefer spending my free time on renovating my home or pursuing leisure activities.

After I looked within and saw what working so hard was doing to me, I let go of my attachment to luxury living, stopped working so many jobs as soon as my debts were repaid, and changed to work part-time more than a year ago. In the past year, I have experienced a completely different state of mind. My former colleagues, fellow practitioners and ordinary friends have all commented how I seem to be much more relaxed nowadays. I understood this was the result of focusing more on my personal cultivation.

Since the State MP’s campaign organiser joined the local practice site a few months ago, I have not missed any group practices, and rarely arrive late. I have noticed my energy levels have returned to their former levels, and am no longer as tired, sleepy or irritable as I used to be.

My State MP has been very helpful in providing letters of support and spreading the word about Falun Dafa activities through his social media channels. He also recently helped achieve a breakthrough with the Federal MP whose office I have experienced major difficulties in getting a response from.

After phoning, emailing and visiting my Federal MP’s office several times for the past 10 years and only ever receiving an email and one printed letter, I was a little discouraged and even unsure about whether I should continue. During this time I had only ever received one face-to-face appointment to clarify the truth about the CCP’s organharvesting of Dafa practitioners. Although he forwarded my concerns to the Foreign Minister, the MP completely refused to attend a Hard to Believe documentary film screening in his own electorate. Another time I asked for an appointment, his staff turned down my meeting request and told me the MP had nothing further to discuss about organharvesting.

After being rejected, I recalled recent media reports about my MP accepting a luxury watch from a Chinese businessman, and allegations that he misused his ministerial position to promote a Chinese mining company that he owned shares in. I thought he had really become a corrupt politician and there was little hope for him to position himself well. I felt disappointed that the situation had become hopeless, and had almost given up on him.

However, after contacting my State MP’s office about the Media’s recent negative coverage of Falun Dafa, his office quickly helped organise a phone call from my Federal MP’s office to say they had already forwarded my concerns to the Communications Minister who also received similar concerns from many other Falun Dafa practitioners across Australia. The Federal MP’s staffer said the media should not stigmatise Falun Dafa practitioners, and he encouraged me to include the media’s poor response to my earlier complaint in the formal complaint. I thanked the Federal MP’s office for taking the time to respond and the State MP for helping to achieve the breakthrough.

I understood from this experience that I must continue to clarify the truth to all representatives and not feel discouraged if I do not always receive a response. The politicians might have already done a lot of work behind the scenes that I am not aware of like my federal MP had done so over the past decade.

I recall Master stated in the 2007 lecture to Australian disciples that sometimes if a practitioner’s idea is not perfect it can still achieve very good results, especially if practitioners cooperate well together. I understood this is because when practitioners work well together, divine beings will see this, lend a hand and miracles will happen.

Master also stated in the 2016 New York Fa Conference (https://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2016/6/1/157248.html), “As you know, divine beings are helping with it, effecting miracles in the Shen Yun performers’ skills and technique both on and off the stage. The sound that comes from the orchestra and the visual impact of what people see is strengthened by divine beings, and it’s something simply unmatched. What people see and hear transcend the human plane. At the same time, the better equipped a performer is in terms of skill, the better the effect, for sure.”

I separately understood that I should not be too attached to any particular candidate winning the election as an ordinary person might. Everything is arranged by the heavens, and divine beings have the final say in who will become an elected representative regardless of what ordinary society predicts.

Master stated in the 2019 New York Fa Conference (https://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2019/6/2/177872.html), “Degenerate things are common in this troubled world, and it’s hard to accomplish good things. That’s how things are in a troubled world. Many people didn’t expect Trump to be elected in the last U.S. election, but he was. Some people believe that things are supposed to go a certain way, but then they turn out otherwise. I have always said that divine beings are in control of human affairs, and that it is they who have the say. ”

This is just my cultivation sharing. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.


Thank you Master.

Thank you fellow practitioners.

(Editor’s note: The author of this article is a young Australian Westerner practitioner.)





師父說:“在這段時間絕對不會有成萬上億的神在人間行神事,大法弟子也絕不會用神的一面在常人社會眾多的世人面前完全用神的方式大行神事,大法弟子是在利用常人的形式在證實法,沒有走入常人的什麼政治,利用了常人的一些有利的形式來證實法是沒錯的。”[1] 學完幾套功法後,幾位候選人都評價說,氣氛很祥和,很輕鬆。這與他們在常人社會中經歷的其他見面會完全不同。他們評價說,完全沒有負面想法,觀眾表現得很好,每個候選人都有發言的機會。我明白這反映了普通人與修煉者的根本區別。












師父說:“大家知道,神在幫助做,神韻的演員技術技巧在台上、台下都會出現奇蹟的。樂團傳出去的聲音,人們看到的視覺效果,是經過神加持的,誰也比不了的。人們看到、聽到的是超越人類的。當然了,一個人技術條件越好效果就越好。” [3]

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