Finding My Own Path in Cultivation

Greetings, Master,

Greetings, fellow practitioners,

I have been cultivating in Dafa for 22 years now and I deeply understand just how difficult it is to be a worthy Fa-rectification Dafa disciple, as every test and hardship is a serious matter. I’m very grateful that Master has been looking after me all along and time and time again helped me walk my path righteously so that I can keep up with the Fa-rectification. Thank you, Master!

1. Cultivating with my little daughter

My daughter was born at the end of 2016. From the day she was born, I felt her destiny with Dafa. Returning home from the hospital, I found that a lot of excellent Udumbara flowers had opened on the yard wall of our house. I thought, ‘she must have come for the Law. I must bring this little disciple into the future!’

After she was one month old I took her to group Fa study and truth-clarification activities every week. When she was about 6 months old, my husband and I took her with us when we went to clarify the truth in the Gold Coast. I was holding her in my arm and she also picked up a copy of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and handed it out. A Chinese man saw that she was so cute, he happily took the copy and I went on to clarify the truth to him and helped him quit the CCP.

Once she was running a fever. I tried to reduce her temperature, but nothing worked. In the end, I thought that she was also a little Dafa disciple and part of our cultivation body. When she has issues, I should first look within myself. At that time, I felt the pressure of looking after a young baby, and to reduce the pressure I was attracted to mobile videos, which emit bad substances. After I found my problem, I immediately deleted all the video apps. I held strong righteous thoughts and read the Fa with her and did meditation next to her. She leaned against my shoulder. Her fever was gone 40 minutes later. I understand since then that as a mother, I carry two missions on my shoulders. I must make more efforts in cultivation and bring her up well as Master’s little disciple.

On another occasion, I went to join a Dafa activity by bus and took her with me. She made a lot of fuss on the way. I felt a bit of regret, thinking it would have been better if we had stayed home to study the Fa and do the exercises. We ended up spending hours on the way. However, I had a very good response that day while collecting signatures. Many people rushed over to sign our petition as if they had been waiting for me. In the evening after I put my daughter to bed, I started doing the meditation exercise. I felt so calm and peaceful, a feeling I had never had before, and when I did “jieyin”, as soon as my thumbs touched, I felt my body suddenly turned into a small realm and I clearly saw the changes in my realm.

Everything in the human world is corresponding with other dimensions. On the surface, I only overcame some difficulties to take my daughter to clarify the truth, but there were huge changes in the corresponding dimensions and my realm was shining with brilliance. I felt that some of past memories were awakened all of a sudden and I have gained a deeper understanding about the close link between dimensional changes and cultivation, and my realm of thought had been also uplifted.

What was more intriguing was that after I finished the meditation exercise, the Fa principles in Zhuan Falun that I was not very clear about earlier became very clear in my mind, one after another, and I understood them all of a sudden. In the past, I thought that having a child might affect my cultivation, but I have now found that to cultivate together with my little daughter has helped me improve even faster.

2. Clarify the truth to people face to face

In the past I was clarifying the truth on the RTC platform. Later, I found it a bit limited. In our area, most practitioners who clarify the truth at tourist spots are senior-aged and there are very few young practitioners. Once, a senior practitioner held my hand and said, “I hope you young people can come here more often and help change the views of Chinese tourists.” I was quite touched by what she said. At that time we were living in a place very far from our truth-clarification site and there were very few public buses. So I asked Master to help arrange a place for us so that it is more convenient for me to go the truth-clarification site. Indeed, my husband was soon able to buy a new house in an area full of Chinese people. The transportation is very convenient and I can go to the truth-clarification site almost five days a week.

It’s not easy clarifying the truth at the site. The weather was very changeable. It was freezing cold one moment and turned very hot another moment. Sometimes, there were many coaches coming together and we had to run back and forth so that all the tourists could see our display boards. When it was windy, we had to hold the boards steady so that the tourists could see properly. Some coaches are very tall and we had to hold the boards up high as long as 10 minutes and our arms were really sore.  Nowadays, many Chinese tourists have learned the truth. Once while we were doing the exercises a Chinese tourist joined in and asked her family member to take a photo of her. Many tourists said that Falun Gong was very perseverant and they could see Falun Gong everywhere they went. There have also been many tourists who came to ask us questions, such as where I came from. I always answer their questions attentively and tell them the basic facts about Dafa. I found that each time when I talked to them about my own cultivation stories they were very responsive and agreed to quit the CCP on the spot.

Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference,

By the time I started to teach the Fa, those Gods came down like snowflakes—it was just that many. I calculated their ages now, and from when I started to spread the Fa till now, they would be young people around twenty-five years old, many of whom really have not been saved.”

As soon as Master’s teaching was published, I had a very strong wish to save more young people, and tourist spots are good places where we can save many young people. We often see bus-loads of youngsters from mainland China and they are all very surprised to see Falun Gong outside of China. Each time when they gathered together I could see that at least half of them turned their eyes towards display boards. I also find that school students seem to be more interested in learning the truth than adults. Some even came closer to see the display boards despite of what adults said.  They asked us many questions. Of course there are also some who are deceived by the lies.

Once, we were holding up display boards to show the tourists as they were leaving. A little girl gave me a rude finger gesture. I did not take any notice of her as I knew she did not know the truth. I also held a thought in my heart that she would soon learn the truth. A little while later, I noticed that she was reading the info on the boards very carefully. I realised that we must never be moved by what we see or hear on the surface. That’s not from their true self. All these beings are very kind and we must not differentiate among them. Every being will think and make their own judgement when faced with the truth. Every thought of a Dafa disciple is powerful and only by treating each tourist with compassion can we help them position themselves properly.

During truth-clarification, I noticed that some practitioners are doing very well in helping people quit the CCP. So I learnt from them, writing down the good points and their good experience. Each time before I go to the tourist spot I would prepare materials in both Chinese and English. I talk with the tourists and tour guides and pay attention to how they respond so that I can clarify the truth to them more effectively. In addition to truth-clarification, I also show great kindness to them and always try to make things easy for them. I always greet them with a smile from my heart and truly feel that truth-clarification face to face is a precious opportunity for cultivation and saving sentient beings.

3. Improving xinxing in the process to rescue my father

Just before my daughter was born, I learned that my father (also a practitioner) was unlawfully arrested by police in China. All of a sudden, all my human sentiments towards my father came out. I was worried and scared. I was going about things blindly during that period of time and acted with human sentimentality. I posted the news of the persecution of my father to all the websites of the local government’s agencies and collected phone numbers of the local police station. I used to be responsible for the truth-clarification work on the RTC platform, but I withdrew from that responsibility with the excuse of my father’s arrest. A few days after my baby daughter was born I learned that my father was secretly taken to a detention centre for further persecution. Our local association organised a media interview with me in relation to the persecution of my father and sent my father’s case to a diplomat who was about to visit China. I felt more confident, thinking that my father would soon be released. However, not long after, I heard that my father was still detained and suffered torture, and he only had a few teeth left. I was feeling really low.

At the same time, I had a lot of conflicts with my husband, thinking that since my family was facing such a big tribulation he should make allowances and cooperate with me. However, instead of supporting me, he blamed me for spending too much money. When I asked him to help me make phone calls, he always found excuses not to do it. We also had a lot of arguments over how to look after our baby daughter. At that time, I felt I could not carry on any longer both physically and mentally. Every evening, after I put the baby to bed I would burst out crying alone. I even left home once.

I was still doing the “three things”, but without much attention. My righteous thoughts were weakened by my sentiments towards my father and my resentment towards my husband. Upon advice from other practitioners, I contacted the coordinator of the RTC platform, who helped set up a special case, so there was a team of practitioners who made phone calls for a whole week to rescue my father. I felt there was a hope at last. During that week, the team made phone calls every day, kindly clarifying the truth to every police officer they got to talk to. However, I only focused on those who were directly involved in my father’s case and did not pay as much attention to other people. A week later, I heard more bad news that my father had been secretly sentenced to four years in prison. I contacted the coordinator again. This time, he said to me in a sincere tone, “We cannot just keep making phone calls. How can you do well in rescuing your father if you don’t study the Fa well? You may need to give some thought about it.”

His words hit the nail on the head. I started to carefully look within. I realised my focus was wrong in rescuing my father. I did not focus on truth-clarification and saving sentient beings in the rescuing process, but on how to get my father out as soon as possible. In the process, I failed to cooperate with others as one body and refused to listen to others’ advice. I was attached to the sentiment towards my father and tried to seek a quick success. I always tried to ask others to help me instead of following what Master said in Rationality from Essentials for Further Advancement II: Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy.” 

After I realised my problems, I gradually let go of my sentimental attachment to my father and just focused on doing well in the project I was involved with. I clarified the truth with a heart to save sentient beings. I continued to expose the vicious persecutors in our local area in China and wrote an article for the Epoch Times to tell people the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa through my father’s cultivations stories. Many of my friends read the article and showed their support. I also asked local practitioners to send righteous thoughts to support my father and many practitioners offered suggestions to help rescue my father. A few western practitioners also wrote letters to Chinese police to clarify the truth. I also kept contact with my family members in China and kept righteous thoughts in rescuing my father. When I let go of my human attachments, I heard that my father’s sentence was reduced by one year. The persecution of Dafa practitioners was arranged by the old forces. Master does not recognise it, nor do we. Exposing the persecution itself is denying the arrangement by the old forces. I will continue to expose the persecution of tens of thousands of Dafa practitioners so as to save more people who have been deceived.

4. Cultivate solidly in reciting the Fa

The Fa-rectification is coming to the last stage. I know I’m still far from the standard for a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple and I feel the closer we are to the end, the more important it is to study the Fa well. From Master’s most recent Fa teaching, I feel that time is even more pressing now, so I made up my mind that I would finish reciting the book Zhuan Falun. When I recite the Fa with righteous thoughts and a pure heart, I feel that nothing can interfere with me.

When I read the Fa, sometimes I feel interferences and cannot keep a calm mind. But reciting the Fa is different because it requires total concentration. Although reciting the Fa is relatively slow, I feel I am truly obtaining the Fa and sometimes I can feel myself assimilating to the Fa.  I have enlightened to so many Fa principles in places where I had to read so many times before.

When reciting the Fa I can feel that countless particles in the universe have formed countless beings. I feel so fortunate to be a particle in Fa-rectification. I also feel that every thought is a being and by cultivating every thought well one is harmonising oneself and it is a process of walking towards godhood from being human.

To me, reciting the Fa is not just sitting there reciting the book, but a form of cultivation. After reciting each paragraph I feel like being inside that paragraph. Sometimes when I come across a difficult paragraph to recite, I would feel very uncomfortable; but when I made up my mind and finished reciting the paragraph I felt it was like a process of overcoming many difficulties. When I finished with the next paragraph, I had a truly a beautiful feeling.

I have also enlightened to the Fa principle that the “Great Way is Formless”. Reciting the Fa has broadened my cultivation path. The universe is harmonious and Master has given me boundless wisdom. As long as I keep reciting the Fa every day, I’m making breakthroughs and my xinxing is also constantly improving.  I have benefited greatly from reciting the Fa and I have learned how to understand the Fa on the basis of Fa principles. Through reciting the Fa, when conflicts arise, I can see my fundamental attachments and it helps me understand how to be a better Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.  Now I can meditate for a whole hour easily and I don’t feel sleepy even though I only sleep for a few hours every day. When I go out to clarify the truth I can feel that my energy field is also becoming stronger.

Thank you, Master for disseminating the universal Fa to the entire humanity! I will recite the Fa well and do well the “three things” and live up to Master’s expectations.

The above is my cultivation experience. Please kindly point out anything improper.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!