2021年澳洲法會發言稿 18: Constantly looking inward (中文翻譯: 不断向内找)

The cultivation experiences of constantly looking inward

By a Falun Dafa Western practitioner in Australia

Greeting Master

Greeting fellow practitioners!

I obtained the Fa in late 2010 and cultivate alone in regional Western Australia. I had a clerical career for over 20 years, and I now use those skills to fulfil my vow and help Master save sentient beings.

1. Fa Study and Truth Clarification

I have always made daily Fa study a priority. Daily Fa study has been the rock-solid foundation of my cultivation. I have always managed to find someone who will study online with me; I believe Master helps arrange this. This has kept me motivated and focused. Currently, I read a lecture of Zhuan Falun in the morning, and I read an hour of conference lectures in the evening.

Master said,

“For example, when everyone is sitting in the lotus position and you feel a lot of pain, you might see that nobody is taking their legs down, and so you would be embarrassed to take yours down. That compels you then to extend the length of the exercise.” (“Teachings at the Conference in Singapore”)

I have found this principle to be true for studying. The people I have found to study with are always people who I wouldn’t want to see me slacking off. If the person I study with never misses a day and never stops early, neither will I and If the same is true for them then it’s a mutually incentivising arrangement.

Daily Fa study has ensured I have kept up with the Fa rectification – or at least I hope I have kept up.

I spent many years trying all sorts of truth clarification, and slowly enlightened that subtlety is needed when clarifying to rural Australians. I also realised that as the only Dafa disciple in regional west Australia, the sentient beings I am responsible for are the regional population spread across this vast state.

After paying attention to hints from Master in February 2017, I took the initiative to start a project of mailing the organ harvesting flyers to every small, medium, and large town in regional Western Australia. I believe mailing flyers to regional WA was a big part of the mission I vowed to undertake. I have sent out over 92,000 flyers and I now only have a small number of the largest towns and cities left to do. I think I might be able to complete this mission by the end of 2022. There are Perth practitioners who have supported this project and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them.

I have also taken the initiative to send letters or emails to certain groups when the opportunity presented itself. I once sent an email to every primary school and high school principal in WA – over 1,000 of them. I alerted them to the true nature of Confucius Institutes after I noticed there was one at the University of Western Australia and it was advertising its services to schools across the state.

When I read an article about a Chinese smart television brand TCL, having been found to contain a backdoor security issue, I mailed a letter to the manager of every electronic store in WA that stocked the TCL brand. The implication here is that the backdoor was deliberately installed by the Chinese communist party.

In 2020 the CCP launched an economic coercion campaign against Australia because we called for an independent inquiry into the CCP-virus origins. The CCP targeted export industries including wine and meat. I took the opportunity to mail a letter and several flyers to over 230 wineries in WA. I also sent emails to every abattoir sales representative in the state.

I hope that I have reached everyone that Master wanted me to reach, and I hope I can reach even more in the time we have left.

2. Breaking Through the Attachment to Fame

I help to proofread the Epoch Times every week. Shortly before a deadline one day, I was expecting the next page to proofread but I hadn’t heard from anyone, so I went into the messaging app our team uses and found that it had logged me out and I hadn’t noticed. I quickly logged back in and saw that the final two pages were ready for proofing and people had sent messages wondering where I had gone. I apologised for my absence and quickly got everything done with the help of another practitioner who had to proofread one of the pages for me because I now didn’t have time.

Afterward, I felt extremely bad because I have always had a very strong desire to be reliable and I always experience painful, crushing emotions when I fail in this regard. I was embarrassed and regretful and I had a desperate sense of having lost face and a fear of being judged.

Later that night, after I finished studying online with another practitioner, I told her what had happened. She recognised the type of attachment and called it “fame.” I immediately knew she was right. Wanting to be reliable is a good thing, but the deeper motivation in my case was bad. It was all about reputation and fame.

Soon after that, I was lying in bed feeling agitated, so I turned my focus inward with the intention of looking as deeply as I could for my fame attachment. Right away I felt myself go so deeply into my own mind that it felt like I was in a stone dungeon at the very lowest level of a castle. I had a sense of being at the “bottom of the barrel”.

When I was down there in that deep place, I was shown my deepest notions related to fame. They appeared as statements; I could see the words. They materialised in front of me in slow motion. I watched about three or four statements appear and because they were moving at a slow speed, I was able to perceive clearly that each one of them was false. I was standing there watching them and thinking, “That’s not true. That’s a lie. Nope, that’s not true either.” All of the statements were notions that were part of my false self and none of them was true. As soon as I admitted to myself that each statement was untrue it disappeared.

I hesitated for a moment before admitting that the final statement was false, and I felt someone gently prompted me. After the final statement disappeared, I became aware of Master’s presence, although I couldn’t see him. My first reaction was the thought that I should prostrate myself but then I understood that I didn’t need to kowtow physically; it was enough that my mind was full of respect and gratitude. I then fell asleep and had a dream.

I dreamt that there was a place in my mind where there was a small corrugated-shaped wall that was limestone in colour. A snake was hidden up against the wall; its body shape matched to the S curves and its skin tone matched to the colour. The place was in shadow making it impossible to see the snake. But in my dream, a light suddenly flooded that place and the snake, realising it was exposed, quickly slithered away.

When I woke up, I could recall everything except what the slow-motion words had said. My understanding is that this was the forgetting that happens when a part of us has been fully cultivated and gets locked away on the cultivated side.

3. Letting go of Fundamental Attachment

Reflecting on this experience I think ‘fame’ was a fundamental attachment for me. Growing up in a regional town with a small population, and my dad was a lawyer, you can feel a little bit famous quite easily.

I remember on one of my report cards, a primary school teacher wrote something like, “Susan thinks she is special and should be treated differently from the other kids.” I always had a hidden notion that I’m somehow special and have craved the feeling I got when I’m treated as special by someone.

Also, I developed a chronic daydreaming habit during primary school, which continued after I became an adult. One of my most common daydreams was of being interviewed in front of cameras because I’m famous for some reason.

Master said,

“…if you had wanted to accomplish something in ordinary society, every one of you could have been a billionaire, every one of you could have been famous, and every one of you could have been among society’s elite.”  (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

Deep down whenever I read this piece of Fa, I felt like he was referring to me and that I had been destined for fame. But I’m extremely glad it didn’t happen because I know without a doubt that I would not have handled it well and I would have lost de and incurred large amounts of karma.

Master said,

“What a cultivator works on is always him or herself, and even the slightest change to your human thinking amounts to an improvement and will be witnessed by divine beings.” (“A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Europe”)

I understand that the dream of the snake leaving means that I have now largely broken through the attachment to fame and Master has eliminated the demonic creature that was aligned with that attachment. Although there haven’t been major changes in my human surface, I understand that there have been big changes in microscopic realms. I am now finding it easier to observe my mind when it is daydreaming and stop doing it.

4. The One-Hour Version of Exercise Two

In 2018, new music that included a one-hour version of exercise two came out. I tried to do the one-hour version a couple of times, but I stopped each time because it was painful to hold my arms up that long and it made me feel nauseated. I’m ashamed to say I dismissed the one-hour version as something I didn’t have to do. I used the excuse that I already had a very stable exercise routine, and it was too much trouble to change it.

My family members are non-practitioners, I work full-time, I have a good study routine, I am involved in multiple projects to clarify the truth, and in 2018 when the new music came out, I was doing all five exercises daily, so I allowed myself to think that I was already doing enough, and I didn’t need to do more exercises or more of anything.

Time passed and suddenly one day I accidentally missed morning exercises. I normally did all four standing exercises before righteous thoughts in the morning, and I did the sitting exercise in the evening. This had been my routine for many years, and I never missed a day. But this morning I didn’t hear any of my alarms. I was genuinely shocked. And then within a week, it happened again. It was very strange. I didn’t know what was happening.

Very quickly the situation got worse. The first couple of times I had missed the exercises unconsciously, but then I started doing it consciously and within a few weeks I wasn’t able to get up to do the exercises in the morning at all. It was like my willpower had just been switched off completely. My self-discipline no longer seemed to exist. I was bewildered.

I was worried – very worried – but I couldn’t break through. I talked to a couple of city practitioners, but their understanding didn’t help, and I noticed that I had resentment and jealousy. I was blaming outwardly and seeking external help. A third practitioner I talked to agreed that my situation was very worrying, but this didn’t help either. Since talking to fellow practitioners wasn’t helping, I didn’t mention it again and I just kept it to myself.

Master said,

“As I said the other day, many people practice qigong with wrong thoughts on their minds. Though they are practicing a standing exercise there with their hands and legs shaking from fatigue, their minds are not at rest.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

As I pondered my cultivation state, I had to admit to myself that although I had done the exercises every day for approximately eight years, my consciousness had wandered off every single time. It was my daydreaming habit. How could my exercises have had any effect if I was daydreaming through them?

I continued to diligently study the Fa throughout this tribulation, but my righteous thoughts were very weak. I felt that my cultivation state had regressed terribly. This tribulation lasted many months.

Although I was deeply concerned, my heart remained determined to continue cultivating, even when I felt like I was completely failing and couldn’t possibly succeed. I cultivate in delusion and cannot perceive my cultivated side. I just had to keep going with every other aspect of cultivation, and not succumb to a fear that I would fail because I wasn’t doing the exercises regularly.

5. Making a Breakthrough

Then, one day I started trying to pay more attention to righteous thoughts. I used a sub-category on Minghui to specifically read sharings about righteous thoughts. Whenever I could do my righteous thoughts in private, I would say the formulas out loud to force my mind to concentrate and I would try to picture the word “Mie”. Very quickly my righteous thoughts started getting stronger.

Days later I was looking at my Dafa music downloads and I suddenly decided to try doing the one-hour version of exercise two. Happily, I made it through the whole hour. A few days later I decided to try changing my morning alarms. After a few times of successfully getting up to do the standing exercises including the one-hour version of exercise two I felt hopeful again, although I still wasn’t succeeding in getting up every day.

Then one morning a thought came into my mind as if it was put there. I realised that when my alarms go off, if I consciously decide not to get up, I’m choosing the path the evil forces want me to take which is the same as choosing evil. Another way to look at it is if I don’t get out of bed to do my exercises it’s because it is uncomfortable to get up early and it’s uncomfortable to do the exercises. Seeking comfort is an attachment stemming from my demon nature. If I knowingly go along with my demon nature, aren’t I choosing evil over good? Now when my alarms go off, I remind myself that it is a choice between good and evil that I’m making every morning.

Only after I started writing this sharing, did I finally see the bigger picture and realise that my tribulation with the exercises came about because I disregarded the one-hour version of exercise two. I think the most important part of this experience is that I persisted with other aspects of cultivation, such as Fa study and clarifying the truth, even though I was struggling and felt like I was failing in one aspect of cultivation.

6. Understanding Zhen Shan Ren

I have often pondered the English translations of Zhen, Shan, Ren, and understand that English words lack the depth of meaning when compared with traditional Chinese characters.

I understand that “truthfulness” means to not deliberately lie, but as human beings we learn to unconsciously lie in everyday life. I realised that a deeper aspect of truthfulness is to be brutally honest with myself about my motivations and the attachments hidden behind my thoughts.

I have also found that a big aspect of compassion is forgiving myself for all the dumb things I have ever said or done in my life. And I have said and done many, many dumb things, and the old forces have tormented me with those memories. My inner voice has always been my harshest critic, so developing compassion for myself has been a long and challenging process.

When it comes to Ren, there are many English words used to translate it. Tolerance, endurance, and forbearance are commonly used. From my experiences, the words stoicism, tenacity and perseverance are also quite appropriate.

Master said,

“There is this saying: The great Fa is boundless—cultivation depends entirely on your heart; as for how high your cultivation level can reach, it all depends on your endurance and your ability to bear hardship.” (Lecture Two, Zhuan Falun)

For a long time, I didn’t think I had much forbearance, but now I realise that despite the constant onslaught of tribulations from the old forces and even when I was enveloped in a dark cloud of confusion, doubt and fear, I have persevered in my cultivation every day no matter what.

I have always felt unworthy of the future position that being a Dafa cultivator makes possible. But isn’t that exactly how the old forces think? They think we are unworthy and that’s why they create all the tribulations we endure, including the persecution. But Master says he has made use of their plans. I’ve come to understand that our truthfulness with ourselves about our flaws and attachments, our honesty in admitting when we are wrong, our ability to think of others first and look at things from others perspectives, our “He’s right, And I’m wrong” attitude, and our perseverance through all the many tribulations we experience are what is making us worthy.

Master said,

“He’s right, And I’m wrong” –(“Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong”, Hong Yin III)

Master said,

“When a person cannot see things as they truly are, yet still believes in the divine; still resists the currents of this world and even transcends it; and still looks inward when experiencing friction or strife, difficulties, or injustice and makes a priority of virtuous thought and conduct on his part, then what he is doing is indeed developing spiritually. Any higher beings that witness this will find the person worthy of becoming divine. And doing this is what makes it possible for you to achieve spiritual perfection. You are beings of that caliber.” (Greetings to the Dafa Disciples Attending the Fa Conference of Europe)

For several years after I obtained the Fa, I would occasionally hear a practitioner talk about feeling inner happiness after taking up cultivation, but I didn’t experience that, and I wondered if I ever would. I have noticed in recent weeks that I have become a person who is always cheerful. Sometimes when I reflect on my cultivation, I experience moments of pure joy.

These are some of my understandings at my limited level.

Thank you Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2021 Australia Online Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference)

























































我一直觉得自己不配获得大法弟子将来所能成就的果位。但这不正是旧势力的想法吗?他们认为我们不配,所以才会制造出我们所承受的一切魔难,包括迫害。但是师父将计就计。我理解到,当我们能正视自己的缺陷和执着,当我们能真诚的承认错误,当我们能够首先为他人着想并从他人的角度看问题,当我们持有:对的是他 错的是我”[5]的态度,以及我们能够坚忍不拔的面对所经历的众多魔难,这是使我们配得上大法修炼者将来所成就果位之原因。







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