My Experience on Ticket Selling


In looking back these past few years, I must thank Master for giving me the opportunities to cultivate and improve myself, especially in the process of promoting Shen Yun. My understanding at this stage is that selling tickets to people is secondary, however, saving sentient beings and cultivating ourselves are primary.
回想過去的幾年,我感謝師父給我修煉和提高的機會。特別是推廣神韻的過程中,我理解到,賣票本 身不是主要的,救度眾生和修煉自己才是主要的。

From my experience every time a deal is made it's definitely not about sales or marketing – it's about me growing up and maturing in the Fa as I walk my path in Dafa cultivation. I have found that when interacting with sentient beings, my thoughts and motive in promoting Shen Yun becomes purer and clearer.
我認識到,每 次賣出去一張票,不是說我銷售或市場營銷做得好,而是我在修煉的道路上一步步成長,在法中漸漸成熟的過程。我發現,在我推廣神韻與眾生接觸的時侯,我的念 頭和目地變得越來越純正,越來越清晰。

The understanding of what kind of a show I'm promoting and why I am doing it
is so crucial and has become fundamentally grounded deep within. If I can take the listener to the level of understanding what Shen Yun is about, what is the company's
ultimate mission and vision in terms of its existence in society outside China today, then I've made the sale! So, as I reflect on my past encounters of success in selling tickets, I have matured in the Fa with Master's benevolence constantly watching over me.
我所推廣的是什麼樣 的秀以及我為什麼這樣做,對此如何正確理解是非常關鍵的,我的心中已經深深的體會到了這一點。如果我能讓人們 理解到神韻是個什麼樣的秀, 神韻的使命,以及神韻今天在中國以外的社會存在的前景,那麼我就成功了。當我回想成功賣票的過程時,我覺的是因為 自己在慈悲的師父的看護下,在法中不斷的成熟起來。

The first year when Shen Yun came to Canberra, we had two shows only. Over years it has gradually grown to four shows. Within the process of Shen Yun's growth, I have had to grow with it, cultivating myself and letting go of many attachments .
神韻第一次來堪培拉時只有兩場秀,然後逐漸增加到四 場。在神韻發展的過程中,我也隨著成長,不斷的修煉自己,去掉自己 的執著。

At the beginning I was quite an introverted person. I didn't like socialising and found it difficult to talk to people that I didn't know. This hampered my ability to tell people about the wonders of Shen Yun with confident. As the number of shows grew, I knew in my heart that my attitude had to change. I thought to myself, “What am I doing? I can't continue being introverted and selfish.” To truly save sentient beings, I knew deep down in my heart I had to change. My cultivated side must shine and reach out to people to truly help Master and fulfill my vows and be worthy of being a Fa-Rectification disciple. For far too long I was using my introverted personality as an excuse to slack off and not be diligent.
其實我是一個性格非常內向的人,我不 喜歡社交,也不願意跟陌生人交談。這成為我的障礙,使我無法自信的把神韻的美好告訴人們。當演出場次增加後,我心裡知道我必須改變自己的態度。我想:“我在幹什麼呢?我不能再繼 續這樣內向和自私了。”為了救度眾生,我深知我一定要改變自己。

So I started to be more outgoing. I would join my work colleagues going out to lunch, and other social activities, slowly building up their trust and friendship. Once the trust is there, the result is amazing….better than I had expected.
因此,我開始努力變得外向。我開始跟同事們一起出去吃午餐,並參加其它的 社交活動,慢慢的和他們建立起友誼與信任。然後,結果就不一樣 了,好得超出我的想像。

Some practitioners asked me: “How do you sell so many tickets, what method do you use to sell tickets at your work place?” Actually I don't have any strategy or method, but I do it very casually, so casually I am not sure if it is worth mentioning. I started out with no intention of selling a set number of tickets. At first I was quite unsure if I would be able to sell any at all, but I ended up with a lot of group ticket sales .
有 的學員問我:“你怎麼能賣出那麼多票呢?你用什麼方法在工作單位裡賣票的呢?”其實,我沒有什麼特殊的策略和方法,我只是很放鬆的做,放鬆到我覺得甚至不值一提。我事 先並沒有想過要賣多少票。開始時,我都懷疑自己是否能賣的出去。可是結果我卻賣了很多團體票。

What I have been doing in recent years is being friendly and open, to people who I meet in my work department. But this must be done in a way that people don't think you are strange or trying to chat people up, especially the opposite sex, or you might get yourself into trouble.
這幾年來,我所做的就是,跟我工作 部門的同事們表現出友好和開放的態度。但是又不能表現得讓人們覺 得你很奇怪,或者是你有什麼目地,特別是對於異性,一定要注意,否則會招來麻煩。

One special case I would like to share is about one of my work colleagues. His appearance and mannerism had make him seem quite unapproachable – very serious looking, with thick glasses - he comes across as a professor or workaholic. In fact most people tend to stay away from him. He definitely didn't seem the type to go out to a theatre. I thought to myself, “Maybe he is not as unapproachable as he looks”. So I started up a friendly conversation with him. After a while I said to him “you look like you need a break and you look so serious.” He replied to me that he may look serious on the outside but inside he is not serious. Then I asked him if he has heard of a show called Shen Yun Performing Arts, he said no and asked me what kind of show it is. I then started to tell him how beautiful Shen Yun is and this show is highly recommended. I also told him I was organising group tickets for our work area. Then he asked me to email him the link to the show. After seeing the link and reading about it he came to my desk and asked me if I was still selling tickets. Imagine if I had just used my “human mindset” and ignored him .
我想再次跟大家交流一個比較特別的例子。我有一個同事,他 的外表和舉止讓他看上去拒人千里,帶著厚厚的眼鏡,樣子很嚴肅,讓人覺得他是一個教授或者工作狂。同事們都不大跟他接近。他絕對不 像那種會去劇院的人。我心想:“也許他本人並不是他看上去那樣 的人。” 所以,我就開始跟他友好的打招呼,交談。過來一段時間,我 跟他說:“你看上去需要放鬆一下,你看起來很嚴肅。”他回答說,他外表看起來嚴肅,但內心並不是。然後,我問他有沒有聽說過神韻,他說沒有,並問我是個什麼樣的演 出。我就開始跟他講神韻多麼美,多麼風靡。我 告訴他我正在單位裡組織團體票。他讓我把詳細情況用電子郵件發給他。在網上閱讀了之後,他來到我的辦公桌前問我是不是還在賣票。如果我當初用人的想法而忽略了他,結果會如何呢。

I talk to people about Shen Yun whenever I have opportunities, such as in the canteen when having coffee, morning tea or afternoon tea breaks. This often leads to people emailing me and asking for tickets. All of this adds up and that's how group ticket sales come about. Just a friendly word here and there to people, makes a big difference. I came to realize the true reason of where I work is not coincidental.

A section of Master's “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference” says: “Dafa disciples cover an enormous range of places and regions around the world. In other words, while you are here in this world you may have the appearance of simply a cultivating human being, but your field can affect your surroundings--to put it in superficial and plain terms. In reality, the entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple. This is reflected in how things are on Earth, and the people in this world correspond to the cosmos. If a person came here to gain the Fa, then he is the representative of a system's sentient beings, and behind him lies an enormous system.”
師 父在“二零零九年華盛頓DC國際法會講法”中說:“大法弟子在世界上,在不同的地區,都覆蓋了相當大的面。就是說,你在這個世界上,看上去你是個修 煉的人,你的場能影響你周圍的環境,這是用淺白的語言講。其實整個世界啊,已經被大法弟子每人承包了一份,表現在這個地球上,而地球上的人又對應著宇宙。他如果是來得法的,他就是那個 體系眾生的代表,他背後有著龐大的體系。”

After people saw the show in the first year it was quite challenging for me. I did some follow up after the show, and some people had a negative attitude about Falun Gong, with a feeling it was being forced on them. This was quite a test for me. I had to spend a lot of time clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and why Falun Gong could not be excluded in Shen Yun shows. I took every opportunity at work to clarify the truth to my colleagues using my experience of practicing Falun Gong, because they know of my health benefits from being a practitioner.
同事們第一年看過秀後,對我來說是一個挑戰。我問看過秀的同事感受如何,有些對法輪功持負面態 度,覺得他們被強迫接受法輪功。這對我來說是一個考驗。我花了很多時間跟他們解釋為什麼這個秀裡面會有關於法輪功的節目。我用我自己修煉法輪功的親身經歷, 利用一切機會向同事講真相,因為他們知道我煉功身體收益的情況。

In 1999 I had a car accident on my way to work and instantly developed permanent neck damage and whiplash. Later my sister introduced me to the book Falun Gong so I started to practice it. Soon my neck problem was gone. A few months after the car accident, I was offered compensation by Comcare. But since my pain had already disappeared after practicing Falun Gong and I live my life following the principles of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance, I didn't accept the money.
1999年,我在上班的路上發生了車禍。結果造成頸部永久性的損傷。後來我妹妹介紹《法輪功》這本書給我,我就開始修煉了。不久後,我的頭頸的疼痛便消失了。發生車禍幾個月後,保險公司主動要給我賠償。但是因為修煉法輪功我的疼痛消失了,而且我是修煉真 善忍的,所以就沒有接受賠償。

Quite a few of my colleagues know the staff members who were involved in processing the claim for my car accident injury. They knew the story of how I was awarded compensation for pain and suffering after the accident, but turned it down after becoming a Falun Gong practitioner. This experience has been a very powerful tool to tell people about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong. Consequently, these people not only changed their attitude but also their hearts toward Dafa.
我的好幾位同 事都認識處理我的車禍賠償事件的有關人員,他們都了解我車禍後索賠的情況以及我修煉法輪功之後拒絕了賠償。這個經歷成為我向人們講法輪功真相的有力工具。後來,這些同事從內心裡改變了對大法的態度。

In the process of using my personal story to clarify the truth, my mind filled with nothing but a single pure thought, “I want to save you”. As people listened to my story, I could see they were drawn towards the energy I projected . At that time I felt I was in a righteous cultivation state and could feel Master's compassion was with me.

After that, selling tickets to these people was not an issue because I had established total trust and friendship with them. My understanding in selling tickets is not about selling tickets. The fundamental lies in using a pure heart to clarify the truth and save sentient beings . Then ticket sales will happen miraculously.
從那以後,向同事們賣票已經不成問題,因為我跟他們 之間建立了相互的信任和友誼。其實最根本的問題就是要用心講 真相和救度眾生。之後,票就神奇的賣了出去。

This experience has helped me further understand Master's words in the teachings given in Manhatten. (March 26th 2006, New York): “When you act just to save the person, to save sentient beings, then I think the impact of that can change everything . If, however, as you clarify the truth your mind is affected by ordinary human attachments, then you won't be able to achieve anything. When in your truth clarification you run across ordinary people who have listened to and believed the lies and propaganda spread early on by the wicked CCP via its media, they might have wrong perceptions about Dafa disciples, be harsh toward you, or not willing to listen to you. At those times, if your emotions are stirred up by them, and you feel wronged , get upset, and maybe even aren't all that rational, then you won't be able to clarify the truth nor save those people. ”
這 個經歷讓我更深刻的理解了師父在2006年3月26日紐約曼哈頓講法中講的話: “只為救人、救眾生,我想那個效果就能改變一切。講真相中你的心要是被常 人心帶動了,就什麼也做不了了。講真相中常人聽信了中共邪黨早期在媒體上的造謠宣傳,對大法弟子有誤解,對你兇,或者不願意聽你講,這個時候你的情緒要被他帶動了、憤憤不平、不高 興,甚至不太理性,那你這個真相就講不了了,人也救不了了。”

During these recent years of Shen Yun shows in our region, I have had to change myself from an introverted personality, full of silent excuses for not being sociable, to an extroverted person, where necessary. I am still working on it as I still have so many attachments emerge along the way, one after another.
在 這些年的神韻推廣中,我不斷的改變著自己,從一個有著各種藉口不願跟別人交往的內向型的人,變成一個外向的人,只要是有這個需要。我仍然在努力的改變自己,因為我還有很多的執著一個接一個的冒出 來。

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners