純淨自 己 做好神韻推廣項目
Purify myself to do well in promoting Shen Yun
By Willa Huang


I've obtained the Fa in October of '96. At times I've been diligent, at times I've been slack and have stumbled and fallen. In recent years, I've been tied down by my attachment to comfort and I wasn't in a good state of mind. I knew it myself, but I couldn't get rid of it. My righteous thoughts were never strong enough. I couldn't keep constant Fa study and exercises. I wasted day after day and I felt hollow inside. I really wanted to go back to the diligent state I was in when I first obtained the Fa. Sometimes I would remember Master's words:
“When Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts, Master Has the Almighty Power to Turn the Cosmos Around.” ((Hong Yin II))

Where were my righteous thoughts?
最近幾年,我與同修接觸很少,基本不出來。大約三個月前,有位同修打電話與我長談。她的出現就像師父讓我看到我與精進同修的差距似的。我體會到 同修的無私幫助。我對她說,我會出 來,但給自己定了個時間,即十一月十五號,我的大女兒大學考試結束的時候,這時她會幫我看小女兒。
In the last couple of years I haven't had much contact with other practitioners. I basically haven't stepped forward. Around three months ago, a practitioner gave me a phone call and we had a long chat. It was as though Master was helping me seeing the distance between myself and diligent practitioners. I could feel their selflessness in offering help. I said to her, I will step forth. But I set a date for myself – November the 15th, the day my elder daughter was to finish her exams. That way she could look after her younger sister.

就在十一月十五號,另一位同修上我家來,跟我長談了神韻的推廣情 況。我說我在發信箱,除此之外,我覺的 我出不上任何力,什麼主意都沒有。我看到網上每週出票的數字,也很無奈,聽說我們同修什麼 都做了,就是不走票。問題出在哪兒呢?同 修要我列表、找人脈,我說我沒有人脈了,親戚朋友都看過神韻,就這些人,與我比較熟悉的一個社區也聯繫過,和另一個同修一同去的,要問就問她吧。說完,我知道我的老毛病又犯了,為了安逸,在向別人推,其實 就是自私吧。但 同修沒有生氣,也沒有指責我、刺激我,而是溫和的表示:“你有什麼困難,我都可以幫你,我可以給你當司機,我也可以幫你看孩子,你缺什麼資料,我都可以幫你準備,就是要你出來。”我對這同修此時只有信 任。她來過之後,我覺的我身上的枷鎖打開了。我覺的開始輕鬆起來,不再有身上背著沉 重大山的感覺,我下決心改掉貪吃、貪睡、不干活的毛病。
So on November 15, another practitioner came over and informed me about the Shen Yun promotions and how they were going. I told her I could help stuff like letterboxes, but other than that, I couldn't do much. I didn't have a clue what to do. Every time I received email notification about the progress of the ticket sales, I felt helpless. I heard that practitioners had done everything, but still not many people come buying the tickets. Where was the problem? The fellow practitioner wanted me to compile a list to find new contacts. I said I didn't have any contacts. My family and friends had all seen Shen Yun. That was all there was. I had already gotten in touch with my familiar community. I visited them with another practitioner, so if you want contacts, go and ask her. As soon as I had finished saying that, I knew that my shortcomings were at work once again. For my own comfort, I was shirking responsibility and actually it came down to selfishness. But the practitioner didn't get angry nor did she blame me or try to aggravate me. Instead she said to me gently: “If you have any difficulties, I can help you. I can be your driver. I can also look after your kids. If you're missing any material, I can prepare them for you. I just want you to step forward.” From that point, I developed trust towards her. Since her visit, I felt free from my shackles. I started to feel light. I no longer felt a mountainous burden. I was determined to give up my attachment to food, sleeping in and laziness.
我知道只有大法才能改變一切,我開始加強學法。那時學法不入心,就反 复讀那同一句、同一段,一遍、二遍、三遍、四遍……一直到主意識非常清楚這段法內容為止。這時,對我心性的要求也高了。有時,不好的念頭一出 現,我心裡如果不排斥它,周圍的人,尤其是我丈夫同修,就不依不饒的對我大罵,火冒三丈。有些事在人一層來看,我好像是絕對有理的。我原先是個“得理不饒人”的人,哪怕利益上能吃虧,話上絕對不讓 步。現在是我必須進一步淨化自己的時候了。我一定要放下自己,在嘴上、心裡完全認錯,這段才會平息過去。我平時性子急,還經常自大,總認為自己的很多想法是對的。我對外人能節制,對丈夫同修就表現的 淋漓盡致,常常不耐煩,有時真就表現出來不尊重、瞧不起他。在這個問題上,我吃了很多苦頭,但一直沒重視徹底改正過來。這段時間為腦子裡經常想到“自大一點念個臭”這句常人的話。神造字決對不會無來由。我這個執著雖然隱藏的很深、保護的很好,不等於就沒有,現 在就必須要我改。抱著我比人強的心,怎麼去做救人的事啊?
I knew that only Dafa could change everything, so I started to strengthen Fa study. But I couldn't absorb what I'd studied, so I'd read over the same sentence, the same paragraph, over and over again – until my main consciousness was extremely clear on the meaning of the Fa. The requirements for my xinxing were now getting higher. Sometimes bad thoughts would arise. If I didn't drive them out of my mind, people around me, especially my practitioner spouse, would quibble and argue with me, it would hit the roof. On a human level, things might seem justified in my side in the human level. I used to be stubborn and unforgiving. Even if I could let my personal interests suffer, I wouldn' t give an inch when I needed to prove a point. Now it was the time for me to purify myself one step further. I must let go of self. I need to acknowledge my wrongs and demonstrate that in my words and in my heart then the conflict can be resolved. Usually I'm hot tempered and arrogant. I always think that my ideas are correct. I could control myself when I was with others, but I was unrestrained towards my husband and often lost my patience. Sometimes I showed complete lack of respect and looked down upon him. I suffered a lot because of this issue, but I never took it seriously enough to correct it once and for all. During this period of time, there was always an everyday people's saying in my mind that “arrogant a bit can only make me stink”. Gods don't create characters without reason. Although my attachment was deeply buried and well protected, it didn't mean that it didn't exist, and now it was the time that I must change. Thinking that I was stronger than others, how could I carry out the task of helping saving people?
我求師父加持弟子,我相信“弟 子正念足,師有回天力。”我不能讓我不好的狀態成了阻擋世人得救的因素。我求師父 幫我開智開慧,我相信多年的大法修煉,我再修的不好,我身體上一個修好的粒子只要它開始發揮作用,都是威力無比的。我明顯感到師父在加持我,正念多了,周 圍的環境也發生了很多奇妙的變化,很多機緣出現在面前。
I asked Master to strengthen me. I believed that “When Disciples Have Sufficient Righteous Thoughts, Master Has the Almighty Power to Turn the Cosmos Around.” I could not let my poor state become an obstacle to helping others. I asked Master to help open up my wisdom. I believed that over these years of Dafa cultivation, no matter how poorly I had cultivated, if there was just one particle in my body that had cultivated well it could still start to take effect, it would still be immensely powerful. I clearly felt Master was strengthening me. As I had more and more righteous thoughts, a lot of mysterious and wonderful changes happened in the environment around me. Many opportunities arose before me.

同修為我準備了一大堆參與神韻推廣培訓的資料,我就趕緊補課。在研究一些推票細則時,我的思緒不停的翻動。幾天后,我遇上了在做慈善團體票的 同修,在聽完她講的同修們設計出的理念時,我高興的都跳起來了。我覺的這個主意太好了,把慈善機 構、社團、媒體、政要、主流社會串在一起互動,太好了,立腳點真高。包場,再零售,等於 有個批發商在幫我們打市場,就等於我們是廠家,有批發商幫我們一樣,零售價在市場上是一樣的。不會有損神韻品牌,公平交易,是符合常人社會的市場規律的。所以我立即約了我認為十分有能力的一個社團負責人第二天就見面。第 一次約見,我們同修讓該社團的領袖見識了大法弟子的智慧與善良,同修站在他們的角度上為他們著想而提出的各種建議讓他們贊不絕口。他們當時就口頭 答應要包一場演出,但是買斷還是百分之十那種無風險合作要周日(即三天后)他們全體會員開完會後決定。三天后,我得到的消息是他們的會員全部反對買斷,非常擔心、害怕。
Practitioners prepared a heap of Shen Yun promotional material for me. I quickly tried to make up for the lessons where I'd fallen behind. While looking at ways in which we could sell tickets, my thoughts kept turning. A few days later, I bumped into a practitioner who was involved in promoting the show to charities. After listening to the ideas from fellow practitioners, I was so happy that I jumped up and down. I thought this suggestion was so good. It strung together charities, associations, media , politicians and mainstream society. This was great. It had great potential. To make a block booking, and then sell the tickets wholesale, would be the same as a wholesaler assisting us in attacking the market. We would then assume the role of a manufacturer with a wholesaler helping us to distribute the tickets at a retail price, and this would not harm the Shen Yun brand. Fair trade is assimilated with the market regulations of ordinary human society. Therefore, I immediately got into contact with a community leader whom I regard as being very able, and I set up a meeting with him the next day. The first time we met, our fellow practitioners allowed the aforementioned community leader to witness their wisdom and virtue. Our fellow practitioners put themselves in the shoes of the persons that would be involved, and the various suggestions that they came up with left the community leader praising them non-stop. There and then, they verbally agreed to charter a show. However, the issue of whether they would buy out the show, or put up only a 10% stake which would involve less risk, was put off until three days later when the community group would reach an agreement at a general meeting. Three days later, I received news that they had unanimously opposed a buyout. This left me feeling very anxious.

怎麼辦?讓 他們只簽百分之十合作條約嗎?我知道他們有能 力,如果今年不發揮,明年也就固守在這個點上。他們買斷包場,會刺激他們去全力推票, 效果會差別很大,而百分之十的話就距我們的目標太遠了。
So what we were to do now? Were we to let them sign the agreement indicating only a 10% stake? We know that they have the resources. If we do not take any action this year, we would be stuck at the same position next year too. Proceeding with a buyout would provide an added impetus and having them helping distributing the tickets. The difference in effect is very significant. Additionally, a percentage of only 10% would leave us far from our goal.
我先生建議讓我再約他們談,我們認為 他們一方面有人的一面的擔心,另一方面是他們明白的一面弱。再見面一 次,我們就要加強他們的正念,救人的事大法弟子一定要起主導作用的,我們扶他們一把,一旦開頭,他們才敢往前衝。我與負責此談判的同 修要求,讓我以中間人的身份再去協調一下,在對神韻利益負責的前提下,給他們一個上來的台階。我不給他們任何承諾,一切由神韻辦公室許可為準。那 天晚上,再次與這二位負責人會談。見 面時,他倆看上去很沮喪,告訴我們他們的會員怎麼怎麼擔心,臉上表情怎麼怎麼的吃驚和害怕,又說了他們的身體怎麼不好,又有多忙等等,反正困難重重。他們想退而求其次,用百分之十的利潤方式與我們合作。我想,這都是表象,我不承認,我的心沒有跟他們的話 動,我也沒有應合他們的話題。我 在心裡對他們說:“可憐的眾生,明白起來,這是你們代表你們民族選擇的機會,趕快清醒。”嘴裡我在講不同的話題,回答著一點具體的做法。隨 著談話,他們的臉上在放鬆,講著講著,他們三次提到,他們在開車來參加這次會談的路上,一直在想,你們是否就是我們的救星,他們用英文“saver”這個詞。我真的覺的是師 父在救他們,讓他們明白的這面講出來這樣的話。結 果是,他們讓我代表他們作決定,哪怕神韻辦公室不同意給他們一個“嘗試期”,他們也要我代他們包了這一場,他們願意承擔所有風險。當夜二點,我收到他們連夜趕 出來的向神韻辦公室申請包場的企劃案,並一再感謝我們給了他們這麼一個機會。這時我心裡沒有一絲歡喜心,久久的只是感動。感謝偉大的師尊善化這批眾生,給了這個民族新的生命。我為覺悟的眾生擺正位置後作出的 抉擇感到高興,也感到了作為一個“正法時期大法弟子”的榮耀與責任。一個看來有難度的談判在三天內結束了。
My husband suggested that I ask them out for another meeting. We felt that on one hand, the human side of them had their reservations, and on the other hand, their knowing side was weak. When we meet them for the second time, we would have to strengthen their righteous thoughts. We as DaFa disciples have to play a leading role regarding the matters of helping saving sentient beings. We would give them a hand, and once they started to get on their way, they would then dare to forge ahead. On the pretext that I would act for the interests of Shen Yun, I asked the fellow practitioner in charge of these negotiations to allow me to play the role of a middleman for the next round of discussion and persuade them. I would not promise them anything, leaving the decisions only with the management of Shen Yun. That night, we met again with the two persons-in-charge. During the meeting, they appeared to be depressed, and told us how their members were worried and how their faces came up in shock and fear. They also mentioned how they have not being feeling great recently and how busy they were—in short, how tumultuous things have been. They sought to put on the table their alternative, which was to only agree to 10% participation. I thought, this is all on the surface, I do not recognise that, and my heart is not playing along. I murmured to them in my heart, poor sentient beings, please become clear minded. This is your chance to represent your people and take a stand, wake up quickly. The words I was mouthing however were on a different topic, replying with some specific methods on how to go about doing things. As our conversation went on, their faces started to lighten up. Along the way, they mentioned three times that, as they were in their car on the way to our meeting, they had this persistent thought—they kept wondering to themselves if we were there to help them, using the word “saviour”. I really feel that it was Master who saved them, allowing their knowing side to utter these words. In the end, they left me to decide on their behalf, to let them buy out one show, even in the event that the Shen Yun management would not grant them a “trial period”. They were now willing to undertake any risk. They rushed out their business proposal regarding the buyout of a show and I received it at 2AM in the morning. Also, they thanked me once again for giving them such a chance. At that moment, I did not feel a shred of happiness, only a throbbing sensation within. I would like to thank our Great Master for rectifying the thoughts of these sentient beings, for providing a new lease of life for them. I feel happy for sentient beings that make the right choice after awakening from confusion. I also felt the honour and responsibility of a Dafa practitioner in the Fa rectification period. A seemingly turbulent three-day discussion thus ended.

而 後的一些機會中,我又與一些常人接觸,在這些過程中那個,我的狀態好時,他們表現中明白的一面就清醒,甚至說出他們他們明白的一面的話來,讓我十分震驚、感動。我體會到,救人的心一定要純淨,才能讓常人 在我們打開的場中得到淨化、善化,讓他們得救。我經常有意識的在心裡呼喚他們,結果在和他們 交談中,他們真正會說出他們真正明白的話。我不去動我人的方面的念,我不去用人方面一切不正 的、狡猾的思想,他們也不會用。我接觸一位資深的政客,在常人中,他們公認 他是無人能改變他的政見的,他不畏一切強壓的。他 有一天拍著胸脯,對很多人講:“我一輩子什麼人都不聽的,誰也改變不了我,但我聽Willa的話,她說什麼,我不會問為什麼,我只會去做,哪怕是前面有卡車走過,她叫我走過去,我也會毫 不猶豫的走過去。”當時,我快流淚了。謝謝師 父,給了大法弟子如此的榮耀,讓我們成為眾生的希望。
In some other meetings, I met up with more everyday people and through these processes the knowing side that they express would awaken when I am in a good condition. And when the words I spoke awakened their knowing side, it left me stunned and touched. I learnt that, in order to allow ordinary human beings to be purified, have virtuous thoughts and gain salvation, one's intention to save sentient beings must be pure. Frequently, I am conscious of a voice within myself which would call upon them to awaken. As a result, during our conversations, they would truly voice what they have truly understood. I would not employ the mindset of the human side of me; I would not employ it to conjure crooked and sly thoughts, and then they would not either. There was one time I met a senior politician. Among ordinary human beings, he is publicly known as a person whose political views are impossible for others to change. He is not afraid of any kind of pressure. There was one day when, patting his chest, he told many people: “In my lifetime, I do not listen to anyone, and no one can change me. However, after hearing Willa's words, it does not matter what she says, I would not question it and I would only play along. Even if a truck is passing by in front of me, I would walk past its path if she instructs me to do it.” At that moment, I was close to tears. Thank you master, for giving us Dafa disciples such honour, and allowing us to become the hope of sentient beings.
在 常人中我是沒有太高學歷,不懂什麼談話技巧,但在與一些常人中名位很高、學歷很高、職位很大的人都談話時,我沒有動想在哪方面壓倒他們的念, 結果,他們也沒有在我面前高傲。我 有一回在大家談的很融洽時,他們非常接受我的想法,我心裡對那位女士說:“你快快清醒,注意聽我說。”我嘴裡就對她說:“你是你們這 麼多人的頭,你要給這些人看神韻的機會呀!你一定要做正確的決定,將來你會為這事自豪。”她就一直點頭同意,然後說:“我想我們今天的會談是前世就定下的,要不然我們怎麼會見面?”我很 吃驚,因為我知道她是不信輪迴轉生的。那是她明白的一面在講話了。
Among ordinary human society, I do not hold very high educational qualifications; neither do I possess any special orating skills. When I converse with persons who are well-regarded in ordinary human society, who have high educational qualifications and who hold high job positions, I do not try to think of ways to counter their mindsets, and they have no airs about them in front of me. In one instance, when I was participating in a group discussion and getting everyone going, they were very receptive to my ideas and in my heart, I was telling one particular lady to “awaken quickly, pay attention to me”. On the surface I said to her:”You are the head of the many persons present here, you should give them the chance to watch Shen Yun! You must make a right choice; you will feel proud of your decision in the future.” And she kept nodding in agreement, saying: “I feel that our discussion today has been pre-planned in our previous lives. Why else would we be here today?” I was very surprised, because I know that she is one who does not believe in the reincarnation. That was the knowing side of her talking.

我覺的每次我靜下心來,真正能放下自己,抱著一顆無所求、只 想救人的心。他們人的一面會清醒,我 再根據他們的情況,商談具體賣票做法,出現的幾乎就是大法弟子怎麼說,常人就怎麼做。我體會到師父、正神時時就在我身邊,只是我 常常沒有達到正念十足的狀態,才造成步履艱難。如果我時時很達到師父要求我們的狀態,就不會讓這些苦苦期 待的眾生失望了。
I feel that every time I calm my heart down, truly let go of my thoughts, and carry a heart without intent, seeking only to save sentient beings, the ordinary human side of them would awaken. Then, I would discuss the specific ways of selling the tickets according to their respective situations. In this way, there arises the situation whereby the ordinary human follows almost whatever a Dafa disciple says. I understand that Master and the righteous gods are always by my side; it is only that I often fail to attain a fully righteous condition, and this leads to troublesome and difficult situations. If I meet Master's requirements every time, I wouldn't disappoint sentient beings who have endured an arduous wait.
感謝慈悲偉大的師父,感謝無私幫助我的同修,感謝善良的眾生。我一定要再淨化 自己,用最純淨的心去完成“助師世間行”的宏願,對的起“正法時期大法弟子”的這宇宙中最偉大的稱號。
Thank you, our compassionate Great Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners who helped me selflessly. Thank you, virtuous sentient beings. I must purify myself, utilise the purest heart in fulfilling Master's grand vision to rectify the Fa, so that I can bear the magnificent name of a “Dafa practitioner during the Fa-Rectifying period”.

Thank you Master.
Thank you, my fellow practitioners.