My understanding on the teaching of “Maximally Conform to the Ways of the Ordinary Human Society to Cultivate”
Cindy Ren

神 韻推廣在悉尼已經是第5個年頭了,師父在今年7月的講法“再精進”中,(2010年7月29日, 二零一零年七月二十四日)更加明確地告訴我們,要 “打開主流社會才能把全社會打開,才能把影響搞大,才能有更多的觀眾,才有更多被救度的眾生來。” (http://www.minghui.org/mh/fenlei /217/zip.html )
It is the fifth year in Sydney to promote ShenYun. In July last year's article teaching, Master made it clearly that: “focus on higher-end society, and only by making ourselves part of the cultural mainstream can we unlock society at large, have a greater impact, have more people attend, and have more sentient beings come to be saved.” (Be More Diligent, July 24, 2010, Washington DC).

Promotion ShenYun through Industrial Associate
怎樣打開主流社會?我想,向不認識的人推廣需要相當的時間,先從身邊做起吧。自 己是澳洲註冊會計師協會的會員很多年了,每次在郵箱中收到的newsletter (會員通訊),很少認真看過,協會中的活動其實很多,這麼多年來也從未參加過。當我動了這一念後,仔細瀏覽了各類會員活 動,發現機會可真是不少,而且並不需要交很多費用。而 且做為會員,必須通過閱讀專業書籍或參加行業內活動等方式,不斷提高專業技能,並且積攢每年至少40個小時的學分,才能不失去會員資格。
How shall we promote Shen Yun to the mainstream society? I realize that since it needs to spend a lot of time to promote Shen Yun to those who do not know Shen Yun, I should start to do it from my own environment. I have been an Australian CPA's member for many years. Whenever I received CPA's newsletter, I hardly read it carefully, not to mention participating its activities. When I had the thought, I viewed various member activities, and found that there are a lot of opportunities with very little fees. As a CPA member, in order to maintain my membership, I am required to continue professional development and accumulate in the minimum 40 hours study every year either through studying professional materials or participating industrial events.

過去,我都是利用業餘時間閱讀專業書籍,既費時,又沒 有同常人社會溝通的機會。今年單位進行工作考評時,我 向老闆提出,希望通過參加協會組織的各類專業活動,達到提高專業技能的目的。老闆欣然答應了,不僅 同意由單位支付參加活動的費用,而且因為參加活動所需要的時間,算作學習假,不佔用年假。
In the past, I have always been reading professional books in my spare time, which is time consuming and has no opportunities to interact with ordinary society. When my company conducted performance review for current year, I mentioned to my boss that I wanted to participate the events organized by the CPA to improve my professional skills. My boss approved it immediately, and not only did she agree that the company would pay for those fees to attend the events, but also the time spent would be counted as study leave instead of annual leave.

就 這樣,從六、七月起,我加入了協會內的一個管理問題討論小組,每兩個月一次活動,參加的會員多是高級財務管理人員和諮詢顧問等,每次講座都由有影響力的人士當講座嘉賓。有 一次的講座吸引了三四百名會員,主講嘉賓是一位被澳洲媒體稱為“澳洲少有的幾位思想領袖之一”的人士,我在會後與他交換了名片,希望今後保持聯繫兩 個月後的一個下午,我寫電子郵件聯絡他,他回复說:“有些事情只能用宿命來解釋,我在一小時前正在看你的名片,原來就是為了等你一小時後來聯絡我。” 他主動邀請我和同修第二天去他辦公室細談。在交談過程 中,他很自然地與我們探討了中國的現狀,傳統文化的被破壞等問題,並建議我們開展一個同他的機構合作的項目。在 探討與其他機構合作的可能性時,他說:“如果他們能夠克服懼怕中共政府這個心理障礙,這將對他們有非常大的好處;就怕他們過不去這一關。” 他還問同修: “如果選擇一件正確的事情,但會使你付出很大的代價,而選擇錯誤卻讓你收穫利益,你是否仍然還選擇正確的事情?”聽到同修堅定地回答“還會” ,他發自內心的笑容蕩漾在臉上。
In this way, I have attended a risk management group discussion since June-July of 2010. It is a bi-monthly event, in which many participants are senior financial management personals and consultants. In each event, they would invite influential guest speakers. Once there was an event attracted three to four hundred members. The guest speaker was called by the Australian media –'one of the rare few Australians thought leaders'. After the event, I exchanged my business cards with him. On an afternoon two months after that, I emailed him. He replied: “something can only be explained by fate. I was looking at your business card an hour earlier, it turns out that I am waiting for you to contact me.” He invited me and a fellow practitioner to his office to discuss in details the next day. During the conversation, he naturally discussed with us about the current situations in China, the damage done to the traditional Chinese culture, etc. He suggested us conducting a project cooperation with his organization. When we discussed the possibility of our cooperation, he said: “if they can overcome the psychological barrier on fear of the CCP government, it will be a great benefit for them. I worry that they can't conquer it. ” He also asked the other practitioner: “if letting you choose a right thing which will make you pay a big price, and choose a wrong thing will obtain benefit, will you still choose the right thing?” The fellow practitioner firmly said: “I will”, and I saw he smiled from the bottom of his hear.

我 真實地感到,像他這樣有名望的社會人物,都是有很大的德的,在他下世前給他安排的種種才能、名、利、社會地位,不都是為了在正法中起到作用,完成他應該完成的使命的嗎?如果大法弟子不出來,師父就無法將他們帶到我們面前,這個 緣怎麼能接上呢?就 算接上了,也得靠大法弟子在與其交往中的每一言、每一行、每一點細微末節中,正念正行的體現,才能真正幫助他完成他應該完成的,而這個過程,決不是一件簡單的事情。
I really feel that a person like him must have a great virtue. His prearranged talents, reputation and social status, etc. are to play a role in the Fa-rectification. Isn't it for him to complete his mission? If Dafa disciples do not come out, Master could not bring them to us. How can the fate be connected? Even if the fate is connected, it still depends on Dafa disciples who interact with them and explore it to them through our words, behavior and some subtle details with righteous thoughts to really help them to complete their mission. However, this process is not a simple thing.

在 另外一次的小組會議上, 討論話題是全球金融危機中財務主管們扮演的角色,有位會員尖銳地指出,經濟危機其實是道德問題,財務人員應在提供真實的財務信息,以及肩負起審計和監管責任方面,起到在全社會範圍內的領導作用。他的話引起了在場多數人的共鳴,當時我很受觸動,心想,這 群人真是挺正的。我 馬上舉手響應他的觀點,並舉了新西蘭的恆天然公司投資三鹿毒奶粉,導致大陸百萬嬰兒受害的例子,說明投資回報不應僅以金錢效益來衡量,更應考慮社會效應。
In another group discussion, the discussion topic is about how the financial manager should play the role in the global financial crisis. A member pointed out that economic crisis, in fact, is a moral issue. Financial personal should provide true financial information, take the audit and monitor responsibilities and play the leadership role in the communities. His words arose an echo amongst the majority of the fellow members. I was moved and thought that these were people with good integrity. I immediately raised my hand to respond to his opinion and took an example of New Zealand's Fonterra Co-operative Group investing in Sanlu which was responsible for tainted baby milk powder and poisoned millions of the Chinese babies, to prove that investment return should not only be measured by money, but also its social impacts.

討 論結束後,協會的紐省負責人徑直走到我面前說:“你說的那個例子非常好,我是幾個孩子的父親,很能理解受毒奶傷害的孩子家長的感受。”又有好幾個人同我搭話,對這個問題表示認同,並談了更多的關於 中國經濟的問題。我 接著這個話題,進一步向他們介紹了第一手的大陸新聞,是如何在海內外正義人士的內外配合下,突破中共的網絡封鎖,傳播到全世界的,他們都感到耳目一新。在 此之前,我其實是心存戒備,雖然並沒有直接談大法,但對於中共的新聞封鎖、網絡封鎖等話題,還是很小心翼翼,擔心這些人因為同中共有直接或間接的生意往 來,對這類話題會比較敏感。但事實正相反,協會負責人說:“非常好!”並熱情地把我介紹給 其他人。
After the event, the NSW coordinator of the associate walked to me and said: “your example is very good. I am a father with a couple of children; I can understand the victims' parents' feeling.” There were several member came talking to me, agreed with my opinion and discussed with me regarding the Chinese economy issues. I went on this topic and further introduced on how the righteous minded people inside and outside of China cooperate together to break CCP's internet block and spread first-hand Chinese news worldwide. They felt very fresh. Initially, even though I did not directly talk about Dafa, I was still hesitate to touch those sensitive topics, such as news blackout and internet blocking as I was afraid that they may be doing business directly or indirectly with the CCP, theses topics would be too sensitive to them. On the contrary, the associate coordinator said: “very good!” And he also enthusiastically introduced me to other people.

小組中也有 華人,有一個女孩從大陸來澳洲工作時間不長,她在會後交流時間表示,無法相信那些高級主管中有相對正義的人士。她 說:“他們說歸說,我不相信這些人有誰能夠不被利益左右。” 這是一個教育程度很高的女孩子, 但受黨文化的影響比較深,讓我想起師父在經文“再精進”講 的, “很多人身在西方社會,實質並沒有真正了解這個社會。”  不僅僅是大法弟子,常人中的華人也是這樣。我 向她舉了在座幾位身為主管的西人、以及前面所述講座嘉賓的例子,告訴她,起碼這幾個人不是那種惟利是圖的人, 看得出她在思考。
There are some Chinese in the group discussion. A young girl is from mainland of China who arrived in Australia not long ago. When we exchanged our timetable after the event, she expressed that she could not believe that there were relative integrity people amongst the senior manager. She said: “no matter what they said, I don't believe that they would not be affected by any benefits.” This girl had high education background, but was deeply influenced by CCP culture. It reminds me that what Master said in <Be More Diligent> “Though a lot of you might be living here in Western society, in reality, you don't really understand this place.” It not only happens amongst Dafa disciples, but also amongst the Chinese living in overseas. I took several western managers' stories and guest speaker's stories as examples, and said that at least they were integrity people. I could see that she was thinking my words.

由於小組成員比較固定,一 回生,二回熟,幾回之後就有了更多、更輕鬆的交流話題。有 一位老先生,從來都沒有同他談過神韻,但他是一位高級主管,因此在辦神韻招待會時,我一大早向他發出了邀請,並在當天晚上活動時帶去了神韻光碟和資料給他。他回復電子郵件說,很 想參加。那天晚上見面時,還表示道歉, 說對不起未能很快回复,非常感謝邀請。因 為大家互相比較熟悉了,有了一段時間的交往基礎,對方比較容易接受。否則如果直接與他的助理談神韻,能夠約見他的機會可能會很小。
As the members of the group are relatively stable, gradually, after we became familiar with each other, there were more relaxed communication topics. There was an older gentleman, I have never had a chance to talk to him about Shen Yun. He is a senior manager. So, when we were hosting the Shen Yun Introduction reception, I sent him an invitation letter to him in the morning and brought along Shen Yun DVD and materials to him when I attended the event in the evening. He replied my email and said that he really wanted to attend it. When I met him at that night, he apologized that he did not reply my email immediately and appreciated my invitation. As we know one another and associated for a while, he could relatively easier accept what I said, otherwise, if I directly talk to his assistant about Shen Yun, the chance to make an appointment with him may be very slim.

10 月份,我參加了在達令港會議中心舉行的協會的年度大會,結識了更多的嘉賓。由於同與會者有共同的工作語言和專業交流話題,交談相當輕鬆。他 們都有自己的興趣愛好,也在業餘時間幫助一些非盈利組織,我把神韻當作自己在業餘時間關心的項目介紹給他們,而不是單純的推銷,他們能夠比較自然地接受。有一位嘉賓談的是營銷戰略,而他講的每一部 分內容,都像是在講如何更好地推廣神韻團體票。他 後來在一個300人的會議上,幫助播放了神韻的錄像片,並做為主辦者對全體與會者說:“這是一個非常好的演出,你們一定要去看”。與會華人看到做為西人的主辦方如此大 力推薦,上前同大法弟子說:“做為華人真是感到非常驕傲”。這位嘉賓還應邀在大法弟子辦的媒體上開了專欄,豐富了報紙的內容。
In August, I attended the CPA associate's Annual Conference held in Darling Harbour and got to know more VIPs. As the participants shared with one another the similar professional topics, the conversation was very easy. They all have their own hobbies. Some of them helped some non-profit organization In their spare time, I introduced Shen Yun to them as a project I involved in my spare time in stead of purely doing selling tickets, they could accept it relatively easier. A guest speaker talked about the market promotion strategy, but to me it seems that he was explaining on how to better promote Shen Yun group tickets. Later, in a 300 people conference, he helped to play the Shen Yun promo DVD, and as an organizer, he also told all the participants: “ this is a very good performance; you much go to watch it.” Some Chinese attendants saw the organizer strongly recommended a Chinese show, they told our practitioner: “I am very proud as a Chinese.” This guest speaker was also invited to be a columnist for a practitioners' media and enriched the newspaper content.

經過這幾次的經歷,我體會到了人脈的分量。建立、發展和維護人脈,需要很細緻的用心,就像培育一顆種子。初 次見面,如同播種,如果之後不及時跟進,隔三叉五地給種子澆水、施肥和日曬,這顆種子就無法生根發芽,這個人脈也就無法發展到一定程度。相反,如果我們 能將種子培育成參天大樹,一個人脈關係的一句話,很可能在一定的常人社會範圍內,起到一言九鼎的作用。
After the experience, I understand the power of the social connections. To buildup, develop and maintain the connections, it needs to be taken care of as if nurturing a seed. The first meeting would be seeding, if we don't follow up in time, or don't do watering, fertilizing and sunning often enough, this seed would not root, and the connection can not be further developed. On the contrary, if we can develop a seed into a tall tree, one word of a connection may have some impact on certain ordinary society.

此外,常 人中的許多業務,是靠人口相傳,互相推薦的,一個值得信任的人的一句話,勝過許多份廣告。通過參加協會的 活動,我在專業方面開闊了眼界,學到了不少新的知識和技能,對更加做好本職工作,的確起到了促進作用。這樣的一舉兩得 的事情,我很後悔這麼多年,為什麼從來不曾參與過,從來未曾想過面對面地、以圈內人的身份同他們交往。這 次,我才體會到了師父為什麼在洛杉磯市法會講法(2006年3月26日, 二零零六年二月二十五日) 這樣告訴我們:“其實人類社會近代出現的這些個所謂豐富的 文化表現,其實是不同宇宙、不同遙遠的巨大天體中那些神弄過來的。用人的話講是他們體系生命的維繫方式,弄過來的是他們體系中生命層次的昇華與下降的法則 在最低的人 類社會的表現形式,都是這些東西。當然這些東西對生命來講,如果有大法指導,這種形式就能使生命昇華, 也能使不好的生命下降。我講“大道無形”引出這番 話來。大家想過沒有?如果這個社會中許許多多行業、許許多多的領域都是他們遙遠的生命體系弄來的東西,大法弟子在這樣一個環境中修煉、各種不同的行業中都 有大法弟子修煉,是不是等於是在用法正他們?是不是承認他們的存在?是不是在救度他們?” 如果大法弟子不在某個行業中,那個行業中的人就得不到機會被救度。而 如果已經在這個行業中,卻不去主動地發揮更大的作用,更加廣泛地面對面與自己的同行們交往,並在此過程中開創幫助他們了解真像的機會,可能就會錯失良機, 不能達到在修煉中另一層次的法理對自己更進一步的要求。
In addition, ordinary people's business is often promoted mainly by word of mouth and personal recommendations. A trustworthy person's word is weighted more than many advertisements. Through participating associate's events, from the professional aspect, I broadened my view, learned a lot of new knowledge and skills. It helped me to perform better on my own job. It is a matter of killing two birds with one stone. I regret that I did not do it earlier; I did not think of building up my connections through my profession. I now understand deeper the meaning of what Master said “In fact, the seemingly rich culture that has manifest in human society in recent times was actually brought here by gods from different cosmoses and distant gigantic cosmic bodies. Described in human terms, those are ways in which the beings of their systems sustain the systems. What they have brought over is the manifestation at the lowest level, that of human society, of the Fa-principles in their systems that determine the raising or lowering of a life's level. That's what all of those things are. Of course, with the guidance of Dafa, those things, those forms, can enable a life to ascend, just as they can make a not-so-good life drop. I was talking about the concept of a " Great Way without form," which led to this discussion. Have you thought about the fact that, if the many occupations and the many fields seen today were brought here from those distant systems of beings, and Dafa disciples are cultivating in this setting, with Dafa disciples cultivating in different occupations, then isn't it just like rectifying [those systems] with the Fa? Isn't that acknowledging their existence? Isn't that saving them?” (Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles , 25th Feb. 2006)
If Dafa disciples do not participate in some professions, the sentient being in those professions will not have the chance to be saved. If Dafa disciples are in a industry, but we do not take the initiative to play a greater role, do not have extensive connections with our peers in person and help them to know the truth during the process, we may miss the opportunity and cannot achieve FA's further requirements in the other levels during our cultivation.

Promoting Shen Yun in Workplace
工作中的一些業務關 係,是神韻推廣的好機會,重點是站在對方角度,了解對方需要什麼,提出讓對方無法拒絕的方案。有一家很大的跨國公司,我在工作中使用其一個部門提供的服務。我所在的公司並不是該公司的大客戶,但我與同 修配合,將其服務介紹到同修所工作的公司。對方獲得了 拓展業務的機會,對我和同修兩人都很重視。我們兩人 都向他介紹了神韻,同修的老闆也當面表示支持。藉此機 會,我向其提出請他引薦我給該部門的決策人員。就這樣,我 們立即獲得了與市場部經理見面的機會。由於了解對方平時所開展的 推廣活動,我們給出的方案符合對方日常推廣的形式,對方的策劃推廣得以馬上進行。
To promote Shen Yun through the business relationship of our jobs is a good opportunity. The important thing is to stand in others' shoes and understand their needs so that we can provide them with in-refusable offer. There is a big international company, my ordinary job needs to use one of its departments' service. But we are not their big client. My fellow practitioner and I take it seriously. Both of us introduced Shen Yun to them. Fellow practitioners' boss also showed his support in person. Through this chance, I asked to meet with their department manager. As a result, I met their marketing department manager. As we knew their ordinary marketing promotion activities, we provided a proposal to match their needs so that the plan was implemented right away.

還有一家公司,同修的公司是其客戶。同修向平時來往的這位銷售經理簡單介紹神韻後,安排了一次約見 的機會。三名同修一同上門對他進行了正式拜訪。由於他對同修公司的業務很重視,相應地對神韻 也很重視,並向他平日來往的其他公司推薦。不久,一家我們根本沒有聯絡過的公司,由於他的推 薦,定了10張最貴的團體套餐票。
A company, for which a practitioner is working, is another company's client. This practitioner briefly introduced Shen Yun to its sales manager, with whom he often contacted, and arranged an appointment. Three practitioners paid a formal visit to him. The manager took his business relationship seriously, consequently, he also took Shen Yun shows seriously. He even recommended Shen Yun to other companies he often contacted. Soon, due to his recommendation, a company, which we did not contact, bought 10 of the most expensive group ticket sets.

Maximally Conform to the Ways of the Ordinary Human Society
師父在曼哈頓講法(2009 年9月12日, 二零零六年三月二十六日)中說:“
你們在每 一個行業中,每一個社會角落中,每一個社會的階層中修煉,就都會包含著更大的涵義在裡面。 ” 當初選擇從事的行業,只是符合常人社會狀態,有一份常人中的工作而已,除了將工作干好,並沒有想到還有什麼更大的涵義在裡面。現在回過頭來看,每一步路都在 師父的安排之中,都在為今天的神韻推廣做鋪墊。師父說神韻的“震撼力和對人的改變,很像我當年親自傳法” (二零零七年紐約法會講法),而 神韻也是主流社會人群很容易接受的一種被救度的方式。從個人角度,他們不僅自己做為藝術享受去觀看,也可以將神韻票做為禮物送給親朋好友;從生意角度,神 韻以及大法弟子的各種資源,是他們拓展市場的良好商機;從企業管理角度,神韻是幫助他們完善企業文化,加強人力資源管理的最佳工具。而只有大法弟子,才能 夠將這些絕佳的機會展現給他們。
In Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan(12th Dec. 09), Master said: “your being in each of the professions and trades out there, your being found in each segment of society, and your being part of each of society's social stratum as you go about cultivating must have greater significance bound up in it.”
The reason I chose my current profession is that I only wanted to conform to the way of ordinary human society, having a job. Apart from doing my job well, I did not think there was any profound meaning in it. When I look back, I realise that every step I took is arranged by Master, these are the grounds for me to promote Shen Yun today. Master said: “The strength of the impact on people, as with the changes it caused in them, were very similar to what happened back when I personally taught the Fa early on.” (Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference) and Shen Yun is also a saving sentient being method which is easily accepted by the mainstream society. From my personal point of view, they do not only enjoy watching the show, but also give Shen Yun tickets as gift to their families and friends; form the business aspect, Shen Yun and Dafa disciples' various resources are great business opportunities to expand their business; from the corporate management's aspect, Shen Yun is the best tool to help them to improve their corporate culture and enhance their human resource management. Only Dafa disciples can provide them with this excellent opportunity.

12月28日這一 天,我收到了一張特殊的聖誕賀卡,來自我因為協會會員身份而交往的mentor(工作指導教練)。他是一家會計師事務所的老闆,認識他10 年來,從來都是我有事找他,他幾乎沒有主動找過我。 2010年初,我因 工作機會去他辦公室的時候,向他介紹了神韻,他並沒有太熱情的表示,我也不知道他是否會去看。在過去的這些個月中,我們沒再有過更多聯絡。令 我驚喜的是,他在這張賀卡中寫道:“我為沒能與你保持聯繫表示道歉。我和我的太太,以及三個女兒,在2010年母親節期間觀看了你推薦的演出。祝你和你的家人聖誕快樂!”
On 28th of December, I received a special Christmas card, which was from my CPA program mentor. He is an owner of an accounting firm. I have known him over ten years. In the past, it was I who only contacted him when I need any help. He hardly contacted me. In the early of 2010, I took a work opportunity to visit him and introduced Shen Yun to him. He did not show too much enthusiasm. I did not know whether he would watch the show or not . In the past months, we did not have any contact. To my surprise, in this Christmas card, he wrote: “I am sorry I did not keep contact with you. My wife, three daughters and I have watched the show you recommend in 2010 Mother's Day. Wish you and your family Merry Christmas!”

以 上是我在最近四個月神韻推廣中的點滴經歷和有限的體會,並不夠資格參加法會,只是藉此機會寫出來與同修共勉,不足之處懇請慈悲指正!
The above is only my recent four months experience in promoting Shen Yun, it is not good enough to be shared in Fa Hui. I only want to use this opportunity to write down my cultivation experience to make progression together with my fellow practitioners. If there is any thing inappropriate, please kindly correct me!