助師 正法做師尊想要的一定能成

Success will be achieved by doing what Master requests
by Ying


Greetings Master!

Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

師 尊說:“大法弟子是各地區、各民族得救的唯一希望”(《謝謝眾生的問候》,我們如果不去救他們,他們就會隨著舊宇宙的一切被淘汰。神韻是在救人。今年神韻在悉尼演出場次多,要賣的票數量 大,如何做好,是擺在我們面前的嚴峻課題。
I would like to quote Master’s teaching: “Dafa disciples are the sole hope of salvation for the beings in each region and each nation.” (“My Thanks to Sentient Beings Who Have Sent Greetings”, January 1, 2007). Shen Yun is rescuing people. This year in Sydney, we have quite a number of shows. Accordingly, a large number of tickets are to be sold. This is a great test that we are facing.

去 年神韻推票我們區沒有申請商場賣票攤位,我們就覺得很可惜,所以今年神韻剛開始運作,我們就跟負責華人商場的協調人提出申請攤位。也 許是我們這一念很強,師父看到了我們救人的心,結果出乎意料的我們申請到了一個免費攤位,而且可以一直擺到神韻演出結束,位置也很理想,旁邊一家煙店還提 供電源,萬事俱備,只等眾生來買票了。
During last year's promotion in our area, we didn't apply for a promotion stall. We feel that it was such a pity. Therefore, at the early stage of the promotion, we expressed our willingness to the coordinator for Shopping Centre promotions to have one this year. Probably because of our strong thoughts, Master saw our hearts. Our application for a free stall was approved unexpectedly, with the ideal location and for the duration of time up until the shows finish. The power is being supplied by the nearby cigarette shop, everything's ready. We are waiting for sentient beings to come and buy tickets.

但是神韻賣票不是 常人賣東西,是大法弟子救人,不是人這一面打了廣告,發了FLYER,貼了海報就能把票賣出去的。我們擺了二個週末,一張票也沒動, 來問價格拿光碟的人不少,幾乎所有的人都說要和家人商量後再買。到了第三 個星期,來了一位有賣票經驗的同修,一會兒6 張票就出去了,票是這位同修帶來的,她說人看到票會激起人的購買欲,應該是眾生看到救生船票就動了心吧,我覺得這是師父在點悟我。
Selling Shen Yun tickets is not like selling ordinary products. It is to save people not by way of advertising, dropping flyers, and displaying posters at an ordinary level. For the first two weeks of promotion, there was no ticket sold. Most of the interested people only inquired about prices and took DVDs. Nearly everyone said that they would talk to their families and come back.
In the third week, an experienced practitioner came and amazingly six tickets sold. She shared that people have the desire to purchase when they see the tickets. I think this is because the righteous side of ordinary people is awakening at the sight of the tickets, full of hope for salvation. I believe that Master was trying enlightening me with it.

於 是我和幾位同修商量后買了三十張票,我覺得購進一些票不僅可以在商場賣,也可以在有針對性的送光碟和調查表時,直接把票賣給他們,方便了客戶。結果當我 們第一次揣著票走進一家外幣兌換處就賣出了4張票。緊接著在另外一商場也賣出了9張票,跟著我們 區商場也開始陸續出票了,只是數量還不多。
After sharing among practitioners, we bought 30 tickets. We believe that we can sell not only at shopping centres, but to interested dentists, accountants and lawyers when delivering DVDs and collecting questionnaires. The first time, with tickets in hand, we sold four after introducing the show in a currency exchange business, followed by nine tickets at the other Shopping Centre. Gradually, tickets were selling at our site, though not that many.

在 我們區賣票攤位,我得到一個信息反饋:就是4分鐘的神韻介紹太短了,觀眾剛有興趣想多看一點就結束了。所 以我就讓同修把神韻在北美的觀眾反饋等內容加進去,這樣內容就顯得比較充實,可以讓觀眾了解到各個層面的人對神韻的評價,更能進一步打動眾生買票觀看神韻 的的心。
In our site, we received feedback saying that the four minute promotional DVD of the Shen Yun performance might be too short for potential buyers. It finishes just when people are keen to watch more. Fellow practitioners then inserted the feedback of audiences from North America so as to enrich the contents of the promo DVD. It enables purchasers to know more about the performance, with the comments from people of all walks of life. We believe it can touch their hearts so that they may buy tickets.

在 推票過程中,一些遊客說他們已經買票了;有個顧客說就是在我們這裡拿的資料和光碟,回家就讓兒子在網上訂了5 張票,全家都去看;一位先 生說:我太太看了資料後訂了2 張$180 的票,我女兒要是從布里斯本回來也會去看;還有一位89歲的老太太了,拿了資料後在神韻辦公室訂了5 張$200 的票。我 們區雖然不屬於傳統的富人區,還是有顧客到這裡來買高價票,這也證實了只要我們真正使眾生感受到神韻的價值,他們是會不吝惜付出一點錢買票的。
During the process of promoting the show, some people say that they've already bought tickets. One customer told us that her son booked five tickets online for all the family after she brought home the promotional materials and DVD. One gentleman said, “My wife bought two $180 tickets after reading the promotional information. If my daughter comes down from Brisbane, she will definitely go with us.” An 89 year-old lady booked five $200 tickets after visiting our stall. Though our area is not a wealthy suburb , customers still come to buy tickets with high prices. It indicates that people spend without hesitation when they really understand the value of Shen Yun.

我 們在推票中還發現,一些曾經承諾買票的人,一離開我們賣票的場干擾就來了,有的家裡小孩病了,不能過來買票了;有的再打電話就沒人接了,我們也一直在思索應該怎樣做的更好。現在我們在送光碟時,盡量讓客人留下電話、地址等聯 繫方式,以便進一步跟踪服務。
It's not always that smooth. Some people promised they would buy tickets, but unfortunately they could not make the final purchase. Once they left our promo site, things like children's sickness or missing our phone calls could interfered with them. We have been considering how to prevent this. Now when handing out DVDs, we ask for all their contact details; telephone numbers and addresses so that we can follow up in the future.

由於我手裡壓 著一部分票,而且這些又是首場演出的票,隨著時間的推移,焦急的情緒就顯露出來了,但是自己還沒有意識到。一次在一商場賣票時,師父就讓我充分的暴露了這一執著。那 天只要一有人來買票,我就會向他推薦我手上的票,客人想要的場次的票我沒有,就極力想說服他買我手頭的票,想盡快把這些票賣出去。
With time flying by, we became more and more anxious, especially as we still had tickets in hand that we needed to sell for the opening night. The attachment to quickly selling those tickets was exposed when I was at a shopping centre. Every time people came, I tried to convince them to buy my tickets first.

那 天有一位女士訂了2張65的票,還付了10塊錢押金,說去找他丈夫一會兒來取票;這時又有2位西人想買票,同修就將他們領到電腦前 選票,我急忙上去詢問要的是哪天的票,一問原來他們要的票時間、價位我正好都有,我心想今天可巧了,出的都是我有的票,這樣賣下去我手上的票很快就會賣光的。可 是也不知什麼原因,那兩個人看了一會兒座位圖,忽然決定不買了走了;不一會兒剛才那位女士也回來了,說沒有找到她丈夫,把押金要回去也不買了。更有甚 者,我本來昨天賣掉了2張票,但那人又回來要求5張連在一起的票,原來買的2張票退還給了我,這樣本該出去的票又回到我的手中。這天 下午又來了2位西人,我向他們介紹完後,他們就準備買票了。這 時我又向他們推薦我手上的票,但他們要5張坐在一起的票而我沒有,我就想說服他們買不在一起的,還是在想著怎樣讓他買我手頭的票。直到後來旁邊的同修看出了一些苗頭,趕快幫他在 網上訂了5張票,那人心滿意足的走了。還好沒有耽誤眾生得救度。
At that time, a lady booked two $65 tickets. She paid a deposit of ten dollars and said her husband would pick them up. After that two western people came to select seats online. I quickly came up to them and asked which day and time they preferred,coincidentally, the tickets I had were just what they wanted. I said to myself, all tickets will go in such a way. I don't know what happened next, but suddenly they refused to buy after looking at the seating plan. Furthermore, the lady who had put down a ten dollar deposit came back and withdrew it because she could not find her husband. Unfortunately that's not the end of the story.  The person who I had sold my two tickets to the day before also returned and asked to rebook five seats next to each other instead of the previous two. I was left with even more of my own tickets in my hand. I still hadn't enlightened when another two people came to select five more seats. I focused on my tickets without thinking about their needs. A fellow practitioner realised something about me is not right and booked seats online for them immediately. Luckily, the customers left with satisfaction. We didn't lose that chance to save those people.

回 想一個個細小的片斷,師父明明白白的在告訴我:推票就是修煉,點點滴滴都能體現出修煉人的心性,我們推票首先要為別人著想,要從對方的角度設身處地的為他設想,如果一心想著如何使自己的票脫手,那不是私嗎?舊宇宙的生命基點就是為私的,不自覺符合了舊宇宙的理怎麼能救 了人呢?雖然自己的 出發點也是為了救人,但在具體做的過程中如果心性達不到要求,那本該得救的眾生也會失去機緣,真的是很可怕啊!在向內找的過程中慢慢感到這顆利益之心正在縮小,這個物質在 逐漸地融化。
When recalling those moments, I believe Master was clearly saying to me: promoting is cultivating. Everything that we have done reflects our xinxing. Thinking of others is the first priority when doing promotions. We should always view things from the perspective of others, keeping their needs in mind. If I only think of selling the tickets in my hand, that is quite a selfish attitude, don't you think? The essence of the lives in the old universe is selfish. How can I help saving sentient beings if I am unconsciously complying with the principles of the old universe? Though I started with the motive of saving sentient beings, those beings that had been arranged to be saved would lose this predestined opportunity forever, only because I have yet to reach the required xinxing level in this process. How terrible it would be! After looking inward, I felt that my heart, swollen with self interest, became smaller and smaller as the bad substance melted away.

師 尊說:“神韻演出推票的問題其實也反映出了當地學員的修煉狀態,我看的非常清楚。哪個學員、哪個地區狀態怎麼樣,在推票中一定是那樣的狀態表現。我不是說 大家都修的不好,表現出來是你們互相之間的配合狀態,這一點在神韻演出的推票中是看的很清楚。有些地區學員配合的非常好,而且有些地區只有幾個學員做, 雖然人不多,但做的非常有效。”(《在新唐人電視討論會上的講法》)
神韻做的好的地區,基本都是當地同修每個人盡可能放下自我的觀念去配合整體的跟做的好的地區的同修比,我感 覺自己的差距還很大。
Master says: “The problems you experience selling Shen Yun tickets are in fact a reflection of the cultivation state of the students in that locale. That's extremely clear to me. No matter which student or which place it is, however your state is will definitely be mirrored in how your ticket sales go. I'm not saying that you haven't cultivated well, but rather, that it is a manifestation of how successfully you cooperate. That is very apparent in how your Shen Yun ticket sales go. In some places students worked together extremely well, and in some places there were just a handful of students working on things, yet what they did, despite having few people, was highly effective.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”, June 6, 2009). My understanding is that in the area of successful promotion of Shen Yun, basically all practitioners let go of their own notions for better cooperation, in order to form one body. In comparison, I feel I am lagging far behind.

師 尊《在新唐人電視討論會上的講法》中還講到:“其實舊金山我看到了有一些學員長期不出來,我也不想丟下他們,想讓那部份學員出來先做些簡單事情,第 一能使他們走出來,第二能夠給他們自己樹立點威德吧,不然將來怎麼辦?其他的大法弟子很忙,又沒有更多的精力去參與。確實有一部份不出來的人出來了,這很好。”
Master also says: “I've observed that in San Francisco there are some students who for quite some time haven't stepped forward. I don't want to lose them. I'd like to see this group come out and do some simple things as a start, having them first of all step forward, and secondly have a chance to establish a certain amount of mighty virtue. Otherwise, what will happen to them in the future? Other Dafa disciples are very busy, and don't have any extra energy to take on more things. It's true that some of the students who didn't come out before have managed to come out, and that's great.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”, June 6, 2009 )

我 理解,神韻是慈悲偉大的師尊給我們樹立威德的機會,特別是平時沒有走出來的同修補做的機會,千萬不要錯過了同修們,不要責怪協調人打來的電話,那是慈悲的呼喚;請不要抱怨同修一聲聲棒喝的話語,那何嘗不是師父 叮嚀呢。
My understanding is that Shen Yun is the opportunity our great Master provides us with to establish virtue and glory, especially for those who are not waking up, it is their chance to make amends. Fellow practitioners please do not miss out. Do not blame coordinators for calling you up, as that is a compassionate wake up call. Do not complain about heavy words from other practitioners, as this is probably Master's kind reminder. 

在我這篇修煉體會即 將完成的時候,師父又點化我在原來設想的標題後面加上“一定能成”。師父真的就在我們身邊,真的時刻在看護著我們,鼓舞著我們。同修們,能成為正法時期的大法弟子是何等的殊聖,何等的幸福。讓我們在這最後的時刻,以 法為師,放下自我,形成一個無漏的整體,圓滿完成助師正法、救度眾生的史前大願!
As I come close to the completion of this sharing, I strongly feel that I need to add on to the title “success must be achieved”. I believe Master is beside us. Master is protecting and encouraging us at every moment. Fellow practitioners, how holy it is, and lucky we are to be a Dafa disciple during the fa-rectification period. Let us follow Master's teaching and let go of ourselves at this critical time. Form a solid body and fulfill our vows to assist Master with fa- rectification and save sentient beings.

Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate due to a limited understanding.