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Cultivating and upgrading myself while coordinating Shen Yun promotion 在??神?推?中修?与提升自己
Cultivating and upgrading myself while coordinating Shen Yun promotion 在??神?推?中修?与提升自己

AM12: E Pfister ˉ Sydney

Greetings, revered Master!
Greetings, fellow practitioners!
For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to validate the Fa and clarifying the truth; I closely follow the progress of Fa rectification. Throughout these years, I have disciplined myself to study the Fa and practice the exercises, and these have become my daily morning routine. I have diligently done the three things. In the process of validating the Fa and clarifying the truth, a lot of my attachments were exposed.

As I have become capable in doing more work, I found that different human attachments started to surface. Most noticeably were my attachments to doing things, competition and fame. I have also become very opinionated.  I have lots of regrets, hardships and tribulation which are mainly due to not knowing how to look into the root of my attachments.

In Zhuan Falun Master said: “To tell you the truth, the entire cultivation process for a practitioner is one of constantly giving up human attachments.”

Master said: “Has it occurred to you that everything in your daily life is part of cultivation? Your every word and action, and everything you do—all of it is part of your cultivation. Do you realize that? (Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day)

1.Shen Yun provides me with a fast path in of cultivation.
In the trade show/events team, our objective is to promote Shen Yun to the main stream and to create brand awareness. All these events provide us great opportunity to introduce Shen Yun by talking face to face to the right target audiences. We propose business opportunities to organizations in the way of partnership, cross promotion, using our own media resources at no cost to the Shen Yun marketing budget. This approach gives us the chance to contact CEOs and management at the decision making level, to introduce Shen Yun and Shen Yun media partners and to discuss business proposals with them. Along the way, we have come across many predestined people, who have been arranged by Master for us to save. I usually follow up with phone calls after emailing proposal letters to introduce myself and our media. At one time I called the founder of a charity organization of a black tie gala dinner. She said to me: “I have looked at the Shen Yun website you sent me; The music and the dance are very soothing. They put me instantly into a meditative state, usually you have to be a donor or sponsor before we can promote your brand at the event, but I will make an exception for you. We have confirmed that 480 guests will attend the gala dinner. Can you give me 480 flyers to hand out to the guests on the night?” I asked her how she had sold so many tickets to her event. She said it was mainly support from corporations. Another organizer who I contacted said: “I am sorry our event is a serious business award night, and is packed with programs. It is a bit late to add yours, but I am on the board of several other organizations. The show sounds amazing, send me something about the show, I will promote Shen Yun on my social page and other organizations that I am with.

It is not difficult to promote Shen Yun to the management of big organizations. It is a matter of fine tuning the approach, and making them feel we are there to help them to connect their business with the Chinese community through The Epoch Times, the biggest Chinese media in Sydney. Master has paved the way; we have the best product – Shen Yun. All we need to do is to find the predestined people and introduce Shen Yun to them. Behind each person we meet is a huge networking group.

This year, with 20,000 tickets, is important for every practitioner to find an area of promotion where his/her skill can best apply. With the small promotion budget, I believe that when each of us elevates our cultivation state and cooperates well. And with the wisdom bestowed by Dafa and with Master’s help, I believe that nothing is impossible.

2. Negate any negative thought toward fellow practitioners
I realize every tribulation is for me to elevate my xinxing. When disappointment arises, I remind myself to keep my thought on the Fa and to eliminate any thought towards fellow practitioners that is not on the Fa. I understand I can’t use my standard to judge other team members, since I don’t have to go out to work like most of my team members. I can work full time in promoting Shen Yun, so naturally I can take on much more work load than others. It is a challenge to maintain a constant good cultivation state under the pressure of deadlines and xinxing tests. I don’t always manage and balance it well.  It is only after I have gone through  ordeals that I realize where I felt short. With this new understanding, everything becomes easier. It is not as daunting to be a coordinator as I used to think.

At the beginning of our promotions, there was a communication problem with one of the practitioners in my team. I was a bit disturbed by the way she handled things without any communication with me. I looked within, and all I could think of was “she was wrong and I was right”. My head was full of reasons to justify how I felt towards her. I looked at the list of events that were coming up, and thought about the predestined sentient being arranged by Master to see Shen Yun from this list. I will be partly responsible, if I don’t do well as a coordinator in this team. I asked Master for help and guidance, on how to be a good coordinator. The words from Hong Yin III came to my mind.
?始?,我和一名???通上有??,我?他不与我?通就?理事情的方式有?不?。我向?找,但我所能想到的都是她的?,我是?的,我的??中充?了我?她有如此看法的正?理由。我看?活?安排表,想?表上?父安排?看神?的有??生,作?一?小???人如果?做好,我?要?部分?任的。我?求?父?助和指?,如何能成?一名好的??人???,我?海中出?了《洪吟 三》中的?句∶

“Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong
As a cultivator
One always looks for one’s own faults
’Tis the Way to get rid of attachments most effectively
There’s no way to skip ordeals, big or small
[During a conflict, if you can remember:]
“He’s right,
And I’m wrong,”
What’s to dispute?”

Suddenly all the negative thought towards this practitioner disappeared; I started to see only the positive side of this practitioner, and her valuable contribution to the team. I apologised to her, saying it is entirely my fault for not communicating well with her. “Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (Lecture 1 in Zhuan Falun)

In order to be a good coordinator, I must first apply a high standard to myself, to remind myself to be more considerate, more tolerant, and willing to take more work than others. It requires letting go of “SELF”, layer by layer like peeling an onion. In order to do well in promoting Shen Yun, maintaining harmony within the team is utmost importance. After all, it is Master who is doing Shen Yun, and we know there is nothing Master can’t do, when we meet the standard of what is require of us in the Fa. Shen Yun promotion is a great cultivation opportunity for us to work together to form one strong, formidable body.

3. Forming one strong formidable body
We approach organizations with a proposal, and it’s our responsibility to ensure the confirmed proposal is carried out and delivered. I used to get very upset when a practitioner didn’t deliver what he/she promised, and I would have resentment towards the practitioner.

A few weeks ago, we had a contra deal to publish a charity event on the social page of one of our magazine media. When the time came to honor our commitment, I was told by the magazine management that I had to write the article and do the layout. I asked one of my team members, if she cold help to write the article. She said she had already written a similar article for the newspaper, but the management at the magazine said it was too long, so they can’t use it. I asked the practitioner if she could shorten it. She said no, she didn’t have time. No one was willing to make a compromise。 As the deadline to submit the article for the magazine was drawing closer,I thought to myself “What am I going to do?” I stayed calm and kept reminding myself to keep my thought on the Fa, and knew that this is for me to cultivate through. Suddenly the penny dropped, why  don’t I ask a practitioner who has experience in writing article to write in English for me, and I can get it translated into Chinese. After I checked with the management of the magazine, she gave the go ahead, and the practitioner was happy to help without any hesitation. I spoke to the CEO of the charity event, and asked if there were any special things she liked me to mention in the social page of the magazine? She emailed me something and the practitioner just had it tidy it up. I went through the hundreds of pictures of the event. Out of hundreds of pictures the client sent me, I picked 30 pictures and sent them to the magazine together with the article just in time for the dead line.  Because everyone cooperated so well, the field was harmonious and everything just simply fell into place. On top of it, I couldn’t believe,that of the 30 pictures, the magazine published the most important 5 pictures of the event without me even mentioning it. I felt Master was there watching over me, encouraging and helping me. Thus a seemingly tough problem was resolved easily.  Just as “... when you can really do it, just like that worn and weary traveler, you’ll see, 'the shade of willows, the blooms of flowers, a place to rest my head'!” (Lecture 9 in Zhuan Falun )

The CEO was so pleased. She wrote to me and thanked me for going out of my way to look after her. She said she would like to help to promote Shen Yun within her networking circle.

Above are my recent experiences in the role of Shen Yun coordinating team. Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate in my understanding.
Together we can fulfill our prehistoric vows and improve as a whole.
Thank you, Teacher.
Thank you, fellow practitioners.


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