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在媒体协调人岗位上修自己 Cultivating Myself in the Role of Media Coordinator
在媒体协调人岗位上修自己 Cultivating Myself in the Role of Media Coordinator

墨尔本 小青 Jade Lor from Melbourne

Cultivating Myself in the Role of Media Coordinator

墨尔本 小青
Jade Lor from Melbourne

Greetings Master!
Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

I was lucky to become a media coordinator about two years ago, thanks to a predestined relationship. Due to the limitations in my cultivation, I have struggled with my work role. The pleasant feeling of being successful and thoughts of anguish have both been things from which to learn. I have enlightened to some things and also had my xinxing tested throughout the work process. Now I would like to report what I have gained in my cultivation in the past two years to Compassionate and Revered Master and my fellow practitioners.

1. Have faith in Master and Dafa

A coordinator in Sydney enthusiastically invited me become involved in Vision China Times about two years ago. In the beginning I was hesitant. On the one hand, I was affected by some family issues. On the other hand, we had played different roles in Fa-rectification. Due to different understandings, this project does not seem to attract many practitioners and sufficient support. So I thought we might encounter many difficulties over a long period of time doing this project? Vision China was not being produced on a large scale, but a start had been made. I am experienced in doing projects, so I am aware that as long as I can give the project a hand, it will be on the right track. Moreover we could make great progress in the development of the paper. Hence, the project could fulfill its role in Fa-rectification. I wondered if I did not help with the project, whether would be taking a wrong path? Though I had a stable time schedule and income working at an everyday people’s company, this was a pretty small issue compared with Fa-rectification. Actually, I realized it could have profound effects in the progress of Fa-rectification, so then I could make my final decision to help with this project.

Though I had joined the project and established some realistic objectives, the difficulties were not at all minimized. Master said that whether your motive is to save sentient beings, to validate the Fa, or to make progress in your own cultivation, they are ordeals all the same. They aren’t supposed to make way for you just because you think, “I am doing this for Dafa” or “I am doing this to save sentient beings.” (Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference) I deepened my understanding of Master’s Fa.

However, I had not cooperated with the team before and we had some conflicts. It seemed to be difficult for us to open up and work well with each other. I have made great efforts to encourage fellow practitioners to join the project, but I felt frustrated as I was refused many times. A sales person who had the best sales performance left the company without letting me know. I felt extremely stressful about this. I kept worrying about the advertising bookings.

Why could we not attract advertising? What were our team members doing? At that moment I did not have any choice but to be determined and to request help from Master. Our project had played a role in Fa-rectification, so surely we can find solutions to any problems. It is interesting that the situation improved once I let go of some attachments. Certain companies which were hesitant to advertise in our newspaper began to make appointments with us. Moreover, some customers have introduced new customers to us. Other salespersons have do better which compensated for the one who left.

While cultivating through these challenges, I could feel the strength of belief in Master and Dafa. When working under great pressure, did I emphasize my own abilities too much? Because I was too outcome-based, I became unnecessarily stressed. As a practitioner, cultivation is the paramount task. As long as I work wholeheartedly, our Master has the final say in everything. Should the achievements breed arrogance, and we take all the credit that is absolutely wrong. Being attached to ourselves can result in many worries and anxieties. When I present a positive attitude, our project is going well.

2. Interacting with fellow practitioners

I used to run a coffee shop, so I am fully aware that it is most challenging for a company to maintain the personnel during its formative stage. When working with everyday people, they will not come to the work place once they have phoned their boss to make an excuse. Therefore the boss has to employ substitutes to deal with such a situation. If the boss cannot find substitutes, he has to attend to everything by himself - getting exhausted.

I contended that fellow practitioners have engaged in the project due to the factor of Fa-verification. Fellow practitioners were expected to produce a quality newspaper even when the newspaper was not that profitable. Neither low salary nor voluntary work can affect their determination to create a very good newspaper. Because of this, we were superior to other everyday media. However, once I have become a coordinator, I found that things did not go as easily as I imagined they would. Probably because of my selfishness, on some occasions I took it for granted that the staff should present the way I do. If we could not view things according to Dafa, the issues that arose in our company would be the same as those we came across when working in everyday people’s businesses. Moreover, things can become even more complicated due to the old force’s interference.

During some periods, the issue of personnel became an interference. Some staff complained that our project could not attract enough employees compared with other projects. They really meant that we could not attract employees because I was not good at public relations. Thus we found it hard to keep up the morale of our team. Also, some staff reckoned that some practitioners were unwilling to join us because of
different understandings of the Fa. I had a lot of problems dealing with these factors, but I just kept on diligently trying to convince practitioners to join our team. However, I had not expected that there would be these personnel difficulties in our team. Therefore I felt extremely stressful.

When I worked as a journalist, I was chased away by organisations that did not understand the truth of Falun Dafa. It was common that I was refused by customers when trying to sell advertising. Now as a coordinator, I had to think about the operations and prospects of our company. I worked hard to find opportunities to improve the employees’ incomes. However, what I received in return were the fellow practitioners’ indifference or leaving altogether. I asked myself why I joined this project in the first place? Does the work really suit me? My priority has been given to the project and I put my own family in second place. Was it worth my efforts?

As for me, I am good at writing articles, and it was not difficult for me to attract advertisements. However it appeared to be much more challenging for me to work as a coordinator. I was annoyed by this situation and made complaints. As a result, I was quite attached to my own self-interest.

Suddenly I was enlightened by Dafa. Though what Master mentioned was Minghui website, Fa is the guidance for all projects. It suddenly occurred to me that my xinxing was disturbed. This had resulted in fluctuations in the harmony of the team. However, as long as Dafa disciples keep going with our tasks, we are eliminating evil forces regardless of whatever project we engage in. What we need is to help Master rectify the Fa, not to gain fellow practitioners’ acknowledgements and show off our own capabilities. I was awakened. It is essential that we view all things from a Fa perspective. However, when problems arise, I am always more concerned about my own interests rather than putting other people’s needs first. As a coordinator, I need to attend to various issues. If I allow myself to be overwhelmed by those issues, I would not make progress or learn anything. When being interfered with, my human notions are strengthened. This has sometimes nearly made me forget that my original purpose of coming to this world is to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. In addition, the function that the project is supposed to perform in the Fa-rectification process might not be achieved, and that would be terrible.

I kept reading Master’s Fa: “Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish.” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference)

I studied Fa calmly, letting go of my attachments rather than worrying about the conflicts and blaming others. On some occasions when I did the sitting meditation exercise, I was still affected by various sentiments. Then I tried to jump out and view everything at a place that is far away from the human society. I found that my body became huge and felt that nothing in this secular society can affect me. Staying here peacefully and firmly is more than enough.

Meanwhile, changes were taking place in our team. After a few days, a fellow practitioner who planned to leave decided to stay with us. This is because he found his attachments and he was unwilling to leave the environment that was helping him cultivate. I can see that everyone feels welcome and energetic when we upgrade our xinxing. All of us were touched and formed one body in communication and sharing. “You know, I never talk about the word ‘solidarity,’ and that's because that's about ordinary people forcing something, it's a form. What cultivators talk about is improvement in xinxing, fundamental improvement.”(Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference)

I realized that we are exceptionally lucky because we have our Master. As long as we can cultivate ourselves in Dafa and look within when encountering problems, we can get rid of all tribulations. Am I the coordinator? I don’t think so. In fact, Master is the real coordinator. It is not necessary for me to shoulder so much pressure. When I realized this, I could not help but smile.

In addition, I realized that what we have seen in this everyday society is not true reality but rather an anomaly. Master pointed out the clear links between practitioners’ xinxing and the social environment. Should we take our environment as reality, or isn’t that falling into delusion? The way that we look at our fellow practitioners is the same. When disciples practise Dafa diligently, they can improve their level fairly quickly. Today’s understandings of Fa will be purer tomorrow. When letting go of attachments, we can ascend to higher levels. Therefore, conflicts between our practitioners should not be allowed to persist for long periods of time. Then I began to understand to a greater extent why Master requires us to understand others, treat them kindly and concentrate on their virtues. 

When cultivating in the projects, we must look inside when coming across problems. Also, we must cooperate with the whole group to make it purer and more powerful. Meanwhile, in the process of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, our mighty virtue can manifest.

My fellow practitioners, Master said that “Massive, powerful figures, they gathered for the Great Current.” (Following Master, Hong Yin III).We cannot find any other predestined relationship which is more sacred than ours. I sincerely hope that we cherish each other and get together to cultivate diligently. Finally let’s go back to our original Kingdom of Heaven with Master, hand in hand.

The above is my humble understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

Thanks to our revered Master!
Thanks to my fellow practitioners!


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