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正念破执着 正念救众生 Break attachments and save sentient beings
正念破执着 正念救众生 Break attachments and save sentient beings

PM07: YL Tao – Sydney


Greetings to revered Master, hello fellow practitioners!
I started practising Falun Dafa since early 1995 in Beijing. I have had tremendous benefits from the practice which I know from my heart that it is Master who has been kindly looking after me. As a practitioner in Fa-rectification period, we can only do “three things” well in order to assist Master for Fa-rectification and save sentient beings. Below are some of my cultivation experiences to share with you all.

1. Assist Master in Fa-Rectification after Landing in Australia
Since the CCP initiated the illegal persecution on Falun Gong practitioners in July 1999, I was forced to leave home for a year, and then was illegally jailed for eight years at Beijing detention centre. After being released in April 2010, I was still under surveillance for another year. In August 2012, I arrived in Sydney following my righteous thoughts for obtaining my ID and passport, along the with help from my sister.

Three days after arriving in Sydney, I started holding banners with fellow practitioners in the street. My tears couldn’t help falling and I became emotional and speechless. After an arduous eight long years in the prison, plus being homeless and facing the terror of being taken away at any time, I could stand openly in the streets of Sydney to tell the public about the true story. I am grateful for Master’s arrangement and treasure the chance now I am in the free land of Australia. I will be more diligent to expose the evil persecution in order to save more sentient beings.

Experiencing the rapid progress of the Fa-rectification, I felt far behind and realised that I must remove human notions and keep up with the pace. Therefore I get up at 3:55am almost every day to practise 5 sets of exercises and study one lecture of Fa, then go to tourist spots to do CCP withdrawal, or other activities tirelessly.

In the beginning of truth clarification, I couldn’t even open my mouth due to lack of confidence. So I started reading the “Nine-Commentaries” repeatedly and saw through the real evil nature of CCP which helped me a lot on how to clarify the truth. In the meantime, I discovered that I was lacking a strong urge to save sentient beings so I intensified my Fa-study. In Master’s Fa in “2012 International Fa-conference at U.S Capital”: “Be sure not to forget that you are a cultivator. It is only because you have cultivation as your foundation that you can go and try to save people. Only with a foundation in cultivation and righteous thoughts that have grown strong will you succeed in saving people and complete your undertaking. So you must not neglect your own cultivation. This will always hold true.”

After enlightening from this Fa, I lost the fear of being in front of people and felt more at ease to clarify the truth to many people.
2. Never Give Up Truth-Clarification
Last year I ran into three Australian Chinese at a tourist place. While I was packing up, a man in his forties came over so I explained the “three withdrawals” to him. However before I finished talking he suddenly turned and walked away. My only thought at that moment was to save him, I didn’t just quit so I followed up with that man. The other guy who was waiting for him then started saying to me: “So you practise Falun Gong, I have been observing it for 5 or 6 years now and can’t find you have practised to any high level.”

I knew he just wanted to irritate me, so I kindly responded: “It’s not important whether I am at a high level or not, but today you can’t miss out on this opportunity for me to explain the “Three Withdrawals” which is really going to save your life.”

Then this man spoke again: “ How much were you paid to work so hard for this?” I said: “No one pays us, anyone who gets paid to do this is bound to be non-Dafa practitioners. Please remember we are only trying to save people.”

At this time, the previous man started asking me: “You Falun Gong practitioners always say you do good things for others. What did you really do?” I replied: “Well said, only people who carry a kind-heart and faith will talk like this.”

My mind was really righteous that day, without any distraction so I asked back: “What do you refer to as good deeds?” He said: “Schools, churches which nowadays most Australians do these kind of charitable things. What did you do?” I told him: “The first thing when we met I was telling you about “three withdrawals” which actually was to save you and help you stay out of disasters. Quitting CCP, Young League and Young Pioneer membership is to erase the evil vows you made that would bring you much misfortune. In the history of many CCP movements more than 80 million Chinese have died. The heaven will demolish CCP, and its members will suffer from it. I think this is saving people’s lives and can be regarded as good deeds, right?”

After my answer, this man seemed shocked and said: “Oh, this is how you understand it.” They stopped questioning me and made excuses to leave. I thought the purpose hasn’t been achieved, they haven’t quit anything yet, so I walked to the café where they went in.

They saw me in surprise and said: “You old lady are following us and wanting to buy us coffee.” There was another friend of theirs also joined them, so I took advantage of this moment and pulled over a chair and started to explain and make sure they quit CCP.
“Gentlemen, it’s our destiny that we met today, no matter what line of works you do, I really think it’s your blessing to meet a Dafa practitioner. Your life can only be saved by erasing your CCP membership.” Then I started the real story about the evil CCP and why Chinese have to withdraw from it. Afterward, they sensed my sincere heart message; they changed their attitude and agreed to withdraw their CCP using an alias.
One young guy said: “You Beijing people have a good gift of the gab.” I said: “ It’s not that, it’s Dafa that is so upright and is truly saving people.”

3. The Majesty of Buddah-Fa Compassionately Saving Beings
On another instance, I walked toward to a Chinese tourist who was taking photos of the Opera House. I spoke with a soft voice: “Dear sir, have you heard of “Three Withdrawals”?” He immediately turned around and started video-taping me with his smart phone.

I requested him not to record me and told him, without any hate or anger, that it’s not good if he did it out of unkind motivation, and reminded him Australia is a law-abiding country. At this time, his female friend came and said he didn’t record me then dragged him away.

Later after I returned to the stall, that man was also there. I said to him: “Aren’t you the gentleman who did recording of me? Did you have a good time with your friends?” He recognised me and said: “Speaking of that, my camera didn’t work, so I didn’t get any chance to take any photo.”

I asked him kindly if he knows why. I said: “Looks like it’s time for you to believe that what goes around comes around. It’s actually good that you pay for wrong-doings instantly, which means you have good karmic-relations. You need to quit CCP to avoid catastrophes and stay safe, this is true that quitting CCP can save you.” In the end, he finally agreed to withdraw. During this process, I made him realise that the majesty of Buddah-Fa is serious while Fa is also compassionate.

I understand that only by carrying strong righteous thoughts in our cultivation are we able to truly save people. As a Dafa practitioner, we must fulfil our vows to assist Master to rectify the Fa and to sacredly save sentient beings.

4. Saving Sentient Being with Righteous Thoughts
Last year I met a tourist group of 18 people. I saw a good chance and started to greet them: “Hi, have you all heard of “Three Withdrawals” to stay away from catastrophes?” Then I clarified the truth with my big voice.

The tourist guide said: “We know, we know.” He then turned to the group said: “You all need to withdraw, you all need to withdraw.” Then an old lady among the group started to abuse me sarcastically by pointing at the guide: “You know how bad this young fellow is, he carries a lot of bad tricks. What do you mean by staying safe?”

I didn’t get stirred up and continued: “What you have done before is not crucial, as long as you withdraw your CCP membership, you can truly be protected from disasters and stay safe.” The guide then asked: “Is this for real?” I told him I could create an alias for him to withdraw his CCP membership straight away.

I kept my righteous thoughts up and that old lady didn’t speak again. The crowd became big, so I kept on clarifying the reason behind CCP withdrawal and said: “Look, now that the guide has already done it, you all should take advantage of this precious time. Staying safe is a big blessing that is hard to find.” In the end, more than ten people agreed to quit CCP. One person even thumbed up and said: “Good on you, quit CCP to stay safe. You are so great.” Before he got on the bus, he still showed his thumbs-up towards me. I know that’s their knowing side that has understood the truth.

There was a lawyer in the group that also questioned if the CCP withdrawal really works. I told him: “Human beings do things, gods up there see all these very clearly. It’s heaven’s will that CCP will end in a mess.” I enlightened at that time that as long as we carry righteous thoughts it will suppress all evil thoughts and hence turn the situation around.

I understand during the truth clarification process, all the obstacles and tests are for me to be more diligent in cultivation and in saving more sentient beings. Only by studying the Fa more, enlightening from the Fa, can we act righteously. During the CCP withdrawal truth clarification process, I discovered that my show-off and competitive mentality needed to be eliminates. Actually Master has been helping beings to understand the truth in order to be saved. As a Dafa disciple I can only feel the grand compassion given from Master, and truly realised,  “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide.” (Hong Yin 2 – “The Master-disciple bond”)

The above are some of my experiences, if there is anything improper, please kindly point it out. Finally I would like to conclude my sharing with Master’s new scripture A Righteous God (Hong Yin 2)
A Righteous God
With righteous thoughts and righteous actions
He is diligent without letting up
Eliminating demons that damage the Fa
He is good to all beings

Thank you Master!
Thanks fellow practitioners!


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