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姐妹倆的修煉點滴 Two sisters share their cultivation experiences
姐妹倆的修煉點滴 Two sisters share their cultivation experiences

PM06: Yiting and Yixuan - Canberra

Elder Sister: Greetings to Master and fellow practitioners.

My name is Yiting and I'm 7 years old this year. I first started reciting “Hong Yin” and learning the exercises at the Ming Hui School in Sydney when I was a little older than 3.

Younger Sister: Greetings to Master and fellow practitioners.
I'm Yixuan and I'm 6 years old this year. I started going to the Sydney Ming Hui School when I was around 2. There, I learnt and memorised “Hong Yin” and started doing the exercises. Today we would like to share with you some of our cultivation experiences.

Elder Sister: After reading through Zhuan Falun once, my jealousy towards my sister disappeared.

I was once a very jealous person. Whenever my mum bought something for my sister, I would always resent her, so much so that I would use my jealousy as an excuse to hit her. When I was five, there was a time when my arguments with my sister disrupted my mum from studying the Fa. My mother realised that I was also destined to learn the Fa, so she taught my sister and I Zhuan Falun. At that time, I didn't know a lot of Chinese characters, so I read very slowly, learning only 10 pages in two hours. It took us two weeks to finish reading Zhuan Falun once. Not long after this, my mum bought my sister a new pair of shoes that were really pretty. When she saw me, she explained apprehensively that she didn't buy me a pair. When I learned about it, I wasn't unhappy at all, rather, I laughed and said to her: “Mum, I have shoes so you don't need to buy me any.” Both my dad and mum were surprised.“It looks like children who have studied Zhuan Falun are simply different. Thank you Master, for giving me such a wonderful Fa.”

Younger Sister: Handling Sickness with Righteous Thoughts

It was extremely cold one day in May this year. I wanted to look pretty and not heeding my mother's words, stubbornly refused to wear anything but a dress. The next day, I noticed that I had the symptoms of a fever. On the third day, the left side of my face swelled up and during the night I had fever. Mum said this happened because of my vanity hence she studied the Fa and did the exercises with me. Even though the second set of exercise was very tiring, I still managed to do it. On the fourth day, my left ear felt like something was blocking it and a watery substance started to flow out. I couldn't hear anything, but I still studied the Fa and practiced the exercises with my mum. When mother came home from work on the fifth day, she saw my lack of energy, red face and high fever and asked my dad to take me to the hospital. When I heard that, I cried to her and said I did not want to go. I wanted to do the exercises. My dad looked at me and said to my mum: “Let's listen to her”.  My mum didn't say anything and went to cook dinner, so I asked my dad to study the Fa and do the exercises with me. On the sixth day, my fever was gone. By the seventh day, my face was no longer red. The next day, everything was fine except for my ear, which kept discharging a watery substance. After about 2 weeks, I had recovered completely. Mum said: “Compared to me, you had stronger righteous thoughts.”

Elder Sister: Sharing Shen Yun photo album with my classmates

Two weeks before the Shen Yun shows, my sister and I had homework to do. We had to share something we like to do with our teachers and classmates. It was also preferable that we talk about something related to our culture. After a discussion with our parents, my sister and I took the Shen Yun photo album to school. I brought the album because it was one of my favourite books and I liked the dances in it. I told my classmates Shen Yun was my favourite show and I watch the performances every year. I also told them the story of the Monkey King. Everyone asked me a lot of questions after hearing the myth and said it was very good. After I introduced Shen Yun, I told them I was going to go see them perform in Canberra in a few weeks time. My teacher was envious that I was going to see the show. When class ended, many of my classmates came to look at the photos in my Shen Yun album. I saw that they liked the photos and told them I could give everyone a Shen Yun flyer. My teachers and classmates were thrilled when they received a flyer. Afterwards, I lent my teacher the “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance” art exhibition book and Zhuan Falun. I told him to read it from the start to end without missing a word. When he finished reading the materials, he told me they were fantastic and he had heard of Falun Dafa previously. He also knew about the harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist regime. I felt great knowing my teacher has read the books and understood the truth about Falun Gong.

Younger Sister: Glad to be rid of the attachment to greed

有一天,一位同修阿姨給我兩個漂亮的錢包說是我和姐姐一人一個,錢包很漂亮,我就把錢包藏起來,姐姐知道了向我要,我不給,因為她很早就有一個錢包了,我再給她一個的話那麼我就只有一個,她有兩個了,那我不就比他少了嗎?後來媽媽聽到我們爭吵的聲音,媽媽問我和姐姐怎麼回事,姐姐告訴媽媽我不給她錢包。因為姐姐一說我就對姐姐更生氣了,我對她大叫,我說給姐姐一個她就有兩個了,It’s not fair。媽媽看我這樣便大聲說:「你看看你們,得到錢包反而變的不開心起來,得到了不是應該開心嗎?這錢包讓你們就執著成這樣了,還是把它還給阿姨吧。」我聽了之後帶有點不情願的把姐姐的錢包給回姐姐了,這時姐姐卻一下子不跟我爭了她說:「還是給你吧,要不然我有兩個你只有一個。」媽媽說:「看看你們,像不像九十九一族?」我和姐姐都笑了……九十九一族是明慧學校老師講的一個故事,指的是擁有很多不滿足,為了多得一點而失去了快樂的人。原來是我的貪心讓我和姐姐又爭又吵,當我把我的貪心去掉之後,我和姐姐卻開心了。
One day, an auntie who is a practitioner gave me two beautiful purses. She said one was for my sister and the other one was for me. The purses were really pretty, so I hid them. When my sister found out she asked for hers, but I wouldn't give it to her. She already had a purse. Therefore if I gave her another one that meant she had two and I only had one. Doesn't that mean I have less than her? My mother heard us arguing and asked what was the matter. My sister said I didn't give her the purse. I got angrier with my sister for reporting to my mother. I started yelling at her. I said giving my sister her purse meant that she would have two purses, which isn't fair. My mother looked at me and said sternly, “Look at yourselves, you received presents but are unhappy about it, aren't you supposed to be delighted? If both of you are so attached to these purses then they should be returned to the auntie.” I reluctantly gave the purse back to my sister, but all of a sudden she decided not to fight with me over it. She said: “Why don't you keep it? Or else I would have two and you only have one.” Mum said, “Well, isn't this just like the story that was told at Minghui school?”My sister and I smiled. We were told a story at Ming Hui school about people who have a lot yet are ungrateful. The characters in the story went to a lot of trouble to gain a little and ended up losing true happiness. It was actually my greed which made my sister and I fight, but when I rid myself of greed, it made both of us happy.

Elder Sister: Collecting signatures for a petition with other young practitioners

搬到堪培拉后,因為這裏講真相活動不多,所以我只能有時跟爸爸媽媽去真相點煉煉功或舉展板。最近明慧學校的老師和同學們每周六和爸爸同修和其他叔叔阿姨同修一起去征簽,有時候我們小同修們幫忙派報紙,有時候我們拿展板站在大人旁邊,叔叔阿姨同修鼓勵我們說;小朋友參与講真相活動的時候,那個場特別不一樣,征簽效果特別好。有一次我們去Batemans bay征簽,這一次和以往不一樣,我和另外一個小同修晨晨在一個同修阿姨的鼓勵下一起拿著征簽板征簽,我發報紙,晨晨則站在我的身邊向接了報紙的人征簽,或我們及時把征簽表遞給大人同修請了解真相的人簽名。有一些原來沒打算簽的人,在我和晨晨把征簽表遞到他們面前後,都很認真和開心的簽了名還說我們做的很棒!後來妹妹同修也和我一起征簽,我們簽的比大人同修都快!看到那麼多人明白真相,我們都很開心!
After our family moved to Canberra, there weren’t many Hong Fa activities to take part in. I could only occasionally tag along with my dad and mum to truth clarification sites to do the exercises or hold placards. Recently, the teachers and classmates from Ming Hui School joined my dad, as well as other practitioners every Saturday in collecting signatures for petitions to stop the persecution in China. The young practitioners would either help to hand out newspapers or stand next to the adults while holding placards. To encourage us, the adult practitioners told us that because of our participation, more petitions were signed and there was a strong energy field. On one occasion, we went to Bateman’s Bay to collect signatures. We did something different this time. Another young practitioner named Chen Chen and I worked together. Encouraged by an auntie, I gave out newspapers while Chen Chen stood beside me collecting signatures from those who took the paper from me. Sometimes we passed the petition to the adults at the appropriate time so that they could ask people to sign them. Those who were previously reluctant to offer their support gladly signed on it when Chen Chen and I handed them the petition. They even said we were doing a great job! Later on my sister joined me in collecting signatures. In the end we collected more signatures than the adults! We were thrilled to see so many people who understand the truth about the persecution.

Younger Sister: Getting up early in the morning to do the exercises

When my sister and I learned that mum gets up early in the morning to do the exercises, we asked her to wake us up so that we can join her. She agreed. But over the next two days, my sister and I got up only to discover that mum had already finished the exercises. So my sister asked mum to wake us up in the morning again. This time, my mum called us but by the time I got out of bed, I discovered that my sister and mum had finished the exercises already. I cried, not knowing why she didn’t wake me up. When she saw me cry, my mum apologised and said it was because she didn’t have righteous thoughts. She thought that I couldn’t endure as much hardship as my sister, and as I was younger she felt that it was too early for me to get up at 5 am. Mum promised to wake me up the next day, so I stopped crying. That night, we slept earlier than usual. But by the time I woke up, my sister and mum had already nearly finished the fifth set of exercises. I ran back to my bed and bawled my eyes out. When my mum finished the sitting meditation, she explained to me that I didn’t respond to her attempts to wake me up. On the other hand my sister immediately woke up and jumped out of bed when my mum called her. She got dressed quickly and they did the exercises without me. Mum said doing the exercises was my own responsibility. Hence if I really wanted to do the exercises then I should wake up when she called me. She said she’d wake me up tomorrow. This time, my mum did wake me up, but despite calling me several times, I continued to laze in bed for a little while. Seeing my reluctance to get out of bed, mum started to play the exercise music. I heard the music and panicked. Mum saw my anxiety and stopped the music to wait for me. We felt wonderful after doing the exercises. I didn’t even feel tired during classes, despite having less sleep. Now, my mum continues to wake me up every day to do the exercises.

In conclusion, we would like to recite Master’s poem “Solid Cultivation” and encourage fellow practitioners in cultivation.

“Study the Fa and gain the Fa,
Focus on how you study and cultivate,
Let each and every thing
     be measured against the Fa.
Only then, with that,
     is it actually cultivation.”

He Shi, thank you master! Thank you fellow practitioners!


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