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实修自己与救度众生 Genuine Practice will save Save Sentient Beings
实修自己与救度众生 Genuine Practice will save Save Sentient Beings

PM03: YZ Zhang - Sydney


Greeting to revered master, hello fellow practitioners:

I arrived in Sydney in May 2013. In the past year, I have experienced great benefits both physically and mentally, including a healthier body and an open mind, I have truly found the experience of cultivating as if I was beginning again.

Now I’d like to report to Master and share with fellow practitioners some of my cultivation experiences in past year.

1. Cultivating Well In Order to Save Sentient Beings

Group study and exercises are the forms that our master has created for us to cultivate well, however since the brutal persecution instigated by Jiang’s gang in July 1999, so many Dafa practitioners have been arrested and sent to labour camps simply for insisting to keep on practicing. In order to find a free environment for practice and to better assist Master in Fa-rectification, I have come overseas.

I join practice every morning and participate in the “Three Withdrawals” at the tourist spots afterwards, then study the Fa in the afternoon. Sometimes I join the “Wall of Truth”, collect petition signatures and join candle vigil events.

I go to the group Fa-study every night. I study one Lecture a day, and join others at RTC platform for telephone “Quit CCP” truth-clarifications. Everyday the time is very tight yet my heart is happy as I felt when I first started cultivation.

However, the attachment of looking for comfort soon emerged by feeling tired and looking for excuses not to go to practice site in the mornings. At this moment, I would think that I am a Dafa practitioner who must get rid of human notions and take hardships as joy. This is the sole purpose of me coming to this world, i.e. to follow master to return home.  I came to Australia to assist Master to rectify the Fa. I have no excuse not to honour it, I must be persistent to fulfill my mission to save sentient beings. Gradually my attachment of seeking comfort and the fear of hardship weakened. Getting up early for exercises is now just part of my life.

Master taught us: “But for you, disciples of Dafa, you cannot let up in what you need to do—namely, the three tasks. By all means, you mustn’t. Nothing less than your mighty virtue, your cultivation, and all that you shoulder is bound up in these.” “You must study the Fa well, for that is the fundamental guarantee that you return to your position. “ (from Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference)

2. Improving Self in the process of Saving Sentient Beings

Master said: “When I say that Dafa disciples are extraordinary, it is because in a period such as this they have come to save sentient beings, help Master rectify the Fa, and fulfil the mission that each is to personally fulfil—and that is what truly makes you extraordinary.” (from What is a Dafa Disciple - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 New York Fa Conference)

We are Fa-rectification Dafa disciples which are totally different to all other practicing ways in history, self consummation is not our goal but rather we must save sentient beings in Fa-rectification. Therefore I started truth-clarification at the tourist spots and RTC platform on the phone.
Similar to cultivation, we run into all kinds of people and all sorts of conflicts emerge when doing these projects. As a Dafa practitioner we must control ourselves and have good xinxing so as to improve ourselves in these tests. Below are some of my experiences to share.

1. Clarifying the Truth  by Phone

When I first started the RTC phone project, I usually had to face people who abused us. Although not abusing back I still got so worked up and my heart would be pounding that I missed the purpose of truth-clarification. After hanging up the phone, I tried to look inside with master’s words in mind:
“When you encounter unpleasant things, it is precisely time to cultivate yourself, to cultivate your mind.” (from Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference)

So why did I get so upset? He abused me, insulted me so I felt I had lost lost face. I tried to save him even though he was swearing at me, but in my mind I had a competitive heart towards people and I lost the opportunity for clarifying the truth and saving this sentient being.

Weren’t these human notions that were to be gotten rid of? On second thought, why was he abusing me? Wasn’t it because he didn’t know the truth and listened to the evil party’s lies, so I realised I had to unblock his misconceptions by explaining the true story. Most human beings are under the influence of the propaganda by the evil party hence facing the disaster although they have been given the truth perhaps many times. Aren’t they pitiful in their ignorance? At this moment, I remembered what Master said: “Compassion can harmonise Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring. Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world.” (from The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos - Hong Yin II)

Was I being compassionate? Where was my righteous mind? What did I lose? Weren’t those ordinary people’s notions? I started to realise my weakness and endeavoured to improve my xinxing to expand my compassion, then I became a lot calmer knowing what to do.

However, constant tests were required to truly get rid of the attachment. RTC phone platform provided such a good cultivation environment for me. After a period of time, my attachments gradually faded away. I don’t get stirred up like before if someone abuses/swears at me. Instead I feel calm and am sympathetic to them.

This is to meet master’s requirement: “Go and truly cultivate yourself—when you get into a conflict or run into some problem you should look at yourself and see what’s wrong, and ask yourself how you should handle it, using the Fa to evaluate things. Wouldn’t you say that is cultivation?” (from Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference).

2. Clarifying the Truth to Save Sentient Beings at Tourists Spots

At the beginning, I could only hold banners as I didn’t know how to speak to clarify the truth. One day, a few government officials were reading the exhibition boards for a while, I became anxious because no other practitioners were around, and worried that these people would leave soon without me telling them the truth, I blamed myself as I couldn’t clarify the truth to them.

Then four more people joined, they were talking about the organ harvesting case of BO Xilai and WANG Lijun. I started to catch the conversation with them. They asked if these were all true. I said yes, and started telling them how many evil deeds have been done by CCP that even heaven was so angry that they would punish CCP soon. How? By natural disasters. People vowed to devote their life to CCP then become a member of them and share their evil crimes, so people need to declare to withdraw to have nothing to do with them to cut off the relations to CCP to protect their life from the disasters. Upon hearing this, these people happily agreed to quit CCP with the aliases I gave them. Through this experience, I realised master helped me  to clarify the truth face to face to people, from then on I started my journey of truth-clarification at the tourist sites.

3. Transforming Notions and Improving Constantly

Truth-clarification to “Quit CCP” project is a process of transforming human notions, strengthening righteous thoughts hence to enlighten from the Fa. Master brings those related people to you for salvation as long as you have a heart to saving people.

The first time I started “Quit CCP” via phone project, I couldn’t speak fluently, yet three people out of ten quit CCP in my first round, so I felt it was master who was encouraging me so I put down my human notions and continued with my righteous thoughts.

Another time at the tourist site, some tourists were chatting, I assumed they were government officials who would be difficult to talk to because they usually are CCP beneficiaries. I planned to approach them after they went their separate ways. At this moment, one of them suddenly asked me: “Hi, do you have anything to tell us?” I said: “Of course, I just want to bring blessings and peace to you, and the wish you are all sound and safe.” So I continued telling them the truth of “Three withdrawals”, they listened to me carefully, then one person said: “Great to be safe!” After that they agreed to quit the CCP with the aliases I created for them. Again, through this instance I realised how important it is to break through our ordinary notions as these beings are all coming for the FA. Master has arranged all these opportunities for us, all we need is to make a step forward and follow this path steadfastly. From then on, I started to do truth-clarification with more people at the same time, and through this my xinxing also has improved.

4. Looking Inward in all matters to Improve Self Constantly

During truth-clarification, you often hear people say how good the CCP is and how much wealth they have gained from it and how their life is so great. Apart from exposing what the evil crimes that the CCP has committed over the years, I also checked inside myself asking if I also carried those bad substances with me which resulted from hearing those ignorant comments all the time.

Perhaps I am not pure enough, so I read “Nine-Commentaries” and “Dissolving CCP” again realising that people have been living in the CCP lies for decades and they have become ignorant and lost in CCPs evil thinking.
I have also been in that environment for a long time influenced by the evil party culture, I realised that I must cleanse myself and improve, and  gradually I noticed hearing less negative comments and I could explain the CCP to people with calm heart. I would say: “Dear sir, you deserve to get good pay for the hard work you put in, it’s your predestined fortune now that you are wealthy or have become a high official  in this life. For a long time, the CCP have driven people into poverty, and now these years life is getting a bit better, so you felt that CCP is great. But in fact, the average annual income of Chinese is still far less than people in Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. Without CCP, Chinese people actually could be better off in an environment without breathing in poisonous air, bad medicine and poisoned food.

China was once a divine land and there should be more places like the beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou and mountains & rivers in Guilin. There is more than five thousand years of Chinese history with so many outstanding artefacts and remains. So many people in the world want to visit China which would make Chinese people have a better healthier lifestyle.

After my words, many tourists would change their attitude, some still ask: “How much do you earn every day to do this?” I then tell them that quitting the CCP would bring you peace.  Some would ask "who is able to pay you for doing this?”  I would reply: “Dafa practitioners are the only ones around the world who are working hard to save people. We live by Truth Compassion and Tolerance. We feel very happy for you if you understand and quit the CCP, and may our blessings give you a bright future. We also would feel very regretful if you don’t. I hope you can take opportunity to listen to the truth and quit CCP.

All in all, when clarifying the truth of “Three Withdrawals”, Master would use all opportunities to expose our human attachments in order to dispose of them. Master has tried hard to help improve disciples’ xinxing. Only by doing the three things well are we able to return our gratitude toward our master. I will continue to strive to progress in the path of my cultivation.

If there is anywhere improper in my sharing, please kindly point it out.
Thanks to master.
Thanks to fellow practitioners.


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