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慈悲救人 兑现誓约 Saving people with compassion to honor my vow
慈悲救人 兑现誓约 Saving people with compassion to honor my vow

AM07: CZ Yue - Sydney

Hello respected Master!
Hello fellow practitioners.

My name is Changzhi Yue and I am from Sydney. I am 75 years old. Today I would like to share some wonderful experience of saving people with fellow practitioners and report to our Master. It is to validate the Fa that I write this sharing article.
In the last few years, I have been focusing on clarifying the truth at tourist spots. Master said: “There is an increasing number of tourist groups from mainland China nowadays. This is an arrangement for people to hear the truth in a different setting.” (Jingwen: Teaching at the 2013 Western U.S. Fa Conference). I feel more and more urgency in saving people, and in needing to do my best to clarify the truth at these tourist spots. Master also said: “Walk the last steps of your path well and with determination, study the Fa well, and, with a foundation laid by your having cultivated well, your righteous thoughts will naturally grow stronger and you will surely do well with what Dafa disciples are supposed to do.”(Jingwen: Greetings). So I have been incorporating my improvements in self cultivation together with clarifying the truth. When facing conflicts I was able to look inward, even though I still haven't done as well as I would like to have done, but I am improving, and the number of the people I am able to clarify the truth to is increasing.    

1.Saving people with compassion

Master mentioned that many of the heavenly kings were reborn in China so it is important to save them. And the other fact is that the Chinese people have been badly poisoned by the CCP's lies, and some of the tour guides have also been intimidating the tourists, so many of the Chinese people aren't brave enough to listen to us, I understand that it is not easy for them, so I thought of compassion, and to talk with them in a way that they can understand, to help them to have a good heart, and understand that quitting the CCP is for their own good. As long as they are willing to listen I would talk a little bit more.         I don't put my emphasis on the number of people quitting, because I know that as long as one person understands the truth, he would become a bridge for many others to know the truth.

Master said: "...when you talk with a person you will be emitting energy outwardly that dissolves evil things, and the evil in other dimensions will not dare to approach or control that person anymore. When you then reason with that person, he will listen, and you will be able to purge the lies infused into him by the wicked CCP, thus removing the block in his mind... if your righteous thoughts are strong, the evil will be dissolved. The power of true compassion can dissolve all deviant factors... " (Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan). I've experienced that if I my thoughts are righteous, the result of clarifying the truth is good.   

1)     People are waiting for us
When clarifying the truth to tourists, I treat them like my family members, and talk to them with compassion, with a soft tone, either to an individual or to a whole family at a time. Particularly if I am talking to someone in a queue, it is a good idea not to talk too loud. Once I was standing in front of a family, and before I started talking, the son of the family asked me: "Are you with that family?" since he saw how relaxed I was when talking to the other family. I told him that I was there to tell the truth, to bring the messages from God for people to quit the CCP so that they can be safe from the calamity. The family was quite happy upon hearing the truth and they happily agreed to quit the CCP.

2、    老人孩子都在等

2)    Elderly people and young children are also waiting
When talking to elderly people, perhaps it is because I am also elderly, so it is easier to communicate with them, perhaps there is also another reason that older people need more care and attention. I found that it is easier to talk to them, and the quitting rate with older people is also higher.

As for children, I understand that their main spirits might not be so young. Usually when seeing a family with children, I greet the children first, and that normally goes well as children are the center of focus for a family. The children can be from 2 months old to 3 years old or so, and usually they continuously smile at me, when the child smiles it draws the adults’ attention and then it becomes easier to communicate with the adults and it is easier to be successful in getting them to quit the CCP. 

3)    Clarifying the truth to non-Chinese people
Whenever there is an opportunity, I clarify the truth to people. For those who can understand Chinese, I can talk a little bit more and tell them to get on the internet to know more about Falun Gong, for the good of their future. Usually when people know the truth they are happy. For those who don't speak Chinese, I normally try to tell them to remember that Falun Dafa is good, and Zhen Shan Ren is good, and they are happy upon hearing that.

2. Magnificent changes on the people who know the truth
In the course of clarifying the truth, I've found a phenomenon that those who have known the truth are changing. Their eyes have become brighter and complexion has become rosy. They are in good spirits. Upon seeing me again, they would greet me and show me their gratitude from their bottom of heart – I have many such examples.
1、    早在2008年春,我与一位同事在BUS上讲了真相,下车后他站在两百多人的人群中,我发现他与其他人都不同:脸在放光!
In the Spring of 2008, I once clarified the truth to one of my colleagues in a bus (in China). After getting off the bus, he stood amongst more than 200 people. When I looked at him, I found he was quite different from others. His face was glowing with an obvious radiance.

This event goes back to the time when I was illegally brought to trial. A judge read out four people’s “written testimony”, one of which was from this colleague of mine. I thought of that I posted the truth materials to those four people. It was because I had not destroyed my record of their addresses in time that caused trouble for them so that they provided the testimony. I told myself I must look for them in the future and save them.

So once I got out of the jail I had the opportunity to ride on the same bus with this colleague, and I clarified the truth to him. He understood everything, and agreed to quit the CCP. He also asked me to help his wife and his children quit too. I understand that it was Master's arrangement that I was given these opportunities to help people.   
2、    去年夏天,在歌剧院海边,有位中年男士坐在长椅上,我和他聊起来,他说他是海员,从美国来,一个月来一次。我问他是否入过党团队,他说什么都没入过。我想,没入过也得了解真相啊,于是就讲了起来。他很爱听,我讲了大约半个小时。他突然说:“你有资料吗?”我说有,就拿出真相材料准备给他一份。他急忙说:“都给我吧!我拿回去给他们看。”我都给了他。他一边把材料从领口放到了贴身处,一边又问:“还有吗?”我说你到前面的退党点去拿吧。他真的去拿了一些。一个月后,在同一地点我又看到了他,原来苍白的他变得红光满面,精神焕发。我知道他是传真相得福报了!我说:“你得福了啊,祝福你!”,他很高兴,连说:“是啊,是啊,我现在身体非常好!”
Last Summer when I was clarifying the truth beside the Opera House, I saw a middle-aged man sitting on a bench, so I started chatting with him. He said that he was a sailor from the US. He travels here every month. After hearing that he was not a member of the CCP, I told myself that non-CCP members still need to know the truth, so I told him more about the truth. He wanted to know more, and asked for more materials so that he could show them to his colleagues. A month after that, when I saw him again, he looked much better with a rosy face. I said to him “You are blessed!” He replied, “yes I am feeling very healthy!”   

3、    在一次讲真相中,我看到抱着小孩的一对夫妇,他们说小孩8个月。我看到孩子的脸上生了许多红泡疹,看得出孩子很难受。我给二位讲真相,他们爽快的退出了团队。我对小孩说:“记住‘法轮大法好’啊!”小孩目不转睛的看着我。半个小时后,又看到了他们。神奇的是:孩子脸上的泡疹不见了!仔细看才能看到那个地方有淡淡的红晕。我对孩子爸爸说:“你看看你儿子!我都快认不出来了!快和你儿子一起念‘法轮大法好’吧!”他们也很兴奋。原来法轮大法这么好!三退这么灵啊!
A few months back this year in a truth clarification activity, I saw a couple with a baby. They told me that the baby was 8 months old. I could tell that the baby was suffering and there were many red sores on the baby’s face. I clarified the truth to this couple and they agreed to quit the CCP without much hesitation. I told the baby to remember 'Falun Dafa Hao' and the baby was watching me intently. Half an hour later when I saw them again, the red sores had gone from the baby's face. I told the father that it was the positive result of saying 'Falun Dafa Hao' and the couple were quite happy about it. 

4、    有位年轻女士,独自在歌剧院外依栏观海,我看她气质挺好,就是脸色有点苍白。她说是青岛人,丈夫是外籍人。我给她讲真相,她听的很认真,也很认同,退出了党团队。我告诉她:“转告您的先生:记住‘法轮大法好!’他也会拥有美好未来!”她很激动,分别时拥抱我,说:“今天碰上了您,我太幸运了!”我看到她的脸色明显的红润而光亮了!她选择了美好未来,人也变得更美了。
One day, there was a young lady who was watching the ocean, standing besides the Opera House when I was there clarifying the truth. I could tell that she seemed healthy but her face looked rather pale. She told me her husband was a Caucasian. She was quite accepting of the truth and agreed to quit the CCP. I told her to tell her husband to remember 'Falun Dafa Hao' and he would also be blessed. She was very happy and we hugged each other before parting. I could see that her face started to brighten up.
5、    有一次我对一位中年男士讲真相,我刚开口,他就说:“你是男的我就退!”哇,我没想到还会有人提这样的问题!但我马上冷静下来,平和的说:“你还真说对了!我本来就是男的,前几生都是和尚,就是这一生才转生成了女的。”他一听笑了,什么话也不说就同意三退了。
There was one time when I was talking to a middle-aged man, and the first thing he said was: “If you were a man, I would agree to quit the CCP!” Well I didn't expect that, but I was able to calm down quickly and told him: “well you got it right, I was a monk for the past few life times, only this time I became a woman.” Then he smiled and agreed to quit the CCP without saying anything more.

3. Righteous thoughts will keep the evilness away
Sometimes I meet some of the tourist guides or touring group leaders who have been badly poisoned by the CCP and they start talking nonsense. I don't fight with them but I also won't just allow them to poison others and harming themselves. Normally I start sending forth righteous thoughts to clean the evil behind them. Sometimes if I come across a pro-CCP person who is acting deviously, I hold up my palm and start sending righteous thoughts in front of him. Usually he doesn’t dare to look into my eyes, and after a few seconds he becomes quiet and walks away.

Once I came across an elderly man who wanted some hot water. While I was talking with him about water, the tour guide yelled at me frantically because I was talking to one of his elderly tourists. Seeing him acting like that, I instantly raised my palm and starting sending forth righteous thoughts, while at the same time asking him “What's wrong and why do you have to be like this?!” He then just lowered his head and walked away. I know that the evil factors behind him could no longer do their work to control him, and it was the power of righteous thoughts. I then started talking to other tourists and many of them agreed to quit the CCP, except for a few stubborn ones.
The great power of Dafa can be seen everywhere, it is warning people and deterring the evil. Let's work hard together do the three things well. Studying the Fa and cultivating ourselves well, and help save more people, so we can fullfil our vows as Dafa practitioners.

Please point out if there is anything inappropriate.

Thank you respected Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners.


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