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在内陆小镇阿尔布里(Albury)弘扬大法 Promoting Dafa In Outback Town Albury
在内陆小镇阿尔布里(Albury)弘扬大法 Promoting Dafa In Outback Town Albury

AM03: Joey Huang - Sydney


Greetings Respected Master!
Greetings Fellow Practitioners,

In February 2012, my family emigrated from Shanghai to the beautiful Australian outback town of Albury, and this allowed me to open a new practice site in the small town that has now been going for 2 years.

1. Tell the truth and collect petition signatures
When I first came to that town, I was unsure how to proceed  as the only Dafa disciple around. In addition to participating in the translation of NTD sripts and the Epoch Times, I felt a blockage when it came to clarifying the facts to local people.. Later, I found there are many churches in the town, and attempted to break through in that area..

2012 年4月份,我首先拜访了当地最大的圣公会(Anglican)教堂,彼得(Peter)神父了解我的迫害经历后,非常热心的帮我约见当地联邦参议员莱伊(Sussan Ley,现在是联邦政府部长),使得我有机会向参议员讲真相。随后我把遭迫害的经历正式发送给她,她递交给了当时的外交部长卜卡(Bob Carr)。
In April 2012, I first visited the largest local Anglican church. After learning of my persecution experience in China, Father Peter enthusiastically helped me make an appointment with local Senator Sussan Ley (now a Minister in the Federal Government), which offered an opportunity to tell the truth about Dafa to her. Then I formally sent a statutory declaration outlining my persecution experience to her, and she forwarded it to the then Foreign Minister Bob Carr.

2013年6 月,获得了卜卡的正式回复,卜卡在信中说“澳洲政府认为,中国政府禁止法轮功和对待法轮功学员的方式都违背了国际人权准则”,并说澳洲政府采取强力的、一致的方式敦促中国政府关注人权,已要求中国政府考虑澳方对法轮功修炼者遭遇的关切。
In June 2013, I received an official reply from Bob Carr. Carr said in the letter: "The Government considers that China's ban on Falun Gong and the treatment of its practitioners are in breach of international human rights standards." He also emphasized: "The Government takes a strong and consistent approach to engaging the Chinese Government on human rights and has consistently raised with China Australia’s concerns about the treatment of Falun Gong practitioners…"

2013 年5月前后,墨尔本同修介绍我认识了在当地查尔斯特大学(CSU)学习的西人同修亨利(Henry),我们合计着在小镇放映《自由中国》电影。我们多次拜访小镇最主要的圣公会、天主教(Catholic)和联合教会(Uniting)教堂,和神父们沟通,取得了他们的支持。亨利组织放电影,我结合自己在中国的迫害经历,为影片 的纪实内容提供现实版的佐证。我们配合默契,取得了很好的效果。
Around May 2013, a fellow practitioner in Melbourne introduced a western practitioner named Henry to me. Henry is studying at local Charles Sturt University (CSU). Then we prepared to organize a screening in the town for the Free China documentary. We repeatedly called on the town's main Anglican, Catholic and Uniting churches, and obtained the support of the priests. Henry was responsible for the screening, and I talked about my actual persecution experience in China, providing authentic supporting evidence for the stories in the documentary. We co-operated well and achieved good results.

Before the screening, the minister of the Uniting Church orchestrated a Sunday church prayer meeting for stopping the persecution. During the screening organized in the largest church in nearby Wodonga town, the church priest Glen was very enthusiastic, and he took the initiative to contact the bishop responsible for the whole area, which allowed us to clarify the facts about Dafa and the persecution to the bishop.

An old aunt who cannot speak English and I persisted in clarifying the facts in the town's main shopping malls and collected signatures for the anti-persecution petition, so that local residents soon knew the truth about the persecution. The CCP’s organ harvesting from living Dafa disciples and other inhuman evils were effectively exposed.

在墨尔本同修的支持下,我们还在小镇最中心的迪恩街(Dean Street)上组织了一次大型的反迫害征签活动,当天是周六,人流密集,征签取得了很好的效果,当地一些纯朴的民众甚至为大法徒所遭迫害的经历留下来热泪。
With the support of fellow practitioners from Melbourne, we organized a large-scale anti-persecution petition activity on Dean Street, which is the most central place of the town. That day was a crowded Saturday and the petition signature collection achieved such a good result that some local people even shed tears when they heard the cruel persecution experience of Falun Gong practitioners.
We collected a few thousand signatures in the town, and the information about the persecution of Dafa had spread to a large section of the local population.

2. Improving my Xinxing during family tribulations
When I lived in that small town, many xinxing tests occurred, especially in the home environment. When I undertook various Dafa projects and participated in outdoor exercises, I suffered varying degrees of family tribulations. Because when I first came to Albury, our family had not got a permanent resident visa. My wife was particularly worried about whether we would be permitted to stay in Australia permanently, and hence some tribulations came very strongly and very suddenly.

师尊在《转法轮》第138页中讲的非常明白,“你干别的事情他都不怎么管你,本来是件好事,他却老是跟你过不去。其实就是帮助你消业,可是他自己不知道。他 可不只是表面上跟你干,心里对你还挺好,不是这样的,真的是发自内心的生气。因为业力落到谁那儿谁难受,保证是这样的。”后来,我悟到,其实家庭魔难就是 通过我爱人被动的承受,以各种表现形式来帮助我提高。如果我不能提高心性,不能在法理认识上提高自己,不能否定排除旧势力的干扰,那么她就会被利用着,一 直在这个魔难中痛苦的帮我承受着。
Master Li clearly says in Zhuan Falun on page 138:
"Your spouse would not care if you were to do something else. Qigong practice should actually be a good thing, but she always finds fault with you. In fact, your wife is helping you eliminate karma, though she does not know it herself. She is not fighting with you only superficially and still good to you in her heart—it is not so. It is real anger from the bottom of her heart, because whoever has acquired the karma feels uncomfortable. It is guaranteed to be this way."

Later, I realized, in fact, that family tribulations are the result of my wife’s passive endurance which serves to help me improve my xinxing in various ways. If I cannot improve my heart and mind, cannot upgrade my enlightenment of Dafa principles, and cannot deny the interference from the the old forces, then she will be exploited to endure the pain of tribulations  until I upgrade myself to a higher level.
2012年7月中旬我们一家去墨尔本时,正逢全澳法会和反迫害大游行。在车上,我说到要参加游行活动时,我爱人 极其反对,激动的打开车门,说要跳车。当时车速高达100多公里/小时,但我不为所动,一面发正念清除干扰,一面和善的劝她。后来她终于平静下来,最终我 们一家顺利全程参与了反迫害大游行。她对大法也产生了很好的正面印象。
In mid-July 2012, when my family went to Melbourne, the time coincided with the holding of the Australia Fahui and the anti-persecution parade. On the way to Melbourne, I said I would participate in the parade, my wife was extremely opposed the idea, being so worked up that she threatened  to open the door of the car and jump out. At that point our speed was over 100 kilometres per hour, but I was unmoved by her behaviour. I sent righteous thoughts to clear the interference and kindly persuaded her as well. Afterwards, she calmed down. Eventually, all my family members willingly participated in the anti-persecution parade. She also had a very good positive impression of Dafa.

2013年8月2日,晚上在教堂放完电影之后,進入了答疑讨论阶段,当晚的 观众有人权组织成员,讨论很热烈。这时也到了我爱人在餐馆工作的下班时间,我原定去接她回家的,结果我忘了这事,餐馆老板送她回家了。等我回到家中,她就特别生气,后来跑到屋外呆了半个小时左右。当时阿尔布里的户外天气还很冷,她穿着餐馆工作的T恤衫,我出去找了多次,也没找到,后来才发现她已回来,倚坐在门前的台阶上,冷得直打哆嗦,已经失去了意识。我立刻把她挪到床上,并打开电热毯,就是这样她还是哆嗦不止,没有任何意识。
On August 2, 2013, after the Free China film screening that took place in a church that evening, it was time for the Q&A session. The audience included a member of a human rights organization, and there was a very heated discussion. Meanwhile it was the time my wife finished her work in a local restaurant, and I was scheduled to pick her up and take her home. But I forgot this, and the restaurant boss took her back home. When I returned home, she was particularly angry. Later, she went outside for half an hour or so. Albury outdoor weather in August was still very cold, and she just wore a restaurant uniform T-shirt. I went out a few times to look for her, but in vain. After a while, I discovered that she had come back and was sitting on the doorstep shivering uncontrollably and almost losing consciousness. I immediately moved her onto bed and turned on the electric blanket, but she was still shivering without any improvement..
At this moment, I realized this is a very serious interference from demons. I firmly sought help from Master Li for eliminating the interference. As a result, within just a few seconds, she immediately regained consciousness as if nothing had happened. She made a full recovery.

一次她在小镇上听人说,在大使馆和景点讲真相的大法弟子都是收到报酬的。对这样的恶意谣言,我严厉驳斥,但她就是不信,我说我认识去使领馆的同修,她还是不 信。后来我告诉她:你知道邪党那么大把的在海内外花钱镇压我们,如果这些大法弟子真是被金钱收买而去大使馆讲真相的,那么邪党早就应该花钱把这些弟子买走 了,早就看不到这些人去领馆讲真相了。她听了之后,她从此再也不提此事了。
Once she heard rumours that Dafa disciples clarifying the facts at the Chinese Consulate received remuneration. A malicious rumour that I vehemently refuted, but she would not believe me. I told her I knew some fellow practitioners who went to the consulate, but she still did not believe me. Later, I told her: “You know the evil Communist Party has spent huge sums of money on oppressing us at home and abroad. If these disciples who clarified the truth at the Embassy are driven by money, then the evil party should have successfully taken these disciples away by paying money to them, and hence these disciples would have not been seen at the consulate for ages..  She finally listened and never mentioned the matter again.
我爱人在国内面对邪恶时,也很勇敢。在我被国家安全局秘密关押10个 月之际,家中没有我的任何消息,她带着我年幼的女儿几乎走遍了当地主要的看守所和拘留所,一次次得到没有的回答,一次次的绝望她都没有倒下,她都陪我走到了今 天。作为一个不修炼的常人,她的承受也是很不简单的。但有时在做大法具体工作的过程中,由于具体事务时间要求的紧迫性,而忽视了家庭的事务,她自己的事务和她心理所能承受的等等,往往导致她很生气和过激的言辞,我很多时候无法忍受,但事后立刻认识到自己没有守住心性。后来,我加强了学法,重点修了自己的真、善和忍,情况慢慢有了更多的改观。
When my wife faced the evil in Mainland China, she was very brave. During the period when I was secretly detained by the National Security Agency for 10 months, my family did not receive any of my messages. She took my young daughter and searched for me in almost all the main detention centres in Shanghai. Every time she got no answer again and again, and she was desperate but she did not give up and stayed with me through all these tribulations until today. As an ordinary person who does not practice Dafa, she endured a lot and what she endured is amazing. But sometimes when I was doing specific Dafa tasks which were very urgent, I used to ignore the family matters and her  feelings, which often made her angry.. I sometimes could not stand it, but afterwards I immediately realized that I was unable to act like a true practitioner. Later, I improved my Fa study and focused on improving my Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. As a result, the situation has slowly improved.

3. The media helps promote Dafa
Shortly after arriving in Albury, I started an exercise site in the very centre of the town square, and began to introduce Dafa to local residents. Some of the local residents also approached me for the purpose of learning the exercises and commencing Fa study.
One weekend at the Square, I was doing exercises when I encountered Tricia, who is the editor of Situation, a local community newspaper. She asked if she could take some photos of me, and interview me. Of course I agreed.. A few weeks later, when Henry’s friends and I were doing the exercises in the square, Tricia and photographers came to interview us, and our experience and understanding of practising Dafa were published in the local community newspaper for the first time. I also sent my own persecution experience to Tricia, and she published it in the following five issues of the newspaper, which successfully exposed the persecution of Dafa and introduced Dafa to local people in a positive way.

还有一次,我在广场炼功时,遇到《边界邮报》(Border Mail)的摄影记者本杰明(Ben)。《边界邮报》是当地最大的报纸,也是费尔法克斯(Fairfax)媒体集团的成员。本杰明问我是否可以拍摄照片,对这样的弘法机会,我当然欢迎。结果过了一段时间,他来拍摄的那一天,正好有2位新学员在学炼动作。他在提问录音之余,还录下了炼功音乐和我们炼功的录像与照片,最后以《边界邮报》的名义制作了一个名为《乔伊的故事——法轮大法在阿尔布里》(Joey’s Story: Falun Dafa in Albury)的视频,放到了Youtube网上。他把视频放给报社部门的老板看时,老板决定专门派一名文字记者就我的经历写一篇文章,发表在生活版上。 这篇文章发表后,起到了很好的弘法的效果,有了更多的人来炼功学法。
Another time, when I was doing the exercises in the square, I came across Border Mail photographer Ben. Border Mail is the largest local newspaper, and a member of the Fairfax Media Group. Ben asked if he could take photos for me. I certainly welcomed such an opportunity to promote Dafa. Consequently, he came to take photos one day. it was just at the time when two new learners had started the Dafa exercises. In addition, he recorded my answers to his questions, and also recorded the exercise music, videos and photos of our exercises. Finally he published a video file on Youtube under the name of Border Mail entitled "Joey's Story: Falun Dafa in Albury". When he showed the video to his boss at the newspaper, the boss decided to send a special text reporter to write an article on my experience, and published it in the newspaper. The published article played a very good role in promoting Dafa, and more people came to learn the exercises.

Interestingly, since Ben produced that video about my story, his life has undergone a positive change.
Regrettably, due to my job and my daughter’s study, in January of this year I had to move to Sydney. Henry also ended his study at CSU University in November 2013. He moved back to Melbourne, and Dafa activities in town temporarily came to an end.

The above is the story of my personal cultivation through clarifying the facts of the persecution and promoting Dafa in a small town. If there is anything inappropriate, please correct me with the compassion.
Thank Master!
Thank you all fellow practitioners!



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