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手动广播平台讲真相 Making Phone Calls to China
手动广播平台讲真相 Making Phone Calls to China

AM02 - YR Gu – Sydney

紧跟正法進程 坚持在手动广播平台讲真相
Strictly Keeping up with the Fa Rectification Process, Persistent in Making Phone Calls to China

Greetings Benevolent Master!
Greetings fellow practitioners!

My name is Yueru Gu, I am75 years old and have been practising Dafa for 17 years. Today I’d like to share my humble experiences in making phone calls to China to clarify the truth through the Manual Radio Platform. 

一、    手动广播平台是震慑邪恶的有力法器
1.    The Manual Radio Broadcasting Project Is A Powerful Tool In Shocking And Awing The Evil

The objective of the Manual Radio Broadcasting Project is to clarify the truth to the Chinese police department, prosecution department, legal systems and hospitals on a large scale, and to dissolve the evil’s persecution. Guiding people to quit CCP is not its key objective. Instead, the focus is on encouraging people to systematically listen to the facts, to touch and win their hearts, in order to help create a relatively safer environment for fellow practitioners in China for them to clarify the truth, and help the detained practitioners get released. If the police no longer arrest practitioners, there will be more practitioners in China stepping out to clarify the truth, and more sentient beings will be saved. It’s after effects are immeasurable. It’s easy to do, as the practitioner who joins this project doesn’t need to have a conversation with the phone recipient, and only needs to press the button to play the recorded voice messages. Of course, sometimes one can talk to the recipient when needed. The content of the messages is regularly updated, and is the result of great efforts and righteous thoughts of many practitioners. Each word, music note, and pronunciation all contains strong energy that can suffocate the evil and demons. The caller will hold pure and righteous thoughts, putting heart into the sound as a one body, combing Gong (energy potency) with Mind in one body as well. It powerfully shocks the evil and awakens people’s conscience. It’s so simple yet so powerful, and is all the arrangement of Master and what’s needed for the Fa rectification, as well as the manifestation of the power of Dafa.

二、    以纯正的心态坚守手动平台
2.    Be persistent with the Manual Radio Broadcasting Project with a pure and righteous mind

In order to save sentient beings, Dafa practitioners have started lots of projects. I chose to join this project which is more suitable to me. This is a blessed cultivation opportunity given to me by Master. I would strictly keep up with the Fa rectification process and do what I need to do well in solid steps.

In the beginning, I was very passionate and no difficulty could block my way in this project. I learned seriously and worked very hard. I didn’t know much about computers, nor could I type on the keyboard. Starting as a beginner, I gradually became proficient in all the steps that need to be taken in running the radio broadcasting.

Every afternoon, I would spend several hours in front of the computer, to accept the cases assigned to me, and try my best in making every phone call. As long as the recipient would like to pick up the phone, I would play the recorded messages again and again, until the recipient hung up. On many occasions, the recipient wouldn’t answer the call, or listen to the voice recording. Some phone numbers are invalid, some phones are switched off, and some are busy. All these are false and illusions. If we don’t give up, and try ringing again the next day, there would be someone who answers the call from those invalid numbers, and would listen to our messages. Some recipient will hang up straight away, and then I would ring again. When they hung up, I just rang again. After I kept ringing, they will listen, and will even keeping listening for over 10 minutes. Some people might just pick up the phone but put it aside, and purposely waste our time and effort. I won’t get angry about this, and am not concerned even if they didn’t listen. Even the ringing tone is shocking the evil in other dimensions, let alone the powerful voice message broadcasting. Our effort in saving sentient beings won’t be in vain. Accordingly, no matter what cases I encounter, I always deal with it with pure and righteous thoughts, and never get discouraged or bored. Sometimes I would also meet people who get saved straight after they listen to the voice message broadcasting, and this happens in many places.

有一次,电话打到海南省的一个派出所,几个真相广播已经放了十五分钟。我想知道对方是否真的在听,就问他“在听吗?”对方说:“在听,我很害怕”。我问“你怕什么呀?”他说“我是个贪官”,我说“你听了这么多广播,应该明白你该怎么做了吧!”他说“我们这里法轮功很少,我没有抓他们,但我现在贪了四百万,正在十字路口,怎么办?”我说“你明白真相要有一个明智的选择,当机立断,退出共产党的(党、团、队)一切组织,才能遇难成祥,保命保平安”。他说“真有作用吗?”我说“你应该相信我说的,因为你退出共产邪党的一切组织,与它有一个心灵划分。就会得到神佛的保佑。你没有抓过法轮功还是一个比较善良的人。以后你要好好保护法轮功学员,并向追查国际组织揭发迫害法轮功的罪行,会有一个良好的转机,你听明白了吗?” 他说“明白”。后来我就帮他起了个名字“平安”,他说“这个好,我就是要平安嘛!”我说,那你还必须牢记并在心中常念“法轮大法好,真、善、忍好”,这是保命保平安的九字真言。今后再也不贪,不做坏事了,懂了吗?他说:“我听你的,谢谢!”
Once, I called a police station in Hainan Province, and played several different voice messages for 15 minutes. I wanted to know if he was truly listening, so I asked, “Are you listening?” He said, “I am, I’m very scared.” I asked, “What are you scared about?” He answered, “I am a corrupted official.” “You have heard so many messages. You would now know what you should do.” He replied, “We don’t have many Falun Gong practitioners here. I didn’t arrest them, but I have taken money which is not mine, and I’m at the cross roads. What shall I do?” I told him, “You need to made a wise decision with no hesitation, quit all the affiliated organisations of CCP, only then will you be able to avoid the tribulations and safeguard your life.” “Does it really work?” “Trust me, because when you quit CCP, you separate yourself from it mentally. You will then be blessed and safeguarded by the Buddhas and Gods. Your not having arrested any Falun Gong practitioners indicates you are a relatively kind person. From now on, you should protect them well, and expose those crimes in persecution of Falun Gong practitioners to World Organisation to Investigate The Persecution of Falun Gong. Your life will then have a turnaround, have you got it?” He said, “Yes, I got it.” I then created a name “Peace and Safe” for him, he said, “This is good. This is exactly what I want.” “Then you also need to firmly remember and memorise these verses, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.’ These are the verses safeguarding you and giving you peace. Don’t be corrupted or doing bad deeds anymore, do you understand?” He said, “I will listen to you, thank you!”

In another case, I called a hospital office in Qingdao City, and played the message about the truth of forced organ harvesting. I only rang them once, and they listened to the full message of 4 minutes and 46 seconds. I wanted to know if they were listening, and asked, “My friend, are you listening?” The recipients were a young man and a young lady, and said to me, “The CCP is terribly bad, we have been hurt by it so badly, we’d like to have your help, and also want to get out of China.” I said, “Since you have heard the messages about the truth, you need to have a good choice. Treat Falun Gong practitioners nicely, get far away from CCP, quit all its affiliated organisations, then you will have a bright future.” Thus, they smoothly quit CCP and two lives were saved.

Each day I would make quite a few phone calls to play recorded messages, then through the correspondences back to the team, other practitioners would follow up with them with a conversation, and help them to quit. The Manual Radio Broadcasting Project not only shocked the evil very powerfully, but also laid a good foundation for helping people quit CCP through conversations with other practitioners.

三、    向内找整体配合排除干扰
3.    Looking within, work with the team and dissolve the interference

After a period of time, the passion and excitement I had in the beginning gradually faded, and I started to feel tired and lazy. Firstly, I always felt very tired. Going to the Chinese Embassy in the morning, coming back at lunch time, and if no practitioner could give me a lift home, it would be almost 2pm when I got back. It seemed I didn’t have any more energy to work on this project. Sometimes I felt so sleepy when listening to the messages, unable to keep my eyes open, and even didn’t know the recipient already hung up the phone. Such tiredness was very hard to dispel, and it also wore down my will. So a casual attitude arose in me. I thought, there was nothing I could do if they didn’t want to listen. I had made at least 2 phone calls today, and it can be counted that I’ve completed my task. I need to hurriedly go have a rest, or get onto other tasks.

I knew that such status was not right. This was not my will, but the evil’s interference and must be limited. I need to seriously look within, and study the Fa well. “The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference”)

When looking within, I found that I had the attachment to comfort, wanted to rest more, and have the attachment of completing the tasks. Though this project is easy, every phone call is a fierce battle in the other dimension. The evils are not willing to be dissolved voluntarily. They are eyeing me and creating troubles to interfere with me by taking advantage of my attachments. Isn’t my incorrect status something the old forces are happiest with?

Master said: “Be more like a Dafa disciple and earnestly, humbly, and solidly make efforts to carry out well what you are supposed to do. With any project or any task, if you decide not to do it, then don’t do it; and if you do decide to do it, then you definitely have to do it well and carry it through to the end. ” “If in your work your thoughts can be righteous and you can keep in mind that you are a cultivator, never forgetting your mission and responsibility, and bring to completion that portion of things that you are supposed to handle, then you are establishing mighty virtue, that is your process of cultivation, and that is your process of fulfilling your historic mission as a Dafa disciple.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

I was awakened and empowered through Fa study, and it made me persistent in this project every day. I know that the work in saving sentient beings not only needs to be done, but also needs to be done well with good quality. Accordingly, I paid much attention in sending forth righteous thoughts to clearing my dimensional field, which enabled me not to feel sleepy or be interfered, so as to maintain a good mental status. Once I start, along with fellow practitioners in the team, I would keep the strong righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil elements which prevent the sentient beings from being saved. As my mindset became better, the attitude became purer and more righteous, and more people would listen to our voice messages. This is for sure.

The team work and cooperation as a one body is essential for doing this project well. Without the practitioners who work very hard in providing technical support, it would be very hard to smoothly carry out this project. Whenever I have computer problems, the technical support practitioners are always able to help. For example, when my computer needed upgrading, they would bring a ready-to-use computer to my home, and had completed all the updating work already. One day in summer, the fellow practitioner was sweating a lot from doing the support work. Whenever the truth-clarifying materials and software need updating, they always get the job done immediately. All of these have provided me with great support. They are our strong backup for us to do a good job. I very much admire their selfless effort, and was deeply moved. This inspires me to keep doing the job in clarifying the truth through this project.

I was able to be persistent in this project for over one year. This is the honour and skill bestowed to me by our great Master. I will not disappoint our Master, and I am determined to study the Fa more, study the Fa better. I will keep looking within and let go of attachments, firmly catching up with the Fa rectification, be persistent in clarifying the truth through the manual radio broadcasting, until the CCP is dissolved and the persecution has ended.

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!


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    Use heart to clarify the truth, the power of Dafa shows everywhere
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