在推广神韵中放下自我 Let Go of Self in Promoting Shen Yun
在推广神韵中放下自我 Let Go of Self in Promoting Shen Yun

悉尼 燕妮 Sydney, Yan Ni

Let Go of Self in Promoting Shen Yun
悉尼 燕妮
Sydney, Yan Ni

Greetings, revered Master. Greetings fellow practitioners.

Ever since I came to Australia, I’ve been involved in promoting Shen Yun every year, and 2015 was no exception. The funny thing was, my three-month school summer vacation coincided with the time leading up to the shows. Practitioners all said this period of time was to allow me to promote Shen Yun and I thought so too. I put in all of my energy and time over the summer break to promote the show. The ups and downs that I experienced during the process made me more mature in my cultivation. Thank you Master for giving me such an opportunity.

The first thing I had to overcome was fear of suffering. During that time, I was pretty much selling tickets at shopping centres five days a week, on the other two days, I helped put up posters or find new spots for Shen Yun billboards. My schedule was tight and I was steadfast. But at the beginning, I felt very tired and often arrived late. Particularly when going to the shopping centres, I often had to get up early and leave the house early as some of the centres were very far away. I often had to sit down and take a break as my back ached and feet hurt from standing for 8 hours selling tickets. You can imagine how things went.

I always felt that I gave all of my time, and that I was doing my absolute best, but actually, my heart wasn’t fully committed. I placed too much emphasis on how I felt. I feel tired, so I should take a break. I feel I already left the house early, so if I’m a little late that can be forgiven. Master said: “With this body, one cannot put up with it if the body is cold, hot, tired, or hungry. In any case, it is suffering.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 3) Shen Yun is saving people, it is a ticket for people to enter the future. It is such a serious matter and the responsibility is huge, yet I was too concerned about how I felt - just like an everyday person. I didn’t hold myself to the standards of a practitioner who is here to save people.

Master said: “The divine beings and all sentient beings in the cosmos are watching. The positions Dafa disciples are in and the roles they are playing are both tied to the survival of humankind.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005) If you’re caught up in how the human body feels, then you’re already in the state of an everyday person. The righteous gods won’t bring predestined people over to buy tickets. Once I understood this I stopped being late, except on the odd occasion. The miraculous thing is, I unconsciously changed my habit of dawdling and wasting time. And when I felt tired, I would think: “tiredness cannot impede me”. If I was still tired, I’d send righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, and look within at the same time.

Master said: “I would say that it is simply too easy if one can succeed in cultivation by just holding the arms up like that.” (Zhuan Falun, Lecture 4) Not only must I temper my body, I must also temper my will.

During promotions, cooperating with practitioners is very important. Many practitioners have years of experience promoting the show, and their own way of doing things. In working with others, you’ll have times when individuals think: “my way is the best, and can save people more effectively”. When you look at others you always tend see their shortcomings or areas where they can improve. If you can’t promptly correct these kind of thoughts, which are not on the Fa, these thoughts will be continually strengthened by the old forces, making you think your way is the best, what’s good or bad and right or wrong. In the end it will interfere with us saving people.

When I saw some practitioners weren’t proactive enough or too proactive, I would hold back my words and then tell myself not to focus on others, that I must purify my own thoughts, have fewer distractions and have more righteous thoughts. But that wasn’t enough.  Another person might come and tell me that I was too proactive or not proactive enough, sometimes with a strong tone. At this time, I couldn’t calm down and felt that I’d been unfairly treated. Today this practitioner wants me to be more proactive, tomorrow another practitioner says I’m not proactive enough, what exactly am I supposed to do? My heart was moved and the whole field became inharmonious. In such a state, why would sentient beings come? But saving people is so urgent, and we can’t afford to delay. I knew that I must improve. Practitioners’ notions are a reflection of my own. Although I didn’t speak about it, I also look at other practitioners in the same critical way. Although I restrained myself, the negative thoughts were still there. I really didn’t like to be criticised by others. Even when others kindly reminded me where I needed to improve, I wouldn’t accept it.

Yes, I thought that I was reasonable (by everyday principles), but even if I’m reasonable what does that count for? It is whether I was improving from the Fa that matters. I was too attached to how things appear on the surface and I couldn’t rise above issues. I forgot that Master is in control of everything, and that in this process, I need to look within, change myself fundamentally and assimilate to Dafa. The problems all stem from me.

Shen Yun has deeper meanings. In promoting Shen Yun, I could feel the requirements for me were getting higher and higher. Soon after passing the Shen Yun promotion level 1 assessment, I tried to recite one of the Shen Yun sample paragraphs to my English teacher. To my surprise, the teacher didn’t give me feedback on my English, but instead she considered how to buy tickets for her parents. Later on though, as I did more and more, the same words I recited didn’t move people as easily. Because the words had become too familiar, so it easily turned into a recitation. If my understanding of Shen Yun only stays at the surface, then what I say won’t carry any deeper meaning or have an impact.

Once I carefully read through the Shen Yun picture album which I often showed to everyday people when promoting the show. It was then I realised that I wasn’t very clear about the stories behind some of the dances and certain traditional moral principles. After I read it, I learnt a lot. When I spoke to others again, I could go into more depth, be more thorough, and the result was much better. I became more and more fond of Shen Yun, and the more I spoke about the show, the more I felt Shen Yun is so great, and so beautiful. At these times, sentient beings would be moved by the energy field, and they would also feel that Shen Yun is so beautiful and so good. They would be easily moved and got very excited. When you learn from Shen Yun, understand Shen Yun on a deeper level, and wholeheartedly promote Shen Yun, the result will be good.

Furthermore, in addition to the Shen Yun songs and lyrics, I understood that many of the musical compositions were also written by Master. Actually it is far more than that; Master is leading Shen Yun. I recall many times in the past I treated Shen Yun with a human mindset. I would think: “I like this piece more, I like that piece more”, and sometimes I’d also compare the performances. I didn’t realise that I was evaluating Shen Yun with a human mindset. If Shen Yun is led by Master, how could I casually judge Shen Yun with my own preferences? It is so disrespectful. As my understanding towards Shen Yun deepened, I began to promote the show with a more humble attitude.

做什么事情坚持都是至关重要的。销售人员每一天的状态,都直接影响到出票的效果。每天赶商场疲于奔波,慢慢的又陷入到一种做事的状态中,这样周而复始的重复,正念也不强了,救人的心也淡了。师父说,“得认认真真的把你应该要做的事情做好了,这才是了不起的。叫做就去做了,可是哪,从做事的态度上,怎么样能够救了人这个问题上,你不认真去思考,这是修炼问题。”(《二零一五年纽约法会讲法》)我是要去掉对卖票结果的执着,可是不是变得麻木。师父让我学会去思考,不是做完就完了。所以每天回家后不是想着赶快休息,而是想想一天卖票的效果,或好或坏都是什么原因,“少息自省添正念. 明析不足再精進。”(《洪吟二‧理智醒觉》)从技术到心性,总结经验,取长补短,完善自己。
Persisting in anything that you do is so important. The salesperson’s state of mind each day directly affects the ticket sales. Each day I was rushing to and from the shopping centre, and slowly I went into a state of ‘doing things’. In the routine of repetition my righteous thoughts weren’t as strong and my heart for saving people weakened.  Master said: “You have to wholeheartedly do a good job at whatever you are supposed to do—and only then is it admirable. You might be doing what you’re told, but if you don’t really pay attention to your attitude toward things or how to effectively save people, then that’s a problem in your cultivation.”  (Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference) I needed to get rid of the pursuit of selling tickets, but neither must I become indifferent. Master wants me to learn how to reflect, and not just get things done. So every day when I went home, I didn’t think about how to have a quick rest, but I thought about the day’s sales results and the reasons why it was good or bad.  Master said: “Pause for a moment of self-reflection, and increase your righteous thoughts Thoroughly analyze your shortcomings, and progress with renewed diligence” (from “Rational and Awake” , Hong Yin Vol. II)
From technique to xinxing, I must learn the lessons, learn from others, and improve myself.

Master said before, “Do you realize how many lives have been lost?! Do you know how I feel when I see those empty seats in the theater?” (Dafa Disciples must Study the Fa – Fa teaching given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference)
He would shed tears for those sentient beings that had lost their precious opportunity to be saved because the following year those seats wouldn’t be designated for them. For some sentient beings, perhaps this is their only chance to be saved. How can I let the old forces take advantage of the attachments which I haven’t yet cultivated away, and create gaps to interfere with us - create obstructions. This is not what Master wants. Even if we cultivate well through these tribulations, some sentient beings lost their chance.  Those attachments have been imposed on us, and they are not part of our true selves.

I once said to Master, as long as sentient beings buy Shen Yun tickets and are saved I will let go of anything - whatever is involved. I must let go of self regardless of what is required to achieve that. I must correct this attachment in accordance with the Fa. Sometimes when I saw unsold tickets, I was so anxious that I wanted to cry, I asked Master: “how do I find the people to buy these tickets. I hand myself over to Master, I will do what Master wants”. I felt Master’s immense strength and support, and got rid of many attachments and bad substances. When I encountered certain situations again, they couldn’t move me. It felt like what I experienced before wasn’t actually part of me and just passed by like an everyday event. Master enabled me to become more pure in fulfilling my mission to save people.

Master said: “not to change what I want, but to harmonize and complete things according to what I've said--is the best thought a being in the cosmos could have. ”
(Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference) When I did things according to what Master wants to the greatest extent possible, Master pulled me up, enabling me to walk out of humanness, walk towards godhood.

神韵在悉尼的演出刚一结束我就开学了。我是一个不敏感的人,可是那时我的直觉告诉我师父给予了我好多好多,推广的时候我有时还觉得自己很辛苦,然而我的那点付出在师父宏大的慈悲恩赐中太渺小太不值一提了。一个明显的表现就是师父给我打开智慧,我最后这个学期学习格外的轻松,学业各方面的表现都很突出理解能力很强,受到老师的关注,但我花在学业上的时间比前两个学期却少得多。最后这个学期三门课拿了一个HD (High Distinction) 和两个D (Distinction),其中还有我以前头疼的理论课。真的谢谢师父。
When the Shen Yun shows in Sydney wrapped up, I started school again. I’m not a sensitive person, but I instinctively told myself that Master had given me so much during the promotions. Sometimes I felt it was hard, but my contribution was so tiny and unworthy of mentioning compared to Master’s immense gift of compassion. An obvious manifestation was that Master helped open up my wisdom. During the last semester my studies were such a breeze. I excelled in many aspects of my assignments, and my comprehension was strong. I was closely cared for by Master. I spent a lot less time on studying than I had in the previous two semesters. In the last semester, I received a high distinction and two distinctions. One of these was in a theory subject which used to give me a lot of headaches. I truly thank Master.

Finally, the last thing I’d like to share is that practitioners truly need to put pen to paper and write an experience sharing. Not only are we reporting to Master, but the Fahui is one of the cultivation forms that Master left for us. When you write your experience sharing, you are actively walking the path arranged by Master. What Master wants us to do is definitely the best, and in this process, Master can help us. I feel guilty that it took me three or four attempts to finish writing this, but through each attempt, Master helped me become clearer on the Fa principles, hinting at the problems I was puzzled by, or problems I had overlooked, enabling me to return to the state of being diligent.

Practitioners, please kindly point out anything that is not appropriate.

Thank you, Master.
Thank you, fellow practitioners.


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