风 雨修炼路 步步师呵护  Cultivating through  the stormy path with Master's caring - English + Chinese

Greetings Master, Greetings fellow practitioners.

我今年 70岁。2009年6月从中国大陆来到澳洲。能在此向伟大的师尊、向同修们汇报我的修炼体会,我非常高兴!感谢伟大师尊的慈悲苦度,感谢同修们的无私帮 助,使我在十年的风雨中,在经历过磕磕绊绊后,能够走到今天。下面是我修炼的点滴和大家分享。

I am 70 years old now, arriving Australia from mainland China in June 2009. I am very happy for being able to report my cultivation experiences to Master and fellow practitioners here. Thank Master for the salvation, and thank fellow practitioners for the selfless assistances, enabling me to survive all the tumbles and falls on the stormy path of cultivation till today. I’d like to share bits and pieces in my cultivation with you below.

一、走 过中原蒙难的风雨十年
1. Making through Ten Dark Years in Mainland China

我于 1996年5月底得法,一个星期后,原来多病缠身的我,无病一身轻了,从此,我学法、炼功都非常投入。1996年国际法会在北京召开;我有幸在法会上见到 了师尊。我下定决心:一定紧跟师父,坚修到底。1999年“7。20”,大法遭到邪恶的疯狂迫害,我曾几次上访,被抓、被关,在压力面前,也曾违心应付 过。后来我想:我们在大法中受益,如今师父与大法受到诽谤,我们大法弟子不站出来说话,谁说呀?99年11月初,在一次邪党组织的“学习”《人民日报》评 论员文章时,我堂堂正正的把大法的美好告诉了大家。到场的人都非常震惊,会场一片正气。2000年6月,我公开退出了恶党组织,坚定的修大法。由于是第一 个公开退出恶党,对恶党震动很大,对我的迫害也越来越升级。2000年10月要把我送到马三家,我得到消息后离家出走了。从2000年12月开始,恶党截 断了我的全部退休金和一切副利待遇,并派人四处抓我。我在流落他乡时,用各种方法证实法,向人们讲清大法的美好与我们受到的迫害。
I began cultivation in May 1996. Within one week, all my illnesses had left me, my body felt light and pure. Since then I was very devoted to Fa study and group exercises. In 1996 an International Fa Conference was held in Beijing, I was fortunate to see Master during the conference. I had a resolution to follow Master to the completion of cultivation. Since July 20, 1999, during the evil persecution of Dafa, I had been kidnapped and detained a number of times, and had bent a little under pressure too. Later I thought: we have benefited from Dafa, but now Master and Dafa are being defamed. If we as Dafa disciples do not stand up and speak out, who will? So I openly and nobly talked about Dafa’s beauty during a CCP organised “study session” of commentary article from “People’s Daily”. Everybody was astonished, the whole atmosphere was full of righteousness. I openly withdrew from the CCP organisations in June 2000 and chose to be steadfast with cultivation in Dafa. As it was the first public withdrawal from the CCP, it sent a strong shock wave to them and they escalated their persecution of me. In Oct 2000, they were going to send me to the Masanjia labour camp, I found out beforehand and left home to avoid persecution. From Dec 2000, the evil CCP stopped all my retirement pay and benefits, sending people out everywhere to try to capture me. During my time away from home, I validated the Fa through clarifying the facts about Dafa and the persecution to people with various different means.

以前我 的怕心很重,虽然在学法实修中去掉了许多,还是有许多心没有去。在我被绑架前,师父曾用各种方法点化我,叫我背法、让我知道我有神通、要我应用神通清除邪 恶制止迫害。可是我的人心太重束缚了神念,没走好师父安排的路。在我被非法关押在看守所时,师父再次点化我正念冲出牢笼。可我还是没能冲出党文化形成观念 的束缚。我被送到了邪恶的北京女子监狱。
I used to have a strong attachment to fear. Although much was removed through Fa study, there was still some. Master gave me many hints through different avenues before I was kidnapped, telling me to recite and memorise the Fa, letting me know that I had supernormal abilities and should use it to clean up the evil and prevent the persecution. But my heavy human thoughts restrained my divine power, I failed to follow the path arranged by Master and ended up in detention. During detention, Master hinted to me again to walk free from the case using righteous thoughts, yet I again failed to break away from notions formed due to Party Culture. Eventually I was sent to the notorious Bejing Female Prison.

在磨难 中,大法弟子的一丝一念都得在法上,人念一出,邪恶就会钻空子,只有坚定信师信法,讲真相、发正念、背法,不动摇,才能冲破。可是有一天我被没有意识到的 人的观念干扰,我没能立即抓住它、灭掉它。邪恶马上找到了加重迫害我的借口。我遭到了意想不到的残酷迫害。当恶人疯狂扑来时,我知道我错在哪里了,立即大 喊:“师父!我错了!!”但是迫害已经发生了。六个多小时的酷刑折磨,我全身是伤,脊椎两处折断。那是一种致命的酷刑,三个月前同修董翠就死在这屋里。因 为我呼喊了师父,酷刑中,师父一直在默默的为我承受着巨痛,把我从死亡边缘拉回来。
All thoughts of a practitioner must be on the Fa during tribulation, otherwise evil would take advantage of our gap if a human thought emerges. Only with rock solid beliefs in Master and the Fa, steadfastly clarify the truth, FZN and recite the Fa could we achieve a breakthrough. Yet one day I was interfered by human notions unconsciously and failed to identify it immediately and defeat it. It gave the evil excuses to intensify the persecution and as a result I suffered unimaginably. I realised where I was wrong when the evil came on me madly, I shouted loudly: “Master, I was wrong!” But the persecution already happened. Over six hours of cruel torture, my spine broke in two places and wounds covered my whole body. It was a fatal kind of torture, fellow practitioner Dong Cui died in this room three months ago. Because I shouted to Master asking for help, Master was there all the time, bearing the mounting pain for me during the torture and saved me from the brink of death.

邪恶对 我持续四个月的酷刑折磨,没有达到目地,就恶毒的加上了毒药,下药后,我的每个细胞都剧烈疼痛难忍,主意识主宰不了自己,在这种神志不清的情况下,做了大 法弟子绝对不能做的事。药劲过后当我清醒过来,懊悔莫及。我的修炼几乎一毁到底!但是我绝不放弃!我不能辜负师尊的慈悲苦度,不能辜负对我寄与无限希望的 无量众生!我一定要洗刷这个奇耻大辱!无论怎么难!无论付出多大代价!!!我加强背法、发正念,时时都在做准备。有一天同修避开包夹小声说:“写信,揭发 他们!向监狱长写信!”我想,一定是师父点化,我开始写揭发信。奇迹一个个出现了:本来经常搜监的黑窝,自从我开始写信直到写成,长达一个半月竟没有搜 监!一封几千字的揭发信和重新修炼的声明写成了,只是还没有写信封。Evil used torture on me continuously for four months but to no avail, they viciously added the use of poison. The sharp pains from every cell in my body clouded my mind, my main consciousness was not totally in control of myself when I did things that a Dafa disciple mustn’t. I was in terrible regret when the effect of the poison subdued, my cultivation almost in total ruin. But I would definitely not give up. I must live up to Master’s compassion and salvation, I must live up to the countless sentient beings who entrusted on me their hope for salvation. I must brush clean this utter humiliation no matter how hard and whatever price I had to pay! I intensified my reciting the Fa and FZN, to be prepared and ready at every moment. One day a fellow practitioner whispered to me while “Baojia”s (inmates assigned to watch and isolate practitioners) was not watching, said “write a letter to the head of the prison to expose them”. I thought it was Master reminding me what to do; I made a start on a letter to the head of the prison. Miracles happened one after another thereafter. The prison used to have frequent checkups (search the prison cells) which had stopped for the following month and a half while I was writing the letter. An article several thousand characters long was completed, together with my solemn declaration to restart cultivation. I just needed to write an envelop for it. 就在这一天,监区长突然把我叫了去,说:“听说你在写东西?晚上就把你看起来!”然后叫我回来了。我马上明白了,是师父让我赶快发信!包夹盯的很紧,我只 好午休时在被窝里写好了信封。怎么发?奇迹再次出现:下午洗澡,我有意走在队伍的最后,却意外的没人干涉我,路上我把信成功的投进了监狱长信箱。这是在我 出狱前20个月的时候,我放下生死终于爬起来了!师父说:“你们自己做正的时候师父什么都能为你们做。如果你们正念很强,能放下生死,金刚不动,那些邪恶 就不敢动你们。”《北美巡回讲法》。我的经历正是如此。
On that same day, the head of my prison ward suddenly called me in and said to me “(We) heard that you are writing stuff. You will be put under watch tonight immediately”, then allowed me to return. I immediately understood, Master is telling me to send out the letter quickly. My “Baojia”s were watching intensely, so I had to do the envelop under my blanket during the afternoon rest. But how could I send it? A miracle happened again: I deliberately dropped back to the last in line when we queued up for showers in the afternoon, surprisingly no one interfered. So on the way to the shower I was able to drop the letter into the mailbox to the Prison Director. This was about 20 months before I was released from detention; I finally was able to stand up on my feet by letting go of attachments to life and death. Master said: “When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you. If your righteous thoughts are truly strong, if you're able to put aside the thought of life and death, and if you're solid and unshakable like diamond, then those evil beings won't dare to touch you" . My experiences were exactly so.

监控室 看到了我投信,当日下午把我看起来了。只是监区恶警不敢轻举妄动。威胁、诱惑仍然不断。我坚定不移。那几天,真是一场正邪大战,我知道师父正在看着我,我 也感觉到,自己在层层突破,头几天一天能突破几层,身体越来越轻松;邪恶在减少、在灭尽。座谈进行了九天,犹大们搜肠刮肚的也谈不出什么来了,只好说: “没什么好谈的了,你很坦荡,我们很佩服。”又一个说:“我看到从你身上掉下来很多小金星。”是师父在加持我、在为我打掉那些迫害我的黑手。
The prison’s control office saw my letter and immediately put me under surveillance that afternoon. Yet officers in the ward dared not do much evil at will, but still threats and tricks were abundant. I was rock solidly resolute. It was truly a grand battle between good and evil those few days. I knew Master was looking after me. I could also feel myself making break through in levels. In the first couple of days I could break through several levels daily, my body felt lighter and lighter as evil was reducing and being annihilated. For nine days they used Judah (brainwashed victims who betrayed Dafa) to hold sessions with me. In the end they could not find any more argument and had to say: “There is nothing more to talk about. We admire your clear and noble conscience. Another one of them said: “I saw many golden little stars falling off your body”. It was Master supporting me, helping to eliminate those dark minions.

2007 年7月2日,从邪恶的黑窝回到家。我急切的要学法,四年哪!我朝思暮想的就是要学法。翻箱倒柜也没有找到我留在家中的《转法轮》,可是我又不敢冒然去找同 修。第二天家人来了,一问,家人说:“被公安抄走了。”家人走后,我坐在地上大哭起来。午休时刚入睡,在梦中我看到了一位同修和她的老伴正站在我的楼下向 我招手。我猛的坐起身,师父太慈悲了,弟子想什么师父全知道!第二天我来到同修家。我说:“我太饿了!”她马上明白了,立刻找来了《转法轮》,后来她又为 我找来了师父在各地的讲法。一切都在师父的呵护之中。从此我全力静心学法、炼功,洗净在魔窟中受到的污染,充实自己。
On 2nd July 2007, I finally returned home from the evil’s den. I was desperate for Fa study. It had been four years. What I had wished for day and night was Fa study. I went through all the drawers and cabins but there was no trace of the copy of Zhuan Falun I kept at home. Yet I did not want to endanger fellow practitioners going straight to them. My family visited me the next day. Upon enquiry they said the book was confiscated by the Public Security. When they left I sat on the floor and cried. In a nap I dreamed of a fellow practitioner and her husband standing downstairs from my apartment waving to me. I jumped up. Such grand compassion from Master, he knows every thought of us disciples. I arrived at this practitioner’s place the next day and said: “I am so very hungry!” She understood instantly and brought Zhuan Falun to me quickly. She also found me other lectures by Master later on. Everything is in Master’s care and protection. From then on I was able to study the Fa intensely with a calm heart and do the exercises regularly, cleaning off the contamination from the evil den and strengthening myself.

师父 说:“作为一名正法时期的大法弟子,个人解脱不是修炼的目地,救度众生才是你们来时的大愿与正法中历史赋予你们的责任和使命,因此大量的众生也就成了你们 救度的对像。”《放下人心救度世人》我感到了我的责任重大,三个月刚过,我就踏上了回乡救人之路。家乡之行仅仅一天两夜就有几十人三退,临回来的那天早 上,临村的恶党支部书记早早跑来为他和他的一家三退。再加上沿途的亲友,这一趟,就有近百人三退了;回京后我又劝同事、朋友、行人三退,在各种场合中只要 有机会就面对面讲真相、劝三退;同时还刻录光盘、制做护身符、写用真相币、写信、打电话等方式救人。在出国前我又抓紧时间到外省市的几家亲戚劝退,效果很 好,都退了。我也曾被恶人举报过三次,每次单位“610”都要兴师问罪,我正好向他们讲真相。一年多中有几百人三退了,有的几句话劝退了。众生真的在急切 的等着得救,师父不断把有缘人带到我面前来。
Master said in that "For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your
great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has
bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are
to be saved by you." . I realized my duty being important and heavy. In just over three months time I set off on my way to save lives in my home village. In just one day and two nights of this home visit, I helped a few dozen people to renounce their vows to the CCP. On the day of my departure the head of CCP (Party Secretary) from our neighbouring village rushed over early in the morning to renounce the CCP for himself and his whole family. Including friends and relatives along the way, I had helped a total of close to a hundred people with their Quit CCP registrations in this trip. After returning home to Beijing, I carried on with quit CCP work, helping colleagues, friends and people I met on the street.

二、自 由社会环境中修心救人
II Cultivate to Offer Salvation in A Free Society

1) 向内找,去掉人心
1. Look Inward, Remove Human Sentiments

我能来到澳洲并在这里居留,全是师父的精心呵护。一份被迫害的证明——“判决书”神奇的被保护下来就是例证。来到这里,我知道,我不是来逃难的,我是来修 炼证实法的。师父说:“在常人中放不下的心,都得让你放下。所有的执著心,只要你有,就得在各种环境中把它磨掉。让你摔跟头,从中悟道,就是这样修炼过来 的。”《转法轮》。师父为我安排好了一切。这里环境宽松了,可是,新的环境、新的人际关系,与我没去掉的执著和党文化毒害下形成的观念产生了严重的冲撞, 再加上邪恶因素的干扰,搞的我焦头烂额。我悟到是让我再去执著的,真是“修心难最难过”。头几个月,心上好像总是压了块大石头,今天去掉一个,明天又来一 个。不断学法向内找,不断去掉,我越来越轻松。许多执著心都通过小事表现出来。比如说,听了不好听的话了,做点小事有麻烦了等等,心里就不平衡。师父说: “恶者妒嫉心所致,为私、为气、自谓不公。善者慈悲心常在,无怨、无恨、以苦为乐。觉者执著心无存,静观世人,为幻所迷。”《境界》。事情虽小,却都是为 私、为我、为气的根本执著。最近在学习师父的新经文《致欧洲法会》时,我再次看到了自己的差距。我对妒嫉心有了新的认识。我按师父讲的,多学法向内找教, 在加强学法的同时把《境界》《致欧洲法会》等经文背下来,找到不好的思想、观念发正念清除它。我的空间场也清亮多了。
It was again due to Master’s compassion that I am now able to stay in Australia. I know that I am not here to seek refuge, but I am here to validate the Fa. Master said in Zhuan Falun: “You will be made to abandon all those attachments that cannot be given up among everyday people. As long as you have them, all of those attachments must be removed in different environments. You will be made to stumble, whereby you will become enlightened to the Tao. This is how one goes through cultivation practice.”. Master arranged everything for me. Here in Australia the environment is more relaxed, but my remaining attachments – those notions formed with the poisonous “Party-culture” collided with the new surrounding and new social interactions. On top of that there were also other interferences from the evil, causing me feeling like in a big mess. I enlightened that this is an opportunity for me to sever my remaining attachments. It truly was “cultivating the heart is the most difficult”. I felt as if a giant rock was weighing on my heart in the first few months, removing one today, comes another tomorrow. Through continuous efforts studying the Fa and looking inward, I felt lighter and lighter. Many attachments were exposed through trivial matters. For example, when my heart was moved hearing something I didn’t like or encountering difficulty when trying to do something. Although the matters were trivia, but the attachments were all fundamental ones for I, for me and for self interest. When I studied “To the European Fa Conference” later, I could again see my shortcomings. I gained new understanding of jealousy. I did as Master said, study the Fa more and look inward. While intensifying Fa study, I also recite to memorise “Realm” and “…” at the same time, and FZN to clear up bad thoughts when they surfaced immediately. The spaces are becoming cleaner and brighter.

2)救 度众生兑现史前誓约
来到悉尼半年了,除了参加证实法的各种活动外,坚持在唐人街退党点做义工,从周一到周四。我体会那是个震慑邪恶的地方,也是个修心救人的场所。我们一边发 真相资料一边发正念清除另外空间的邪恶;在那里能经常接触一些有缘人,劝退了一些人,包括大陆来的公安。我也看到一些华人受恶党毒害很深、很麻木,我们除 了发正念清除他们背后的邪恶,同样以平和的心态对待他们。在各种环境中牢记自己的使命抓紧劝退。

2. Save sentient beings, realise pre-historic vows
I have arrived in Sydney for six months now. Apart from participating in various activities to validate the Fa, I have been volunteering in Chinatown’s Quit CCP desk from Monday to Thursday every week. I know it is the place to subdue the evil, also the place to cultivate oneself and offer salvation. We would FZN to clean up evil in other dimensions while distributing facts clarification materials. We often run into some predestined people here, also helped people with their Quit CCP, including some police officers from mainland China. I also see that some Chinese are deeply poisoned by the CCP, they are very indifferent. In addition to FZN to clean up the evil behind them, we also treat them calmly and peacefully, not to forget our mission to save lives from the CCP, regardless of in different situations and environments.

经过一 段时间的学法、修心和向同修们学习,感到我心的容量增大了,慈悲心增强了。过去想起那些迫害过我的人,心中还会隐隐有点恨。现在已经没有恨了。相反,我用 在大法中修出的慈悲把过去迫害我十年的“610”的主要骨干给劝退了。我在国内时,我们无数次面对面,多数是他们来迫害我,我每次都要向他们讲真相,他都 听不进去。这一次,我以平和的心态、巨大的善念向他讲真相,他终于明白了。师父说:“慈悲能溶天地春正念可救世中人”(《洪吟二》〈法正乾坤〉)我的心念 正了,师父就加持我,是师父的洪大慈悲救了这个对大法犯过大罪的人。
Through a period of Fa study, cultivating myself and learn from fellow practitioners, I could feel my heart becoming bigger with more compassion. I used to still harbour hatred when thinking of those who persecuted me in the past. Now the hatred had disappeared. In contrast, with the compassion cultivated from Dafa, I was able to help a core 610 official who was responsible for persecuting me in the last ten years to Quit CCP. We have met countless times face to face in China. Mostly it was when they came to persecute me. I clarified the truth to them every time but he would never listen. This time I clarified truth to him with immensely strong compassion and peaceful mindset, he finally understood me. Master said in Hongyin (Fa Rectifies the Cosmos): “Mercy can melt heaven and earth into spring, Righteous thought can save people of the world”. When my heart was righteous Master strengthened me. It was Master’s boundless compassion that had saved this person who had sinned against Dafa before.

同修 们,在正法的最后时刻让我们共同精进!了却人心、走向神!救度更多众生,兑现我们的史前誓约!以上是我目前的认识。请同修们慈悲指正。
Dear fellow practitioners, let us move forward with diligence at these last moments of Fa rectification. Let us sever all human sentiments and transgress to godhood. Save more sentient beings and realise our pre-historic vows. The above are my current understandings, hope fellow practitioners would kindly point out any short comings.

再一次 感谢伟大的师尊!感谢同修们!
Thank you Master again, thank you fellow practitioners.