Integrating into the local community 溶入當地的 社區中 - Chinese and English


Good morning/afternoon venerable Master and fellow practitioners.

I would like to share my experiences of integrating into the community and therefore getting closer to people in order to help them position themselves.

In Zhuan Falun Master talks about the attachment of zealotry. Master says, “Once they learn our Falun Dafa, they will understand at once many questions in life that they have wished to understand but could not answer. Perhaps along with their minds being elevated, they will become very excited – this is for sure. I know that a genuine practitioner will know its weight and cherish it. Yet this problem often occurs: Due to human excitement, one will develop unnecessary zealotry. It causes one to behave abnormally in one’s form of doing things, or in interacting with others in ordinary human society. I say that this is unacceptable.
The majority of people in our school will practice cultivation in ordinary human society, so you should not distance yourself from ordinary human society and you must practice cultivation with a clear mind. The relationships among one another should remain normal.”
在轉法輪中,師父說:“他一旦學習了我們法輪大法以後,他一下子就明白了他在人生當中許許多多想要明白、而又不得其解的問題。可能伴隨著他的思想會來個昇 華,他的心情會非常激動,這一點是肯定的。我知道,真正修煉的人是知道他的輕重的,他會知道珍惜的。但是往往又出現這樣的問題,由於人的高興,生出來不必 要的歡喜心,就引起他在形式上,在常人社會的人與人之間的交往中,在常人社會環境當中表現失常,我說這樣就不行了。

我們這套功 法大部份是在常人社會中修煉,你不能夠使自己脫離常人社會,你得明明白白的去修煉。人與人之間還是一個正常的關係…”

How many of us really followed these words early on in our practice? I for one didn’t. “I don’t need to hang out with my friends anymore, I’ll just spend time with practitioners. It’s better to be around practitioners. And I can’t play music, go to the gym or play sport anymore, because that would be entertaining attachments. There’s no time for those things. I have to study and practise more.” Perhaps it would be okay to think like this if we were just doing personal cultivation, but as we know, we’re not. We’re rescuing people and Master has told us that we are their last hope (not sure if exact words). So, in order to rescue people where should we be and what kinds of things should we be doing?

有多少學員在我們修煉的初期能夠真正地的遵循師父的這段話呢?至少我個人並沒有做到:我不需要和我的朋友在一起了,我只需要和學員在一起;和其他學員在一 起比較好;我也不能玩音樂了、到健身房鍛鍊或參加運動了,因為那會引起執著。我沒有時間去做其他的事情,我要更多的學法和練功。如果我們只是個人修煉這也 許是可行的。但是我們都知道,我們不是。我們還要救人。師父告訴了我們大法弟子是人們最後的希望(不是原話) 。因此,為了救人,我們應該在那裡?我們應該做些什麼呢?

I had an enlightening experience a few years ago when a friend invited me to a party. I didn’t want to go because I knew it wouldn’t be my scene anymore, with loud music, drunk people etc..etc.. I was about to turn down the invitation, when something inside me urged me to go because there might be an opportunity to meet new people and isn’t that a potential opportunity to clarify the truth? So I went, and sure enough, amongst the loud music and alcohol I had the chance to clarify the truth to one or two people in a bit of detail. So it was obvious from the perspective of rescuing people, staying home that night would not have been the better option.
幾年前我悟到了一件事情。當時我的一位朋友邀請我去參加一個派對。我並不想去,因為我認為我不再屬於那種場所。那裡有吵雜的音樂與喝醉酒的人群等等。但是 當我正要婉拒這個邀請時,我心裏突然有一種感覺告訴我應該去參加這個聚會,因為那是一個可以遇見新朋友和也許可以講真相的機會。我去了。結果在吵雜的音樂 聲與酒醉的人群中,我有機會能和一兩個常人相當詳細的講了一些真相。因此,從救人的角度來看,當天晚上留在家裡可能並不是一個最好的選擇。

Earlier this year, immediately after the riots in East Turkestan, another practitioner from my area and I supported a Uyghur march and rally in the city. My friend from the Uyghur community had emailed me about it and asked if I would like to speak there about the persecution of Falun Gong because the same regime was responsible. We had already established a solid relationship with him through the Human Rights Torch Relay and another Walk for Human Rights in Manly in 2008. We both thought it would be a good opportunity to expose the persecution, talk about the ‘Quit CCP Movement’ and further establish our relationship with the Uyghur people. In the two days leading up to the event there had been a lot of heartfelt sharing amongst practitioners about whether we should attend or not. I really appreciated reading the different perspectives and it enabled me to be clearer about how I should approach this rally. In hindsight it was probably better that only a couple of us attended, but it was important that we were there to show that we care about their plight.
去年早些時候,在東土耳其斯坦發生暴亂之後,我和當地的另一位學員參加了一個在市中心舉行的維吾爾族人的人權抗爭活動。我的一位朋友是維吾爾族人。我們曾 經在人權聖火與一個在Manly市舉行的人權步行活動中建立了深厚的友誼。他在這次的活動中邀請我講述法輪功學員遭受的迫害,因為迫害維吾爾族人和法輪功 學員的是同一個邪惡的政權。但是在活動前的兩天之內,學員們對我們是否應該參加這次活動有了一場相當激烈的交流。我很感謝學員們的交流,因為這讓我認識到 自己應該用何種心態來參與這次的活動。後來,我認識到只有兩位學員參加這次的活動才是比較恰當的。但是,我認為我們對他們遭受的迫害表示關心是非常重要 的。

I believe it’s because of this caring about others’ plights that they will then warm to us and care about our plight too. Then they are going to position themselves. This could be seen yet again when my Uyghur friend was speaking at our World Human Rights Day rally in December last year. Early on in his speech he spoke about the persecution of Falun Gong. This came from him and was not something we asked him to do and it wasn’t even a Falun Gong event, but a universal human rights one.
我相信當我們對他人遭受的苦難表示關心時,他們才會對我們產生好感,並對我們遭受的迫害也產生同情。這樣他們就能擺放自己的位置。舉個例子,我的這位維吾 爾族朋友在去年12月參加了世界人權日的活動。他在演講時主動提到了法輪功,而當時的活動並不是一個法輪功的活動。我們並沒有告訴他要這樣做。

Another example of this was when our friend from the Tibetan community mentioned them persecution of Falun Gong in his book ‘Our Tibet’. I believe it’s because of the connection we had established with him and the Tibetan community that he understood us and felt comfortable doing this.
另一個例子是我們有一位西藏的朋友,他也在自己一本名為“我們的西藏”的書中提到了法輪功遭受的迫害。我相信這是因為我們與他和西藏社區建立了一定程度的 友誼,他才能這樣做的。

I have learnt that being part of the community is really reaching out to people. In Manly and Dee Why we have maintained a solid practice site for several years now, and although not many of those who come to learn stick with the practice, people who walk past do pay attention. For example, I’m an English teacher and often my students or colleagues will say, “I saw you practising exercises /meditation at Manly or Dee Why Beach on the weekend.”It’s then very easy to talk to them about Falun Dafa.
我學到了成為社區的一部分才能真正的與人接觸。在 Manly 和 Dee Why 的海灘,我們的練功點已經堅持了幾年。雖然許多來學功的人並沒有留下來,但是許多路過的人都會注意到我們的練功點。舉個例子,我是一位英文教師。我的學生 和一些同事就經常會跟我說:“我看到你週末在Manly 或 Dee Why 的海灘練功。”藉由這個機會,我就可以很容易的對他們講真相了。

It’s also good for our politicians and councillors to know that we are there practising and teaching the exercises every weekend, offering a free service to the community. This, along with bumping into them in the local café or walking along the street in our local community, helps to establish a solid relationship with them. They are then more likely to come and speak at our events, which in turn strengthens our relationship further. Whereas if we just contact them and ask them to attend, without having established any connection, it’s less likely that they will. Actually, there’s a lot to be said for occasionally having a coffee at your local café. As a result of doing this I’ve gotten to know the Events Organiser at Manly Council. He seems a lot warmer towards me than he used to be. But remember! Coffee’s addictive, so keep the attachment in check!
而且,堅持在練功點練功可以讓當地的議員與政治人物知道我們都會固定在週末的時候教功和練功,免費為這個社區作出貢獻。還有,在當地的咖啡店裡或走在路 上,也經常可以碰到這些人。這也可以幫助我們與他們建立關係。當我們邀請他們來支持大法的活動時,他們也比較有可能來,然後我們的關係就又會更上一層。相 反的,如果我們只是在需要他們的時候邀請他們,而沒有事先建立一些關係,他們就比較不會來。所以偶爾在你居住地方的咖啡店喝杯咖啡,也許會有些不期而遇的 相會。我就是這樣認識了我們 Manly 這個地方官方的活動安排人。原本冷漠的他對我變的比較熱情了。但是要注意,喝咖啡是很容易上癮的喔!

Speaking of councillors, due to the relationships that we have established with our Mayor and former Mayor, they have initiated activities which have been great platforms for clarifying the truth. In the ‘Fa Teaching at the US Capital on July 22, 2007’, Master said, “When you are reaching out to people, that is when you are saving them. When people give support after becoming clear on the truth, thanks to your clarifying the facts, that is saving people; and the positive results they produce after they come to realize the truth is for saving people. In other words, after ordinary people manage to comprehend things and are able to offer support, the impact of that support can itself save people.”

談到市議 員,由於我們和市長與前任市長建立了關係,他們曾經主動的舉辦過一些活動,而我們也經由這些活動講了真相。在2007年7月的“美國首都講法”中,師父 說:“你們在接觸人的時候就是在救人,通過講真相叫給予支持者明白真相是救人,明白真相後所起到的正面作用也是為救人。也就是說,在達成常人理解後能夠給 予一定支持,這個支持的影響還是在救人。”

The current Mayor of Manly contacted us and asked us if we would like to do a presentation about Falun Dafa at a community social meeting that she hosts once a fortnight, attended by over 100 people. John came and did a powerpoint presentation and our local practitioners demonstrated the exercises. Due to the Mayor’s efforts, those attendees left the room with a better understanding. Our previous Mayor, who is still a Manly councillor, was also involved in the organisation of the Manly leg of the Human Rights Torch Relay and the Walk for Human Rights which followed in 2008. In addition, we have gradually established a close relationship with our state MP, who has consequently spoken at two of the truth clarifying events we have organised. We are very happy for these councillors and MPs and the people they have reached. However, although we seem to be on the right track in our local area, there are still many breakthroughs which need to be made, for example with our federal MP and the local Amnesty group. These breakthroughs will only come with improvement in our Xinxing and in our working better as one body.
現任市長曾邀請我們去一個她每兩個禮拜舉行一次的社區活動講述法輪大法,當時有一百多個常人參加。John 來幫我們做了一個投影片的講解,之後當地的學員做了功法表演。由於這位市長的努力,與會者都對大法有了正面的了解。我們的前一任市長,目前還是本市的市議 員,當時參與了Manly 市的人權聖火與2008年的人權步行活動。此外,我們也逐漸的與當地的省議員建立了良好的關係。這位議員有兩次在大法弟子舉辦的活動中發言。我們非常高興 這些政治人物與他們所能影響的民眾能夠明白真相。但是我們還有需要努力的地方。比如我們的聯邦國會議員與當地的大赦國際組織還需要我們近一步去講清真相。 然而,這個需要努力的部分只能在我們提高心性與當地學員共同協調好之後,才能發生改進。

I would just like to conclude by saying that in order to be accepted by the community, we simply need to be part of the community. We need to be seen in the community, playing with our kids in the park, shopping at the local supermarket, attending the local market day or spring festival and most importantly, practising the exercises in our local area. People take notice of all these things and will feel comfortable opening up to a community-minded person. Conversely, if we only live there, but don’t contribute to the community and run off to the city every weekend to join an event, neglecting our local area, then people may see us as a little strange or at least a bit cold. Of course, those events in the city are very important but I believe that us attending them should not be at the expense of our local area. I know of some practitioners, including my wife, who have joined non-practitioner music groups in their local area and have hence opened up the door to those people. Another practitioner I spoke to recently plays football at a local park with a large group of people, sometimes wearing his Falun Dafa shirts. He has done the same. I feel if everyone really took the time to integrate locally, then there would be a ripple effect and more people would know the truth deeply because it came from someone they know is good and someone they trust.

最後,我想 說的是我們必須是社區的一部分,我們才能被這個社區所接受。我們必須在這個社區被看見:在公園和我們的孩子玩、在購物中心買東西、偶爾參與當地的節慶活動 等。但是最重要的是,能堅持不懈的在當地的練功點練功。人們會看到這些事情,然後他們才會對一位關心社會的人信任和表示友善。相反的,如果我們只是住在這 裡,沒有對社區作出貢獻,而在週末假日時總是往城市裡跑、參加活動,完全忽視了自己所在的社區,那麼當地人就會覺得我們有些奇怪,甚至有點冷漠。當然,在 市中心的大法活動也是很重要的,但是我們不應該因此而忽略我們自己的社區。我知道有一些學員,包括我的妻子,參加了一些當地的常人音樂社團,並且有機會能 打入他們的圈子。我還知道有一位學員最近在公園和一大群人玩足球,他有時會穿大法的衣服。他也在做同樣的一件事情。我認為如果每一位學員都能夠花一些時間 溶入當地的社會,我們整體就能更深入的講清真相,因為這些真相來自於他們認為可信的好人。

It has been an honour to speak before you today. Thank you.