走師父安排的路 Walk the Cultivation Path Master Arranged

尊敬的师父您好! 各位同修好! Revered Master! Fellow Practitioners! 我叫乔,我是2008年得法的新学员,这是我来到澳洲後第二次参加澳洲的法会,能有机会同大家一起交流,我感到十分的高兴,下面我有两点感悟,与同修交 流。 My name is Qiao. I am a new practitioner who obtained the Fa in 2008. This is the second time that I participate in the Australia Fa Conference since I came to Australia. I am glad that I have this opportunity to share with everyone, and would like to exchange the following two insights with fellow practitioners.

一、集体学法、炼功的重要 我来到澳洲後不久,就到南区 Hurstville 学法点参加学法,每天在家中自己也学法。大概到了2009年4月份时,由於隋性,从自己内心总是感觉到,在学法点学法不如自己在家学好,使自己偏离了师父 谆谆教诲,在经历了半年多的时间,我虽然在家学法,学法笔记也写了不少,但感觉自己的修炼总是不在状态中,自己也没有按照师父的话,向内找。但在每周六去 Burwood 大学法点学法中,我渐渐感悟到,在与众多同修共同学法中,每次学法中都有不同的体悟,在每次学习师父在不同时期的经文时,我总会热泪盈眶,使自己领悟了很 多的法理。这一切是我在家中自己学法时,根本达不到的一种状态。这使我开始感悟到慈悲的师父为什麽要让学员在一起集体学法、集体炼功的深远意义。师父是让 每一个学员在集体修炼环境中,能够找到差距,更快的提高。现在我明白了是自己的安逸心和人的各种执著,导致在半年多宝贵的时间里,自己没有能精进的主要原 因。 1. The Importance of Participating in Group Fa study and Group Practice. Not long after I arrived in Australia, I started to join group Fa study at Hurstville site. I also read Dafa books at home every day. Around April 2009, because of my laziness, I often felt in my heart that it is better to study the Fa at home rather than at the Fa study site, and I thus deviated from Master’s teaching. After more than six months’ studying the Fa only at home,though with many notes written down after studying the Fa, I somehow felt my cultivation status was not right, and I wasn’t looking inwards as Master said. But after I joined the large group Fa study at Burwood on every Saturday, I started to have different enlightenments after reading with fellow practitioners; every time when I read Master’s articles given at different times, I was always moved to tears and also gained many new understandings. This was something that I could never achieve and a state that I had never reached at home. I understood then a deeper meaning of why Master wants us to study the Fa and practice together. Master wants us to find our gaps and quickly improve in this big cultivation environment. I realized now that it was my attachment to comfort and other human attachments that caused me to not be diligent in that period of over six months.

二、珍惜修炼的万古机缘 我是2007年4月份来到澳洲的,以前在中国我从未修炼过法轮功,在澳洲以法轮功受迫害的名义申请难民保护,这样我才走进了大法。在经过一段时间的接触, 使我感受到了法轮大法的博大精深,更深深的体悟到自己的思想和身体都得到了极大的改变。通过这些看的见、摸的着的变化,使我更加坚定了修炼的决心。然而在 开始向移民局递交的材料中,编造了自己在中国因法轮功受迫害的种种不真实材料,想用欺骗的方式得到身份。在我2008年得法之後,这个谎言一直也在困挠着 我的修炼,每当我面对师父的法像和众多同修的时候,心中充满了愧疚和负罪感,是自己给自己增加了业力,造成了自己心性和修炼层次的不能提高。由於自己有想 得到身份的很强执著,虽然知道修炼人不能说谎,但在2009年1月和2月期间,向澳洲移民局两次补充材料中,却仍然继续编造材料。想用人的方式,以此而通 过审核获得身份。 2. Treasure the greatest Cultivation Opportunity since Ancient Times I came to Australia in April 2007, and I had never practiced Falun Gong in China. I came to know Falun Dafa in order to claim refugee protection in Australia as a Falun Gong practitioner. After a period of practising, I felt the profoundness of Falun Dafa, and deeply realized the great change taking place in my mind and body. After these visible and tangible changes, I was more determined in cultivation practice. But when I first submitted the materials to the Immigration department, I fabricated various statements about how I was persecuted as a Falun Gong practitioner in China, in order to gain permanent residence in Australia. Since I obtained the Fa in 2008, this lie had bothered me in my cultivation; every time when I looked at Master’s picture and when I was with many fellow practitioners, my heart was filled with guilt. It was me who increased karma for myself, and it has resulted in both my xinxing and cultivation level being unable to improve. I knew that a cultivator should not lie, but because I had strong attachments to getting the permanent residence, I continued to fabricate more materials when I provided additional documents to the Australian Immigration Department in January and February 2009. I was using human ways in order to get the refugee status.

其实一个修炼人的一思一念,行为是否符合法的要求,师父与众神都看在眼里,旧势力也会利用我的执著让我在人念中不能自拔。很快,我就遇到两次很大的磨难。 我是做房屋装修工作的,2009年1月8日及4月9日,我两次在工作时从高处头朝下摔下,两次都全身无恙。 In fact, whether a practitioner’s thought is in line with the requirement of the Fa or not is very clear in Master and Gods’ eyes. At the same time, the old forces would also take advantage of my attachments. Soon I encountered two great tribulations. My job is renovating people’s houses. On January 8 and April 9, 2009, twice I fell from a height, but twice my body was mostly unharmed.

但第一次工伤造成左脚肿胀,第二次只有右脚扭伤。是慈悲的师父保护了我,才没在两次工伤中致残,让我在还业中醒悟自己的执著。现在想来,两次工伤,分别伤 在左、右脚,其实是在点化我在修炼的路上走的不正。但我当时悟性太低,心中只是感谢师父的保护让我去难消业,却没有感悟到师父点化我的良苦用心。 However, the first work-related injury caused my left foot swollen while the second injury caused me a right foot sprain. It was benevolent Master who protected me so that I didn’t become disabled, and helped me to realize my own attachment through paying off karma. Thinking about it now, the two work-related incidents injured my left and right foot respectively; it indicated that I was not walking righteously on my cultivation path. But my enlightenment quality was too poor to understand Master’s kind reminder. I was only thankful for Master’s help in paying my karma and overcoming the tribulation.

就这样,两次的补充材料中,我依然继续编造假材料,一错再错,以为只有这样才能拿到身份。直到2009年11月5日,在我接到移民部的来信,告诉我的申请 被驳回後,由於自己的执著心,促使我还想利用侥幸的心理来逃避现实。 In this way, I continued to fabricate false materials in additional paperwork. I made the same mistake again, thinking that it was the only way to get the PR status. Even until November 5, 2009, when I received a letter from the Immigration Department notifying that my application was rejected, because of my attachments I still refused to face reality.

我还是不悟,还是紧紧抓着人的东西不放,还想继续撒谎上诉。一个周末,我来到山上景点发资料,一位同修关切的询问我现状如何?当我告知自己的真实情况後, 同修严肃的指出,我这样做是对自己的修炼不负责任,一个得了法的生命,他的人生道路已经重新安排,信师信法,放下执著在自己修炼的路上走正,才是最好的状 态。 I still didn’t come to my senses, tightly holding onto the human things, and wanted to continue the lie in my appeal. One weekend, I went to a tourist site to give out flyers, a fellow practitioner asked me about my refugee application status out of concern. When I told the practitioner the true situation, the practitioner pointed out to me seriously that what I did was not responsible to my own cultivation. For a being who has obtained the Fa, his life path has been re-arranged, and believing in Master and the Fa, getting rid of attachments and walking one’s own cultivation path righteously is the most correct status.

在这最关键的时刻,是大慈大悲的师父又一次帮助了我,安排众多的同修点悟我,使我能够幡然醒悟,修炼就是修心性,就是彻底放下不好的东西。如果我再这样执 著下去,不但使我深陷谎言的泥潭中,由此还将使自己无法继续修炼下去,有师父的关怀和保护、有众多同修的支持和鼓励,使我勇敢的放下执著和破除思想中旧势 力的阻挠,向同修和澳洲政府讲出自己的真实情况,将自己思相中肮脏的东西曝露出来,去掉它。 At that critical moment, again it was benevolent Master who helped me and arranged many practitioners to remind me and awaken me that cultivation is to cultivate one’s xinxing, is to let go off those bad things. If I continue to have that attachment, not only I would be stuck in the lie, my cultivation would also be ruined. With Master’s care and protection and fellow practitioners support and encouragement, I was able to let go off my attachment and break through the interferences in my mind by the old forces, and I told both fellow practitioners and the Australian government the true facts about myself, and exposed and got rid of the dirty thoughts in my mind.

现在我感觉自己是真实的自己,特别的轻松。是慈悲的师父帮助我闯过了修炼路上的心性关。现在我可以坦然的告诉世人,我将无愧於法轮大法弟子这一圣洁、崇高 的称号。今後无论邪恶如何凶恶,中共恶党如何残暴,都将无法阻挡我在大法中修炼,无法阻挠我对众生的救度,助师正法是每一个大法弟子的责任,也是历史赋於 大法弟子伟大而神圣的使命。 Now I feel that I am truly myself, and I feel really unburdened. It was merciful Master who helped me to pass the xinxing tribulation in my cultivation. Now I can tell the world with no guilty conscience that I am worthy of the noble title of “Falun Dafa disciple”. In the future, no matter how vicious the evil is, or how brutal the Chinese Communist Party is, it cannot stop me in my cultivation and saving sentient beings. It is every Dafa disciples’ responsibility to assist Master with Fa-rectification, it is the great and sacred mission that history bestowed upon Dafa disciples.

最後我也衷心希望那些与我有同样经历的新学员,不要错过这亘古的机缘,得法不易,得正法更不易,在你我走进大法的时候,在我们修炼的路上,慈悲的师父会给 我们安排好一切最好的东西,让我们一起珍惜这万古机缘。 以上是我得法後修炼的感悟,不当之处,敬请同修们慈悲指正。 Finally, I sincerely hope that those new practitioners who have the same experience as me, do not miss this greatest opportunity since ancient times. It is not easy to obtain the Fa; it is ever harder to obtain the righteous Fa. As soon as you and I walk into Dafa, Master will arrange the best things on our cultivation path. Let’s cherish this best opportunity since ancient times. The above are my cultivation experiences after obtaining the Fa. Please kindly correct anything that is inappropriate.

谢谢师父!谢谢各位同修! Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!