做 媒體協調人的修煉體會 Cultivation experience in been a coordinator for a media  Chinese + English

悉 尼弟子, 馬

慈悲伟 大的师父好!同修好!
Greetings benevolent Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!

我在随 师正法修炼的路上走了整整11年。最近的三年半的时间里主要是协调媒体,在做媒体协调人的过程中,我有一些体会,谈出来与大家分享。如有不妥之处,请同修 慈悲指正。
I have walked on the path of assisting Master in Fa Rectification for 11 years. In the recent three and a half years, I have mainly been involved with coordinating media. Through this process, I have had some experiences, and would like to share it with fellow practitioners. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point them out.

在开始兩年中,我没有重视媒体的经营,仅仅是停留在每周定期出报,注重文章的安排和版面的美观,使报纸能吸引更多的读者,从而起到讲真相救人的作用,为了 能救更多的华人,我们尽量扩大发行量,但是时间一长,经济压力越来越重,為了解決報紙發行量擴大的費用,我用住房作抵押向银行贷款,与同修一起经营水果超 市,但是在世界性的金融风暴下,不到一年,亏损50万,使我的经济状况雪上加霜,在与同修的交流中,我认识到:自己没有按照师父的法去做,让旧势力钻了空 子,使大法的资源遭受了巨大的损失,師父在2007年對澳洲弟子講法中講到,“你們知道這一趟機票你們花了多少錢?六、七十萬。大法資源就那麼多...” 我認識到,我們每個正法弟子手中的財富就是大法的資源。我們不能把自己的錢只用於個人的生活享受,應盡可能把錢用於正法項目。為了報紙的發行量不受影響, 我賣了房子,承擔了這些費用。
In the first two years of being involved with coordination in media, I had not paid enough attention to management, but only worked towards maintaining weekly publishing, article arrangement, and type-setting of the newspaper, so that it could attract more readers in order to achieve the purpose of clarifying the truth, and save sentient beings. We tried to expand the distribution of the newspaper, in order to save more Chinese people. However, as time passed, the financial pressures also grew heavier. To solve the issue of finances in support of the paper's expanding distribution, I mortgaged my home, and started to run a grocery store with fellow practitioners. However, under the global economic downturn, in less than one year, we made a loss of $500 000, it was like adding frost on top of snow. When I shared with fellow practitioners, I came to understand, I did not follow the requirements of the Fa Master has taught, and allowed the old forces to interfere, which resulted in great losses in Dafa resources. In “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners”, Master said, “... you know how much you spent on flight tickets alone this time? Six to seven hundred-thousand. Dafa has limited resources.” I came to understand, the wealth that is in the hands of each Fa Rectification Dafa Disciple, are all resources of Dafa. We cannot use our own money purely for enjoyment in our daily living, but we should try our best to apply it to Dafa projects. In order to avoid impacts to the distribution of our newspaper, I sold my house to pay for these expenses.

這次教 訓,讓我痛定思痛。回想起2006年纽约法会期间,在一次会议上,我们问师父,怎样使媒体能良性循环,师父指示我们拉广告。但是,我卻在兩年的時間中,没 有真心按照师父的指示去做,没有重视与同修之间的交流,只是觉得,我协调的是一个新的媒体,同修已经很忙了,人手很紧,没有人能来拉广告,所以,报纸上的 广告不满20个,我找到了不足,就马上改。我找了几个同修成立了广告部,由于大家也从没拉过广告,对悉尼地区的市场也不熟悉,我们就从打电话开始。
This painful lesson prompted me to think deeply. Upon recalling the experience sharing conference in New York, 2006, when we asked Master how to run our media in a positive cycle financially, Master told us it was to obtain advertisement. Yet for two years, I had not followed Master's instructions sincerely, or failed to put more emphasis on sharing between practitioners. I only felt that I was coordinating a new media. Meanwhile, since fellow practitioners were already very busy, and we were short on manpower, nobody could come to sell advertisement. Therefore, the number of advertisements on the paper did not even reach 20. Nevertheless upon finding these shortcomings, I immediately sought to correct them. I found a few practitioners and together we established an advertisement department. As we had no experience in sales of advertisement, and were not familiar with the market around Sydney, we began by making phone calls.

我们每 天上午一上班,首先是学法一小时,然后,大家交流昨天拉广告发生的情况,找出不足,讨论改进方法。就这样,慢慢的广告开始增加了,人员也增加了,一些有经 验的同修也加入了广告部,在不到一年的时间中,广告的数量已达到100个,版面也增加到了32个版。 
At the start of every morning at work, we began with one hour of Fa study. After this we would all share about the situations we came across while selling advertisement in the previous day. We tried to find shortfalls, and discussed ways to improve. Hence, slowly and gradually, the number of advertisements began to increase, and the size of our department also increased. A few practitioners who had experience in relevant areas also joined the advertisement department, and in less than one year, the number of advertisements had increased to 100, and the newspaper was expanded to 32 pages.

在这个 过程中,我深深的体会到学法的重要性,师父给我们准备了最好的,但是,我们必须要走到那里,天上不会掉块馅饼下来,我们只有正念正行,师父的法身和佛道神 才会帮。正念从何而来?正念从法中来!
Throughout this process, I came to deeper understand the importance of Fa study. Master has arranged all the best for us, but we need to take the steps. “There is no such thing as a free lunch”, so only by increasing our righteous thoughts, will we have assistance from Master's Fashen, Buddhas, Taos and Gods. Where do righteous thoughts come from? Righteous thoughts come from the Fa!

一路走 來,三年作媒體的艱辛令人難忘。作爲一名協調人,在與同修共同助師正法的過程中,如何修去自己的人心,更好的圓融來自不同天體,在人世間來自不同環境,帶 有各自特性的同修,讓他(她)們發揮各自的特長,共同辦好媒體,完成我們救度衆生的使命,是我修煉路上所面對新課題。 
Having arrived at this point on the path, the difficulties through three years of being involved with the media is hard to forget. How to cultivate away human attachments; how to better harmonize practitioners who have come from different cosmic systems, live in different environments of everyday society, and who each have different characteristics; how to allow each person to fully utilize their skills, work together to make the media successful, and complete our mission in saving sentient beings. These are all topics which I face on my cultivation paths as a coordinator, in the process of assisting Master in Fa Rectification.

一、最 大限度的理解同修、支持同修
1) To understand and support fellow practitioners to the greatest extent

我觉得 作为协调人,要最大限度的理解同修、发现同修的闪光点。有一位同修做了9年的广告代理,有丰富的市场经验,我聘请她担任广告部经理,但是有同修反映她为邪 党操控的常人报纸拉广告,就是为邪党输血,她喜欢钱啦等等,我就与她进行敞开心扉的交流,在交流中我发现她有许多值得我敬佩的闪光点。

I feel that as a coordinator, we need to understand fellow practitioners to the greatest extent, and discover their strong points. One practitioner had worked as a advertisement sales representative for 9 years, and was full of experience. When I hired her to be the manager of the advertisement department, there were practitioners who were concerned as she had worked for sales in the newspapers controlled by the CCP, and thus contributed to injecting funds to the evil party. There was also word that she had an appetite for money etc, thus I shared with her open heartedly. Through sharing, I found that she had many strong points worthy of my respect.

她告诉 我,她如果专职为常人的报纸拉广告,她的收入非常可观,可为大法弟子讲真相的媒体拉广告,难度就非常大,收入当然就少,可是她作为一名正法弟子,毅然选择 了后者,由于商家登广告有选择报纸的权利,作为广告代理不能制止商家选择报纸,只能推荐和引导。我们的媒体在目前来说,广告效果确实不如常人的兩份大报, 所以,在商家选择在常人的报纸上登广告,同时她又引导商家也在我们的报纸上登广告,让常人为正法出了一点力,同时也让他们摆放了位置,假如按照有些同修的 认为,宁可放弃这个商家的话,那么商家也许就通过别的广告代理全部挑选常人的报纸登广告,从这一点上看,我觉得她做得很理智和客观,我也认同她的做法。 
She told me, as a full times advertisement sales person for everyday people's newspaper, her income was quite good. On the other hand, selling advertisement for the newspaper through which Dafa Disciples clarify facts and truths, was very difficult, and thus was accompanied with low income. However, as a Fa Rectification Dafa Disciple, she resolutely chose the second option, and since clients have the rights to choose the media on which they advertise, an advertisement consultant could not stop them from choosing either one, but only make recommendations and provide guidance. Currently, the effectiveness of advertisements in our media, does indeed fall short of the two mainstream newspapers of everyday people. Hence when everyday people choose to advertise with everyday people's newspapers, she would also guide them to also buy advertisement from our newspaper, so they could also contribute a little towards Fa Rectification and position themselves well. If we had chosen to give up on these clients, as some other practitioners had suggested, perhaps these businesses would choose only to advertise with everyday people's media through other sales agents. From this perspective, I feel she was very rational and objects, I also agree with her method.

再举一 例:一位同修得法三年,在纽约法拉盛邪恶猖狂时,他辞去了常人社会很好的工作,去纽约全职做正法的事情,一年后,当他回澳洲时,我邀请他来我们媒体工作, 可是,从纽约传来同修对他的看法,说他是新学员,学法不深,很难协调等等,通过我与他交流,我发现了问题的所在。其实还是一个宽容和理解的问题,我们不能 用修了十几年的标准来要求修了三年的同修。更何况,我们都是走在神路上的修炼人,让我们看到的都是对方没修好的方面。其实,这时也是师父让我们能发现自己 的不足,扩大自己的容量,要包容对方,要理解对方。由于海外学员相对大陆要少很多,而正法项目又多,正法進程推進非常快,所以要做好一个正法项目,尤其是 媒体,就需要许多学员的参与。同修有各种各样看法,都很正常。因为每个人修炼的层次不同,看问题也会不同。但是,作为协调人就一定要站在同修的角度上,最 大限度的理解他、支持他,我给予他们责任,同时也给予他们权利。这样才能使同修在这个项目中充分发挥他们的才干,完成他们助师正法的洪愿。 
As another example: there was one practitioner who has obtained Dafa for three years. During evil's furious interferences in Flushing, he resigned from a very good job in everyday society, and traveled to New York to work full time in Fa Rectification projects. After one year, upon he returned to Australia, I invited him to work in our media. However, I heard some views of him from New York practitioners, that he was a new practitioner who has not studied the Fa deeply, and was difficult to coordinate with etc. Through sharing with him, I discover the key to the problem. I felt it was really still a matter of encompassing and understanding fellow practitioners. We could not use the standards reached after more than 10 years of cultivation, on a fellow practitioner who has cultivated for three years. Furthermore, we are all walking on the paths of Gods, and everything we see are aspects which others have not cultivated well in. Actually, this was also Master's arrangement to allow use to find our own shortcomings, expand our own capacity, to be tolerant and understanding of one another. Compared with inside China's mainland, there are much fewer practitioners overseas. With a great number of Dafa projects, and the acceleration in the progress of Fa Rectification, to do well in one project, particularly in the media, requires the involvement of many practitioners. It is normal for practitioners to have various opinions, because each cultivator is on a different level, and view problems from different angles. However, a coordinator must see things from the angle of fellow practitioners, to understand and support them to the greatest extent. I give them responsibilities, but at the same time, I also give them authority. Only this way can the skills in these practitioners truly be brought out, to accomplish the great vows in assisting Master in Fa Rectification.

2) Unconditionally letting go of self

在做协 调人的三年半中,我发号施令的時候多。同修有什么意见或建议与我讨论时,對我很尊重也是十分注意语气语调,时间一长,自己就滋长出一种“老板、领导”的习 气。去年初经同修介绍,我认识了一位外省的同修。我发现这位同修思路清晰,提出的市场策略站得高看得远,我请他参予我们媒体的经营策划。
Through working as a coordinator for three and a half years, I more often gave directives and orders to others. When practitioners wished to discuss with me, suggestions or recommendations, they would speak with a respective tone. Yet, as time passed, I began to develop the mannerism akin to that of a “boss” or “leader”. At the beginning of last year, I became acquainted with a practitioner from interstate. I found this practitioner had a clear line of thought, and proposed marketing strategies from well thought out viewpoints. I thus asked this practitioner to be involved with planning in the management of our media.

可是该 同修态度十分傲慢,还经常用一些历史典故来教训我,讲话时也是咄咄逼人。有时与我讨论问题,必须百分之百的要按照他的思路去做,否则,他就不管。说实在 的,我还从没碰到过这样对我讲话的人。由于我需要他的指点和帮助,表面上我没有对他有什么不满的表示,但在心中可经常守不住心性,覺得你有什么了不起的, 你只是动动口,可做事还得要我和其他同修去做呀。
However, this practitioner was extremely arrogant, and often gave me lessons with parables from history. He also spoke with an overbearing tone. Sometimes during our discussions, I had to follow his thoughts 100%, otherwise he would refuse to help. To be truthful, I had never come across anyone who spoke with me in that way. However, as I needed his help and guidance, I did not show any discontent towards him on the surface. Yet often I could not guard my xingxin inside, and would think, “Who do you think you are? You only do the talking, other practitioners and I will have work to carry it out. ”

这样的 情况发生了几次,我想这个事情不是偶然的,这是冲着我那个“老板、领导”的执着来的。回想起师父在费城讲法中讲到:“他们是什么心态呢?是宽容,非常洪大 的宽容,能容别的生命,能真正设身处地的去想别的生命,这是我们在很多人修炼过程中还达不到的,但是你们渐渐的在认识,在达到。”每当我心里不愉快时,我 就想师父讲的法,几个月过去后,这位同修移居悉尼,与我们更加接近,而且直接参予了我们媒体的决策和经营,現在他與人讲话和处理人与人之间的关系方面也變 得圓融得體。我们相互之间沟通得很好。非常感谢师父给我们安排了这个修炼的机会,同样,前面提到的兩位同修,也提高很快,他们自己都感觉到,同修们也这样 说他们提高了。我真正地感到善的力量、慈悲的力量是巨大的。
This situation came about a number of times, and it occurred to me this was not coincidental. This was targeted towards my attachment of being a “boss” or “leader”. I recalled Master's words in “Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.", “So what's their state of mind? It's tolerance, an extremely immense tolerance, being able to accept other beings, and being able to truly think from other beings' perspectives. This is something a lot of you haven't achieved yet in your cultivation, but you're gradually catching on and achieving it. ” Whenever I felt discomfort in my heart, I would think of Master's Fa Teaching. After a few months, this practitioner moved to Sydney, closer to where we were. He also became directly involved with our media's development strategies and management. His speech, mannerism and interactions with others have also become more harmonizing. We now communicate very well. I am very grateful for Master for arranging this cultivation opportunity for us. Similarly, the two practitioners I mentioned earlier have also improved quickly. They had felt this themselves, and fellow practitioners also comment that they have elevated. I truly feel the mighty power in compassion and great benevolence.

三、 协调人要敢于承担责任和风险
3) A coordinator needs the courage to take on risks and responsibilities

由于广 告销售业务需要大量时间的投入和市场的培养,去年初,组建广告部的初期,为了能稳定广告销售人员,使他们没有后顾之忧,能全职拉广告,我决定实行基本工資 加佣金制,这个决定遭到了许多同修的质疑,认为我这样做不在法上,我多次学习2007年师父对澳洲弟子讲法,感到这个决定不违反师父的规定。正法在向前推 進,不同時期師父對正法弟子的要求就會不同。前幾年,我們只要能出報講真相就行了,可現在對媒體的要求就不同了,對媒體的協調人的要求也就更高了。我現在 做的是一份媒體,是在經營一個企業,我作爲這個媒體的唯一投資者,就必須要承擔全部責任和風險,賣了一個房子不夠,就賣第二個,也要把經營搞上去。
Due to the great amount of time and training required for sales and marketing, to stabilize the work of our sales representatives so they could work as full time staff and not have to worry about making money for a living, in the initial stages of our advertisement department, at the beginning of last year, I decided to set up a salary and commission policy. This decision was questioned by many practitioners, who thought that I was not acting according to the Fa. I studied the “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners” many times, and felt the decision did not contradict with guidelines which Master had set. Fa Rectification was progressing forward, and at different stages, Master has different requirements towards Fa Rectification Period Dafa Disciples. A few years ago, all we were required to do was clarify the truth through publishing the newspaper. Yet the requirements towards media are now different, and there were higher expectations of media coordinators. What I am doing now is a media, running a business. As the sole financial investor in this media, I must take on the full responsibility and risk. If selling one house was not enough, I would sell two, in order to achieve success in management.

所以, 必須穩定廣告銷售人員。我們幾個廣告銷售員都是來澳不久的學員,他們完全沒有生活來源,我給他們的基本工資,只能支付最簡單的住房房租、基本伙食費和車旅 費。我敬佩他們,他們寧可放棄打工掙錢買房的機會,而來拿這個基本生活費去拉廣告。他們是爲了助師正法,救度世人,這是正法弟子的正念。所以,我堅持實行 這個基本工資加佣金制。对于这个问题的交流一直延续到师父在新唐人电视讨论会上的讲法发表。師父在此次講法中明確指出“你們專職做廣告的人可以有固定工 資,就是作爲一份正式職業這樣做,大家也放下心來去做,必須得把這條路走出來。”
Therefore, I needed to stabilize the work of our sales agents. Each of the few staff members who were working in our sales department, had not been in Australia for long. They did not have any source of income, and the basic salary I gave them could only cover the most fundamental rental fees, groceries and transport fees. I respect them, as they would rather give up the chance to work towards buying a house, but instead accept this basic income to work as an advertisement salesperson. They did this to assist Master in Fa Rectification, and saving sentient beings. This is the righteous thoughts of a Fa Rectification period Dafa Disciple. Therefore, I insisted on the policy of a basic salary. The sharing on this topic with fellow practitioners continued until publication of Master's “Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”. During this Fa Teaching, Master clearly pointed out, “...those who work full time on selling ads can have a regular wage. That is, we do it by treating it as a formal job, allowing people to take on this work without those worries—we have to make this path into a reality.”

随着正 法进程向前推进,对正法弟子的要求也是在不断地提高的。做媒体的协调人一定要多学法,学好法,才能跟上师尊的正法进程。现在对媒体要求更高了,要让媒体成 为一个经营有效的实体,要让参予媒体的正法弟子收入达到社会上的收入水平,要使媒体成为一流的媒体,才能救度更多的众生,媒体会发展的越来越快,在社會上 的影響力也會越来越大。
As Fa Rectification proceeds, the requirements of Dafa Disciples also continue to elevate. A coordinator in our media project, must study the Fa even more, and study the Fa well, in order to catch up with the progress of Master's Fa Rectification. Now there are even higher requirements of our media, which need to become effectively managed, so that all participating Dafa Disciples can receive salary to match the levels in everyday society. Our media need to become first class, in order to save more sentient beings. As the development of our media quickens, its influence in society would also grow even stronger.

師父在 《2002年費城講法》中告訴我們:“當一個神提出來一個辦法的時候,他們不是急於去否定,不是急於去表達自己的,認爲自己的辦法好,他們是去看另外的神 所提出的辦法的最後的結果是什麽樣。路是不同的,可是結果達到的,真的能夠達到要達到的,大家就同意,神都是這樣想的,而且呢,哪塊有不足,還要無條件的 默默的給予補充,使它更圓滿,他們都是這樣處理問題的”。
In “Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.", Master taught us, “When another God proposes an idea, they aren't eager to reject it, and they aren't eager to express their own ideas and they don't believe that their own ideas are good. Instead, they look at what the end result of the other God's proposed approach will be. The paths are different--everyone's path is different--and the truths that beings validate and enlighten to in the Fa are different, too, but the results might very well be the same. That's why they look at the results, and if the result of a God's idea can achieve the goal, if it can truly achieve it, then all of them will go along with it. That's how Gods think. Also, if there's something lacking in it they'll unconditionally and quietly supplement it to make things more complete and perfect. That's how they handle things.”

所以, 我作爲協調人,帶頭維護寬容的工作環境,每個人都能敞開心扉地交流,提出建議和看法。我们在开会讨论发展方向,经营决策内部配合时,大家非常融洽,没有争 执,很容易就能制定出一个方案来,在执行过程中,大家就按照定下来的方案做,互相配合和補足,所以,我們完成預定的方案就非常快。因爲正法對我們是有時間 要求的。現在時間過的非常快,救人的任務非常重。任何執著都會引起正法救人的延誤,使舊勢力有藉口干擾。
Therefore, as a coordinator, I try to take the lead to facilitate a tolerant working environment, where everyone can share open heartedly, to bring up their thoughts and suggestions. As we hold meetings to discuss directions of development, and decide upon a particular strategy that need internal cooperation, everyone works harmoniously, and without argument. Thus we are able to quickly decide upon a plan. During implementation, everyone works together to cooperate and supplement each other's shortcomings. Hence we are able complete our plans promptly. Fa rectification has requirements of us in the issue of time. Now, time passes very quickly, and we have a great mission to save sentient beings. Any attachment could lead to delays in saving people in Fa Rectification, and provide excuses for the old forces to interfere.

我看着 我周围的这些同修,感到他们每个人都非常能干,与他们相比,我的能力远远不及他们,他们就象五个手指,而我的作用,就是将这五个手指头捏成拳,这样的拳头 打出去就非常有力。
Seeing the fellow practitioners around me, I feel that each one of them has great skills and abilities. Compared with them, my abilities are not worth mentioning. They are like five fingers of the hand, and my role is to hold the five fingers together into a fist, so it can throw a very powerful punch.

最后, 我以师父的洪吟《法正乾坤》来结束我的交流:
Finally, I would like to end my sharing with Master's poem “The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin:
Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world

谢谢大 家
Thank you everyone