在 助師正法中不忘修煉的根本 (English and Chinese )


*Not forgetting the roots of cultivation while assisting Master in Fa Rectification*

尊敬的 師父好!

Greetings revered Master!

各位同 修好!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

我是2000年10月在昆省布里斯本得法的學員。从迈开第一步,到慢慢懂得什麼是修 煉;從走過痛心的彎路,到溶入正法洪流中,與同修一起助師正法、救度眾生。過 程中的點點滴滴,所碰到的每一關、每一難,能走过来,都感到慈悲的師尊在身旁 呵护著,加持著,内心的感激無以言表。

In October 2000, I obtained Dafa in Brisbane, Queensland. From the initial steps, to gradually understanding what cultivation is all about; from a heart breaking detour, to joining the great momentum of Fa rectification; and together with fellow practitioners, assisting Master in Fa Rectification and saving sentient beings. In each test and tribulation, bit by bit in every step throughout the process, I have felt it was only because of Master's great benevolence, under Master's care and strengthening, that I was able to make it this far. My gratitude toward master cannot be expressed by words.

在修煉 中,我发现自己有很多做的不够好的地方,需要更加精進,不断在法中升 华。非常榮幸能有機會與同修分享幾段修煉中的心得體會。有不当之處,请同修慈 悲指正。

In cultivation, I have found many shortcomings, areas where I need to be more diligent, and continuously elevate in the Fa. I am very honoured to have this opportunity, to share with fellow practitioners a few stories of my cultivation experience. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point them out.

*放下自我 從內心配合*

*Letting go of self, and cooperating from deep within the heart*

過去, 在討論正法項目时,自己有什么想法、看法,总是「踴躍發表」,例如在當 地神韻晚會的工作中,意見不同時會陷入爭論不知自拔,堅持自己的認識,甚至輕 易用自己的標準評論他人「不在法上」。由于對自我的巨大執著,指出別人的不足 時,也缺乏善意,结果常常使一些矛盾更加激化,適得其反。

In the past, while discussing Fa rectification projects, I was always “enthusiastic to express” and contribute my thoughts and ideas. For example, while working in presenting our local Shen Yun events, when different opinions arose, I would often sink into debate and argument, and insist on my own understandings. I would even use my own standards to casually criticize others for “not being on the Fa”. Due to this immense attachment to self, when I tried to point out other people's shortcomings, there was also lack of compassion, so often this resulted in intensification of conflicts, and achieved the opposite effect.

通過學 《對澳洲學員講法》,我逐渐认识到,過去對自己意見的堅持,正是師父在講法中多次指出 的,看上去是為大法、為了救度眾生,實際上是堅持自己,證實自己。再往深挖, 這一切背後的根源,也就是導致舊宇宙走向毀滅的因素『私』的體現。要完全脫離 舊宇宙的因素,跟上正法進程,就必须在修煉中扎扎實實的挖出『私』的根源,并 徹底去掉它。

Through studying “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners in 2007”, I gradually came to understand, insistence on my own ideas in the past, was just what Master had mentioned over and over in His Fa teachings. On the surface, it seemed as though it was all for Dafa, and saving sentient beings, but in fact, it was just to insist on the “self”, and I was validating “myself”. Digging deeper, I realized the ultimate source to all of this, was the factor which led to the demise of the old universe, the manifestation of “selfishness”. In order to completely break free from factors of the old universe, and catch up with the progress of Fa rectification, it was essential to solidly unveil the roots of “selfishness”, and completely get rid of it.

師父在 〈二零零二年美国费城法会讲法〉中說:“大法弟子对于你们在常人的世间修炼中,你们都有一个明确的在法理上的认识,就是不执著于常人的得失,包括你们在证 实法的事情,也应该不是非拿出我的意见,非 得我要怎么样,你才能在宇宙中建立威德,不是这样的。你有一个好办法,想出来了,你是为法负责,用不用你的意见,用不用你的办法这并不重要。”
In “Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”, Master said, “Dafa disciples, in your cultivation in the ordinary human world you all have understood something clearly that's based on the Fa's principles, namely, not to be attached to the "gain and loss" of ordinary people. So when things related to validating the Fa are involved, there too you shouldn't insist on voicing "my ideas" or on having things done "my way." It's not like only then can you establish mighty virtue in the cosmos. If you've got a good idea, well, you came up with it, you're being responsible to the Fa, and it's not important whether your idea is adopted or whether your approach is used.”

又記起 師父2007年《對澳洲學員講法》,我認識到大法弟子救度眾生,達到的效果如何,真的不在於採取什麼完善的方法, 而在於修煉人對自我的放棄,無條件的去配合。如果我不去堅持自己,而是與同修 配合,符合了大法對修煉人的標準要求,無論表面做事的方法看起來如何,救度眾 生的效果實質上都會更好。只要提高心性,同化大法,就會如《轉法輪》第一講中師 父所說的: 『...宇宙的特性對你的制約力不那麼大了。』

And upon recalling Master's, “Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners”, I came to understand, as Dafa Disciples, the effectiveness of the things we do in saving sentient beings, really does not count on using flawless methods, but rather on a practitioner's ability to let go of self, for unconditional cooperation. So if I chose not to insist on myself, and instead to cooperate with others; by adhering to the requirements that Dafa has towards a cultivating practitioner, no matter how a method looks on the surface, the effects of saving sentient beings would turn out to be greater. As long as one elevates Xin-xing and assimilate to Dafa, it would be just like what Master said in The First Talk of Zhuan Falun, “... the universe’s nature won’t have as big a restriction on you.”

悟到这 点,在以后的项目工作中,虽然我仍会交流自己的看法,但更能善意的理解 他人。而當我真正能放下自我,達到心態純淨的時候,為了救度眾生,内心真感到 自己沒有什麼可堅持的。

Upon enlightening to this, in project work thereafter, although I would still share my views, I am better able to understand others with a compassionate mindset. When I truly manage to let go of self, and have a pure state of mind, for saving sentient beings, I would feel from the bottom of my heart, there is really not much to insist on.


*Memorizing the Fa*

幾年 來,雖然積極參與各种「項目」,但漸漸的落入了「做事」中,忘卻了修煉的 根本。學法走形式,煉功更是不到位。感谢师父安排的机缘,我从09年7月又开始 與可貴的同修們一起背法,互相督促。师父在《溶于法中》说:“多看书、多读书, 是真正提高的关键。。。只要看大法你就在变,只要看大法你就在提高。。。”我 认识到,作为大法弟子,我们就是要尽量让脑子装的都是大法,这也是我们圆满的 根本保障。我理解,『背法』不只是把法背熟練,而是要静心背法,在過程中真正 的溶入法中,在法中昇華。背法時,盡量排除杂念,稍有雜念,就背不進去,或進 度緩慢。背錯字的时候,认真纠正错误。我感到每一次的糾正,对對師父的話理解 就更深。

For a number of years, although I actively participated in various “projects”, I gradually sunk into the state of “working” in the projects, and forgot the foundations of cultivation. Fa study became a formality, and the time I spent practicing the exercises was far from satisfactory.

I am thankful for the precious opportunities Master arranged which prompted me to start again in memorizing the Fa in July 2009. With precious fellow practitioners, we pushed and encouraged each other along. In “Melt Into the Fa”, Essentials to Further Advancement, Master said, “Reading the books more and studying the books more is the key to truly elevating yourself... as long as you read Dafa, you are changing; as long as you read Dafa, you are elevating...” I came to realize, as Dafa Disciples, we should try to fill our thoughts with Dafa, and this is also the key to our consummation. My understanding about the aim of “memorizing the Fa”, is not only to become familiar with reciting the Fa, but that, in doing so with a tranquil state of mind, one truly melts into the Fa, and elevates within it through the process. When memorizing Fa, I try my best to be rid of impure thoughts. With even a little bit of impurity in the mind, it's difficult to memorize the Fa, or progress would be slow. When I make mistakes, I would correct them conscientiously. With every correction, I could feel a deeper understanding of Master's words.

一想到 背法,感到身體裡每一個細胞都很開心,自身所對應的生命群體也在昇華中 發生著變化。靜下心時,身體周圍的空間場似乎也靜止下來,法中的每一個字、每 一句,都使我深深感到有無法形容的力量,讓每一字、每一句都清晰的打入腦海 中。自身空間場也在這個過程中一次又一次的被淨化,奇妙無窮。我知道周圍的很 多同修都在背法,也希望更多同修能通過背法,在一起比學比修。

When I think of memorizing the Fa, every cell in my body seems to be joyous with excitement. It also feels as though the cosmic system to which my body correlates, is also changing through elevation. When my heart is calmed, the field around me also becomes tranquil. Every word, every sentence from the Fa, allows me to experience deeply an inexplicable power, that clearly imprints each word and sentence into the mind. The field of time-space around me is also cleansed and purified again and again throughout the process – a boundlessly wonderful experience. I know many practitioners who are also memorizing the Fa, and hope that more of us can, “compare in studying, compare in cultivating” together through reciting the Fa.


*Only what Master says counts*

今年昆 省辦神韻,由于同修整体上不断加强正念,我们終於拿到了最好的劇場。在 這一过程中,雖然有爭論、意見不同、發生矛盾的時候,但走過來後能感到整體的 昇華。我悟到,在正法中,一件事情做的成與不成,不是人說了算,而是師父說了 算。所以無論表面的现象如何,如果我们能不斷的歸正自己,加强正念,一切都會 順著師父的安排进行。

This year for presenting Shen Yun in Queensland, due to continuous increase of righteous thoughts from the entire body of practitioners, we finally obtained the best venue. In this process, although there were arguments, disagreements, and times of conflicts, upon making it through, I feel elevation practitioners as a whole body. I enlightened to that, in Fa Rectification, whether we are successful in our endeavours, is not decided upon by people, but instead, Master has the final word. Thus no matter how things seem on the surface, if we can continue to rectify ourselves and increase our righteous thoughts, everything would proceed as Master has arranged.

那時在 前線的同修長期與劇場交涉,但仍然订不到合適的日期。我們绞尽腦汁想出 的“可行方案”,也被劇場一口回絕了。通過交流,我們認識到要堅定正念,不能承 認表面的「假象」。我理解到,正法項目中,我們救度眾生的效果如何,不是決定 於一兩個人「做得到」與否,而是靠整體的力量,正念足,才會出現奇蹟。作為整 体中的一份子,我意識到無论事情進展如何,我对在前線的同修都不應抱有指責的 心,而是在過程中將发生一切事情,當作鏡子,修自己,找自己的不足。

For a long time, the practitioners in the front line had continued to liaise with the venue, but we could not book in a suitable date. The “likely proposal” which we tried hard to come up with, was also abruptly refused by the venue. Through sharing, we understood the need to solidify our righteous thoughts, and to deny the “false perceptions” from surface developments. My understanding is, in Fa Rectification projects, the effects of what we do in saving sentient beings, does not depend on whether one or two people “can succeed” or not, but rather relies on the strength of the whole body, and only with enough righteous thoughts can miracles manifest. As a particle of the body, I came to realize, no matter how things developed, I should not have a mindset of criticism and blame towards the practitioners in the front line, but instead use everything that happens in the process, as a mirror, to cultivate myself, and find my own shortcomings.

我也始 終坚信,無論表面顯像如何,我们一定能『拿到最好的劇場』,因為這是師 父所要的。師父《在大紀元會議上講法》中也告了訴我們『相由心生』的法理:

I also had a solid belief from the outset, no matter what seemed to manifest on the surface, we will definitely be able to “obtain the best venue”, because this is what Master wants. In “Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting", Master also taught us the Fa principles of how, “the appearance stems from the mind”:

『你們 越把困難看大,事越難辦,相由心生,那個事就越麻煩。相由心生還有這層 意思,因為你把它擺高了,把自己擺小了。把那事情看的沒甚麼了不起的,救人這 麼大一件事情,做你們該做的,心裏踏實一點,碰到聽到甚麼不太順心的、不太如 意的也別往心裏去,堂堂正正做自己該做的事情。不被邪的干擾、不被它帶動,那 些不好的因素就不從自己這生,那邪惡就渺小,你們自己就高大,正念就足。真的 都是這樣。』

“The bigger you perceive the challenges to be, the harder things will be to carry out, since “the appearance stems from the mind.” And so the task will become increasingly burdensome. When I say “the appearance stems from the mind,” by that I also mean that the difficulty stems from your overstating the importance of the matter itself and seeing yourself in a lesser light. Don’t take any such things to be a big deal, for with something as significant as saving sentient beings you should just do what you are supposed to do, going about it in a composed manner. When you encounter things that don’t sound so good or that aren’t what you hoped for, don’t take it to heart, and just nobly and confidently do what you are supposed to. If you don’t let the evil’s interference sway you, bad factors won’t arise from you, the evil will become trivial, you will become towering and massive, and your righteous thoughts will be ample. That’s truly the case.”

在前線 的同修再次和劇場管理人約見的那天,師父讓我看到一個特殊的景象:那次 會议,整體同修都非常關心,互相提醒加强正念。我也於中午赶到劇場附近發正 念。開會的同修進入劇場后,我在場外继續發正念。約半個小時之後,眼前出現在 一片黃色的能量場籠罩下,一片人群跪在地上,齊刷刷的,跪在地上叩头,齊聲說 「謝謝」。當時一睜眼,知道一定是有好消息了。這個景象也讓我更深刻的感到大 法弟子責任重大,眾生都在等著我們!

The practitioners in the front line again arranged for an appointment with the venue managers, and on this day, Master allowed me to see a special scene:

On the day of the meeting, practitioners as one body was very concerned about the matter, and we reminded each other to send forth righteous thoughts. I also arrived at the venue around lunch time to send righteous thoughts. After practitioners meeting entered the venue for the meeting, I stayed outside and continue to send forth righteous thoughts. Approximately half an hour later, in front of my closed eyes appeared, under the blanket of a yellow coloured energy field, a large number of people knelt on the ground, with their heads down in kowtow position. They said in one voice, “Thank you!”. When I opened my eyes, I knew we must have good news. This scene also gave me a deeper realization of the great responsibilities of Dafa Disciples. Sentient beings are all waiting on us!


“*Looking within is a magical tool.”*

師父在 《二零零九年華盛頓DC國際法會講法》中告訴我們:“修煉人嘛,向內找這是 一個法寶。”

In "Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference", Master told us, “For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.”

有一 次,就在布里斯本舉辦《富而有德》餐會的前夕,一位輔導員打電話給我,說餐 廳老闆需要我們整理訂票人的某些資料,非常緊急,必須盡快提供。我當時正外出 忙著工作,學校那幾天也忙考試,但知道事情緊急,赶快打電話給管理收據的學 員,希望能立刻去她家取資料。沒想到這位學員講了一些出乎意料的話,怎麼也不 願意配合,掛上電話後,自己也動了氣,覺得這麼緊急的事情做不成了(但幸好資 料事後交給了另一位同修,沒有耽誤)。後來幾天內接連幾次的聽到某某人懷疑我 是作「特殊任務」的,由於某某原因要注意我等傳言。当時心裡感到很不是滋味, 又訝異,又委屈。

A few days before the “Wealth and virtue” lunch gathering in Brisbane, a local assistant called me, and said the manager of the restaurant needed us to provide some information about people who had bought tickets, and that it was a matter which we needed to attend to urgently. At the time, I was out for work, and busy with an university exam to be held in 2 days time. Nevertheless, knowing the urgency, I immediately called the practitioner in charge of the receipts, and hoped to retrieve the information from her home right away. To my surprise, this practitioner said some unexpected things, and refused to cooperate one way or another. After we hung up, I was also moved by anger, and felt such an urgent task could not be accomplished. (Fortunately the information was handed to another practitioner afterwards, and was not delayed.) Within the few days to follow, I continued to hear rumours, that so and so practitioner suspected I was a “spy”, and that people should be careful of me for such and such reasons. I felt very uncomfortable in my heart, with astonishment, as well as grievance.

表面上 看,好像是碰到了矛盾和常人所認為的不公,但我认识到一定是有我該去的 執著心,才會讓它出現。師父在《洛杉磯市法會講法》中告訴我們:『作為修煉的人大家想一想,我在《轉法輪》中與早期的講法中都談到過,我說“打不還手、罵 不還口”,別人對你不好你要一笑了之;別人發生矛盾的時候,作為第 三者你都應該想一想:我應該怎麼樣做的好,這件事情換成我能不能守住自己、像修煉人一樣面對批評與意見?修煉就是向內找,對與不對都找自己,修就是修去人 的心。』

On the surface it seemed I had come across conflict, what everyday people would consider unjust treatment. Yet I knew, there must be attachments that I should get rid of, for these events to have come about. In “Teaching the Fa in the city of Los Angeles” Master taught us, “As cultivators, think about it--I've talked about this in Zhuan Falun and in my earlier teachings on Fa--I have said, "Don't hit back when hit, don't talk back when insulted." When others mistreat you, you should respond with just a smile and let that be the end of it. And when others are embroiled in conflict and you are just an onlooker, you should think about it, "How can I do better? If I were in that position, would I be able to control my xinxing and face the criticism and disapproval like a cultivator?" Cultivation is about looking inside yourself. Whether you are right or wrong, you should examine yourself. Cultivation is about getting rid of human attachments.”

向內 找,我找到一顆很重的、證實自我的心。因為執著於名、證實自己,有「瞧不 起」別人的心態。過去没有充分意識到,但在平時的言行舉止中卻一點不漏的表現 出來,难怪同修有些看法。我意識到同修之間的不信任,長此以往会形成一種物 質,所造成的間隔,不利於救度眾生。我自己也持有對他人不信任和一定程度的懷 疑,遲遲去不掉。找到這些不足後,我就努力調整歸正自己,不断去掉这些執著。 逐漸,傳言聽不到了,同修對我不信任的「徵兆」也看不見了。

I looked within, and found a very heavy attachment to validating myself. Due to attachments to reputation, validating self, I also had attachments of looking down on others. I did not realize the extent of these attachments in the past, but they were exposed entirely, through my day to day words and actions. It was thus not strange that fellow practitioners had some opinions. Also, I further learned that mistrust between practitioners over a long period of time, would form a substance. The distances and gaps that result from this, is detrimental to our goal in saving sentient beings. I too had attachments to distrust, and certain levels of suspicion toward others, which I had failed to get rid of over time. After realizing these shortcomings, I endeavoured to adjust and rectify myself, and continued to eliminate these attachments. Gradually, I could no longer hear these rumours, and the “signs” of mistrust from fellow practitioners also vanished from sight.

在修炼 中,我深刻理解到,我们周圍所發生的一切事情,都不是偶然的,但從某個 角度講也都是假象。从踏上修煉路的第一時刻,生命中的一切事情都由師父安排 了,所碰到的一切都跟自身的提高緊密相關,都針對著執我们的执著心。我深深体 会到,與同修發生矛盾,或碰到常人所認為的「困境」时,無論表面情況如何尖 銳、艱難,只要能靜下心来學法,找自己的不足,去掉執著心,矛盾立即煙消雲 散,事情立刻就有轉機 – 無求而自得。

In cultivation, I have experienced deeply, everything that happens around us is not coincidental; yet from a certain angle, it is all a false appearance. From the very first step onto the path of cultivation, everything in the life of a being, is arranged by Master. All events that one comes across is closely tied in with his/her own elevation, and pinpointed towards attachments. I have learned deeply, when conflicts arise with fellow practitioners, or when the situation becomes what everyday people would consider a “difficult tribulation”, no matter how intense or adverse things may seem, as long as one studies the Fa with a calm state of mind, finds shortcomings and eliminates attachments, the conflict would vanish like smoke and clouds, and immediately the situation would see a turning point – without pursuit, one would gain naturally.

謝謝師 尊!

Thank you master!

願與同 修一起走好最後的路!

I hope with fellow practitioners, to walk well together on the final path!



Queensland Dafa Disciple Jenny