My drum


Many years ago when I was a high school student I always wanted to be in the school marching band. However I was never selected by the band leader as I was not tall, and strong enough. Indeed, I was always weak and did not know why, then. Later on when I was 17 I was diagnosed with a rare and severe heart disease. And I could never participate any activities that needed physical strength as my life would be in danger. But somehow I was so keen to play the drums. When I came back from Turkey in 2007 Sydney celestial band came to Melbourne. When I heard them playing, I regreted that I was not living in Sydney. Because, now THANKS TO SHIFU I am strong and healthy. How wonderful it would be if I only could play one of the drums. The tears started to come down as I was marching with them and watching them with admiration. I realised that people were taking the flyers so readily and some of them had also tears. I really wished to play in the celestial band one day. But I remembered my music teacher saying to my grandmother “This child is hopeless, it is hard to believe that she is from your family.” Because, my grandmother and uncles were great musicians. Later on, at the Dandenong practice site I vaguely heard a practitioenr saying that Melbourne practitioners were thinking of forming the Melbourne celestial band.

I was so happy and determined and I knew that I should not miss this chance. Therefore, I quickly ran to the band coordinator and said “ I want to play the drums. He looked at me and said nothing. I said it again I would like to play one of the drums please, and said I am very very good at playing drums. He listened to me politely and said nothing, smiled and went away. I was so worried that I was going to miss out. I kept asking “Have they formed the band yet? Have they formed the band yet? Why doesn’t any anyone tell me anything? I was getting overly worried and had developed an attachment. And I knew that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted if I develop an attachment.

I remember a practitioner saying to me : “if Shifu wants you to play the drums you will. So I was saying to myself “cool” it doesn’t matter if don’t get one of the drums. No problem. Shifu will have different arrangements for me. I pretended as if I didn’t care that much. One day the same practitioner casully said there was a meeting for the celestial band. Didn’t you go? I said I didn’t know about it? Started to complaining again : why doesn’t anybody tell me anything? Later on I went tothe band coordinator and told him politely that I did not hear about the meeting that is why I wasn’t there, but I said I am very keen to play one of the drums. He just said ok. A few weeks later, I heard that the band coordinator had asked everyone for their size to order the uniforms and again nobody had asked me. When I heard this, I once again got so worried and convinced that I was not going to be in the band. But I again politely but suspiciously went to the coordinator and asked. if it was true that he asked everyone for their size and did not asked me. He laughed and said. I don’t need to ask your size. You are small. I felt happier and thanked him. However, I was not completely convinced with his answer because of my attachment to playing the drums. Believe or not, a few weeks later again I heard from the same practitioner mentioned above that everyone was meeting in the a secondary school to get their instrument. I was shocked. Guess what I said? "Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything?" I asked the practitioner if he knew if I had an instrument. He said no, he did not know anything. I hardly learned where the school was and drove there very nervously.

It was true. Everyone was there. There were lots of boxes and I was sure I did not have one. I was shaking but as usual trying to look calm. I looked for everywhere desperately. I could not find it. I ran to the coordinator and almost screamed do I have a drum or not? He calmly said: it is here. I followed him, finally there was a box with my name on it spelt incorrectly. That is why I could not find it. Yes ! there was a drum for me. My own drum. I just simply collapsed on my knees and quietly cried at least for an hour. SHIFU, THANK YOU for FALUN DAFA , thank you for the Celestial Band and thank you for my drum. Even though i had a strong attachment, I was still allowed to have it.

Now, I look after my drum really well. I put it in a good place in the house with a nice cover over it. I do not put any water bottles or bags on it. I respect and cherish it as it is my weapon to eliminate the evil. And looking forward to playing in China soon. Finally thank you to my fellow drummers for putting up with me.

Thanks for listening.


还在读中学时,我就想参加学校的军乐队,但从来没被选上,因为我个子不够高,也不够壮实。说实在的,不知为什么我一直很柔弱。17岁那年,被诊断出得了一 种罕见的心脏病,从此再也不能参加任何需要体力的活动,否则,就会出现生命危险。但无论怎样,我一直很想打鼓。

2007年我从土耳其重回澳洲时,悉尼的天国乐队来到了墨尔本。听着乐队的演奏,我真后悔我不住在悉尼,因为我现在身强体壮,在此非常感谢师父。要是能成 为其中的一个鼓手,那是多么的荣耀呀!与乐队一起行进,无限敬仰地看着他们,眼泪不自觉的流了下来。我注意到人们很愿意拿我们的单张,有些人眼里还噙着泪 水。我多么的希望有一天我也能加入天国乐队!但是我突然想起来我以前的音乐老师跟我奶奶说的话:“这孩子五音不全,不可救药,真不敢相信她来自你们家。” 因为我奶奶和叔叔是大音乐家。

后来在丹丁农炼功点上我隐约听麦克说墨尔本学员正在考虑组建天国乐队,老张是我要找的人。我太高兴了,一定不能失去这个机会。我马上找到老张,跟他说: “我想打鼓。”他看了看我,没说什么。我又说了一遍,我想打鼓,我很会打鼓的。他礼貌的听着我讲,但最终还是没说什么,笑了笑,走开了。我非常担心,深怕 失去这次机会。一直不停的问:“乐队有没有组建好?乐队有没有组建好?为什么没有人告诉我任何事情?”我过分担忧,变成了一种执著。我知道要是我执著的 话,可能就得不到我想要的。我记得麦克跟我说:“如果师父想要你打鼓,你会打鼓的。”所以我自我安慰说:“成,我拿不到鼓的话也没关系,师父会另有安 排。”我装作若无其事,不在乎的样子。一天,麦克不经意的问我:“天国乐团要开会,你去吗?”我说我一点都不知道,于是我开始抱怨了,为什么学员都不告诉 我任何事情。接着我就跑去找老张,礼貌的告诉他我没去开会因为我不知道有会议,但我很希望成为鼓手。他只是说ok.

几星期后,听说要订服装,老张让每个人量尺寸。我又被漏掉了,没人告诉我,我又担心起来了,认为我肯定不在天国乐队了。但我还是跑去找老张,不甘心的但礼 貌的问他:“你叫其他学员量尺寸,但没叫我量,是不是真的?”他笑着说:“我不需要问,你肯定是小号。”听了心里好受一点,但他的话还是没让我信服,因为 我太执著于打鼓了。

信不信由你,几星期后,又从麦克那里听到,每个人去Collingwood中学拿乐器。我听了,简直昏过去了,为什么没有人告诉我?我问麦克是否知道也有 我的乐器,他说他不知道,什么也不知道。我好不容易才打听到学校的地址,战战兢兢的开到那里。确实每个人都在那边,很多箱子,我很肯定没有我的乐器,我浑 身发抖,但努力的使自己看上去很平静,我绝望的到处找,没找到我的乐器。我跑去找老张,几乎是尖叫的问他有没有我的鼓,他平静的对我说:在这儿。我跟着 他,终于找到了一个箱子,上面有我的名字,但拼错了,所以我找不到。呼啦!我终于有一个鼓了,属于我自己的鼓!我几乎瘫倒在地,我静静的在那里哭了近一个 小时。


现在,我很用心的照看我的鼓,放在家里的一个好位子,用布很小心的盖起来,不放任何瓶子或包在上面,我很尊重他,很珍惜他,这是我铲除邪恶的法器。希望不 久的将来能去中国表演。最后感谢与我一起打鼓的鼓手们,谢谢你们的耐心!