Spreading Dafa and Assisting Master to Save Sentient Beings 助師正法 救度眾生 (English and Chinese)

Spreading Dafa and Assisting Master to Save Sentient Beings
助師正法 救度眾生

In the past few weeks a small group of practitioners from Queensland held a Falun Dafa stall at a major 6 day cultural festival. The festival attracted 130,000 people from all over Australia and the world. We wanted to share this magical experience and the cultivation journey through the process from applying to hold the stall, to the events that unfolded during the week. Essentially it was this process; the thoughts and collaboration amongst us that allowed the stall to come together and be such a success.
上幾個星期,一部分昆省學員參加了一個為期六天的大型文化節,在現場設立了法輪大法展台。該文化節吸引了來自澳洲及世界各地的13萬游人。在此跟同修交流 一下在文化節洪法的神奇經歷,以及從申請展位到在文化節開展活動的修煉過程,特別是同修之間的圓容配合使我們展台如此成功。

I have felt for some that there is such a focus on the persecution of Falun Dafa that often simple things like clarifying 在what Falun Dafa actually is, are often brushed over, or even missed out. This was clearly something for myself to look at and amend my own ways of clarifying the truth. For me, it just makes sense that if someone is going to make a clear judgement, or position themselves about something, they’ve really got to know what it is that they are supporting. Often I come across people who, when they hear that I practice Falun Gong, they say, “oh, that’s that thing that is being persecuted isn’t it?” without knowing anything more. I hear some notions being passed around that it is only important to briefly mention about Falun Dafa and that it isn’t important to show people Falun Dafa during this time. Then I think, if it wasn’t for the people who originally spent the time showing me the practice and bringing me up to speed, then I wouldn’t be able to have the effect I’m currently having and others would have to be shouldering what I’m doing. Or perhaps it wouldn’t even be done and all these people that I’m reaching would not saved. I just wonder, how many more people like me are out there, who were meant to be playing a role today but are still waiting for the opportunity to know more about Falun Dafa and step through the door to cultivate in this profound Fa.
我感到有些學員把精力全部都集中在對法輪功的迫害上,而忽視了其他方面,例如告訴人們法輪功是什麼。對我自己來說,我要向內找,歸正自己在講真相方面的不 足。我想,如果一個人要做出判斷或擺放位置,首先他要明白他所支持的是什麼。我經常碰到這樣的人,當他們聽說我煉法輪功就說:“啊,就是那個被迫害的,是 吧?”,更多的就不知道了。我聽到同修中有一些說法:現在向人們洪法不重要,只要簡單提一下法輪功就行了。可是我想,如果那些人當初沒有花時間告訴我如何 煉法輪功,使我快速提高,我就不會有今天的能力,而其他人就要承擔我今天所承擔的責任;或者這件事根本就辦不成,而所有這些我接觸到的人都不會有機會被救 度。我想,還有多少人像我當初那樣, 應該在今天扮演個角色,但卻仍然在等機會得法,走進修煉的大門。

When the opportunity arose to possibly attend this festival and spread Dafa widely, my heart jumped at the chance. The first step in approaching this project was to bring it up with the greater body of practitioners in Queensland to see if anyone had had experience in this area. To my surprise, quite promptly I was filled in on the history of practitioners applying for this particular festival. Although no one had previously been successful, all of previous approaches and stories were important to inform us how to approach the application in a considered and sensitive manner. 
當得知有可能參加這個文化節廣泛洪法時,我一下子就抓住了這個機會。當然,首先要跟整體溝通,看看誰在這方面有經驗。令我驚訝的是,一下子,很多人都告訴 我以前申請過。雖然都沒有成功過,過去的經驗對我們這次申請應采取何種周全理智的方式提供了重要信息。

Initially there were quite a few varying ideas on how we should approach the festival. All the thoughts and contributions that arose from this were very important, and part of the valuable process. Although some views appeared not supportive, they really did express their views on how they thought we should proceed and it is important that people have this opportunity. Only by airing your opinion do you show your thoughts, then as a group we can discuss through all the ideas and hopefully in this process, we can help each other improve in our understanding and sort out the most considered way to move forward. Although it may seem a little rough while all of these different thoughts are out there, with some conflicting with each other, I actually think this is a beneficial process for the body.
開始,有很多不同的建議,所有這些想法和建議都很重要,這也是整個過程的一部分。雖然有些想法沒有什麼實際幫助,但同修都把自己的想法說出來,而且都認為 這個向公眾洪法的機會很重要。只有把想法講出來,整體才能在一起討論這些想法,並通過這個過程 ,互相幫助,共同提高認識,然後找出最合適的途徑向前推進。盡管看上去有點難,有這麼多不同的意見,有些意見還互相矛盾,但我覺得這個過程對整體來說很有 幫助。

After our direction was decided, everyone contributed to the application and rounded it out with all of our wisdom, truly working as one body and growing in understanding together. With what seemed like a very thorough application in hand, I began to understand how valuable the process was. Even if we weren’t going to be successful with the application, those involved had already grown from the experience. I decided to draw out the process further.
當大方向決定後,每個人都對如何申請提出了好建議,智慧也出來了,真的像個整體在一起提高認識。手裡拿著一份從各方面看都很完善的申請,我開始明白過程的 價值。即使我們的申請不成功,那些參與的同修已經在過程中得到提高。我決定再進一步。

Due to high work loads in my architecture course it was often hard to find opportunities to talk about Dafa and clarify the truth. Many people around me in the studio are very familiar with the process of critical review due to the nature of our education. I realised that the people reviewing our application at the festival would be everyday people and look at our application potentially without knowing anything, so I thought to ask my friends and colleagues if they could review the application and offer any suggestions on how to improve it. Each time someone read it, they developed a better understanding about Dafa and made some good observations to improve it from an outsiders perspective. This way, even more people contributed to the application and slowly made it better, each time offering their insight and past experience and each time the person would form good thoughts about Dafa. 
由於建築學課程很忙,我常常感到沒時間跟大家交流在法理上的認識和講真相的情況。 我們設計室有不少人對評審程序很熟悉,我認識到文化節那些評審我們申請的人是常人,而且可能對我們很不了解,所以我想讓我的朋友和同事先看看我們的申請, 提些改進建議。每次有人看過,他們就對法輪功有了更多的了解,而且從局外人的角度提出了改進意見。隨著更多的人參與,申請也越來越完善,每次人們根據以往 經驗提出建議時,他們對大法都形成好感。

At this point, although working towards the goal of being included in the festival, I had totally let go of the result, as these efforts and the process had already had such a positive effect in helping people improve and allowed sentient beings to place themselves.
這時,雖然我們希望能參加文化節,我已經完全放下了結果會是什麼的念頭,因為這些努力和過程已經很有效的幫助人們提高了認識,使眾生有機會擺放自己的位 置。

Finally I sent the application. A few weeks later the organisers informed us of our success.

While I was contacting other practitioners during the organisation of this project, I realised that when I thought of different people, impressions of that person would arise in my mind. The impressions were typically an idea that I had formed of that person due to all past experiences. I began to realise that the impression was not actually them, just an image of them. In my view, perhaps at some moments those people hadn’t acted particularly well and hance the image I had formed had some positive parts but also some negative thoughts. As I realised this, I was able to let that impression go and each time a real tangible weight lifted from my mind and I felt that the boundaries between us lessened, I became more accepting of others and was able to work better as a particle of the greater body. 
我在組織這項活動中聯系同修時,我意識到,當我想到不同的同修時,我腦子裡對那個同修的印像,都是根據以前的經歷形成的看法。我認識到那些印像並不是他 們,只是個影像。我覺得這些同修可能在某個時候表現不是特別好,所以我對他們的印像有正面的,也有負面的。認識到這點,我就清除這些印像,而且每次我都能 感到大腦一下子輕了很多;我感到同修之間的隔閡少多了,我更能接受別人,作為整體的一個粒子,我也做得更好。

At the festival, we had organised there to be two main parts to the stall. The Origami lotus flower making, and teaching the exercises with additional information about the cultivation of mind and body. The paper folding exercise gave us time to engage with the people, build a little rapport by meeting our guests and sharing this skill. The activity also set up the most important moment of sharing the metaphor about the growth of the lotus flower and how it can represent the personal in cultivation practice. People really listened and were touched. Some were drawn in by the lotus making and it ,wasn’t until half the way through the flower that they realised they were in a Falun Dafa tent. The realisation made it apparent that for what ever reason they wouldn’t normally have entered, but then felt obliged to finish making the flower. During this time we were able to break down some barriers, build rapport and explain a little more about Falun Dafa. Many of these kinds of people ended up staying more and even learning the exercises.
在文化節,我們的展台主要包括兩部分,折蓮花和教功,另外還有關於大法身心修煉的資料。教人折蓮花時,我們有機會跟人交談,最重要的是可以用蓮花的生長過 程來比喻一個人的修煉境界。人們聽到後都很感動。有些人被蓮花吸引過來,折了半天蓮花才意識到自己是在 法輪大法的展棚裡。有些一般不會主動到法輪大法展台的人, 也因折蓮花留下來,我們就有機會清除他們的一些障礙,向他們介紹法輪大法,其中不少人還留下來學法輪功。

Wave after wave of people flocked into the stall almost without let up. Over time and as the days went by especially in the later hours, the stories would sometimes become a little more relaxed and casual, or less attentive. At this point I would catch myself and thought that although I have told this story thousands of times, it is the only time that they would hear it and it would effectively determine the future of their life. This jogged me to maintain attentiveness, connect with them and have the effect of saving them.
人們一批一批不斷的走進我們的展棚。時間長了,特別是快結束的時候,講真相就有點放松了,也比較隨便。這時,我就提醒自己,雖然蓮花的故事和真相我已經講 了千百遍,可這可能是這些人聽到它們的唯一的機會,而且可能會決定他們的未來。這一念使我精神起來,我積極跟他們交談,使他們能夠被救度。

Throughout the week I met people from all over who were so pleased to come across Falun Dafa and talk to us in more depth about it. A lady from Ghana, Africa, said the stall was so inspiring and the stories we told about cultivation and the practice were so uplifting.
整個一周,我遇到來自各地的人,他們都很高興能幸遇大法,而且跟我們談得更深。一位從非洲加納來的婦人說我們的展台很有感召力,那些修煉故事和功法讓人感 到精神振奮。

Some other comments:
“I’ve been waiting for you people to turn up to a place like this so I can learn”
“I’ve been learning the exercises at a remote town, but knew I would be missing the little things, this was a great chance to really learn the practice”
Another had practiced the exercises for 2 years straight everyday in a large group in a remote town but she hadn’t opened the book or knew what cultivation really was.

Everyday we taught the exercises to large groups and individuals and spoke about cultivation and it holistically felt that we were all immersed in the Fa. I would wake up buzzing with energy and could feel the field around me expanding. It definitely was not easy though. There was also something very draining. I thought about why this was at one point. It was like we were coming into contact with so many everyday people who are more or less idling in life or dropping and then we are investing quite a bit of energy in them to shift their direction into a positive upwards one and I felt like they were unknowingly weighing on our shoulders until we were able to lift them up with our words. The more I did it I could feel my capacity increasing and becoming more powerful gradually it became easier. 
我們每天都教很多人練功,談論修煉,真感到我們都全方位的溶於法中。我每天起床後都是精力充沛的,感到周圍的場在延伸擴展。工作不容易,也很消耗精力,有 時我想為什麼會這樣呢?我感到我們一下子跟這麼多人接觸,而這些人很多都在閑蕩,或下滑;我們向他們傾注了很多能量,使他們能轉向積極向上的一面。我感到 他們不知不覺的落在我們的肩上,直到我們的話能把他們提起來。 越做我越感到自己的能力在增加,能量越來越強,工作起來也感到比較容易了。

Just when I felt like things had gone really well, A few days after came a solid hint through someone. “You can improve even more. You are doing well, and that has been a dramatic improvement… but you can do even better”. I knew it too and have been learning to not set limits for my capacity to ascend and just continually expand.
正當我覺得一切都很順利時,幾天後,我得到很實在的點化:“你還可以提高。你做得很好,提高很快。。。但你還可以做得更好。”我也明白,也在努力不限制自 己的能力,再往上升華,繼續擴大能量。

This festival gave our group a taste of what is possible and for myself formed great aspirations for work in this area in the future. Our hope is to connect with the predestined and allow all those who came to help in this period to be able to contribute and also to lay seeds for those who will come later. If anyone would like to share about this experience or do similar things in your local environment or help improve any of the thoughts expressed in this sharing today, please get in touch with me. Zhen-Shan-Ren Hao… Falun Dafa Hao!
參加文化節使我們嘗試到我們能做些什麼,我自己也很希望將來能在這一領域做更多的工作。我們希望跟有緣人結緣,使所有在這期間來幫忙的人都能做出貢獻,並 為後人撒下種子。如果有同修想在這方面進行交流,或在當地做類似的事情,或幫助提高今天所交流的認識,請以後跟我聯系。真、善、忍好!法輪大法好!