我 对议员讲真相的一点体会 (Chinese and English) - Some Sharing on Truth Clarification to Politicians

堪 培拉学员Holly

Some Sharing on Truth Clarification to Politicians

慈悲伟 大的师父好!
Greetings revered Master!
Greetings fellow practitioners!

以前跟 议员讲真相,就象师父所说的,平时不理人家,有事时才去求人家,所以效果自然不是很好。后来听说,美国有的跟政府讲真相的学员为了跟议员交朋友还去学打高 尔夫球,心里也开始琢磨着怎样能够跟议员建立长期的关系,以便更深入的讲真相。
When I used to clarify the truth to politicians, I did just like what Master said: You usually don’t contact them, and only go to see them when you want something from them. Therefore, my truth clarification work to them had been quite superficial. Later I heard that some U.S. practitioner went to learn how to play golf in order to make friends with politicians and better clarify the truth to them. So I started to think how to establish a long term relationship with them so as to further clarify the truth to them.

在这个过程中,也突破了许多人的观念。在中国大陆长大,我从小就很不喜欢中共的政治课,也不关心时事,什么政治局、人大,从来也没搞清楚 过。现在,为了要跟议员讲真相,还得要了解一下澳洲的政治体制、党派、政策等等,对我来说真是不情愿。所以,在澳洲呆了这么多年,我还是搞不清楚上下议院 的结构、职责等等,主要原因是没有兴趣,也懒的去了解,所以也记不住。
In this process, I broke through many human mentalities. Having grown up in mainland China, I disliked very much the CCP’s subject of Politics in schools. I wasn’t interested in its political system such as what was political bureau or people’s congress and so on. Now in order to clarify the truth to the Australian government, I must get to know about its political system, parties and policies. I was really reluctant to learn about those things that were of no interest to me. So having been in Australia for so many years, I was still not clear about the structures and functions of the House and Senate. The main reason was that I wasn’t interested in finding out.

可是听到师父在2007年对澳洲学员讲法时说的话,我很受震动,师父说:“所以大法弟子才威德那么大,因为你们讲真相都得按照常人的接受能 力去讲,按照他们的喜好去讲,你们才有这么大的威德。在这么艰苦的环境下,你们能把人救了才了不起。千万不要简单的去做。”
However, what Master said in 2007 when lecturing to Australian practitioners had great impact one me. Master said: “…therefore Dafa disciples have such great mighty virtues, because you have to clarify the truth to ordinary people according to their level of acceptance, according to their likes and dislikes, hence you have such great mighty virtues. You are remarkable to be able to save people even under such tough environments. Never do it in a simple way.”

我向内找,意识到自己只是考虑自己的兴趣,而不去考虑怎样用心去跟议员讲真相,其实是自私,缺乏慈悲心的表现。意识到这个问题之后,我就开 始认真考虑怎样去跟议员建立起长期的关系。我想应该把议员当成朋友一样去关心和帮助他们,因此,逢年过节的时候我就寄张卡片,或小礼物,感谢他们对我们的 支持和帮助。有一次,我给一位议员发了电子邮件,祝她生日快乐,她很快就回信说,没想到,你还记的我的生日。2007年底,坎培拉举行市议会选举。我想应 该利用这个机会去跟候选人讲真相。于是就去约见每一位候选人。对那些比较支持我们的议员,我想,作为朋友,我也应该去他们的竞选摊位上帮帮忙。可是又有一 个问题,我去帮哪一个呢,他们都是不同党派的,我不想让他们认为,法轮功学员在帮这个党、或者那个党,我可不想参与政治。
I looked within and found out that I was only considering my own likes and dislikes, but did not consider how to make efforts to clarify the truth to parliamentarians. This was a manifestation of my selfishness and lack of compassion. Upon realising this, I started to think seriously how to approach politicians and build up a long term relationship with them. I thought that I should treat them like friends. So I would send greeting cards and small presents to them around Christmas time, to show appreciation of their help and support. Once I sent an email to a senator wishing her Happy Birthday, she quickly replied saying that she couldn’t believe I remembered her birthday. In late 2007 during the ACT election, I thought I should make use of this opportunity to clarify the truth, so I started to make appointments and invite those candidates to our truth clarification parties. I also thought that I should go and help those supportive MLAs with their election campaigns as a friend. But then there was a problem. Which one should I help? They all belong to different political parties and I didn’t want to give them the impression that Falun Gong practitioners were supporting a particular party.

我想, 作为修炼人我应该怎样对待这个问题呢?我意识到,我之所以有这个问题,是因为我心里有这个观念,认为这是参与政治。我想起师父在《再论政治》这篇经文中讲 的话:“如果‘政治’能够揭露迫害,‘政治’能够制止迫害,‘政治’能够帮助讲清真相,‘政治’能够救度众生,那这所谓的‘政治’有如此的好处,何乐而不 为之呢?看来关键是修炼人的出发点是制止迫害,而不是为了人的政权而搞‘政治’。”这些话打开了我的思维,让我心里豁然开朗,我明白了:我的心中没有政 治,又何来的搞政治呢?
Then I was wondering how I should deal with this issue from Fa’s point of view? I got to realize that the reason I had this question was because I had this mentality in my mind that this was getting involved in politics. I remembered Master said in his jingwen “Further Remarks on Politics”: “If "getting political" can expose the persecution, if "getting political" can stop the persecution, if "getting political" can help clarify the facts, if "getting political" can save sentient beings--if "getting political" can do all of this good, then why not do so? The crux of the matter, it would seem, is that a cultivator's motive is to stop the persecution, and not to "get political" for the sake of gaining human political power.” These words opened up my mind and all of a sudden I understood the issue: I don’t have politics in my mind in the first place, why do I think I am getting involved in politics?

于是, 我便和同修安排好了时间,去分别帮助支持我们的议员和候选人,在他们的竞选摊位上帮助发传单。遇到有人问我为什么要支持某某议员时,我便说,他是我的朋 友,曾经在法轮功的问题上帮助过我,所以我就来帮助他,并顺便跟对方讲真相。我真实的感受到了,突破了人的那些观念的束缚后真是自在,智慧也会随之而来。
Hence, I made arrangements with other practitioners and went to help different MLAs and candidates. When being asked by others why I supported this particular MLA, I told them he/she was my friend and he/she helped me with the Falun Gong issue so I supported him/her. I also took the opportunity to clarify the truth to them. I truly felt that without those notions’ bondage, my mind was so free that wisdom would come along naturally.

我们帮 助过的议员有的连任了,还有好几位候选人也当选,我也因此跟他们建立了比较好的关系。现在,每当我有事约见他们时,他们都能很快安排我见面。有一次,当我 有事找一位议员帮忙并感谢他的帮助时,他对我说,你不用客气,我要谢谢你为我所做的。我只不过是在他的竞选摊位站了几个小时,他就记在心里了。有几位议员 在圣诞节时,主动给我寄来贺卡。这让我感受到,当我们用慈悲心去做事时,别人是能感受的到的。
Some candidates we had helped got elected and they thanked us for helping them. Now whenever I want to make an appointment to meet with them, they can all arrange one within a short time. Once I went to meet with a parliamentarian asking for help. When I thanked him, he said: “You are welcome. I thank you for what you did for me.” What I did was only standing at his election stall for a few hours, but he remembered this in his mind. During Christmas, I received greeting cards from several parliamentarians. This makes me feel that when we treat others with compassion, they are able to feel it.

几个月前,坎培拉学员开始忙于真善忍美展的项目。有学员跟我说,是不是也应该向坎培拉市政府申请在市府大楼的展览厅办画展。我心里没底。坎 培拉和北京是姐妹城市,再加上自己也来自北京,我一直利用这个关系跟议员们讲真相。但是,由于这个姐妹城市关系,执政党一直跟法轮功学员保持着距离。
Several months ago, Canberra practitioners started the project of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance Art Exhibition. A practitioner suggested that I apply to the ACT Government for having the exhibition in the ACT Legislative Assembly building. I wasn’t quite sure about that. Canberra and Beijing are sister cities, besides, I myself was originally from Beijing, so I have been using this relationship to clarify the truth to MLAs. But because of this sister city relationship, the ACT government has been keeping a distance from Falun Gong practitioners.

可是我 想,我不能因为这个原因就不去做了,所以就首先约见支持我们的议员。这位议员告诉我应该去找某某议员,是他负责此事。而这位议员是新当选的,他参加过我们 讲真相办的party。跟他见面后,很顺利的就得到了批准。这件事让我悟到,做事真的不要有什么观念,否则会把自己障碍住。
However, I thought: I can’t give it up simply because of this reason. So I made an appointment with a supportive MLA. He told me that I should contact another MLA who was in charge of this issue. This MLA happened to the one who came to our truth clarification party. Upon meeting with him, our application got approved smoothly. This made me realise that we should not have any notions in our mind when doing things, as the notions will create obstacles for us.

画展开 幕时,有几位议员来了。有一位我帮助过的新当选的议员,因为在海外开会而不能参加,特意写了封支持信email给我,并派了办公室的三位助手来参加。画展 的最后一天,他从海外归来,马上就来到展厅找我。当我在给他讲解画时,我看到了他眼里的泪光。他看完后走了,不一会又回来了,带来一位助手,并让他给我们 照合影,说会email给我,可以发表在任何报道中。我从内心里为他高兴,这是一个充满正义感的议员,他为自己选择了很好的未来。
Several MLAs came to the first day exhibition. One of them opened the exhibition, giving a very supportive speech. The other MLA, whom I helped during his election campaign, went overseas for a conference and could not make it to the opening ceremony. He emailed me a very supportive letter, and sent three staff to attend the ceremony. On the last day of the exhibition, he came back from overseas and came to the exhibition room to look for me. I showed him around and explained to him about the paintings, then I saw tears in his eyes. Soon after he left, he came back with an assistant. He asked the assistant to take photos of me with him and said that he would email me the photos and that I could use them for any media reports. I felt so pleased for this MLA who was full of sense of justice. He had chosen a great future for himself.

虽然有 很多议员没有正式来参加画展,但是他们,包括他们的助手和工作人员,每天从展厅走过,看到了那些画。有的过来告诉我们,那些画非常震撼,。
Although some MLAs did not come to attend the arts exhibition officially, they themselves and their staff walked past the exhibition room every day and saw the paintings. Some came to tell us that those paintings were very powerful.

通过这 次画展,我认识到,师父其实把什么都安排好了,就等着我们去做。做的过程就是给我们机会去掉自己的执着和人的观念。在这个过程中,师父安排那些跟我们有缘 的众生来听我们讲真相,得到救度。我对师父在2003年大纽约地区法会讲法中讲的话有了更深的理解:“作为我这个当师父的来讲,对于大法弟子,我不求他们 任何东西。他们今天所有做的这一切,证实法也好、救度众生也好、自己的学法修炼,我告诉你,一样也不是给我做的。将来大法弟子都会看到,大法弟子所做的一 切都是为了自己,救度的是自己的众生,圆满的是自己的世界与众生,给自己在树立威德,所有的一切都是为了大法弟子自己,你没有一样是给师父做的,也没有一 样是给别人做的。”
Through the art exhibition, I have come to realise that Master actually arranged everything well, and was just waiting for us to go ahead and do it. In the process of doing this, we were given the opportunities to let go of our attachments and notions, and in the mean time, Master arranged for those who had predestined relationship with us to learn the truth from us. I now understand better what Master said in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference in 2003: “From my perspective, as your Master, I don't seek anything from Dafa disciples. Everything that they're doing today--be it validating the Fa, saving sentient beings, or studying the Fa and cultivating themselves--I can tell you that not one of these things is done for me. In the future, Dafa disciples will see that everything Dafa disciples did was for their own sake. What are saved are their own sentient beings, what they're consummating are their own paradises and sentient beings, and they're establishing mighty virtue for themselves--all these things are done for Dafa disciples' own sake. Not a single thing you've done is for Master, and not a single thing you've done is for anybody else.”

虽然知 道永远都无法回报师父所给予的,还是要讲一句:衷心感谢师父的慈悲救度。
I know that I will never be able to pay back what Master has given me, however I would still like to say: Thank you Master from the bottom of my heart!