在 矛盾中修去人心, 在大法中升华 Relinquish Human Mentalities and Elevate in the Fa amongst “Conflicts” - Chinese and English

Relinquish Human Mentalities and Elevate in the Fa amongst “Conflicts”

师父 好!
Greetings Master!
Greetings fellow practitioners!

今年, 我们布里斯本为神韵拿到了最好的剧场。这是昆省大法弟子整体努力,在修炼中整体提高的结果,也是我们信师信法坚定正念的结果。这个过程对我来说也是一次宝 贵的修炼机会。我很高兴能在此与同修交流一下修炼心得,如有不妥之处,请慈悲指正。
This year, we have got the best theatre in Brisbane for Shen Yun. It has resulted from efforts of all Qld practitioners as one body, our improvement in cultivation and our strong belief in Master and the power of righteous thoughts.The process has also been a precious cultivation opportunity for me. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to share some of my cultivation experience. Please kindly point it out if there is anything improper.

向内找 是解决“矛盾”的关键
Looking inward is the key to resolve “conflicts”
几年来,我一直负责昆省为神韵找剧场的事。我们都知道神韵是为了救度众生,是世界上第一秀,应在最好的剧场演出。但是由于各种原因,前三年我们都没能拿到 最好的剧场,最后不得不选用小一点儿的场地。很自然,同修对此感到失望,一些人还对主要协调人产生了不满情绪,抱怨事情没办好,说我们正念不强,接受了旧 势力的安排等等。同修之间产生了不信任、误解,背后嘀咕,甚至还有一些无中生有的谣言。有一段时间,同修之间间隔很大,甚至学法都坐不到一起,分成了两 组。由于我是主要联系人,很多抱怨就冲着我来了,说我应对没拿到好剧场负责,我的正念不强等等等等。我当时感到自己成了被攻击的目标,觉的很委屈,心烦意 乱的。同时,也开始抱怨同修,说他们不配合,不在法上,有时甚至想干脆撒手不干了。
For the past few years, I have largely taken up the responsibility for getting the venue for Shen Yun. We all know that Shen Yun is about saving people and is the top show in the world and deserves to be staged at the best theatres. However, for the past three years, we were not able to book the best venue in Brisbane due to various reasons, and in the end we had to settle with a smaller venue instead. Naturally, many practitioners felt disappointed and some have also developed grievances against the main coordinators and complained about how things were handled, saying we did not have strong righteous thoughts and had accepted the old forces’ arrangements. There was mistrust and misunderstandings among practitioners, gossips behind backs, even groundless rumours. For a while, there was much discord among practitioners, to the point that we could not even study the Fa together. Because I was the main contact person, a lot of the complaints were lashed out at me, saying that I was responsible for not getting the best venue, and I did not have strong righteous thoughts and so on and so forth. I felt like being unduly targeted and felt I was wronged and got really upset. At the same time, I also developed some grievances, complaining that fellow practitioners were not cooperating, they were not “on the Fa” and at one point I even wanted to wash my hands of it all.

过后静下心来想:为什么我遇到这么多责难?为什么这么多抱怨都冲着我来?为什么我感到这么难过,觉的受到了伤害?我们配合不好难道真是同修 的错吗?
Later, after I calmed down, I asked myself: Why do I encounter so much criticism? Why there are so many complaints against me? Why do I feel so upset and hurt? Is it really other practitioners’ fault that we do not cooperate well?
师父在2009年华盛顿DC国际法会讲法中说:“你们互相之间在配合上,心里不平,激动生气,那个时候很难想自己、看看自己是什么状态、出发点是什么人 心。多数是自己的意见不被采纳,或者对别人的瞧不起,这两种心的反映是最强烈的。”
Master said, “When you are working together and you feel wronged or get angry, it's hard at that moment to reflect on your role in the matter or look within and realise what your state is or what attachment triggered that event. The majority of the time it's that [you are upset about] your suggestion not being adopted and that you looked down on someone. The manifestation of these two attachments tends to be the most intense.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

我找到 了隐藏着的执著:我总是有些看不起人,认为自己比别人能办事,我能做这个,能做那个,很少想到应该跟同修交流,除了几个平常比较合的来的。再往深挖,我看 到了深层的自私和自我。我感觉受到伤害,心里过不去,是因为我放不下人心和自我。师父在“真修”中说:“修炼本身并不苦,关键是放不下常人的执著。”我认 识到,我周围发生的一切都是暴露我的执著心,去掉执著心的机缘,怎么能反过来抱怨同修不配合呢?如果我从一开始就把进展情况跟大家交流清楚,工作大家一起 做,就会避免很多不必要的误解和不信任。我认识到,在助师正法、救度众生中,不能只是忙于做事,更重要的是不能放松个人修炼。不修好自己,怎么能完成好这 么神圣的使命呢?
I found my hidden attachments: I tend to look down on others, thinking I am more capable of getting things done. I can do this and I can do that. I seldom feel the need to share with fellow practitioners, except for a few whom I feel comfortable with. To dig in deeper, I could see the hidden selfishness and ego. I feel hurt and upset, because I cannot let go of ordinary human mentalities and ego. Master said in “True Cultivation”, “Cultivation itself is not painful—the key lies in your inability to let go of ordinary human attachments.” I realised all these things that happen around me provide a precious opportunity for me to expose my attachments and let go of them. How can I turn round and accuse others of not cooperating? I thought if I had shared more with practitioners from the very beginning and worked with practitioners as a team, then there would have been much less misunderstanding and mistrust. I realized that in assisting Master in saving sentient beings, we must not just busy ourselves doing things; most importantly we must not relax in our cultivation, otherwise how can we accomplish such a sacred mission?

在下一次学法交流时,一位同修问我能不能不当找剧场的负责人。我发自内心的说:没问题,怎么决定我都会全力支持新的负责人。后来成立了一个 剧场小组,负责下一步的工作。
At the next group Fa-study and sharing, one practitioner asked me if I had any problem giving up the role as the main person in charge of venue booking. From my heart I said I have no problem at all and I would give my utmost support to whomever in charge. A venue team was then established to continue our efforts in venue booking.

遇事先 考虑别人
Be considerate of others first
情况进展很慢,一些学员开始着急,并成立了另外一个小组,自己去联系。有一天我到黄金海岸剧场的办公室去送资料,碰上那个组的几个学员也在那问剧场情况。 我当时感到很尴尬,动了人心,认为他们对我太不信任了,背着我这么做不对。走出办公室时,我猛然想到:我是修大法的,就要象个修炼人,遇事要先考虑别人, 而不是自己。我们都是师父的弟子,到这来都是为了救度众生。我就对一个同修说,“咱们在一起修炼十年了,彼此也知道对方的不足,但我看到你想为神韵找到最 好剧场的善念,咱们一起努力吧,别对着干。”一下子,间隔我们的那堵墙不见了,大家敞开心扉交流,场也很圆容。
Things were progressing very slowly. Some practitioners became a bit concerned and formed another working team and started to make inquiries themselves. One day I went to drop off some additional Shen Yun information at the Gold Coast venue office and bumped into a few of them who were also there checking out the venue. I felt very embarrassed and reacted with human emotions. I thought their mistrust in me really went too far and what they were doing was wrong. However, as we walked out of the office, a thought suddenly came to my mind: I’m a Dafa cultivator and I must act as a cultivator. I must be considerate of others first, not myself. We are all Master’s disciples and are here for the same purpose of saving sentient beings. So I said calmly to one practitioner, “We have been cultivating together for the past ten years, and we are aware of each other’s shortcomings, but what I see is your good wish to get the best venue for Shen Yun. Let’s work together, not against each other.” Immediately, the wall between us disappeared and we were able to communicate openly and honestly. The field was also harmonious.

通过这件事,我认识到当我从正面看待同修,放弃自己僵化的观念和成见时,我眼前的同修完全变成了另外一个人。师父说:“其实大法弟子嘛,做 什么事都先想别人,站在别人的角度想想,再看看全局,就知道咋做了。”(“新唐人电视讨论会上的讲法”)回想一下,我很感谢那天发生的事,它使我又有一次 暴露自己人心的机会,更懂的了“想想别人咋想的,看看全局。”的重要性。
From this incident, I realised that when I take a positive attitude towards a fellow practitioner and let go of my rigid mentalities and opinions about others, I see a totally different person in front of me. Master said: “But actually, Dafa disciples should first be considerate of others no matter what the occasion, and put themselves in the other person’s shoes, and look at the whole picture. Then you will know what to do.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”) Looking back, I feel very grateful for the incident that day. It offered me another opportunity to expose my human mentalities and to learn to appreciate “where the other person might be coming from and look at the whole picture”.

保持正念 信师信法
Keep strong righteous thoughts and firmly believe in Master and the Fa

我们被 告知2010年剧场没有空闲给我们。我想:尽管我们身上还有漏,还没有形成一个强大圆容的修炼环境,但我们不承认旧势力的安排,是师父说了算。同时,剧场 小组在一起交流,向内找;佛学会成员也带头向内找。当我们开始规正自己时,佛学会与同修之间的间隔也越来越少,我们周围的场也越来越圆容。
Meanwhile we were told that the venue was not available for us in 2010. I thought although we still have loopholes among ourselves and we are still yet to form a strong and harmonious cultivation environment, we do not accept the old forces’ arrangements. We only follow what Master says. The venue team shared and looked within; members of FXH also took lead in looking within. When we started to rectify ourselves, the barrier between FXH and the body of practitioners became lesser and the field around us became more harmonious.

这时我们收到昆省省长办公室的回信,说我们有问题可以去找剧场经理罗斯。我马上打电话约见他,可是他说他帮不上什么忙了。我告诉他我们又有 一个新的提议请他考虑,最后他同意周一下午两点给我们半个小时。罗斯还给我发了email,说另有学员希望看一下另一个剧场,她周一也会一起参加会议。我 当有点动气,觉的这个同修在影响我们要做的事,但马上又转念规正自己:我们都在努力为神韵争取最好的剧场,我们是个整体,只要我们正念足,圆容师父要的, 不会有问题。
At the same time we received a replied letter from the Qld premier’s office, asking us to contact the theatre manager Ross for the venue. So I called and requested for an appointment, but he said there was not much he could do to help. I told him we have come up with a new proposal for him to consider, so he agreed to give us half an hour on the Monday at 2pm. Meanwhile I received an email from Ross, informing me that another practitioner wished to check out another venue, and she would also be coming at the same time. I felt a bit annoyed, thinking it was distracting us from what we should focus on, but I immediately rectified myself: We are all trying to achieve the best for Shen Yun; we are one body, and as long we have strong righteous thoughts to harmonize what Master wants, everything will be fine.

认识到 此次会议的重要性,我周日整天都用来学法,并恳求师父加持正念。周一我们有五个同修参加了会议。其他同修有的去剧场周围发正念,有的各自发正念。
Fully aware of the importance of the meeting, I spent the whole Sunday studying the Fa and asked Master to strengthen my righteous thoughts. A group of five went to the meeting on Monday. Other practitioners were supporting us by SFRT around the venue or at their own place.

与罗斯及有关人员的会面很容洽,但他明确说我们的新提议不可行,因时间排不开,并建议我们考虑他们的另一个剧场。剧场的技术经理也开始介绍 那个剧场的情况。我告诉大家这个剧场以前提交过,可是因舞台两侧狭窄,不够标准。Lyric剧场是唯一符合要求的。我请罗斯再查查年历,看是否可以挤出几 天时间给我们。罗斯看过演出,知道神韵很棒,但他仍说2010年不可能,建议我们考虑2011年。我说:对,2011要考虑,但咱们再看看2010年吧。 罗斯又查了一下年历,然后说,五月底有几天剧场维修的日子,这几天合适你们的日程安排吗?
The meeting with Ross and a couple of his staff was very friendly, but he made it very clear that our new proposal was not acceptable due to the tight schedule and suggested we look at the other venue within Qpac, and his technical manager also started to go through some technical aspects of the other venue. I told them this theatre had been submitted before, but not approved due to its stage layout. I said the Lyric Theatre was the only one that would accommodate Shen Yun’s requirements, and asked Ross to look at the calendar again to see if he could find a few dates for us. Ross watched Shen Yun before and knew how wonderful it was, but still he said there was nothing in 2010 and suggested we look at 2011. I said yes we need venue for 2011, but right now let’s please take another look at 2010. He went through his calendar again, then said, “There are a few maintenance days at the end of May, would these days work with your schedule?”

事态的变化难以置信,本来好像不可能的事,突然来了个108度大转弯。这么简单,这么自然。我心里明白,这一切都是师父的安排。师父要的就 是我们那一颗纯净的心和强大的正念。正如师父在诗中说的:“弟子正念足,师有回天力”。(“师徒恩”洪吟(二))谢谢师父!谢谢同修!
It was incredible the way things turned out. A seemingly impossible situation made a complete turnaround. It was so simple and natural. I knew in my heart, it was Master who made the arrangement. What we need is a pure heart and strong righteous thoughts, just like Master said, “"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide." ("The Master-Disciple Bond" in Hong Yin II) Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners.

我知道 自己身上还有很多没去掉的执著,有时还犯同样的错误,而且同修之间还会有“矛盾”,但我更明白只要我真正去修心性,向内找,什么也挡不住我在大法中升华。 经过这些上下起伏,我更清醒的认识到只有修好自己,才能更好的完成助师正法、救度众生的神圣使命。
I know that I still have a lot of attachments yet to relinquish and sometimes I still repeat the same mistakes, and I may still encounter “conflicts” with practitioners. But I also know that as long as I truly cultivate my xinxing and look within, nothing will stop me elevating in the Fa. Through these ups and downs, I have become more and more aware that only by cultivating ourselves well, can we do better in accomplishing our sacred mission of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

I would like to share one of Master’s poems from Hong Yin II to finish my sharing:

理智觉 醒
Rational and Awake
Pause for a moment of self-reflection,
and increase your righteous thoughts
Thoroughly analyze your shortcomings, 
and progress with renewed diligence

Thank you, Master!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!