參 與南美神韻報道的修煉體悟 (Chinese + English) - Cultivation experience in being involved with reporting on Shen Yun in South America

參與南 美神韻報道的修煉體悟
Cultivation experience in being involved with reporting on Shen Yun in South America

尊敬的 師父好,各位同修好!
從二零零七年神韻全球巡演開始,我連續三年作為大紀元記者參與墨爾本和阿德萊德的神韻報道。零九年六月到七月,神韻第一次到中共邪黨控制很緊的拉丁美洲, 我有幸作為中文文字記者,參與了阿根廷和智利兩個國家、三個城市、十六場演出的報道,歷時將近一個月。今天借這個機會與各位同修分享這段修煉歷程。
Greetings respected Master, greetings fellow practitioners!
Since the global tour of Shen Yun began in 2007, for three consecutive years I was involved with reporting about Shen Yun shows in Melbourne and Adelaide for The Epoch Times. Between June and July 2009, Shen Yun was first presented in Latin America, a region closely influenced by the evil Chinese Communist Party. I was fortunate to have worked as a Chinese language reporter, and participated in the reporting of 16 shows in 3 cities, across Argentina and Chile, over nearly one month. Today, I would like to use this opportunity to share with fellow practitioners, this part of my cultivation experience.

歷盡艱 險重重攔
Hindered by difficulties and obstacles one after another

零八年 十一月,在美國親耳聆聽了師父對參與神韻報道的記者講法后,我悟到,在神韻演出炸開舊勢力布下的場后,媒體報道要及時跟進,清理殘余的黑手爛鬼。正因為如 此,神韻報道的時間要求緊,數量要求大。
In November 2008, after I personally heard Master's Fa teaching for reporters involved with reporting on Shen Yun, I came to understand, that as Shen Yun performances blew away the fields arranged by the old forces, media reports should closely follow to eliminate remaining dark minions. Just for this reason, the timing for reports about Shen Yun needs to be close, as well, they are required in large numbers.
In 2009 when Shen Yun toured around Australia, due to shortfalls in preparation, and that we did not have enough Chinese language reporters, even though the quality and quantity of reports just passed the mark, I felt ashamed and uneasy. Master saw His disciple's heart, and arranged another opportunity for me. In mid June 2009, the coordinator of The Epoch Times called me, “Shen Yun will present shows for the first time in South America, can you report from there?”

憑著記 者的新聞意識,我知道神韻能成行南美在這個空間是次歷史性突破,在另外空間一定是場驚心動魄的正邪較量。我想起了替父出征疆場的木蘭。可是,面對自己兩個 小孩,丈夫同修又是大紀元七/二十四(工作七天,每天幾乎全天候工作)的廣告銷售員,自己離開一個月,能行嗎?也許就是這搖擺的一念,讓舊勢力鉆了空子: 丈夫同修開始了和我的冷戰,還有同修問我,北美那么多記者,離南美也近,為什么非得你去?也有同修提醒,觀眾都講西班牙語,你只會英語,用的上嗎?
With my new journalist's news sense, I knew that Shen Yun's success in touring South America was to be a historical breakthrough in this dimension. Meanwhile in the other dimensions, it must be an astounding battle between good and evil. I thought of Hua Mulan who enlisted in the army for her father. However, with my two children, and husband (also a fellow practitioner) who worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as an advertisement sales person, can I leave for a month? Perhaps it was this wavering thought that allowed the old forces to take advantage of my loophole. My husband started to have a cold-war with me, and there were also practitioners who asked me, there are so many reporters in North America, who are close to South America, so why must you go? Other practitioners also reminded me, the audience there all spoke Spanish, but you only know English, will you be able to help?

兩天 后,我終于下定了決心。作出決定后,丈夫主動提出為我兌換錢幣、收拾行李等,好像什么都沒發生一樣。我知道,邪惡利用他來考驗我是否堅定的算盤落了空。那 位同修也主動提出送我去機場,趕上凌晨四點的航班。
從定下來去南美的那一刻起,我的喉嚨開始莫名其妙的癢了起來,每天止不住的咳。同去的攝影記者,也是流鼻涕、發燒的癥狀。六月的阿根廷,豬流感肆虐。首都 布宜諾斯艾利斯的電視畫面上,每隔幾分鐘就會閃來有關報道。盡管這樣,開頭兩場,華人觀眾幾乎都是攜家帶口、邀上親朋,興致勃勃的來觀看演出。然而,開演 三天后,首都某地兩名華裔死于豬流感的消息經電視臺和電臺,宣揚的沸沸揚揚。而在此之前,當地同修也曾告訴我們,從第三場開始售票情況并不樂觀。
Two days later, I finally became determined to go. After I made the decision, my husband pro-actively prepared currency exchange, and helped me to pack luggage, as if nothing had happened. I knew that the old force's plan to use him as a test for me had fallen through. The other practitioner also offered to take me to the airport for the 4am flight. 
From the instant I decided to travel to South America, strangely, my throat began to itch, and I coughed non-stop each day. The cameraman who would accompany me also began to have symptoms of fever and a running nose. June in Argentina, was the time when swine flu was rampaging the region. Television stations in the capital of Buenos had news updates of the flu epidemic every few minutes. Even so, in the first two shows, Chinese people still came to see the show with great excitement, accompanied by their family and invited friends. However, on the third day of the show, news of two Chinese people who died from swine flu was widely spread on radio and television, it became a household topic. Also prior to this, local practitioners had told me that ticket sales from the third show were not very optimistic.

神韻采 訪的要求很高,要求訪問主流社會那些金融界、政界,藝術界專業人士及剛從大陸出來的華人。如果來的觀眾少,還怎么能保證找到三類采訪對象?這個念頭一出, 我馬上看到了自己那顆被帶動起來的心。另外空間的邪惡虎視眈眈,該怎么辦?這時,师父的一句法打到了我的腦中,“解决的办法是一定要重视学法,认真学 法。”(經文《去人心》)
There were high requirements of Shen Yun reports. We needed to interview mainstream people from the financial and political sectors, arts communities, as well as Chinese people who had recently come overseas. If audience numbers were low, how could we ensure reports from the three target? As soon as this thought came to surface, I saw that my heart was stirred. Evil in the other dimensions were watching closely, what should I do? At that moment, one sentence from Master's Jingwen “Shed the Human Mindset” appeared in my mind, “The solution is to without exception make studying the Fa a priority and to study the Fa diligently. This Great Law is able to rectify the colossal firmament and allows people to cultivate to Consummation--shouldn't you treasure an opportunity as rare and precious as this? And this is an opportunity that will be gone in an instant!”

我和另 一位美國來的同修,開始了大量集中學法。每天凌晨五、六點鐘從媒體中心回到住宿的小旅館,睡兩三個小時后起床,發正念。除要保證五套功法、學完一講轉法輪 外,還抓緊重溫《精進要旨》及其它講法。同時,我努力放空自己,靜心的去理解演出內容,感受師父制作神韻的慈悲用心,把握現場觀眾的反應,而沒有了要完成 任務去抓三類人、找反饋的心。回到媒體中心的路上,再想下筆的思路和選取的角度,以節省時間。
I began to study the Fa in concentration with another practitioner from the USA. Every morning we returned to our small hotel at 5~6am, slept for 2 to 3 hours before we got up to send forth righteous thoughts. After we made sure to practice the five exercises, and study one chapter of Zhuan Falun, we also grasped hold of time to revise The Essentials to Further Advancement, and other Fa teachings. Meanwhile, I tried hard to empty myself, and to understand with a calm mindset, the contents presented in the show. I felt Master's compassionate intentions in producing Shen Yun, and lost the attachment to accomplishing the mission to interview the three target groups of people, but instead learned to grasp hold of audience reactions. On the way back to the media center, I would ponder upon the angle and sequence of the written reports, in order to save time.

就這 樣,在首都其它劇場空空蕩蕩只零星幾個戴口罩的觀眾時,神韻演出每場仍能吸引平均五百多名觀眾。常常是一人看了演出,打電話給家人,家人邀上朋友,一同來 看下一場的演出;觀眾們進場時看不到面孔(被口罩遮的嚴嚴實實),到離開時臉上寫滿了喜悅與感動……我為師父的無量慈悲而動容,更為自己能用手中的筆錄下 眾生得救后的喜悅而感到無尚榮光。
Hence, while other theaters in the capital were only attended by scarce audience members who wore face masks, each performance of Shen Yun attracted on average more than 500 people. Often, one person who watched the show, would call their family, and the family would in turn invite friends to see the next show. Although upon entering the theater, we could not see the faces of audience members (which were hidden behind face masks), when they left their faces were written with joy and inspiration... I was moved by Master's boundless compassion, and am even more honored to be able to record the joy of these sentient beings after they were saved.

大法牽 線一了万世缘
Dafa has brought together all those with predestined relationships

南美的 條件艱苦的出奇,人手少,資金不足,交通不便……布宜諾斯艾利斯的最后一場演出,我頭痛的像要裂開,渾身直冒冷汗,采訪時,強忍住不去咳嗽,怕觀眾懷疑我 是流感患者。回到媒體中心趕出了三篇報道后,我和后方的總編打了招呼,提前收工。其他同修都在緊張而有條不紊的忙著趕新聞,我謝絕了他們的關心和好意,一 個人拎著電腦出了門。
The environment in South America was extremely difficult, as there was great shortage of manpower and financial backup, on top of inconveniences in transport. At the final show in Aires, Buenos, my head was aching as if it was about to explode, and I continuously had cold sweat. When I carried out the interviews, I held back my coughs by force, as I was afraid the audience would mistaken me for a swine flu victim. After I completed the first three reports in the media center, I asked for an early break from the chief editor. Other practitioners all worked on their reports urgently but unhurriedly. I thanked them for their well intended concern for me, and exited alone with my laptop.

將近凌 晨四點鐘,我忍著頭痛,一個人走在陌生的城市街頭,空蕩蕩的馬路上,只偶爾有出租車經過。為了省錢,七、八分鐘的車程我選擇了步行,邊走邊覺的自己委屈。 好不容易挪到了入住的小旅館后,我已經是渾身大汗淋漓。打開電腦,看到明慧網上發表了《二零零九年大纽约国际法会讲法》。靜靜的一個人讀著,似乎在現場聆 聽師父的教誨,我淚如雨下。師父講,“换个角度说吧,你们所走过的路,你们所面对的这一切,你们所经历的这一切,大法的洪传,修炼人的表现,这不会是偶然 的。”
It was 4am in the morning, bearing my head ache, I walked alone in the city. On the deserted streets, only the occasional taxi passed by. In order to save money, I chose to walk instead of take the taxi. As I walked, I felt self pity. At last I reached the hotel, but by that time I was drenched with sweat. I turned on the computer, and saw that the “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Greater New York International Fa Conference" was published on the Clearwisdom website. Quietly, I read it, and felt as if I was hearing Master personally speak. Tears streaked down my cheeks. Master said, “Seen in another light, the path that you have traveled and all that you have faced and gone through, as with Dafa's vast spreading, and the deeds of our cultivators--none of this is possibly by chance.”

在《二 零零九年华盛顿DC国际法会讲法》中,師父講到,“其实整个世界啊,已经被大法弟子每人承包了一份,表现在这个地球上,而地球上的人又对应着宇宙。”為自 己深感羞愧,有什么好委屈的呢?這不都是來兌現自己的誓約嗎?
In “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”, master said, “In reality, the entire world has been divided up with a piece apportioned to each Dafa disciple. This is reflected in how things are on Earth, and the people in this world correspond to the cosmos.”
I felt deeply ashamed of myself. What is there to feel pity for? Hasn't all of this been for honoring of our vows?

旅店的 小老板告訴我們,在看演出的過程中,他從頭哭到尾。第二天,他和家人為我們特地煮了意大利面作為回報,并愿少收一晚的住宿費。我們則教給了他們五套功法。 教功時,一位來首都旅游的游客也一起學了起來,第二天他就動身回了南部家鄉……
The hotel assistant told us, while watching the show, he cried from beginning until the end. On the next day, himself and his family cooked spaghetti especially to thank us, and offered to provide one night's free accommodation. We taught them the five exercises. While we taught them, a tourist from another city also began to learn, before he returned home to the south...

闖關不 利靜心向內找
Looking within after failing a test

布宜諾 斯艾利斯二十多名同修共承辦了十場神韻演出,不但在另外空間清了場,而且神韻的名字傳的越來越遠。南美首戰告捷,大家都有了放松一下的想法。在奔赴第二站 智利首都圣地亞哥時,這顆放松的安逸心,給舊勢力鉆了空子,在兩國的邊關,我們被截了下來。表面上看,是因為客車手續不齊全,可是中文的關關同音。問題出 在哪里呢?在南半球的隆冬里,我們坐在四處漏風的小客車中,來自六個城市的八位同修,操著中文、英文、西班牙語進行了心性交流與向內找。這次長達幾小時的 交流為接下來兩站中媒體報道的整體協調及配合掃清了許多間隔,邪惡想拖垮我們的陰謀又一次破產了。
圣地亞哥首場時,我能夠感受到邪惡的垂死掙扎和干擾:在寒冷的冬夜,劇場暖風里吹出來的竟然是冷氣;演出結束后,許多觀眾因為冷,紛紛迅速離場。出完當天 的報道后,我和攝影記者一起相互鼓勵,要沖破邪惡。
Around 20 practitioners in Aires, Buenos, took on the presentation of 10 Shen Yun shows. This not only cleared the field in the other dimensions, but spread the word of Shen Yun even further. Upon conclusion of shows in the first stop of South America, everyone had a relaxed feeling. On our trip to the second stop, San Diego, capital of Chile, this relaxed state of minds gave the old forces an excuse to took advantage of our loopholes. We were stopped at the borders by authorities. On the surface it seemed as though the paper work on our taxi was not complete. So what was the problem? Amidst the cold winter of the southern hemisphere, we sat in the small taxi. There were eight of, from six different cities. We began to share on our xinxing, and looking within, between Chinese, English and Spanish. This sharing which lasted for a number of hours, helped to remove much of the gaps and separation in our media report between the two stops. Evil's plan to corrupt our efforts had failed once again.
On the night of the first show in San Diego, I could feel the interference from the evil's final struggles. In the cold winter night, the heaters in the venue were giving cold air conditioning instead. After the show, many of the audience members rushed home in haste due to the cold. After we completed the reports for the day, the cameraman and I encouraged each other, to break through the evil.

之后兩 場,我提前到劇場做好準備。有一次,我鎖定的一位華人觀眾,沒等終場謝幕結束,她已從座位上站起身。我跟了上去,她幾乎不理我。怎么辦?如果我采不到,除 了大紀元外,希望之聲、英文及西班牙語的報道就都沒法保證了。我一面請師父加持,一面一路小跑跟著想把我甩下的這位觀眾,穿過擁擠的散場人群,長長的樓梯 臺階,一直跟到劇場外面的院墻,終于采到了我要的素材,原來她從大陸到智利經商僅兩年,正是我們要找的對象。回來后我看了一下錄音筆:整個過程一共歷時一 分三十八秒。
南美神韻報道的最后一站是阿根廷第二大城市科爾多瓦,當地只有五名同修,而且全部講西班牙語。開演前一天到了科爾多瓦時,得知三場演出一共才賣出了七十多 張票。
In the two shows to follow, we arrived at the venue early to prepare. On one occasion, I wanted to interview a Chinese audience member. However she left her seat before conclusion of the curtain drop. I walked towards her with her, but she almost did not take notice. What should I do? If I could not interview her, besides The Epoch Times, reports for Sound of Hope, and those in English and Spanish could not be ensured. I asked for Master's strengthening, and quickly caught up with this lady. Through the crowd of exiting audience members, over the lengthy staircase, all the way to the outside of the venue, I finally managed to obtain the raw interview. I found that she had only been in Chile for two years, and was just the type of person I was looking for. After I returned, I checked the recorder, which showed the length of the interview to be 1 minute 38 seconds. The final stop of Shen Yun in South America, was Cordoba, the second largest city of Argentina. There were only 5 practitioners, who all spoke Spanish. On the day before the show in Cordoba, we learned that only 70 tickets had been sold out of the three shows.

于是我 們加入了推票的行列。每晚趕新聞到凌晨,睡了幾個小時,學法煉功,然后去購物中心推票。在旅途中抓空學會的幾句簡單的西班牙語,讓我自信的站在街角、地鐵 站出口、購物中心等地,向來往眾生推薦神韻演出。神奇的是,每每遇到有緣人,在聽我用剛學來的幾句西班牙語介紹完演出后,總是用英語詳細的問我有關演出的 事宜。在晚上演出開演前十五分鐘內,再趕到劇場准备采访。

Therefore we joined in the ticket sales team. Each night we worked on the reports until dawn, slept for a few hours. We then studied the Fa and practiced the exercises, before promoting the show in the shopping center. With the simple expressions in Spanish, I stood confidently in street corners, shopping centers, as well as subway stations to promote the show to passers by. Miraculously, every person with predestined relationships asked me for details of the show in English, after I briefly introduced the show to them in Spanish. 15 minutes before the show begun, we would again be at the theater in preparation for interviews.

由于當 地學員少,所以出門在南美,吃、住成了最大的問題。自己尋找住宿地方,因為不熟悉當地的情況,還要考慮上網、與劇場的距離因素,經常是時刻準備著,十幾分 鐘內收拾好一切,再從新換地方……
Due to the small number of local practitioners, our board in South America became the biggest issues. When we tried to find our own accommodation, on top of unfamiliarity with the local situation, we also had to consider issues such as Internet access, and the distances to the theater. Often, we had to be prepared to pack within 20 minutes, before moving to a new place of stay...
By the time we arrived at the last stop, Cordoba, we had almost run out of money on hand. Upon returning home after one month, I found that my son of three and a half years could already recite “Lun Yu” with no omission. I knew, this was Master's encouragement for me.

整體配 合
Cooperating as one body

南美神 韻報道的修煉經歷讓我悟到,大法弟子在不同項目之間的協調、配合的重要性。布宜諾斯艾利斯的十場演出中,有包括我在內的兩名現場中文記者,而剩下的兩站, 作為唯一的一名中文文字記者,我的采訪不但要在第一時間內成文,配上圖片上傳給大紀元網站,而且要傳給英文及西班牙語的大紀元同修去翻譯,同時聲音和文字 還要給希望之聲電臺。我深知,如果沒有我身后的來自全球的媒體團隊配合和支持,根本無法在極短的時間內趕出數量和質量都夠上乘的報道。
The experiences of reporting on Shen Yun in South America, allowed me to enligthen to the importance of coordination and cooperation between Dafa Disciples in different projects. During the 10 shows in Buenos, Aires, there were two Chinese language reporters (including myself) present. However, for the two cities to follow, as the only Chinese language reporter, I not only had to compile the articles in the quickest time, and upload them to The Epoch Times accompanied with photographs, I also had to assist with sending English and Spanish interviews to fellow practitioners at The Epoch Times for translation, before sending the audio and text to Sound of Hope Radio Station. I knew deeply, without the cooperation and support of the global team of media staff, it would have been impossible to turn over reports of adequate quantity and quality.

對媒體 同修來說,活動結束是工作的開始,而且經常要熬整個通宵。我與丈夫同修參與不同的媒體,時間很緊,又要照顧兩個小孩,有時不免分身乏術。這時,家里的父 親、母親同修會主動幫忙;同一學法小組的同修們,也會主動將孩子接到家中,接送孩子去幼兒園,幫忙買菜、做家務,甚至相互間協調好,就好象這也是他們參與 的一個項目……
同修的無私無我、大法弟子相互圓容、默默補充配合,讓我感動,也讓我找到了差距。他們体现的不僅僅是人中的互相关心与团结,更是一種对法负责的态度;是身 为正的生命,为宇宙中正的因素负责的境界。師父在二零零一年《华盛顿DC国际法会讲法》中告訴我們,“你们是个整体,就象师父的功。”“就是说一个整体不 一定都做一件事情。但是无论你做任何一件事情,你都得配的上你的大法弟子称号。”
For practitioners who work in the media, the conclusion to an activity often connotes the beginning of work, and regularly this work would last for the entire night. My husband and I are involved in different media. With very little time, we also have to look after our two children, and sometimes it was difficult to commit to all. During these times, my parents (also practitioners) would offer their help. Practitioners in our regular study group would also take offer to babysit our children in their home, or help to bring them back from kindergarten, shop for groceries, and handle everyday chores. They would even coordinate amongst themselves, just as they were also involved with a project...
The selfless kindness of practitioners, the harmony between practitioners, as well as their unconditional cooperation, has deeply touched me, and allowed me to find my shortcomings. What they have shown is not only working together in everyday terms, but more an attitude of responsibility towards the Fa - as a righteous being responsible for the righteous factors of the universe. In “Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference”in 2001, Master taught us, “You are one body, just like Master's gong.”, “In other words, one body doesn't necessarily do one thing. But no matter what you do, you need to be worthy of being called a Dafa disciple.”

向內修 兌現誓約
To honor the vow through looking within

我個人 體悟,在正法的最后时刻,大法弟子間更要互相圆容互相補充,形成无漏的整体。因为整个宇宙也是圆容无瑕的,都是由符合大法特性的粒子构成的,里头進去一个 不纯,他就会是不纯的,而这也是新宇宙所不允许的。正法中每一个项目都是大法弟子的责任,不能参与也要用正念看待,从而不产生力量的抵消。
My personal understanding is, in the final moments of Fa Rectification, Dafa Disciples should harmonize and supplement each other even more, to form a strong body without loopholes. Since the entire universe, also harmonious without flaws, is composed by particles which adhere to the characteristics of Dafa. Even if one particle that enters is not pure, the entire structure would become impure. This is also something which the new universe would not allow. Every project in Fa Rectification, is the responsibility of Dafa Disciples. One should hold righteous thoughts towards these projects even if one could not directly participate, so as to not create forces that would cancel out our efforts.

幾年來 在項目中修煉,我體會最深的就是不要有非要改變別人的心,遇到問題向內找;不要給別人“調病”,而要修好自己;不要把自己的認識放的過高,只要我們去修 煉,向內找,一切其實都是師父在做。
在正法这条路上,我只是做了一个大法弟子应该做的事,与精進的同修相差还很远,特別是在平衡好項目與圓容好家庭方面還有差距,我會繼續精進,完成自己的洪 誓大愿,无愧于宇宙最伟大的生命──大法弟子的称号。
Over the past few years of cultivation in the projects, my deepest realizations are that one should not have an attachment to wanting to change others, to look within when problems rise; one should not try to cure other people's illnesses, but only cultivate oneself; one should not have high views on their own understanding; and as long as we cultivate and look within, everything is actually carried out by Master. On this path of Fa Rectification, I have only done what a Dafa Disciple should do, and am very much behind those diligent practitioners. This is particularly true in harmonizing things within my family. I will continue to be diligent, and complete my prehistoric vows, to live up to the title of Fa Rectification Dafa Disciple. There is much more that I would like to share with revered Master, and fellow practitioners, because in this land of purity, my heart has been cleansed time and time again, and it has given me so much! Thank you benevolent Master, thank you fellow practitioners!