To Fulfill My Solemn Vow 一切为了完成自己的誓愿 - English and Chinese

Greetings, the benevolent Master. 
Greetings, fellow practitioners.

最近看了大陆大法弟子网上第六届法会的交流文章,觉得与他们的差距太大了,自己好像是还没有开始修炼,觉得自己根本就没有脸面去写交流文章。那几天我常常 说,那我就算从新开始修炼吧。
After reading the articles shared by Mainland Dafa Disciples’ in their 6th Online Fa Conference, I saw how far behind I had been – it’s as if I had barely begun my cultivation. I didn’t feel I could bring myself to write and share my own experience. I often said that I wanted to start my cultivation afresh. 
静下心来想想,我们有幸遇到了万古不遇的大法,师尊的佛恩浩荡,使我们每一个修炼的弟子都感受到了佛法的神奇和博大精深!虽然我们的修炼层次不同,但大法 在不同的层次中给予了我们不同的展现。既然我决心从新好好修炼,那么我就应该放弃一切不该有的常人心,将自己的修炼体会写出来,向师尊汇报,与同修们交 流。
We are so fortunate to have been blessed with the Great Fa and our most compassionate Master. Though we are at different levels, each of us disciples has been touched by the magnificence of the Fa at our own levels. Now that I have decided to reinvigorate my cultivation, I must let go of all the human notions that I should not harbor, write down my understandings as a report to the Master and to share with fellow cultivators.

一、 念正一切都顺
Righteous thoughts clear the way
我是1999年4月25日以后得法的。有一天我看到了国外大法弟子的弘法活动,我想,要是我能到国外去证实大法多好啊。就这一念,师尊就给我安排好了出国 的路。整个过程非常神奇,并且时间提前了三次,从这一念出来,到护照、签证等一切手续的办理,仅一个月多一点,我就来到了澳大利亚。是因为我想“到国外更 好的证实法“这一念正,师父才安排了我的路。
I obtained the Fa in China after 24 April 1999. One day, after I saw the Hong Fa activities outside of China, I had a thought – it would be so wonderful if I could go overseas to validate Dafa! With that thought, Master opened the way for me to leave China. It was quite miraculous; my departure day was brought forward three times and it only took over a month to obtain a passport and visa to Australia. It was my thought, a wish to better validate the Fa that opened a new path. 
先生也来到澳洲后,我不想把宝贵的时间用在选房子上。开始我们选了一个比较破旧的,给了一个高价,但人家却连答复都没有。过了几天,我们得到了超乎我们想 象的大房子,价钱又低。我的先生(当时还没修炼)也感觉神奇。我心里明白,因为我选房子的第一念就是希望客厅大一些大家能在一起学法,旁边有个公园可以组 织大家一起练功。令人惊异的是所有的愿望都实现了。我切身感到师父给予的都是最好的。但这些是因为你没有执著才得到的。

After my husband joined me in Australia, I didn’t want to spend too much time with finding a house and offered the vendor a high price for a poor place. Yet I had no response. To my surprise, a few days later we were able to get a much larger house for a lower price. My husband who hadn’t started practicing found it unbelievable too. I knew in my heart that it was because my first thought was a wish of a large living room where we could study the Fa, a nearby park where we could practice. My wish was fulfilled. Master only gives us the very best, and this could not have happened if I had been led by my attachments.
我为墨尔本大纪元拉广告,先生发现我付出多于得到(表面上),心里不太舒畅。于是,我就想找份工作,平衡好家庭。我心里想,我要找份夜间的工作,不能影响 白天拉广告。于是我和一位在做清洁的同修(她是夜间工作)说,给我挂个名,有人走了我顶替。过了两天,她和我说,真奇怪,那人工作好好的,自从你给我说要 顶替,那人就说不干了。我心里明白,这都是师父的安排。
I became a sales person for the Melbourne Epoch Times. As I was not able to make a profit right away, to harmonise my family environment, I decided to look for a night shift job, so it would not impact on my sales work during the day. I asked a fellow practitioner who does evening cleaning work to keep an eye for any opening. In a couple of days, she told me that someone suddenly quit and I was able to fill the role. I know it was Master’s arrangement again. 
When I applied for an Australian passport, I clarified truth to the immigration officer. As a result, my application got expedited and I became an Australian citizen three days later. Truth clarification is the key to clear away any obstacles. 
我来澳后生活的一切都非常顺利,就因为我始终没有忘记一念:我到这里来是证实大法的。我无论做什么事情都要看是否对对证实大法有利。 “修在自己,功在师父“。修炼就是修这颗心,这颗心规正了,什么事都很容易。
My life in Australia has been quite easy. It’s because I had always remembered that I am here to validate Dafa. Whatever I do, it has to be helpful towards validating the Fa. “Cultivation is up to oneself while the development of the gong is up to the Master.” Cultivation is about one’s heart. When the heart is righteous, all becomes very easy.

二、 处处都是讲真相的机会。
Opportunities to Clarify the Truth Are Everywhere
I know the vow I had made. Wherever I go in Australia, I must clarify the truth well. And opportunities are everywhere. 
在英语学习班,有一次去外出活动,回来的路上,有同学提议去公园坐会儿,我本不想去了,但转念一想,这不是讲真相的机会来了吗?所以我和他们一起来到公 园,她们围着我坐在一起从始至终认真听我讲真相。好像那天是专门为听真相而来。以至于3 年后还有一个同学找我来登广告时还说,你当时给我讲的受迫害的故事,我现在想起来还感动哪。
One day, on my way back from an excursion with classmates of my English learning class, a fellow student suggested we stop by at a park on the road. I realized it was a chance to clarify the truth. I ended up sitting in the park surrounded by my classmates, all eagerly listening to me talking about the persecution. Even after 3 years, when a former classmate came to me for an advertisement, she remembered what I told them on that day and was moved by it. 
我的家庭英语教师来给我上课的第一天,我就向她讲真相。她很受感动,就把我介绍到她丈夫的俱乐部去讲真相,她丈夫是富人俱乐部的。后来,俱乐部的成员都观 看了神韵。
The first day my English tutor came to my home, I told her about Dafa. She was so touched that she asked me to re-tell the story to her husband and his friends at his club, to which many wealthy Australians are members. Later, all those members went to watch the Shen Yun show. 
I was interviewed by a local media organization. A seniors’ college teacher saw the report and invited me to go to the college to talk about Dafa. 
2008年11月,在我家房子的各处开满了优昙婆罗花,有七、八百朵。我就在大纪元时报上登广告,举办优昙婆罗花展览。来赏花的人络绎不绝,然后给他们观 看新唐人电视台拍摄的专题片《优昙婆罗花〉,收到了很好的效果。
Late 2008, I found hundreds of Udumbara flowers. I opened my house for exhibition and posted an ad on the Epoch Times. Many, many people came to admire the flowers. Afterwards, I would show them the NTD TV’s documentary on the Udumbara flowers and was very well received. 
Everything in my life has to be linked to validating the Fa. I also send forth a thought that all things must make way for the validation of the Fa.

三、 拉广告中不忘救度众生
Selling Advertisements While Saving Sentient Beings
后来,当我看到墨尔本《大纪元时报》上仅有半版分类广告时,心里很着急,于是,我下定决心拉广告。广告多了,可以吸引更多的人读报纸,从而得救,同时可以 在经营上实现良性循环。师父说:“大法弟子都有一个想法,反正是冲到第一线去,再苦、再累、熬夜、不睡觉,什么我们都干,都能干,可是一说到经营就不行 了。大家不是做什么都行吗?大家不都是从不会到会吗?那为什么大家就不能够把这件事情做好?把媒体搞好,它才能够更有力,更能够发挥作用。”
I was very worried when I learned that there were few classified ads in the Melbourne Epoch Times and decided to sell ads for the paper. With more ads, it will attract more readers, make a profit and become sustainable. Master said: 
“Dafa disciples all have in mind the thought, ‘We will rush to the front lines, no matter how hard or exhausting it may be or if it means long nights without sleep--we can, and will, do whatever it takes.’ But, when it comes to management, they falter. Didn't you say that you could do whatever it takes? (Audience laughs) Didn't you all go from not knowing how to do something to knowing how? Then why is it that you can't do this part well? Only by running a media entity well can it grow stronger and have more of the desired effect.”
Whether or not my clients would agree to advertise, I would clarify the truth to them. I know that every thing we do today is for the purpose of saving people. 
我曾经几经周折与一家电视台的总裁建立了联系,我给他送去了九评、神韵等光盘,还邀请他观看了神韵演出。他看过神韵后,赞不绝口。2008年奥运火炬传递 到墨尔本期间,他特意到办公室说,你们千万不要去堪培拉,中共内部已下令要找你们的麻烦。在这件事上我悟到,众生就是在等待听真相,觉悟了的众生就知道怎 么做。
After I managed to establish contact with a CEO of a TV station, I sent him DVDs for the Nine Commentaries and invited him to see the Shen Yun Show. He was very impressed by Shen Yun’s performance. When the 2008 Olympic Torch Relay came to Melbourne, he came to the Epoch Times office and advised us not to go to protest. He said the CCP has planned to make trouble for us. I realised that the people are waiting to hear the truth and the truth will lead them to do the right things. 
一位客户被我的坚持精神感动,他说他要不在我这里做广告就不是人了,后来,我请他吃饭,他说,他要再见到我第三次,就要修炼法轮大法了。后来,他果真来办 公室请了《转法轮》。 
A client was touched by my perseverance, he said that he would not be worthy of a human being if he doesn’t advertise with us. Later, he came to the office and purchased a copy of Zhuan Falun. 
有一位华人老板,我与他保持长期联系,经常给他寄一些真相资料。他说,我给他的光盘很好看,他已经转给他的朋友看了。前几天,他给我打电话说,他去中国大 使馆办事,在大使馆门口拿了一份大纪元。他拿着大纪元去使馆,走到门口被保安拦住,说不能带这个报纸进去。他说,我是中国人,为什么不能看中国报纸,难道 你让我看大使馆的天花板吗?于是他拿着报纸进去了,进去后,一个领馆的中国官员说,你还看这份报纸啊,他说这份报纸怎么了?那位官员没再说话走开了。我在 给他寄的圣诞卡上写到:您堂堂正正的维护了自己的尊严和基本权利,您真是一位铮铮的男子汉,如果中国人都能向您这样,迫害就不会再持续了。我真为觉醒的中 国人而高兴!
I have another Chinese client, with whom I had continuous communication and gave him many truth materials. He told me that he enjoyed the DVDs I sent him and gave out to his friends. Recently he called me. Apparently, he went to the Chinese consulate, holding a copy of the Epoch Times that he picked up outside the consulate. He was stopped at the gate; the doorman wouldn’t let him in with Epoch Times in his hands. He said “I am Chinese. Why shouldn’t I read a Chinese newspaper? Would I find my reading material on the ceiling of your office in there?” Later, another consulate officer commented: “You still read this newspaper?” He retorted: “What’s wrong with reading this newspaper?” The consulate officer walked away. I wrote to him in a Christmas card: “You have stand by your basic rights with dignity and are a courageous man. If all Chinese people could be like you, the persecution could not go on. I am truly happy for the awakening of our Chinese people.”
拉广告与讲真相完全可以做到并行不悖。拉广告的过程中便于深度讲真相,而往往真相讲好了广告也就自然签到手了。因为心里始终想的是救人,就不会因是否签下 一个广告单而产生得失之心,也不会产生名利之心。一切都是为法而来,让众生明白了真相而得救是最重要的,能否拉到广告只是一个副产品而已。现在我们墨尔本 大纪元有一个很好的广告小组。由于大家的共同努力,广告大有起色。
Selling ads and clarifying the truth often facilitates each other. When I get to clarify the truth in depth, I am able to secure the advertisement as well. But first and foremost, I put my focus on saving these people. I will not let myself be complacent when I sell an ad, nor will I be discouraged when I lost an account. I know all are here for the Fa and understanding the truth is the most paramount. At Melbourne, we have a very good sales team. Our endeavours have seen commendable results.
 我觉得拉广告最能检验自己修炼的是否扎实,过程中你必须放下一切心。比如:一时看不到效果,还能坚持吗?被拒绝了,还能坚持吗?有广告了,十分欢喜吗? 接触各种各样的常人,会被带动吗?如果你时刻想到自己是救人的大法弟子,就不会被这些带动,也不会遇到困难就轻言放弃。 
I felt selling ads is a great way to test how steadfast I have been cultivating. In the course of this, one has to let go of all attachments. When you cannot sell the ads, when you get turned down again, can you persevere? When you land a big account, will you be complacent. We come across all sorts of people and we must not lose the sight of our purpose – to save people.

四、 把修炼永远放在第一位。
Cultivation Comes First
通过这么多年的修炼,我越来越体会到,修好自己是做好一切的保障。在国外和平的环境中也不容易修炼。师父说:“有些学员并没有碰到什么魔难,渐渐的就不精 進了,实际上就是对常人社会的各种诱惑产生了执着,被社会中的吸引给拖下去了。”
After years of cultivation, I have come to learn that cultivation is most fundamental. In this peaceful environment, cultivation is also challenging. Master said: 
“Some students haven't encountered much in the way of ordeals and have gradually become lax. This means that they have formed attachments to the various temptations of ordinary society, and been dragged down by its lure.”
修炼是非常严肃的,修炼的标准无论在严酷的环境下还是宽松的环境下都是一样的。我们只有心中时时装着法,才不会被外界所动。千万不能把做事当成修炼, 不管怎么忙也要平衡好修炼与生活、工作的关系。我的先生和我的母亲来到国外后也都走入了大法修炼。我们三人组成学法小组,每天早晨集体学法一小时,无论怎 样,都要先学法。
Cultivation is most serious. Its criteria are not changed by our environment. Only with Fa in our hearts will we resist external influences. We must not mistake working as cultivation. No matter how busy we are, we must harmonise our life and work as well. My husband and my mother have obtained the Fa after coming to Australia. As a Fa-study group the three of us read together for 1 hour every morning. Whatever we do, we study the Fa first. 
The closer we are to the end, the more we must hold to the pledge of which we made before coming here. Master said: 
“always cultivate as if you were just starting will surely result in achieving your ultimate rank”

自己能成为正法时期的大法弟子,真是万古不遇的圣缘啊!当心中时时装着自己来时的誓愿,心中充满着无比的神圣和美好。在以后不长的修炼时间中,我一定牢牢 记住师父给我们的修炼法宝——向内找,不断规正自己,“圆满随师还”。
It is the most sacred and precious predestined relationship that let us become Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. In the limited cultivation time left before us, I will hold on to the magical tool Master has given us – to look within, and continue to rectify myself and return with Master upon consummation. 
Please kindly point out to me if I said anything improperly. 
Thank you Master, thank you fellow practitioners.