Falun Dafa Australia Experience Sharing Conference 2016 (Melbourne)
Article Selections 

Looking Within and Letting Go of Notions
My Cultivation Experience in Promoting Shen Yun Shows Through Presentations
Cultivate with a Pure Heart
Removing the Party Culture
A Renewed Sense of Urgency
Cultivation Through the Practice of Coordination
Awakening from an Awry Road - Returning to the Path of Cultivation
Looking Inward to Cultivate Self
Identifying and Removing the Attachment of Not Wanting to be Criticised
Eliminate Depression and Practice Cultivation Alongside Work Obligations
Happiness in Hardship and Clarifying the Truth to Precious Chinese People
Looking Within When Situations Arise
Truly Cultivate Myself Through Coordinating Projects
Doing the Three Things Well Attentively
Look Within to Cooperate with the Whole body, Act with Righteous Thoughts
Improving Fa Study and Clarifying the Truth in Everyday Society
Seizing Every Opportunity to Improve While Doing Media Work
Cultivating My Heart to Better Save Sentient Beings
Improve Xinxing from Searching Within
Believing in Master and the Fa, I Have Survived Cancer
Experience the Mighty Power of the Buddha Fa: Cultivate Well to Repay Master
Radically Abandon Selfishness, To Be a Dafa Particle
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在神韵秀资料设计中向内找和去除人的观 念
清除党文化  纯净自己  救度众生
从迷失中惊醒 回归修炼道路

向內修自己 走好修煉路
告别消沉 在协调工作中修好自己
佛恩浩荡 万古只为这一回
遇事向内找   做一名合格的真修小弟子
調整心態  用心做好三件事
向内找配合整体 正念正行
加强学法 坚持在常人社会中讲真相
提高心性 更好的救度众生
信师信法 师尊呵护闯过病业关
感悟佛恩浩蕩 唯有奮起直追 修好自己報師恩
从根本上修去私   成为法中一粒子