Overcoming Karma





Greetings Master, greetings fellow practitioners.



I live and work on a cattle farm in outback Australia. I’m the only Practitioner out here, and as far as I know the only practitioner for hundreds of kilometres around. So I really appreciate spending time around other practitioners as part of our group environment.



It takes me about five hours to drive to Sydney by car, and I try to make it about once a month to take part in the group Fa Study and group Truth Clarification activities. I was driving down on one of my recent trips, and after about an hour in the car, I started feeling quite unwell and ended up pulling the car over to vomit. I continued my journey, but I pulled over another several times to vomit, I also had surges of intense abdominal pain.



I arrived at the home of a practitioner I was staying with in Sydney that evening and went to bed early as I didn’t feel well and had diarrhoea – I needed to use the bathroom very frequently.



The next day I went out to take part in the Truth Clarification activities, although it was raining and I didn’t really do much as I didn’t feel well, but watching the celestial band was very comforting.



Once I returned to the other practitioner’s house I started to feel worse. I had hardly eaten or drank anything for about 36 hours now, as the tiniest sip of water or bite of food resulted in acute pain followed by a bout of intense diarrhoea. The other practitioner suggested we do some exercise together but I didn’t feel up to it.



That evening I was lying down feeling uncomfortable with pain in my stomach. I gritted my teeth tightly yet couldn’t help cry out from time to time. I got up to use the bathroom and looked in the mirror and was concerned at how drawn my face looked. I could see the hollows of my cheeks. I was also worried at the amount of fluid my body was losing and wondered what was going to happen if this continued since I wasn’t able to keep in any fluids.



As I was concerning myself with these thoughts, I recalled a fellow practitioners cultivation story they once told me– of how they had fallen down a flight of solid stairs, only to jump back up, and run up the stairs, then sit down to Study the Fa and Send forth Righteous Thoughts.



This made me think about my own situation and I immediately felt so silly that I was feeling sorry for myself over a sore tummy… I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head. I thought to myself: If you’re a practitioner - what do you have to worry about? You’re one of Master Li’s disciples, what do you need to worry about?



I could now see my human thinking, on the surface I was acting like I didn’t care about the situation, I thought I could just ignore it and ride it out, but inside I had the attachment to fear – my thoughts revealed this clearly. I had been afraid at what was happening to my body on the human level.



After understanding this I could see how the old forces were taking advantage of the gaps in my thinking. I felt disdainful at being taken advantage of by the old forces, I felt myself becoming stronger and clearer minded; I said to myself: ‘I am one of Master Li Hongzhi’s Disciples, I belong to Dafa, I am not afraid of anything’ -I felt in my heart this was true, I was determined.


I thought: ‘If the body wants to be empty, let it be empty, I don’t care, I do not want to let it interfere with my doing what I need to do. I sat down in full lotus and started listening to a lecture, I started feeling much stronger so I turned on the light and started studying the Fa. The other practitioner came in and asked me how I was feeling, and I told them I’d decided to cultivate through it.


I then got dressed and went to group Fa Study. Sitting in the group, I would get pangs of pain but I just said in my mind: ‘No, I am not going to play the victim anymore.’ Then I would just clench my teeth and ignore the pain. I also abstained from using the bathroom during Fa study - I thought: ‘I have used the bathroom so much lately; there is no way that I really need to go again.’



The next day I still felt physically uncomfortable but now it was different because I didn’t care about it anymore and I was not going to be controlled by it. I studied the Fa, Sent Forth Righteous Thoughts and Meditated. A few times I felt tired and wanted to lie down, but I told myself: ‘No, I have rested so much lately, I can’t possibly need anymore rest.’ So I persisted to study instead.



I had been sipping water throughout the day and by the afternoon I felt a little hungry, so I ate some of the food that the other practitioner had kindly cooked – I decided not to be afraid of the food. The next day I ate breakfast and drove back home, my body felt okay and within a few days I was able to eat and drink again normally.



What I learnt from this experience is that I had been thinking about my situation on a human level – on the surface I thought I was negating it, but when I looked inside I saw that I had the attachment to fear and wasn’t truly trusting in Master and the Fa. This shortcoming had been used to test my fundamental faith, it wasn’t until I corrected my mind – that essential thought – that the old forces were no longer able to take advantage of the gap I had left.



I think no matter how small or large the issue is at the time, it’s all about our thought. Our belief and trust in Master and the Fa.



This is just my own personal understanding at my current level and I ask fellow practitioners to kindly point out anything inappropriate.



Thank you Master,  thank you fellow practitioners.