Coming for Dafa

George Xu




Greetings, Revered Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!



The annual Australia experience sharing conference was just around the corner and the next day was the submission deadline. That morning, after reading an article on Minghui Website, ‘Writing experience sharing articles is also cultivation’, I finally decided to write my cultivation experiences.



I started practicing Dafa on May 31, 2012 or June 1. It has not been long since my practice began, but through one-year of cultivation, my mind and body has undergone tremendous changes, and I have deeply felt that every step forward is accompanied by Master’s compassionate care.  I am deeply grateful for Master’s compassion, and I feel Master is beside me all the time, guiding me and taking care of me. There is so much to write about, I would like to share some cultivation experiences.


Spread of Dafa and Affinity with Dafa


In the 1980s, many schools of qigong spread in China. Like many other qigong enthusiasts, I had read a lot of books about Qigong. I also read some books written by Qigong masters, attended Qigong lectures and did Qigong exercises.


In the early 1990s,I was transferred to the headquarters of my work. I came to know a guy. One day he passed me the book, ‘Zhuan Falun’, and told me the book was just published and suggested I should read it. He used to suffer from atrophic gastritis, but after he practiced Falun Gong, the illness was gone. I finished reading Zhuan Falun’ the same night and felt this was a great book. I shared with him about how I felt and told him that I would love to join him for the exercises when I was free. Unfortunately, I did not truly become a practitioner for a few reasons: I didn’t have enough understanding of the book, or it might be a chance yet to come, or I might go through more ordeals to repay the karma.

执迷不悟 求索人生

Lost in mundane world, Longing for the truth of life



At a young age, I started to search for the answers to the questions: Who am I? Where am I from? Why am I born in this world?  What is the purpose of life? These questions have been on my mind and I have been trying to find out the answers.



On September 25, 1999, I resigned from my well-paid job, even though I was at the peak of my career advancement. Almost no one could understand me, my relatives and friends all thought I was crazy. A few months later, the National Secretary-General in charge of the industry managed to find me, and persuaded me back to the job.


I had been quite successful in my career, whatever I wished to achieve had become reality as I expected. I have obtained whatever I wished to have. I have gained fame and money.   I should feel I lived a good life, however, on the contrary, life was getting worse day by day.



The reality was getting far away from what the ideal is. Just as what Master lectured in ‘Zhuan Falun “Ordinary people can’t see it, so they always think they should do what they’re fit to and supposed to do. So they fight tooth and nail for things all their lives, they feel badly hurt, they think life is hard and tiring, and they always think things are unfair and they can’t get over them. They can’t enjoy their food, they don’t sleep well, and they get really discouraged and hopeless, and by the time they’re old they’ve ruined their bodies from head to toe, and all kinds of health problems come along”. (http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/zfl_new_7.html#3)



I have been physically very healthy, but all of sudden, on one business trip, I lost consciousness in the absence of any signs, from a myocardial infarction. I hurried home on the third day after it happened, and was sent to hospital by my family on the fourth day under compulsion. The doctor thought that it was a miracle of miracles for a person who survived a myocardial infarction and was able to come to the hospital 4 days later. I was able to do in myocardial infarction continuous hair still alive four days after his walk to the hospital treatment, (Thanks to Master’s compassion, otherwise I  definitely won’t have a chance to be here today.)



In the past ten years, I became a person who could probably die at any time. I was very depressed. I thought of immigrating. Thanks to Master, it only took 6 months before my visa had been approved. Normally the application would take 12-18 months.


师尊慈悲救度 弟子终登法船

With Master’s compassionate saving, I finally boarded on the Fa vessel 



On May 31, 2013, I was on business trip. When browsing Minghui website at night, I came across the links with Master’s lectures in Guangzhou. I downloaded the lectures and finished studying 9 lectures at one sitting. I missed the chance of becoming a Dafa disciple a decade ago. Recollections of the past flooded my mind; I could not help but shed tears. I did not know when I fell asleep, but insomnia which tortured me for over a decade disappeared.



The first thing I did after I woke up next morning was to play the Fa lecture on my computer. I heard Master is talking about the relationship between human sickness and karma. I tried to figure out from which lecture the sentence was, why it started from this sentence? I had a bit of food, then fell asleep again.



When I woke up again, the first thing I did was also to play the Fa lecture. This time, I heard Master still talking about sickness and karma. I suddenly understood that Master was trying to tell me that people have no health problems; I immediately dumped the medicine for my heart into the rubbish bin. Meanwhile, a miracle happened. My body instantly reached a very relaxed, very comfortable illness-free state.



I was so excited and could not find words to describe myself. It had been only 30 hours since I started to listen to Master’s lectures, but I felt I had a new life. Meanwhile, I immediately quit smoking. I had been smoking for decades; even after cardiac surgery I had not been able to quit smoking. I turned off my mobile, and stayed in the hotel for over 20 days just studying Fa and doing exercises. I had studied all Fa lectures Master taught in recent years. Later, my colleagues invited me to go hiking, and I gladly went with them. I felt no tiredness at all. My colleagues had to take several breaks.  A lot of them asked me what exercises I did? I told them I practiced Qigong.



In the following three months, I spent almost all of the time   studying Fa, doing exercises and sending righteous thoughts. When I walked, I felt like treading on air; when I meditated, I felt I was being lifted and levitating up off the ground. As I could not find any other fellow practitioners in China, I decided to come to Sydney after handing over my business.


师尊加持 推我过关

Going through tribulations With Master’s reinforcement



The first few tribulations happened in a dream. I went through some tribulations well, while for other tribulations, Master pushed me through.



I had experienced a great difficulty in cultivating the forbearance. For quite some time, after I finished studying Lecture Nine, if I fell asleep, somebody would come to me for a match or a fight. Because of this, I was quite reluctant to study Lecture Nine for some time.



One day in my dream, I was walking alone in the outskirts. From afar, a group of people walked towards me. I recognized they were my enemy, I started to run, but I did not run far before they surrounded me. They had asked a man and a woman to fight with me. I had obvious advantage, and the woman was beaten badly by me. Then my alarm clock rang, I woke up from the dream, and regretted my behaviour, I had so many attachments to remove. I felt ashamed that I was far away from the Fa standards!  Why did I hit back when attacked.



Once in another dream, I was ready to draw my sword to fight, I heard a very serious voice ‘are you still a practitioner’? I immediately realized that this was the voice of Master, then all disappeared.



There are many other examples that Master has pushed through the tribulations. For instance, on one Saturday, I helped promote NTDTV in China Town. I could not accept what other two practitioners said about me. I tolerated what they said in front to them, but as soon as they left, I started to complain about them. Other practitioners reminded me that this was a xinxing test for me.



Other practitioners who arrived earlier at group Fa study tried to encourage me to look within,but I just could not understand and accept what they had said about me. They have been Dafa disciples  for over ten years, how could their cultivation be so poor. After finishing learning one Lecture of Zhuan Falun, we also learned a new article by Master. I felt what was said in the article was talking to me and each word seemed to point at my attachments. I felt really ashamed, and I told fellow practitioners that I finally understood why the two practitioners talked about something I could not accept. Master   encouraged me to give up my attachments through their mouth.  



I passed the first Xinxing test within 4 hours with the compassionate care of Master. Xinxing tests keep coming one after another. Sometimes I feel depressed, and sometimes I complained. Whenever I am in the difficulty of passing the Xinxing tests, it is our Master who guides and pushes me through one test after another.






"How great our vow is

We made with Lord Buddha a sacred oath;

How special this grace is

We are together with our Master"


I have no reason to neglect my cultivation. I should diligently cultivate myself and never give myself an excuse to hide my attachments?






Let our tears of gratitude flow

Let us worship the light of the enlightened;

Master, what kind of language could we find to praise You - the Lord of the Gods, the King of Kings "[2]



Thank you Master!



Please correct me if any above sharing is not in line with Fa.