My Cultivation Experience in Assisting Master to Rectify the Fa


E Pfister


Greetings Master, greetings fellow practitioners.




I obtained the Fa at the beginning of April 1999. I was very fortunate to come to the Fa just in time to meet Master in Brisbane and attend Masterfs 1999 Fa lecture in Sydney.



Shortly after I received the Fa, I heard the news of the persecution in China. At the time, I did not fully understand the reason for the persecution. There was some unrest among practitioners. I remember that one of the veteran practitioners came and asked me, knowing I was a new practitioner, whether I would continue cultivating in Dafa. I said yes, without hesitation. He was surprised and asked me, why? I replied I had wasted much of my time in the past looking for a Master. I finally found what I had been looking for and I would stay with Master Li till the end.

“¾–@Œã•s‹vCA™B˜Ò—¹–@—ÖŒ÷Ý’†š ”í”—ŠQ“IÁ‘§BácŽž‰ä•À•sŠ®‘S—‰ð”—ŠQ“IŒ´ˆöB›{ˆõ’†—L±çN“®B‰ä‹L“¾—LˆêˆÊ˜V›{ˆõ跑˜Ò–â‰äi‘¼’m“¹‰ä¥V›{ˆõjC¥”Ûã‹ã”C‘å–@B‰ä說¥CŸ“—L”C‰½—P˜¬B‘¼œk‹Áæb“I–âCˆ×Y›õH‰ä‰ñ“š說C‰ä‰ß‹Ž˜Q”ï—¹œk‘½ŽžŠÔqQŽt•ƒCŒ»ÝI‰—Q“ž—¹C‰ä˜ðæ—›^ŽuŽt•ƒC“ž’êB


Even though my faith is rock solid in Master and the Fa, and although I have never wavered throughout all these years, due to my low level of understanding the Fa and not knowing what it meant to truly cultivate, this was the cause of my failing to elevate my xinxing. Fa study and exercise have always been my daily routine; I do the three things, but I have fallen short when it comes to true cultivation. Master said in Zhuan Falun: gWithout knowing the Fa at high levels, one cannot practice cultivation. Without cultivating onefs inner self and onefs xinxing, one cannot increase gong.h



For a long time, I remained at the same level. I would look within, but when tribulations occurred, I forgot to measure my behaviour with the Fafs principles. So when I encountered disagreements, I had the impulse to argue and was not willing to hear othersf suggestions. During interpersonal conflicts, I often stay on the surface of right and wrong based on my human notions, using my level of Fa understanding as a yardstick to measure othersf shortcomings, instead of applying the Fa to measure by looking within.



During the 14 years of the evilfs persecution, I have followed the process of Fa-rectification to clarify the truth to sentient beings. The news of the brutality of the persecution really shocked me to the core of my being. I could no longer sit still. I joined the global Dafa practitioners out on the front line to validate the Fa and clarify the truth to sentient beings. Throughout those days, I had witnessed so many moving moment. I was so honoured to be among Dafa practitioners; their unshakable willpower and fearlessness helped me see my shortcomings and strengthened my righteous thoughts.



Month after month, year after year, in the process of validating the Fa and clarifying the truth, I have thus been tempered and become more mature. With the wisdom bestowed by Dafa, I gained more confidence. As I started to develop a good reputation among practitioners about how well I clarified the truth, my vanity increased. I felt important and placed myself above practitioners.



A few years ago, I received a call from a US practitioner who asked if I could go to New York to help promote Divine Performing Arts. She told me there were still a lot of tickets to sell and it would be good if I could go to New York as soon as possible. She told me to write to the management at NTD and let him know when I was arriving; they would arrange my accommodation. So I bought my ticket and the day when I was supposed to fly out, I still had not received any confirmation of where I was going to stay. During my transit in Japan, I received an email telling me there was no need for me to come. I was in shock and confused; there were all kind of thoughts that went through my mind. As my ego was feeling dejected and emotional, I saw the practitioner who asked me to go to New York in the transit lounge. I couldnft believe my eyes and I went straight to her and told her what the email said. She replied calmly: gAre you going to New York for the manager of NTD? Or you are going there to save sentient beings?h Her words helped me come back to my senses; I was embarrassed, which exposed the impurity as my intention of going there was for myself, my attachment of feeling important, validating myself. The attachment to fame, saving face and vanity were all exposed.

™{”N‘OC‰äÚ“žˆêˆÊ”üš ›{ˆõ“I“d˜bC–â‰ä”\”Û‹Ž•R–ñ幫–Z„œA_‰CB她‘i‰äCŠÒ—Lœk‘½•[Ÿ“æ̏o‹ŽC”@‰Ê‰ä”\ᶉõ‹Ž•R–ñAœkDB她‘i‰ä˜ð›M‹‹V“‚l“I•‰Ól‘i‘¼‰äœk‰õA“ž—¹G‘¼˜ì˜ðˆÀ”r‰ä“IZhBŠˆÈ‰ä”ƒ—¹•[C’A“ž啟’ö“ß“VC‰ä•ÀŸ“—L¾“ž‰äZ哪™Z“IŠm”FMBÝ“ú–{çz‹@“IŽžŒóC‰ä¾“ž“dŽq—XŒ說•sŽù—v‰ä‹Ž—¹B‰äŠ´“žk‹Á˜a•s‰ðCŠeŽí”O“ª“s—NãS“ªB‰äŠ´“žŸœ‘rCS’ª‹N•šC”‡Žž³DŠÅ“ž‹‹‰ä‘Å“d˜b“I“¯C–çÝçz‹@‹x‘§œK內B‰ä•sŠ¸‘ŠMŽ©ŒÈ“IŠááˁCœl’¼“I‘–Œü她C‘i她“dŽq—XŒ’†Šu“IB她•½èΓI‰ñ“š‰ä說Fg你‹Ž•R–ñ¥ˆ×—¹˜ôV“‚l“IãS—CŠÒ¥ˆ×—¹‹~“x眾¶Hh她“I˜b樉ä‘Þ‰ñ“žŽ©ŒÈ–{˜Ò“Iî‹µC‰äŠ´“žœk尷尬B”‡–\˜I—¹‰ä‹Ž•R–ñ“I•sƒŸÄ“I‘z–@C‰ä‹Ž¥ˆ×—¹Ž©ŒÈC¥ˆ×—¹“ˏoŽ©ŒÈd—vCˆ×—¹æš›‰Ž©ŒÈB


Master said: gPower is what everyday people crave, while fame is a great obstacle to reaching Consummation.h (Dafa Will Forever Be Pure Like Diamond,  Essentials for Further Advancement).



When I arrived in New York, it was on a freezing winter evening. The next day, I went to the NTD head office and spoke to the one in charge of marketing. I asked what she wanted me to do. She said: gThere is nothing to do; you should have come a month ago. There are a lot of sales on, so go shopping and enjoy New York.h I was not moved by the attitude of the coordinator; I was able to look at the tribulation with righteous thoughts and was not trapped in my human emotion. I picked up a flyer and saw there were still three weeks left before the show. I said to myself: gI am here now; I will do my best to assist Master to save sentient beings.h I took the posters and put as many flyers as I could in my back pack. Every day I walked down the streets, from shop to shop, one street after another to introduce the show. No matter how long I walked, I didnft feel tired. I felt joy in my heart and lightness in my body. When I spoke, people in the shops were listening, including customers who came up to me and asked for a flyer. I realized only when I raise my levels am I able to do well of saving sentient beings and walk the path righteously.



On the surface, it was a lesson in humility, but as I looked deeper, the attachments to fame and profit were still strong. Never did I realise I was chasing fame doing Dafa work. If I get a little ghonourh, I am very happy and my vanity becomes even stronger. Through the process of Fa-rectification, Master has helped me to remove layer upon layer of my attachments. Selfishness is the essential nature of the old cosmos and is the reason the old cosmos is reaching its end. I have to eliminate selfishness, as it will be a main factor in determining whether I can reach consummation.



In Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital, Master said: gThe focus for you right now is simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a greater impact, and to save more people.h

Žt•ƒÝs”üš Žñ“su–@t’†說Fg–Ú‘O‘å‰ÆA¥œƒ么样˜ô“IXDAÁ—¦X‚A‰e响X‘åA‹~lX‘½Bh


Promoting Shen Yun to upper society



In-order to promote Shen Yun to upper society, it is important to connect with the main stream. I have attended many functions and business networking events, where I have met many management level people from a good cross-section of the business community. I am always very conscience of my demeanour and dress attire; what people see in me is what represents the branding of Shen Yun. I have learned that when everyday people do business with people, it is because they know them, they like them, they trust them. Conversation is a two-way street. Most people who go to networking events go to introduce their business and find out what other people do. I tell them that I promote a cultural show with a mission to revive 5000 years of traditional, divinely-inspired Chinese culture.  This show give you a glimpse  where China came from in the last 5000 years, and more importantly what the future China will look like 20 or 30 years from now.

ˆ×—¹Œüã‘wŽÐ˜ð„œA_‰CCäoŽå—¬Œš—§èŒWœkd—vB‰ä™Ò‰Á‰ßD‘½‘åŒ^ãژð˜a¤ŠEŽÐŒð–Ô—Šˆ“®C˜ðŒ©—¹¤ŠEœk‘½ŠÇ—‘w“IlB‰äœk’ˆÓŽ©ŒÈ“I_‘Ô˜a’˜åäCˆöˆ×l˜ìœn‰ä”‡™ZŠÅ“ž“I˜ðäo_‰C“I•i”v萗üB‰ä—¹‰ð“žCílæîˆêŒÂl˜ô¶ˆÓC¥ˆöˆ×‘¼˜ì—¹‰ð‘¼CŠìŸc‘¼C‘ŠM‘¼B›”˜b¥™ÔŒü“Ia’ʁB‘½Él™Ò‰ÁŽÐŒðŠˆ“®¥ˆ×—¹‰îÐŽ©ŒÈ“IŠé‹ÆC“¯ŽžŠÅŠÅ•ÊlÝ˜ôY›õB‰ä‘i‘¼˜ì‰ä„œAˆêŒÂ‰‰oC‘¼›æ’˜‰ñ复ŒÜç”N’†š _™B•¶‰»“IŽg–½B”‡ŒÂ‰‰oæ¨你ˆê‰M‰ß‹ŽŒÜç”N’†š œn哪—¡˜ÒCXd—v“I¥C–¢˜Ò“ñAŽO\”N’†š ˜ð¥Y›õžéB


Today, many corporates are looking ways to survive the economic downturn, there is a shift in the movement in corporate culture; call gconscience capitalismh, instead of focusing solely on profits. The business leaders are asking: gWhat can we do to make a difference in the world?h The challenges are how to build deeper purposes ethical and moral with wealth, in the interdependent global marketplace.



Shen Yun Performing Arts, itfs a show beyond entertainment, a show with deep and profound meaning draw from the ancient Chinese wisdom, is not only for the Chinese but very beneficial  to the whole world.  Most people were inspired and feeling enriches after they had seen the show.

_‰C¥’´‰z娛žÙ“I‰‰oC‘¼“WŒ»—¹ŒÃ‘ã’†š “I[’X’qŒdC‘¼•s‘ü¥›”’†š l—L‰vCŽ§¥œ¨‹y‘S‹…B‘命ÉlæVŠÅ_‰CŒã[Žó啟ŒåC•ÀŠ´“žˆÓ‹`[‰“B


Most people I meet show great interest in what I tell them; they ask to please let them know when the show is here. Some asked how to spell Shen Yun, they will look it up. Of course my conversations do vary from person to person; most important I try to make it relevant to their business, how they can benefit from seeing the show.



From my first year in promoting Divine Performing Arts in New York, I had learned the important of out there connecting with people face to face, the experience was very valuable, engaging in conversation with people of different background, how to handle difficult situation, I was practically learned on my feet at the time.  I cherish what has been arranged by Master to bring those people to me; I make sure I do not miss anyone. I keep my mind clear and my heart pure, so that what I say even sometime is simple but profound to them, and I make sure to leave a good impression, next time when they come across any Shen Yun promotion; they will instant make a positive connection. During the conversation, they do ask questions and want to know more. I donft have to do any hard selling.



Follow up is just as important, I often follow up in a day or two and ask to meet again, or simply an email to let them know how much I enjoyed meeting them, so next time when I contact them for any of our event, they remember me. I am grateful to Master has arranged this way for me to save sentient beings.



Clarifying the truth to the government



According to my understanding, Master has told us to use our hearts when saving sentient beings. Now, in order to clarify the truth to the Australian government, I watch the news and update myself with the news in China from NTD. I make an attempt to understand the MPs and their background, and what they care about and represent.

‰ä—‰ðCŽt•ƒ‘i‰ä˜ì‹~“x眾¶Žž—v—pSBŒ»ÝCˆ×—¹ŒüàSF­•{u´^‘ŠC‰äŠÅV•·CœnV“‚l“IV•·’†—¹‰ð’†š “I‹Ç¨B‰ä–ç“w—Í—¹‰ð‹cˆõ˜ì˜a‘¼˜ì“I”wŒiC‘¼˜ì萐SY›õC‘ã•\Y›õB


I look within to find out where I havenft done well. Before, when I would go to an appointment, I would prepare myself really well. I was so preoccupied telling them everything that I had prepared that I didnft engage them in any normal conversation. This was a manifestation of my selfishness and lack of consideration for others. Upon realising this, I started to think seriously about how to approach politicians and build up good relationships with them. I now make an effort to attend many functions where I can meet with the MPs. After they see me many times on different occasions, my face becomes familiar to them. Naturally, their barriers are lessened and getting an appointment becomes easier. Clarifying the truth to the government is an on-going project. We need to build good relationships not only with them, but also with their personal assistants; after all, they are the ones who look after the appointments.



Team work



During this yearfs federal election, we made use of the opportunity to clarify the truth, so the coordinator of each electorate area started to make appointments and invite those candidates to our truth clarification meetings. The whole process involved many practitioners. Some helped to search for names of the candidates; others called for appointments, some organised refreshments and made sure a number of local practitioners attended. Everyone worked so well together as a team. It created a very harmonious and righteous field. I could feel when I did the presentation that each of the candidates was listening quietly and hung on to each word. Their eyes glittered after learning the truth. The candidates took turns and stood up and promised what they would do when they got elected. I could feel they were touched and what they said was sincere and spontaneous. The power of team work.



Everything is arranged by Master and He is just waiting for us to go ahead and do what we need to do. In the process of doing this, we are given opportunities to let go of our attachments and notions, and in the meantime, Master arranges for those who have predestined relationships with us to learn the truth from us.



I now understand better what Master said in Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference in 2003:

gFrom my perspective, as your Master, I donft seek anything from Dafa disciples. Everything that theyfre doing today – be it validating the Fa, saving sentient beings, or studying the Fa and cultivating themselves – I can tell you that not one of these things is done for me. In the future, Dafa disciples will see that everything Dafa disciples did was for their own sake. What are saved are their own sentient beings, what theyfre consummating are their own paradises and sentient beings, and theyfre establishing mighty virtue for themselves – all these things are done for Dafa disciplesf own sake. Not a single thing you've done is for Master, and not a single thing youfve done is for anybody else.h



The process of writing this sharing article was also a process of looking at my attachments and getting rid of them. Thank you for your persistent encouragement, fellow practitioners. Please point out anything inappropriate.



In the end, Ifd like to quote from the New Yearfs Greetings from Master.



The endless journey has come to a close

And the pervasive haze is gradually dispersing

While righteous thoughts display the might of Gods 

Returning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for



Thank you fellow practitioners, thank you Master.