Improving myself in the course of clarifying the Truth

Frank Zhu



Greetings esteemed Master, Greetings fellow practitioners,



Clarifying the Truth is one of the Three Things we need to do as Dafa practitioners, it is required by Master and it is important that we keep it as a prioritised task. As a new practitioner I have not been able to keep up with the Fa rectification process. The reason being, I think, it is that I have too much human mentalities and not being diligent enough in my cultivation.



For example, my mentality of not wanting to lose face: the locations where we would be clarifying the Truth are usually the places where you can see many Chinese people. After living in Australia for more than nine years I have some friends, and I often run into them in such occasions. In my opinion, clarifying the Truth to tourists (from China) or to the people I haven't previously known, isn't that hard. But for telling the Truth to the people I have previously known, it seems to be a bit hard and awkward. Such a blockage seems hard for me to pass. Thinking about it I feel that I have not been doing well at all, since no matter who, he or she is, it is for us to help for them towards salvation. Speaking of the subject of clarifying the Truth, I have to tell a story happened about eight years ago.





1. The first time when I heard the Truth

Back in 2005, I was still an everyday person and it was my first year living in Australia. Taking buses and trains were the main ways for me to get to places. I remember I was riding on the bus route number 273 from Chatswood to the City, and an old lady came forward to talk with me, asking how long have I been living in Sydney, where in China did I come from etc. After hearing that I came to Sydney from Shanghai not long ago, she started to tell me the Truth. She was asking if I had joined the Young Pioneers or the Communist Youth League etc. She also asked me whether I have read the book "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party". In fact I had actually read this book previously and I was so deeply touched by this book.     



Eight years has passed, the smiling face of this old lady started to fade away from me, but there was something about her that I can't forget: in her old age she looked so healthy and was with such a good spirit. Furthermore she gave me a compassionate feeling, it seemed like that she was someone who was close to me in the past. I guess that experience laid a good foundation for my later joining in the Truth clarification process.




2. Clarifying the Truth for the first time

The year of 2011 was an unusual year in my life. I obtained my masters degree from the University of Sydney without a hitch, but more importantly,I became one of the luckiest beings in the universe: I became a Dafa practitioner! Like any other practitioner who just obtained the Fa, I was so keen on reading each of the Dafa books, and every new Jingwen. Most of my time would be studying the Fa (for a period of time). Melting in the Fa at that time - it was such a magnificently beautiful feeling. 


而每每读到放下人心 救度世人这篇经文时,总是感觉是在说自己。因为师父告诉我们:从现在开始,特别是中国大陆的大法弟子、新老学员,放下长期执著的人心,全面开始抓紧救度世人。一旦目前这个阶段过后,众生的第一次大淘汰即将开始。作为 一名正法时期的大法弟子,个人解脱不是修炼的目地,救度众生才是你们来时的大愿与正法中历史赋予你们的责任和使命,因此大量的众生也就成了你们救度的对 像。大法弟子不要辜负了正法中赋予你们的伟大责任,更不要使这部份众生失望,你们已经是他们能否走入未来的唯一希望,因此所有的大法弟子、新老学员,都要 行动起来,全面开始讲清真相。

Every time when I read Master's Jingwen, "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People " , I have felt like it was talking to me. As Master told us: "From now on, the Dafa disciples in China as much as anyone, both new students and veterans alike, should let go of their long-standing human attachments and start to seize the day and comprehensively save the world's people. Once the current time period is over, the first large-scale process of weeding out sentient beings will begin. For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you. Dafa disciples, don't forsake the magnificent responsibility that has been bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification, and even less should you disappoint those beings, as you are now their only hope for entering the future. For this reason, all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth." (from the "Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People", Li Hongzhi, September 1, 2004)



In fact, I understood that the idea of 'being a new practitioner' shouldn't be the excuse for me to not come out of my own comfort zone. So it gave me the courage to start my first time in clarifying the Truth.   




It was quite a co-incidence: normally I won't be taking the train for my trips. That was one of the rare occasions that I was taking a train from the Strathfield station to my home. It was after 7pm, someone else was standing in the platform, a full moon was in the sky, it was such an ordinary night. Suddenly someone talked to me from behind: "Are you a Chinese, do you speak Chinese?" I turned back and saw a Chinese man in his fifties, he seemed anxious and helpless. I replied: "Yes I can speak Chinese. Is there anything I can help you with?" After taking a deep breath, he told me: "This is my first time coming to Sydney. I think I have missed my station and don't know where I am now. But I want to go to Burwood".



I found out later on that this man came from Jinan city in Shandong province, his daughter was working in Sydney and he came to visit her for the first time. Since the train station names were all in English so he was confused. I told him not to worry, and the next stop would be Burwood, and that he could just follow me to it. Before we knew it the train had arrived. 




As we all know that Burwood is just one stop away from Strathfield. At that moment there was an idea came to me: "clarify the Truth, quick! There is only one stop." Indeed there wasn't much time, so I could not care less about the excuses that appeared in my mind. I started talking with him, with a bit of trembling in my voice at first, asking him: "So uncle since you been here for a while, have you ever been to Chinatown with your daughter?"  








He answered: "Yes I am, been there". "Then have you seen the Truth displays and the quit CCP stalls there?" "Yes I did indeed."

Then I asked: "So have you quit the CCP?"  He answered with his heavy Shandong accent: "Oh, that, won't mean much to me...". Without waiting for him to finish what he was saying, I cut in the conversation and said: "As you know, in China all the news got blocked, why not try to understand the Truth (while you are here)?" seeing him with a skeptical expression on his face, I continued talking: "I have been here for nine and a half years, I can see clearly that there are now more than 100 million people have quit the CCP. To tell you the truth, quitting the CCP can bring you peace and prosperity. Please remember what I have just said." 



The train was slowing down and we've arrived to the Burwood station. After the door opened the man said goodbye to me and he thanked me again. I told him: "No need to thank me, most importantly please remember quitting the CCP." Through the windows I could see that the man was smiling. He kept nodding and waving his hand to me.



"Maybe a life was saved", I thought to myself, and kept thinking about this man, I could not calm myself down. Suddenly I realised that I have already started clarifying the Truth for the first time. It was like the saying that " A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". I understood that all that was arranged by Master, and I found that I had tears in my eyes.




3. Clarifying the Truth wisely.

Since then, I talked with the local assistant that I would like to go to the Truth clarifying spot to clarify the Truth, and would love to go with other fellow practitioners together. All the fellow practitioners were very supportive and told me that: it is ok, all I need to do was to just go there, as everyone was doing it voluntarily, some practitioners would be talking, some practitioners would be handing out the flyers, and some practitioner would be focusing on asking people to quite the CCP.


这样,我选择了悉尼著名的旅游景点Macquarie Chair,我们悉尼的同修给它取了一个好听的名字山上。此地风景优美,据说是拍摄悉尼大桥最佳的取景点。也正是因为有了这样一个得天独厚的地理位置,每天都吸引着大量的中国游客。

So I chose the famous tourist spot Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney. Fellow practitioners had already given a good name for this spot as 'in the mountain'. It is such a nice place, and it was said that it was the best spot for taking the photos of Sydney Bridge. It was also because of that special aspect this place is attracting many tourists each day. 



After a few times of handing out the flyers, I felt that saying the same thing all over again and again while holding the flyers in hand it wasn't the best way to go. Our special edition from the Epoch Times was quite good and covers a lot. I also like to take this opportunity to thank fellow practitioners form the Epoch Times for producing such a good material for clarifying the Truth!


但怎么能让游客更多的了解内容,而乐意去读呢?我想到师父讲过的,用理智去证实法、用智慧去讲清真相、用慈悲去洪法与救度世人,这就是在建立觉者的威德。2】是啊,要用智慧去讲清真相,接下来我再上山的时候,除了带上法器外,还带了透明胶和一些小工具。在Macquarie Chair的一个游客必经的椅子上,将大纪元特刊展开,把最吸引人的那几页展示在众人面前,还用透明胶粘在椅子上。这样一来,山上风大也不怕。

However how would we be able to present more contents while having the readers love to read them? I thought of Master's teaching: "Validate the Fa with rationality, clarify the truth1 with wisdom, spread the Fa and save people with mercy--this is establishing the mighty virtue of an Enlightened Being" (from the Jingwen "Rationality").  So I thought of how to clarify the Truth with wisdom. And I started to bring with me more little tools, and I started to displaying the special edition on the chairs where the tourists would be passing by. I flipped it open to the most attractive pages, using the transparent sticky tape to hold it to the chairs, that way it still stays with relatively strong wind. 



Just with those little changes made, I could see when the  tourists walked past the chairs, and when they saw the historical photos that were showing how the CCP was selling and betraying China, as well as those reports about the organ harvesting, the would stop and read. Many of them were attracted by this news. In multiple occasions I found that we didn't even need to introduce anything and they were quite keen in taking the materials. 



After a few weeks I felt we needed to make more impact in how we were clarifying the Truth. I think all fellow practitioners who have been to the Truth clarification spot would know that a tour group would only stay for about 15-20 minutes, and the tourists would need to take their photos etc. So the time we can have with them is quite limited. So the main thing for us is to clarify the Truth to the tourists in the shortest possible time. So I thought of fellow practitioner A. 


I admire fellow practitioner A very much. He started to clarify the Truth 'at the mountain' since 2004. Also because of work he has a big truck. So I talked with him and told him my idea: since this spot is a private place, we could not display the boards like how we do it in Chinatown. So I was  suggesting in using his truck, putting on a big banner, with the content that really catch people's attention, so that they would like to know more, and will take more of the Truth materials by themselves. Fellow practitioner A liked my idea very much, and he told me the size of the truck's sides.  



Of course, thinking about it is easy. But upon actually producing the artwork I became to know the meaning of 'not being in the profession.’ Working in IT, I am a bit awkward in producing artworks. After much effort I finally got the artworks done. 



Then a fellow practitioner B came to help. After seeing my design, he provided some very useful ideas. For example the title needed to stand out more, and the photos used might need to be more powerful. He also suggested to put welcoming wordings for the tourists and wishing them happy traveling etc. so to make them to feel closer to us. I liked all those ideas, and gladly accepted them. Furthermore fellow practitioner B had also introduced me to a Taiwanese practitioner who is a professional editor for Newland magazine.



Now mentioning all these stories, I had tears in my eyes: just one idea from me, and so many other fellow practitioners came forward to help. I had to make it work and do it well. I remember Master mentioned: ..how are we to do a good job cooperating and coordinating with each other--that's what Fa-rectification needs the most from Dafa disciples.’



I understand that as long as practitioners can cooperate well with each other, there is nothing we cannot do, and there won't be tribulations we can't get pass. Let's try hard together, and not to disappoint Master, and be worthy of our name of "Fa rectification period Dafa practitioners". 



Now I am thinking of the old lady I met eight years ago - in fact I should call her the fellow practitioner. Perhaps you are living in Sydney, perhaps you are sitting right here: I just like to say to you that I wish I had obtained the Fa earlier. But I am not feeling bad for having not been able to meet Master, for everything was arranged by Master. Master has also said that all the things he has given the best things to Dafa practitioners. I have no time for regret or feeling bad, I could only do my best in cultivation and do the Three Things well, so to fulfill my promise and returning home with Master. 






Finally please allow me to share this poem of Master's with you all:


"The endless journey has come to a close
And the pervasive haze is gradually dispersing
While righteous thoughts display the might of Gods
Returning to Heaven is no longer just yearned for"


(New Year's Greetings from Master, December 31, 2002)





This is just a sharing from me - a new practitioner. It would inevitably be a shallow sharing. Please help to point out anything in it that is not appropriate. Heshi!


Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!