My Experience of Cultivating in a Full Time Media Job

Lily Liu



Venerable Teacher, fellow practitioners, Greetings!



I began working full time for a Dafa media project in June 2010. It has been more than 3 years now. In those 3 years, I gradually matured in my cultivation. To me, doing the job and cultivating are one and the same. Today I will share my cultivation experience in the media project. Please kindly point out anything that's not appropriate.



1. Participating in media work is not just about doing the work, it's also   cultivation.





Cultivating away the attachment of resentment

When I first started working in the media project , I was asked to do some graphic designing jobs for the advertisement section and also help improve the content and layout of the newspaper. However, as my skills improved, I was asked to do more and more work. I was the sort of person that didn't like to admit defeat or disagree with others, so I took on whatever was asked of me and would not refuse the tasks. As time went on, however, I started to feel unfair in my heart. Why was I given all the work? Was it because I was a responsible and a hard worker?  Of course I appreciated that I was being paid, but that didn't mean I had to take on all the work! For a long time, I couldn't get over this tribulation . Sometimes I was able to let it go and at other times I couldn't. I was very troubled by the tribulation. When I couldn't forbear anymore I would get quite angry. This went on until one day, after hearing my complaints, my family member who was not a practitioner said to me: Don't take on so much work! Taking on so much work would make you feel resentful. You don't own the paper, so why should you take it so seriously? Hearing this, I was startled. I realised it was time for me to get rid of the attachment of resentment. 



I asked myself a few questions: have I really reached my limit ? Can I really not forbear anymore? For whom was I forbearing ? Why did I give up the comfortable lifestyle in South Australia and come to Sydney to do full time work in the media project? In my cultivation why did I look at others and what they were doing? Why did I keep looking at how little others had done and then feel resentful in my heart? ...... I began the process of dissolving the feeling of resentment.



With the Shen Yun project, Teacher said in "20th Anniversary Fa Teaching": "...... Let me put things a bit more clearly. Shen Yun is meant to save sentient beings. While you all know that, has it occurred to you: Master is giving you an opportunity to work together and for those who haven't stepped forward to step forward."



The moment we entered cultivation in Dafa, everything was born of Teacher's grand compassion. To have the opportunities to work on projects that validated Dafa was a privilege and an honour! In order to have the opportunities to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa, we probably had suffered for tens of millions of years through reincarnations. So I how could not see the attachment of resentment in me. I must eliminate and disintegrate it!



Understanding the Fa principle was only the first step. It was even more important to be able to control oneself when the tests occurred.


While encountering overwhelming pressure from work, as soon as the attachment of resentment surfaced, I would eliminate it. Gradually I was able to treat the work as my own things and I no longer hoped others would come and share my burden; or hoping that the coordinator would reduce the workload for me. I no longer compared myself with others in terms of the workloads. As the attachment of resentment was eliminated thoroughly, I felt my heart unburdened and life became much easier. This was the joy of a cultivator, which everyday people could not never understand.





Cultivating Away Selfishness and Having Greater Tolerance for Others

In this lifetime, because of the hardship I had endured in childhood, I had become protective of myself. My selfishness which manifested in being demanding of others had become my second nature. I seldom considered others' situations and I was lacking in compassion.



Every Wednesday evening I would  work on the newspaper at the coordinator's home. I normally worked from 6:30pm to 10pm. A few months ago, as soon as I started working on the paper, the coordinator would shut down half of the light in the room and so it was rather dim. There were two other practitioners who were doing proofreading for the paper in the house and one did not have a desk lamp next to her. Although I didn't need bright lights while working on the computer, it would be rather difficult for me to read from the printouts later when making corrections to the paper. So I asked the coordinator: Perhaps you wouldn't mind asking the proofreaders whether the light is sufficiently bright for them? By now I was already getting quite irritated. I did not want to lose face by asking for more light for myself, so I pretend to ask the question for the proofreaders. The proofreading practitioner was rather polite and said that she didn't need more light as the lamp from across the desk was enough for her. So as a result we had to work with half the light until 8pm after which the lights were turned on to full power. My eyes were very sore because of this and I was angry for the rest of the evening. I thought to myself if the coordinator was going to turn on all the light only after 8pm, then perhaps I should just turn up at 8pm in the future and leave her house at 10pm, regardless of whether the work was finished or not; or perhaps I should even charge up a lamp at home and bring it to the coordinator's house. The next day, I told others at the office about it and I was furious. The practitioners could not calm me down. I was full of anger and the more I went along with it the angrier I became. There was obviously a substance in another dimension interfering with me . So I tried to control my emotion and not go along with it. Eventually I was able to calm down. However, I still did not have tolerance for the situation so for the next few Wednesday evenings I always arrived late at the coordinator's house. I was passive and uncooperative.



After this, some complaints from practitioners about the coordinator not managing the media company properly surfaced. Although I was no longer angry with the coordinator, those complaints on top of the existing Xinxing conflict about the light made me feel quite despondent about the situation. Soon it was time for the experience sharing conference in New York. The coordinator asked me to book a ticket for her so that we could travel together to New York. I felt quite unsettled as I didn't want to be with her. What a tribulation that was going to be travelling all the way to New York and back with her! Later, I realised it was Teacher's arrangement to help elevate my Xinxing.   



On the way to New York, I had a chat with another practitioner sitting next to me about passing xinxing tests. From the sharing, I understood that not asking others to meet my own expectations was being tolerant of others, an act of compassion. So I had a change of heart. Next something happened which fundamentally changed me . 



While in transit, the coordinator went to the airline counter to sort out the seats. She asked me to just take her notebook for her and sit down. As soon as she passed the notebook to me, I said: What a heavy notebook! This was quite unexpected. My own notebooks had always been quite light. The coordinator smiled and said: "yes, that's right. I was lucky as we didn't have far to walk. But we did spend a rather long time at the customs. That was quite tiring."



Immediately I went silent. What was Teacher trying to tell me? I was always evaluating others from my own perspective and position. I had no idea what the other party was shouldering and how difficult the burden may be for the person. When my own vested interests were touched upon, I only thought of myself and did not consider others. While the other party did not complain that didn't mean everything was OK for her. How could I, as a practitioner, be so selfish? 



That incident had shaken me to the core. The various resentments that I harboured towards the coordinator for a long time dissipated. At the same time, I finally was noticing the mental burdens the coordinator was enduring. When I heard her talking briefly about some serious topics, the despondency in my mind was finally dispelled. What took place instead was a sense of responsibility to cooperate well and help each other in assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. At the same time, I was feeling ashamed of myself as while the coordinator was shouldering such heavy responsibilities silently, I as a fellow practitioner, a co-worker and a staff member of the company was only full of complaints, and did not try to understand or share her burden compassionately. I really did not meet the requirement, either in my role or in terms of the issues at hand. Teacher was so compassionate. He had me seeing my own shortcomings without scolding me. The omission was so huge that I really felt ashamed of myself.



Teacher said in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference: “For cultivators there are no real role models to follow. Each person is cultivating himself, and each must walk his own path; there are no references to draw upon or examples to follow. There’s just one thing: how you follow the Fa in your actions. Each person has his own realisations and feelings about things. So it’s unlikely, when encountering something, that everyone will understand it in the same way, approach it in the same way, or handle it in the same way. It’s highly unlikely. That is because people have different ways of thinking and the origins of one’s thoughts are complex. All of the various notions that each person has formed over the long course of time, as with his different understandings of things, his perceptions, and his feelings—all of the many aspects of things that go into a person’s understanding or realisation, or characteristics of his understanding—all of these are quite complex, and that is why it’s hard to find two people with the same personality. Simply imitating what someone else does is just superficial copying, and the substance of it is very unlikely to be the same.”



So now when I looked back I saw that my requiring others to follow my expectations was indeed very narrow-minded. The Lords of different cosmic bodies had come here; each of them had their own characteristics that were unique to their own cosmic systems, and each one of them had different experiences in their very long path of incarnations. As a result, what they did in this lifetime would certainly be different. So without immense tolerance among fellow practitioners, it would be hard to cooperate well with each other in assisting Teacher in the grand mission of rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings. 



In the process of helping me to enlighten to the attachment Teacher had taken away for me many bad substances. I felt light-hearted and I was no longer cold and hard as before. I was able to treat others with more warmth and kindness. I had experienced the wonderfulness of being carefree, and the joy of being able to understand and be tolerant of others. It was Teacher who had once again suffered for me and thus pushed me through to another level of cultivation. I resolved to cultivate diligently so as to not disappoint Teacher.





2. Balancing well a Media Project and Other Fa-Rectification activities while Cultivating Away the Attachment to Comfort

Because I worked full time for the media project and I took up a lot of responsibilities, I had always been busy day and night. So in the beginning, I always thought that I should have a bit of break during the weekends. Also I thought to myself that there were so many practitioners in Sydney, so it wouldn't matter much whether or not I helped out with other activities at weekends. I didn't think I needed to take part in the many projects the way I did in South Australia. In fact, however, this kind of mentality was the manifestation of the attachment to comfort and wanting an easy life.



I had always participated in group Fa studies while living in South Australia. I stopped for one year after relocating to Sydney. That's partly because I was concerned that my family who were not practitioners may not understand.  Also, I was the sort of person who always preferred to stay at home and this was especially so at night. Before coming to Sydney, I attended Fa studies one evening every week. After relocating to Sydney, because of my involvement with the media I had to come home very late at night twice a week. I had always been concerned that if I also went out on Saturday evenings to attend Fa studies, my family would be unhappy. However, as Teacher's article "Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa" was published, I broke through my own human notions and went back to regular group Fa studies with many other practitioners.



Later, I also started participating in the truth-clarification activities at weekends. And during the Shen Yun promotion period I also took part in various promotional activities. I realised that taking part in those activities would not bring chaos or tiredness to my life. Everything was well organised for me. I truly experienced the immense compassion of Teacher. He really did not ask anything of us. If we have the heart to cultivate and do things well, Teacher would prepare everything for us. There was no need for us to labour too much. 



By participating in more Fa-validating activities, I felt honoured and fortunate to have the opportunities to do so instead of thinking that it was hardship. Taking part in those activities was not following the crowd, or performing a chore or to show others. It was from the standpoint of righteous enlightenment through genuine cultivation.



Teacher said in the article "To the European Fa Conference": "Dafa disciples have a duty and must, no matter what, fulfil the vows that brought them to this world. For it was on that account that you once pledged your life as a god and were thus allowed to become today the most magnificent kind of being in the cosmos—a disciple of Dafa."


最後,請允許我恭引師父《洪吟 3》中的一段詩詞與各位同修共勉:















Finally, please allow me to quote Teacher's poem from Hongyin 3 and let us encourage each other on our path:


All For This Day


Beyond time and space I vigorously rectify the Fa

Despite the huge ordeals my will never bends

Amidst crazed evil, I never lose my way

I regard eliminating the evil as whisking dust away

When disciples walk righteously the path of Dafa

Their light illumines the world, purging evil completely

Diligent disciples - plum blossoms in winter's chill

The eons of hardship were all for this day


Thank you Teacher! thank you everyone!