正念正行救众生 兑现洪愿助师行

Saving Sentient Beings with Righteous Thoughts and Actions, Fulfilling Our Pledge and Assisting Master in the Human World

Annie Zhao



Greetings Revered Master!


Greetings fellow practitioners!



Since January1999, I have cultivated for 14 years. In these 14 years, I experienced the turbulent waves from the evil persecution. Under Master’s guidance, I have acted righteously and walked on the path of helping Master rectify the Fa. Now, I’d love to share some of my cultivation experiences.


1.     放下生死过病业关

put down dead go through sickness karma


On 21 January 2001, I was arrested and taken to the police station. At that time, I was on the black list and I was pregnant. One day, when I was in the police station, I started to bleed. Then those policemen drove me to the hospital. After being checked, the doctor said it was a vesicular mole and it was very serious. The doctor suggested that I have surgery immediately. If not, I would face three consequences: first, die of bleeding; second, die of choriocarcinoma, or third, die from the pain of the malignant tumours. All of them asked me to have the operation, but I refused. Master mentioned in Sickness Karma (Essentials): “Surgery can only remove flesh in the superficial physical dimension, while the sickness-karma in another dimension has not been touched at all – it is simply beyond the reach of modern medical technology.” I knew this was eliminating my karma and it was not illness. In order not to cooperate with old forces and the evil, I stopped eating and drinking anything. Then the policemen started to threaten me and also tried to tempt me with financial profit. The policemen asked my dad and my brother to persuade me, but I did not change my mind. Because they were unsuccessful, those policemen planned to force me to have the operation. They sent me to another hospital to do another check. At that time, the doctor said the situation had become worse. It was really dangerous and one operation was not enough – I had to have several operations, as well as chemotherapy, even though the result was not guaranteed. After hearing this, those policemen hesitated and sent me back home.



Three months after I went home, I started to bleed again badly, with big blobs of blood, and the bleeding just wouldn’t stop. My family was scared and wanted to send me to the hospital again. I was a little moved as well: “Is it really like what the doctor said, that I will die of bleeding?” But suddenly, I corrected myself. I am a Dafa disciple; whether I live or die depends on Master. Then I talked to Master: “Master, you will decide whether I live or die.” That was the only thought I had. Although I was still bleeding, my heart became still and peaceful. On April 3, 2001, I excreted many bloody, white bubble-like things. I knew Master had helped to go through this life-or-death tribulation. I could not stop my thankful tears and also I felt the greatness of the Fa and Master’s compassion. After I recovered, I looked very healthy. My face turned a healthy red colour and my skin was as good as a little young girl’s. My spirit was very good as well. My body felt light. Even my neighbours were surprised: “Didn’t she have cancer? Why does she look even younger and healthier?” After they knew the reason, they were impressed. And after this happened, many people changed their minds about Dafa, and said this is the real Falun Dafa.



Master mentioned in Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles, 2006: “If your mind is unsteady, that means you are not meeting the standard to begin with, and prolonging the process won’t lead to any changes. And if someone holds out for the purpose of saving face, that is adding attachments on top of attachments. In such cases there are only two choices: You either go to the hospital and thus give up on trying to overcome the test, or you completely let go of everything, behave like an upstanding and noble Dafa disciple who has no resentment or attachments, and leave it to Master to arrange whether you stay or go. When you are able to do that, you are a god.” My passing this test of sickness karma proved: as long as we put down all our attachments, believe in Master and believe in the Fa, there is no doubt we can pass the test of sickness karma.


2.     正念否定邪恶迫害

Deny the old forces and the evil through righteous thoughts during persecution


On April 6, 2001 at 10:00am, policemen broke into my house and handcuffed me, and dragged me out of my house. Many people were watching us and I shouted: “Falun Dafa is the Buddha Fa; Falun Dafa is good. What is shown on TV is all fake. Zhen, Shan, Ren is not a sin; being a good person is not a sin.” Then I was kidnapped and taken to the police station where the most serious prisoners were trialled. I did not cooperate. Then the policemen took me into the office and started the trial immediately. As my hands were cuffed in an awkward position behind my back, I felt I could no longer bear the pain. I asked Master in my heart: “Master, please help me.” Just as I had this thought, I heard one policeman say: “Open her handcuffs.” Master said in Zhuan Falun: “ My Law Bodies in other dimensions know your every thought.” Master is taking care of us all the time. When I was facing evil people, my first thought was: “I cannot fail Master.” Every time when I have a tribulation, I always act like Master is just beside me. I always keep strong righteous thoughts, and make sure that I don’t do anything that tarnishes Dafa and be worthy of the title as a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.



I talked to Master in my heart: “Master, I would like to rectify the Fa with my life. No matter at what cost. If I do not need to pay with my life here, please take me away from here, Master. This is not the place where I should be.” Then, sickness karma showed up, which I knew was not real. My face turned pale, and my legs and arms would not stop twitching. Actually, I could feel that my right hand became a big Falun and was whirling, and the energy was strong. The feeling was wonderful. I felt my body in other dimensions was huge and I repeated in my heart: “Eliminate all the evil, and let the Falun break all the evil in other dimensions.” (At that time, there was no sending forth righteous thoughts.) I could feel a Falun was eliminating all the evil very quickly and with strong power in other dimensions. Those evil policemen couldn’t get anything from my mouth and also were scared by my unusual whirling. They asked their supervisor and then had to send me back home. When I was leaving the police station and watching the big door open, I couldn’t hold back my tears. No words in this human world can describe the greatness of Master and the Fa. The shock and happiness in my heart is something only a real cultivator who is passing tribulations can feel.



After going home, I found there were policemen near my house spying on me. I discussed with my dad and we decided we could not accept the evil’s arrangement. A few days later, I called a taxi and went to the police station again. On the way, my fake sickness phenomenon came back again. I talked to the policemen: “Don’t you guys want to watch me? Now, I am here to let all of you watch!” The head officer of the police station begged my dad to take me home. My dad refused. The policemen had no other choice but to send me to a motel and also assign a policeman to spy on me 24 hours. Then, I stopped eating and drinking. After 3 days, the police compromised. They withdrew all the policemen from around my house and my community. Then my family brought me back home. After that, I clarified the truth to the policemen. Seven out of 8 accepted my DVDs, and the so-called “spying” was not working at all. I could go out and come back freely to do truth clarification.


师父在《二零零三年亚特兰大法会讲法》中说:“当然了旧势力所有安排的这一切我们都不承认,我这个师父不承认,大法弟子当然也都不承认。” 面对邪恶,我信师信法,坚定不移。在师父的呵护下,我正念正行,无所畏惧。即便在看守所、劳教所,或最邪恶的劳教遣送处,面对手持电棍、全副武装的众多警察,我也高喊“法轮大法好!全世界都知道!”。

Master mentioned in Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference: “Of course, we don’t acknowledge any of the things that the old forces arranged – I as your master don’t acknowledge them, and Dafa disciples of course don’t acknowledge them either.” Facing the evil, I believe in the Fa and Master and have never been affected. Under Master’s help, I act righteously, without fear. Even in the police station or labour camp, or the most evil place, facing fully armed policemen, I still shouted:” Falun Dafa is good; the whole world knows it.”


3.     讲真相劝“三退”中修出慈悲

Cultivating my compassion during truth clarification



In April this year, we came to Australia and I really cherish this free environment and have devoted myself to truth clarification and quitting the CCP. My schedule is full every day. In the daytime, I go to Chinatown to clarify the truth. In the evening, I make phone calls to Mainland China. In daily life, I clarify the truth to all the people around me, who I believe are all predestined.



One day, it was raining. My daughter was on her holiday and stayed at home. I was hesitating whether I should go to Chinatown. Normally, another practitioner always gives me a lift to Chinatown, but today he has left. Suddenly, I realised: saving sentient beings is the most important thing. Then I took my daughter and walked 20 minutes to the train station where I caught the train to Chinatown. Because asking directions I knew a Chinese woman and her daughter, and they even sit opposite to me on the train, then we started to chat. I was wondering whether I should clarify the truth to them. My attachment of embarrassment came out. I corrected myself immediately: “Now, it’s already the very end of Fa-rectification. Practitioners in Mainland China are facing being arrested, tortured, persecuted even life-threat, they are still saving sentient beings. Now, I am overseas in such a good environment. Why do I still have attachments and hesitations? Fear of losing face, fear this and that, if so, how can I fulfil my mission, my fate? How can I face Master’s compassion; how can I face those sentient beings?” When righteous thoughts came out, I started to clarify the truth and helped them to quit CCP and tell them “Falun Dafa hao, Zhen, Shen, Ren hao.” They were very happy to know the truth.



When I arrived at Chinatown, I saw a tourist with a camera going back to the bus. I followed him and clarified the truth to him. At the very beginning, he ignored me, with a cold face. I still followed him and talked to him. Then he complained: “Don’t follow me.” Then I said: “You see, today the rain is so heavy, but I still brought my child here. Why do you think I am doing this? I just want you to know the truth and let good people be safe and away from disasters. We are all Chinese; we are family. I do not want to see you suffer in the disasters in the future. The CCP have done and are still doing a lot of bad things. They will be punished, but we should not be involved when the punishment comes. If you quit the CCP, then there is no connection between you and the CCP. In the future, when the disaster comes, you will be safe.” After hearing this, he changed his attitude and said: “The tourist guide does not allow us to quit the CCP.” I said: “He was bribed by the CCP, but you should be responsible for your own life. Actually, many tourist guides and drivers have quit the CCP.” Then the tourist awakened and agreed to quit the CCP, and thanked me. I am like this no matter where I go. I always clarify the truth. Due to the pure compassion and strong righteous thoughts, I got a good result. In one day, I can help as many as 39 people quit the CCP.



After studying the Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference, I realised the urgency of saving sentient beings. Besides clarifying the truth in the daytime, I joined the RTC phone call team in the evenings. In this project, many human notions were exposed. For example, I was afraid of opening my mouth in the call room, I was afraid I was not doing well and other practitioners would laugh at me, and I would lose face. Also, I had attachments on the calling quantity and liked to compare myself with other practitioners. And sometimes, I have fear of being hung up on by ordinary Chinese people, the grievance of being insulted, the disappointment of being refused and also tiredness and relaxing attachments. When these attachments come out, I use the Fa to measure myself and eliminate all attachments and human notions that are not on the Fa. And then I enhance my pure thought, the only thought – save sentient beings. I also ask Master to give me wisdom. Then the effects of the phone calls become better and better.



During several months, through clarifying truth face to face and making phone calls, I already helped about 600 people quit the CCP and also helped more people know the truth. Although sometimes I feel tired, when I am thinking there are still many people waiting to be saved, then I find my power again. Every sentient being is coming for the Fa, and they placed much expectation and hope on Dafa and Dafa disciples. We cannot fail those sentient beings. When I saw people giving me a thumb’s up, when I heard people on the phone say thank you to me, all my tiredness disappeared. Compared to saving sentient beings, my tiredness and suffering are nothing.



I know all of is comes from coordination with practitioners, and a joint effort. Compared to diligent practitioners, I still need to improve myself and am far away from what Master requires. Master said: “Save the world’s people with righteous thoughts, Expose the lies and open the locks in people’s hearts, We don’t believe consciences can’t be brought back.” (To Save the World – Hong Yin 3) Let us be diligent together, compare our cultivation, cultivate ourselves well, cherish the time we have and fulfil our mission to help Master rectify the Fa, and be worthy of Master’s painstaking salvation.



My cultivation level is limited and so is my sharing. If there is anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.



Thank you practitioners, thank you teacher.