Memorable Experiences and Lessons on My Path of Assisting Master in Fa-Rectification

L Yang



Greetings Master! Greetings Fellow Practitioners


The process of Fa-rectification is forging ahead rapidly and 21 years have passed. In those 21 years, there has always been an issue of cultivating upwards or dropping down for me, and I have worried and troubled Master a lot. On my cultivation path, I have been bathed in Master’s great compassion. I have no words to express my deepest gratitude and respect. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate and painstaking salvation! I hope all young practitioners like me can learn from my mistakes, get rid of all human attachments and strive ahead vigorously.


In 1998, my mother and I obtained the Fa. Through cultivation, my mother gained health and gradually came to understand the inner meaning of Dafa. To make sure I wouldn’t be left behind, she started to teach me to recite Hong Yin. I was only 8 back then and didn’t know what cultivation was. Due to my strong attachment to play, I couldn’t understand its inner meaning either. However, once, a sudden and severe bellyache struck me down and I pled for Master’s help, kneeling and crying. All of a sudden, the pain disappeared as if nothing had happened. Surprised, I knelt down in front of Master’s portrait and said seriously: “Teacher, I have decided to practise!”


Master said in Lecture Six in Zhuan Falun: “They will not let it happen, and they will try everything to stop you from practising cultivation. Accordingly, all kinds of methods will be used to interfere with you. They will even come to really kill you.” Under Master’s merciful protection, I passed a big tribulation in a dream. Two ghosts holding knives appeared in my dream and wanted to kill me. I jumped off from the second level of a building and kept running without turning my head. When I was about to be caught by the ghosts, a magnificent Buddha appeared on the corner, wearing a yellow kasaya and sitting on a law wheel. I stopped and stared at the Buddha. He waved his hand and immediately the two ghosts were sucked into the turning law wheel. I knelt down with gratitude right away and was held up by the smiling Buddha. Then I woke up suddenly. The following year, in a similar dream, I was chased and attacked by people with axes. And when I woke up, I could feel a dull pain on my back. I knew I had paid back my karmic debts. Master tenderly cared and protected me. My gratitude is beyond words.


In 1999, the persecution started. Back then, I still kept my pure nature so my thoughts were very righteous. To defend Dafa, my mother and I hurried to Beijing overnight and settled down in a co-practitioner’s home. That place was filled with over 40 practitioners from all parts of the country. That night, all the practitioners slept under the same roof. Because we didn’t have enough food, the adult practitioners saved their food for me. They asked me: “What will you do if the policemen arrest you and try to take away your Dafa book?” I replied seriously: “I would rather die than give my book away. They can beat me to death, but I won’t give it up.” All the practitioners in the room laughed. At that moment, all of us were determined to safeguard Dafa and let go of the attachment of life and death. We didn’t have fear inside. The next day, hundreds of practitioners were locked in the yard of a police station. All of us were required to fill up a form and line up to be interrogated. Whatever they asked, I replied in a righteous and dignified manner. The policemen started to mock and tease me as being pretentious. Thanks to Master’s merciful care, my mother and I didn’t suffer from severe persecution. We were sent back overnight to our local police station to be put in detention. During that period, the air was depressing and it was dark everywhere. I felt like I was suffocating. The pressure from my family and school forced me to transfer from one school to another constantly. To encourage me, one time during meditation, Master showed me all my lifetimes of reincarnation from the moment I descended upon Earth till now. My tears streamed down and I felt Master’s enormous grace and the hardships he has borne.


I didn’t know much about cultivation when I was a child and just did whatever Master required. Because I was pure then, I didn’t miss out on one single event. Master said: “Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the Master.” (Zhuan Falun). From sending forth righteous thoughts, the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, distributing truth-clarifying materials, to all Master’s Fa-teachings, I witnessed the holiness, grandness and sacredness in the other dimensions. Whenever I was fascinated by some scene, I would be woken up by external elements to remind me to come back. At that time, the evil beings flooded in from all directions like sea waves. When my righteous thoughts were strong enough, Master would support me. My joy was beyond words every time I saw Master. Travelling from layer to layer, I saw countless sentient beings on every level. They eagerly waited to be saved. The old forces did what they planned from level to level and started from a deep dimension. On every level, if the practitioners were not righteous enough, the beings there would be controlled by the old forces, which would affect the next level. Sometimes, I would send righteous thoughts for a long time and would be woken from meditation due to the pain in my legs. So I asked my 5 subordinate souls to sit in a circle as my Fa guardians and suddenly the power was strengthened. The evil beings transformed into the figure of Master to interfere with me, but I wasn’t influenced by them and said loudly: “I am a disciple of Li Honzhi!” The law wheel rotated in Heaven and Earth, turned the evil back to their original forms, sucked them in and disintegrated them completely. Every time I studied the Fa or did the exercises, Master would stay beside me and looked after me. Tears streamed down whenever I thought about Master’s great benevolence.


In order to save sentient beings, my mother and I went out at night to distribute Truth-clarification materials. When my mother put up truth-clarifying materials on poles, I sent righteous thoughts at her side. Sometimes a police car passed by, but we were safeguarded by compassionate Master. My mother and I clarified the truth between the city and the countryside without stopping. Several times we had to separate from each other and take different paths. It was very dark and the path was narrow. I could always hear some special noise. I was too scared to walk forward. Then I kept on reciting the Fa Rectification verses, reminding myself that I had to do it. Every time on such occasions, I felt that Master’s Fashen following me and looking after me. Once, when we sent righteous thoughts intensively in front of the building entrance of the Procuratorate, suddenly the sky became dark and it started raining. I asked Master for help and started to communicate with the beings from another dimension. Immediately, the rain stopped and only started again after my mother and I arrived home safely. Master says in Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference: “For once the righteous thoughts are strong, you will truly have the god-like might to split a mountain in half – split it with but one thought.” Every time the miracle happened, I became even more steadfast in my belief in Dafa.


Gradually, I was contaminated by society in school. I don’t know when it started, but my heart gradually detached from Dafa. Although I was still quite young, I had developed many bad habits, such as self-importance, jealousy, reputation, comparing with others, trying to curry favour with others, attachments to fame, profit and emotion, etc. My mother asked me to study the Fa together with her, but I started to reject this and even quarrelled with her. The black material started to build up on my body layer by layer; finally, I could no longer see my true body. In fact, I had fallen to an everyday person’s level from being a Dafa Disciple. I stopped practising and could not double cross my legs. As a result, I was often interfered with by the evil to contract diseases. My attachments got stronger, driven by human notions. Finally, one day Master said to me seriously: “You are no longer the original Liu Yang.” But I still did not wake up; I was still attached to human being’s interests. I had fallen according to the arrangements of the evil forces. Although deep in my heart a voice reminded me that I was a Dafa Disciple, there was always a force that drove me apart from Dafa. When I went to Beijing again, standing on Tiananmen Square I was extremely afraid. Without righteous thoughts, I failed to be a cultivator who could validate Dafa.


Benevolent Master didn’t give up on me. One day, my mother got a DVD, the video of Master’s Fa Lecture to Australian Practitioners. When I saw Master again, I burst into tears and realised how much our Master had endured for us. I also realised I had failed to live up to His expectations. Because of students like me, Master has had to wait again and again. I woke to the truth that because of my faults, the sentient beings who were arranged to be around me had lost the chance to be saved. I decided to stand up again at where I fall down. Then soon after in one of our political classes, the teacher suddenly defamed Dafa. I hesitated to stand up in the beginning due to the attachments of fear, afraid of being dismissed by my school and being scolded by others. Then I took a deep breath and stood up while gritting my teeth. I spoke very loudly to tell the teacher that he was wrong. The classroom became quiet immediately, while everyone stared to me surprised. I felt calm at that moment and also felt Master’s help. I talked about the truth of Falun Gong, as well as that Falun Dafa had spread to over 100 countries. When I finished, everyone applauded me. I understood that this was a hint from Master, as these beings had got to know the truth, which they had been waiting for, for a long time. I made up my mind to return to the path of cultivation. My school dismissed me and then my mother decided to send me overseas with hope that I would not be contaminated as badly as in Mainland China.


I came to Australia. When I walked into the room where the Truth-Compassion-Forbearance International Art Exhibition was being held, when I saw Master’s portrait which looked extremely loud, I broke down in tears, just like a child who had been away from home for many years. Now, I have a very clear mind about cultivation practice. I will speak about how wonderful Dafa is and how beautiful Shen Yun Performing Arts is. One supportive teacher who had known the truth talked to his students about the evil nature of the CCP on his own initiative. “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun) I understood that all of these things happened because I had the wish and Master benevolently helped me.



在加入新唐人項目后,顯示心便開始加強,几乎不易察覺。節目做得好和不好都會產生人心。實際上,就是沒有認清 “助師正法”的意義。師尊在《什麽叫助師正法》中說道:“怎麼能叫師父助你呢?怎麼能在正法中用大法圓容你人的想法呢?” 我忽然發現,自己和曾經的我不同,曾經的我沒有那麼多人的後天觀念和執著心,從而很單純的聽師父的話。而现在“聽師父話”這麼簡單的修煉,卻做不到。其中包含了多少常人心,以致被邪惡干擾,造成一時糊塗,過不去關。師尊在《轉法輪》中說“從分子、原子、電子、質子、夸克一直到中微子,再往下有多大?到了那一步顯微鏡已經看不見了,再往下極小的微粒是甚麼?不知道了。”常人是看不到一層法理的,迷在自己的這一層次之中。如此,身邊的每一件事情都不是那麼偶然的,眼睛一過一看中,都是這一層法理在人中的體現。當我在正念鬆懈的時候,人這一層的物質自然就會跑到自己身上來,因為符合了這一層的物質状态。而我認為的那些湧上來的慾望和很多常人的思想來源,都是錯以為自己想出來的,從而沒有坚决否定这一切。每當悟到些法理之後,眼中總會有些淚水。因為自己的怕吃苦的心,在摒棄很多執著心的過程中,總是要迫使自己做到修煉中的精進。“修在自己,功在師父”,師尊知道我的努力,把一些物質悄然拿下去了。當我發覺時,已經在不知不覺中提高了。沐浴著師尊的慈悲,我深深的為自己平時做的差漏而感到羞愧。

After I joined the NTD team, the attachment of showing off was reinforced and was quite hard to detect. For example, whether or not the program had been done well, my human notions would be generated. It was actually due to a lack of understanding what “Helping Master to Rectify the Fa” is. Master said in “What Does it Mean to ‘Help Master Rectify the Fa’?”: “This alone is what you should be doing, yet you want instead for Master to help you? How could you use Dafa during the Fa-rectification to instead help fulfill your human ideas?” I suddenly realised that I was different from what I had been in the past, when I didn’t have so many human notions and attachments; as a result, then I listened to Master with a pure heart. But now, I could hardly meet the requirement to “follow Master’s teachings”. When my righteous thoughts were not strong enough, substances in the level of human beings would enter into my body, because I was at the same level. In the meantime, I wrongly thought that all of these human desires and thoughts originated from my own self. As a result, I failed to deny them. Once I realised this, I always had tears in my eyes because I found that I had upgraded without awareness. Master had removed some of the bad parts from my body, as I had the heart to improve. Surrounded by Master’s benevolence, I felt deep regret for what I had not done very well in everyday life.


Master gave me hints through dreams to let me realise that we should save more sentient beings as soon as possible. I remember in one of the dreams, the Earth of whole world became vertical, and the height of the waves reached more than several hundred metres. After the flood passed, people were submerged, big and high buildings were shattered. But only I was isolated, while people constantly raised their hands asking for me to save them. The whole world was full of hysterical cries and screeches; it was really too horrible to look at. I was shocked, but I couldn’t move a bit facing the countless people being eliminated. I was crying aloud with a painful heart. I woke up and was still crying.


In one of my special dreams this year, I saw the whole world had been cleaned up. Master led all Dafa disciples to a very beautiful dimension. Disciples were sitting around Master. Master tought the Fa for a while, then he walked to every Dafa Disciple and gently pointed once at everyone’s forehead. Immediately, I felt like my body had no boundary, very happy and glorious, and my mind could communicate with the Universe with unlimited wisdom. All Dafa disciples had returned to their original positions. I woke up with my body trembling. This was the only dream I had after the one of the great catastrophe. I think the time is really limited. If we do not do well, we will not be able to face Master, and and we will not be able to face the beings that lost the chance to be saved.

希望各位大法小弟子、年輕大法弟子能夠以我的不足作為修煉中的參考,引以為鑒,真正做好正法時期的大法弟子!希望還在常人中徘徊的大法弟子儘早醒悟,不要辜負師尊的苦度,也不要辜負宇宙的重托。希望我們在真修的道路中修好自己的一思一念,做好“三件事”,不要在最後的審判中後悔晚矣。我們修煉的路很窄,在放下執著的“苦難”中,在救度眾生的艱辛中,一切事情都是要靠我們的一顆心,一個正念—— 一個堅定的助师正法的信念,一個堅修大法不動搖的决心。“功修有路心為徑,大法無邊苦作舟。”(洪吟,《法輪大法》)


I sincerely hope fellow little practitioners and young practitioners can draw lessons from my faults and benefit in their own cultivation practice to become true Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. I sincerely hope the practitioners who are still wandering among everyday people awaken as soon as possible. Do not be unworthy of Master’s grace in His arduous efforts to save us. Do not fail to live up to the expectations of the universe. I sincerely hope all of us can cultivate our every thought on the path of trule cultivation and do the three things well, so we will not feel regret and feel too late until the final trial. Our cultivation paths are very narrow, and in the face of “pain and hardships” when we let go of our attachments, and in our painstaking efforts in saving sentient beings, we must do everything with our hearts and with righteous thoughts, which means we must hold a firm belief in assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings, an unshakable determination to solidly cultivate in Dafa. “Cultivating gong has a path, mind is the way, On the boundless sea of Dafa, hardship is your ferry”. (“Falun Dafa”, Hongyin)



Thank you Master Thank you fellow practitioners! Above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Heshi.