Cultivate solidly in validating the Fa



Greetings Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!


It has been 17 years since I gained the Fa in 1996. During these years of cultivation, under the merciful care of venerable Master, I have stepped gradually towards becoming a cultivator from being an ordinary person, during which the solemnity, significance and wonderfulness of Dafa cultivation has been witnessed. Here, I summarise some experiences in my cultivation and report it to venerable Master, as well as share it with fellow practitioners.


1、喜得大法 精进实修

1.      Delightedly gained the Fa and cultivated solidly and diligently


In 1996, I was introduced by a schoolmate to practise Dafa. The first time I listened to Master’s Fa teaching in Guangzhou, I was deeply shocked and I suddenly got to understand the real meaning of human life, and my world view completely changed. After reading Zhuan Falun a few times, Master cleansed my body. Since then, I have never gone to hospital during more than 10 years of cultivation, which is a manifestation of Dafa’s miraculous and benevolent might.



In the early days of my cultivating Dafa, due to interference from big thought-karma that was formed in ordinary human society, bad thoughts that went against Dafa often emerged out of control, even silently swearing at others, swearing at Dafa, or swearing at Master. According to what Master requires, I distinguished my main consciousness from my bad thoughts, tried hard to expel them and strove to study the Fa. At that time, in “Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa”, Master asked practitioners to recite the Fa; therefore, in order to strengthen my righteous thoughts and deny thought-karma during my cultivation, I gradually recited from one lecture in the beginning to all of Zhuan Falun in the end, from which I benefited a lot and improved greatly. When reciting the Fa, from the most microcosmic part of my body to the thoughts at the outermost surface, my whole mind was focused on studying the Fa, which solved the problem of mind distraction. Also, higher principles of the Fa kept unfolding in my mind, which were quite significant and wonderful.



I remember once on a cold winter’s evening when I was practising the second exercise outside the house, my hands and body were nearly frozen in the cold wind. The moment when it was approaching the limit of my endurance, my thought went into deep concentration in an instant. Immediately, my whole body disappeared and microcosmic energy from the universe deep inside my body came to the outside surface. There was nothing left but warmth, happiness and serenity, which was absolutely wonderful. Although it didn’t last long, it indeed made me experience what was called the state of ultimate leisure as a Divine being. It is because of our flesh bodies that we suffer from the pain of coldness, hotness, tiredness and sickness. The parts of body that have been cultivated well are already that of a Divine being. It is Master who fished us up from Hell and provided us with everything that is so sacred and wonderful. Thank you Master for your painstaking salvation!



2. Unbending aspiration after going through tribulations



On 20 July1999, overspreading evil fell from Heaven to persecute Dafa. Cultivation shifted into the Fa-rectification phase. The great responsibility of validating the Fa, stopping the persecution, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings fell upon every Dafa disciple. However, since I still harboured strong human thoughts, for example a yearning for the so-called good life, the fear of tribulations, underestimating the momentum of the evil, the lack of awareness of the persistence of the test, the solemnity of cultivation and the hardship of saving sentient beings, etc, I was exploited and taken advantage of by the evil old forces, and captured outdoors when pasting truth materials one night. Later, I was illegally heavily sentenced by the evil and put behind bars. In the evil police station, detention house and jail, I experienced persecution of fiercely being beaten by the evil, having cold water poured over me in the winter, deprivation of sleep, forced brainwashing and slave labour, etc, but none of these could efface the faith for Dafa from my heart. Since I could recite many Dafa scriptures, I felt Fa study in peacetime was so important and precious. I still remember in 2001 when the fake self-immolation happened on Tiananmen Square, personnel from the evil Party’s procuratorate implied during an interrogation that if I acknowledged the self-immolation fabricated by the evil and had a so called “good attitude”, I would be sentenced lightly. I was unmoved and told them it was impossible that the self-immolation was the conduct of Falun Gong practitioners. In court, fellow practitioners and I denied the evil court and validated Dafa from a positive perspective. In utter discomfiture, the evil illegally sentenced us heavily.


Later, I was sent to a jail and cast into a so-called “jail in jail” prison. Here, the evil summoned harsh jailors from various jails to implement the so-called “harsh administration” by creating an atmosphere of horror to try to mentally break Dafa disciples and exploit people with evil “enlightenment” to cheat Dafa disciples. Through reciting the Fa myself and listening to new scriptures and Fa teachings of Master brought in by fellow practitioners in succession, I made a clear distinction between right and wrong, stepped out of the perplexity and broke away from the plot of the evil to force me to accept evil “enlightenment” and be exploited by them. I proactively recited the Fa and sent righteous thoughts every day; whenever there was a chance, I would share with fellow practitioners and encouraged them to be clearheaded and send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. I still remember one time when I recited the formula for Fa rectification, instantly the energy from the microcosm penetrated space and time like thunder and eliminated the evil rapidly. Along with our persistent righteous thoughts, the iron curtain of the evil had a hole torn in it. In jail, when Falun Gong practitioners met with their family members, they were separated by glass and the jailors would check carefully the stuff sent in by family members. Nevertheless, under great peril, a fellow practitioner, who was also a family member of a Dafa disciple, still ingeniously sent in more than 10 of Master’s new scriptures and poems printed on a very small piece of paper. This paper was later transferred to me and under peril I found a chance to recite them all and then passed them on to other fellow practitioners. Successively, there were 7 or 8 fellow practitioners who read this precious scripture. For those who did not have a chance to read it, I managed to find a chance to recite it to them. The evil in other dimensions saw what we did and were ready to attack us in retaliation. One night in a dream, I saw the head of the jailors say he would capture the person who had passed on the scripture and have him punished severely. I knew it was Master who was revealing things to us and protecting us, so I immediately told another fellow practitioner who was holding the scripture to hide it ingeniously. It was not long before the evil began a thorough search for the scripture, but they found nothing. We passed the peril safely under the protection of Master.



In the evil jail, I also underwent several tribulations of sickness karma. Once in the winter, I got a fever and felt very weak. I had no choice but to lie in bed to rest. When the jailors knew this, they forced me to take medicine. However, a few minutes later, I felt extremely sick, as if my stomach were churning upside down and I threw up my gastric juice. I realised that I was a pure body and Master did not allow me to take medicine. Later, when they forced me to take medicine, I spat it out secretly and I recovered in less than two days. Another time was also in winter when Legionnaires’ disease was spreading in society, with the symptoms of fever and diarrhoea. It was also spreading in the jail and several dozen people had diarrhoea. The false appearance of sickness karma also happened to me and I had diarrhoea eight to ten times in one day. Ordinary people all went to line up in a queue for medicine. I learned from the lesson of the previous time and performed as if I was fine, though I was actually very uneasy. With this righteous thought, I didn’t feel so uneasy then. According to ordinary people’s perception, one would end up very weak after several bouts of diarrhoea, but quite the opposite, I had diarrhoea nearly 20 times in two days and felt relaxed and full of energy, without even a little bit of trouble. Exactly as Master has said: “Amidst truth and falsehood, enlightening is important.” (‘Enlightenment’, Essentials for Further Advancement). Often when we are facing tribulations, it will appear as if it is an ordinary person’s trouble; the most important thing is how to put right our thoughts. Will we think using an ordinary person’s perception or treat it with the righteous thought of a cultivator? A difference in thinking will bring about totally different results.



3.      Stepping into a new environment



Stepping out of the evil prison, I came to Australia after some preparation and stepped into a new cultivation environment. The environment overseas is much more relaxed, but the requirements for cultivators and the standards we must meet are just as rigorous. I have had some experience in this process and there are some main points I would like to share as follows:



3.     Sublimation in the process of promoting Shen Yun



Shen Yun represents highly professional performing arts and promoting Shen Yun overseas needs our Dafa disciples walking down a professional way. I learned some professional knowledge for promoting Shen Yun and grasped some skills for promotion. Then I took part in the shopping centre promotions and mail drop promotions. In the shopping centre promotions, I dressed tidily and smiled according to the requirements of promoting Shen Yun. Bringing the beauty of Shen Yun to sentient beings passing by, helping sentient beings to form benevolent ties with Dafa, this was a mission in saving people. Mail drops were relatively laborious. The time for promotion fell in late spring and early summer in Australia, with strong and scorching sunlight. We needed to walk a long way in the process, causing great physical exertion in the hot summer weather. But on returning home after a day’s promotion, not only was no exhaustion felt, but my body emitted light and warmth from inside out with a strong energy field. I knew some of my karma was eliminated during the process and Master was helping me to evolve gong and reinforce energy. Thank you merciful and great Master for giving this disciple the opportunity to elevate and build up benevolent mighty virtue!



5. Experience in making rescue calls



In participating in the rescue phone call platform, under the encouragement from fellow practitioners I made rapid progress by learning experiences from fellow practitioners. Once, on hearing that it was a Falun Gong practitioner who made the call, a policeman said immediately that he would chase and capture me, then hung up the phone. I thought though this policeman sounded as if he were powerful, actually he feared the truth because he had evil factors behind him. I recalled the principle of Fa taught by Master: “Your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person’s heart.”(‘Clearheadedness’, Essentials for Further Advancement). Policemen are also people we should save. Therefore, I shouldn’t make phone calls to them with factors that weren’t benevolent. Maybe there was some commanding and didactical sense in my tone. In addition, I was persecuted before and might hold some grudge towards policemen. These factors could cause rejection in his thoughts, making him refuse the truth. After adjusting my mentality, I called this number again and the policeman said again he would capture me. I said: “Mr Policeman, please don’t be hostile and put aside the words of capturing me for a while. I am sincerely holding benevolence towards you by making this phone call because I see that you are deceived and in danger, but you do not know this yet. So I think I must tell you the truth and help you get rid of the danger. ” On saying this, he immediately shut up and listened to the truth in silence. Though he did not say he would quit the CCP, I still felt an obvious change in his attitude. I feel every call we make has the effect of melting those lies and hatred gradually.



6. Face-to-face truth clarification in Chinatown



Brisbane is one of the major tourist cities in Australia. Many Mainland Chinese tourists come to Chinatown for shopping and lunch. However, they are mostly passers-by, making it hard to clarify the truth to them. Nevertheless, there are always some tourists who are touched by the truth. Once, it was hot weather and a kind-hearted driver deliberately gave us two bottles of chocolate beverage that he had bought. I felt the common people’s pace of awakening was accelerating. There was another time when all the tourists on a bus were moved after listening to the truth. They said they were all Chinese people who hope China will become better, asking us if we could speak on some good aspect about China. We then told them the truth that China doesn’t equal the Chinese Communist Party and kindly reminded them to give up illusions about the CCP. In the end, many of them wanted to read the truth materials. Of course, there were ones who did not understand, teased and even flung abuses. Running into these occasions, I would ponder over what the roots of their misunderstandings were in order to accumulate experience and improve the level and strength of truth clarification in the hope that I could speak right to the point the next time. I feel truth clarification face-to-face is a very important project, especially facing these valuable Chinese people in large numbers. We must do well and do better.


今生有幸得到这万古难遇的宇宙大法,有这样慈悲伟大的师父在带我们修炼,我怎么能不珍惜! 我们唯有用更加精进的实际行动来报答师父、把三件事做得更好,才不负我们正法时期大法弟子的称号,才对得起这万古机缘。同修们,共同精进吧!

To have this honour of obtaining the great cosmic Dafa in this reincarnation, having such a merciful and great Master leading us in cultivation, how can we not treasure it?! We can only requite Master with the practical actions of being more diligent and doing the three things well; only then can we deserve the title of “Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period” and be worthy of this eternally lucky chance. Fellow practitioners, let’s be diligent together!



The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.




Thank you Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!