Treasuring the Path

Tracy Han,塔斯馬尼亞



Greetings Revered Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!


I started to practise cultivation with my parents after my graduation from primary school. I can remember that at the time I joined our local community to do Fa study, share experiences and practise the exercises every day after quickly finishing dinner. Fa study and exercising became part of my life. My parents supervised my cultivation and I felt everything was in a clear and ordered pattern, I never thought things would change one day.


I knew Dafa is good. I believed what Master told us, and corrected my speech and behaviour in accordance with Master’s teaching and my understanding of Fa at my level during that time. No more than that. Then I found that in the process of fighting against persecution and clarifying the truth I become mature.


In 2001, I was informed upon by the teacher of another class because of distributing Dafa flyers at school. When I was in handcuffs alone in the police station overnight, waiting for my case to be dealt with, I couldn’t do Fa study and exercise with my parents and other local practitioners anymore. When I had to face the misunderstanding of relatives and friends about continuing to cultivate Dafa myself after my parents were both illegally imprisoned, I began to thoroughly examine myself. For whom do I practise cultivation on Earth? What is the most precious thing in my life?


During that time, because of sentimentality and many human notions, my eyes were often filled with tears, but there was always a voice from my inner heart telling me that Master’s teaching is correct and, whatever happens, I will keep my strong faith in cultivation. From that time I began to realise that I could not rely on my parents anymore. I have grown up, I am a Dafa practitioner, and I have to walk my own path.

在自己修煉的那段日子裡我時而精進時而懈怠,時而正念足時而怕心重。我有時放學後會到小區樓群裡發放真相資料,那時天已朦朦黑。有一次我躡手躡腳的進入樓棟,想要悄悄把資料塞在門縫裡,還沒等做呢屋裡的狗汪汪的狂叫起來,樓道裡的聲控燈一下子亮了,我一個箭步躥出樓棟。走在路上我的心一直怦怦跳個不停,這時一名男子騎著自行車從我身邊經過,嘴裡哼唱著:“妹妹你大膽的往前走呀” 我馬上意識到,著不是師父在鼓勵我嗎?我做的是全宇宙最正的事,我在助師正法,在救人,怕啥。隨即背誦:大法不離身 心存真善忍 世間大羅漢 神鬼懼十分”(《洪吟》<威德>)。頓感全身熱熱的,彷彿天都亮了。隨著不斷學法,正念越來越強的時候,怕的物質越來越弱,但我發現還是沒有完全修去,即便到了海外。

In the days when I practised personal cultivation I was sometimes diligent, but sometimes gave in to laziness. Sometimes I had strong righteous thoughts, but sometimes I was very fearful. I gave out information materials at times in the residential areas after school when it was dark. One day I entered a building quietly and wanted to put flyers under the doors secretly. Suddenly a dog inside the door snarled and the acoustic control lamp in the corridor was lit, so I made a dart for the exit of the building. My heart was pounding wildly all the way back. At that moment a man riding a bike passed by me and called: “Younger sister, you go forward boldly!” I immediately realised that Master was encouraging me. What I am undertaking is the most righteous task in the universe. I am helping Master rectify the Fa. What’s to fear? So I recited loudly:

Dafa is what you carry everywhere, Zhen Shan Ren, rooted in the mind; A great Arhat walks the earth, Gods and demons fear with awe.”(“The Grand Verses” (Benevolent Might)).

I felt my whole body was warm, and it seemed the sky became bright. With constant Fa study, the fear became weaker and the righteous thoughts became stronger, but I found that the fear was not totally eliminated from my cultivation, even when I was overseas.


Walking the Path of Fa-Rectification Overseas


At the end of 2011, I finally arrived in Australia. I did not have any feelings of alienation when I came to Hobart. On the contrary, the place seemed familiar and comfortable. What a pity it is that there is a very limited number of practitioners there, with no chance of experiencing large Dafa activities like those reported on Minghui. I found out later that there were lots of practitioners from mainland Australia came to Tasmania to spread Dafa in early 2000. More than a decade has past. Now more and more Chinese people come to Hobart. Especially in the University of Tasmania, the number of Chinese students has greatly increased. Several Chinese restaurants can be found in and around the city. However, due to the limited number of Chinese people in Tasmania back then, helping more western people to know the beauty of Dafa and the persecution in China became a very important task.


At first I admired practitioners in big cities, because there are many established Fa rectification projects to do, sufficient material for people to read, and many experienced practitioners to guide you on how to improve as well. Due to the differences between the cities, it is hard to directly copy the experiences of other cities. Later, two practitioners went to Melbourne in quick succession and so the practitioners remaining in Tasmania were even fewer. Additionally, I was not quite familiar with the operation of western society, so I shied away from some difficulties. However, I quickly changed my thinking: “Isn’t it a chance given by Master for us to walk our own path of Fa rectification? Sentient beings everywhere are waiting to be saved. How can I be hindered by human thinking and conventional perceptions?” Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.”(Zhuan Falun). It was my understanding that I needed to think of ways to find the people that I am meant to save, but in fact all things are guided by Master’s Fashen. What I needed was to do the things with righteous thoughts and put my heart into it. Thinking carefully, there are actually lots of Fa-rectification things one can do in small cities as well. Almost every door is open to us. We can freely make use of the available resources to save sentient beings in the vicinity in accordance with our capabilities.


When trying to work out the best way of doing things, I found that conventional thinking and the CCP ideology of my upbringing is broken down during the process every time. For example, I deliver dozens of English Epoch Times newspapers door to door every week to places with lots of intelligent people such as cafés, hotels and medical centres. The city is tiny, so I can walk around the central business district and finish delivering the newspapers within an hour and a half.

From what I’ve seen in the U.S., all students who have come out of the mainland have taken half a year before they could recover. They’re afraid just walking down the street. (Everyone laughs) That’s because of the psychological pressure from the Red Terror (Master laughs), and that substance has yet to be eliminated. When they meet with people they don’t really dare to say much, as if they were still living in that other setting. But in reality, things are completely different.” (2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capitol).

At the beginning, my feelings when delivering Epoch Times were even similar to the feelings I had when giving out information material in China; being sightly afraid and worried about the reaction of people when they received the newspaper. In fact, most people welcome Epoch Times very much. Some café owners seem to be waiting for the Epoch Times every week, grasping the newspaper with both hands and putting it in a prominent place for customers to read. Some people working in Chinese shops also appreciate it a lot.


By looking within, even in the evil environment in China, I could face the police without any fear when they broke into the house. So why did I have fear when I gave out Dafa materials in China, or even felt nervous when delivering newspapers overseas? What kind of human thinking is hiding behind both my lack of fear of the Chinese police and my nervousness at giving out papers? I realise that lack of fear while in police custody was due to my attachment to fighting the CCP, which made me see the police as an enemy rather than treating them as poor sentient beings to be saved. While behind the fear and nervousness must be the attachment of self-protection, and not wanting to meet some difficult people who have a misunderstanding of Dafa. In the final analysis, I had not let go of self. The problem is paying too much attention to self. I found that if I can do more Fa study and my righteous thoughts for saving people become strong; the attachment to self is more under control and able to be eliminated, while my mood becomes peaceful and the power of grand mercy is strong.


Another factor is that I am not quite familiar with people’s way of life and way of thinking in the world at large. I could always reach many western people in my work when I was in China, but it is still hard to recognise some incorrect ways of thinking derived from CCP culture. Most of my teachers and peers here in the university are Australian. As I communicate with them more and more, I have come to know the way Australian people think. For a short time, I found that my heart could be opened. I felt more and more confident when delivering newspapers. The effect of face to face clarifying the truth of Dafa on campus became better, and I started to integrate into the international community. Even so, I know I still have many aspects of CCP culture in my mind that need to be exposed and eliminated.



Eliminating Human Attachments in My Cultivation through Making Phone Calls


I was introduced by other practitioners to the Global Phone Rescuing Platform and Manual Broadcasting Platform. We local practitioners do Fa study and exercise together just once a week, so we practise cultivation alone most of the time and do not have many chances to share experiences. The phone platform brought me into the global cultivating environment and helped upgrade my whole cultivation state through sending righteous thoughts, participating in Fa study and sharing experiences with other practitioners. Thank you Master, for making such a merciful arrangement. Facing the different responses of police during a phone call throws up challenges. Will I be provoked by their harsh words; can I keep on calling; can I let go of self and sincerely wish to save them? All these are tests for a practitioner. Sometimes I could do a good job, but sometimes I did very badly. The state of self-cultivation will directly influence the reply rate and the effect of the call. I always check myself to see whether the mentality of showing off and attachment of zealotry appeared after making a favourable call; whether the attachment to being successful emerges when in a bad mood after experiencing a difficult call; whether I have the attachment to competitiveness and impatience when facing a storm of abuse; whether I am discouraged if I make several calls with no reply: and if calls are not going well, whether I have looked within to see if it is because of my weak righteous thoughts, insufficient Fa study or slackness in practising the exercises. I heard some practitioners calling the police and speaking with both compassion and majesty. I want to applaud them from my heart, and I could see my own gaps as well.



Besides RTC, Rescue Call and Automatic Broadcasting, Manual Broadcasting is a new powerful team. The audio materials explain the nature of Dafa and the persecution and strongly expose the evil, especially organ harvesting. The content is magnificent with each word like a trumpet to eliminate the evil factors behind the listeners. I listened and learned as well while broadcasting with righteous thoughts. When I wrote letters to my Chinese friends, the content of the audio message flew into my mind and I added it to the letter which rounded it off very nicely. On the telephone platform, practitioners encourage each other, cooperate with each other and focus on how best to study and cultivate. I am encouraged a lot when I see other practitioners diligently making calls for saving people. Calling not only helps upgrade one’s whole state of cultivation, but also lays a good foundation for telling the truth to people face to face.


Now every time when I join Dafa activities I have very righteous feelings and, at the same time, appreciate and admire overseas practitioners’ persistence over 14 years. During my time in Australia, practitioners in different areas gave me much help and encouragement. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely say “thank you” to my fellow practitioners. I know we have a divinely predestined relationship. With Master looking after me I walked my path up until now, though I have fallen short many times. I must try to do better on my future path so as to reciprocate Master’s kindness.



Finally, I would like to use one paragraph of Master’s teaching to conclude today’s sharing:

You need to treasure it--you have to treasure the path you've walked. Only when you treasure the steps you've taken can you do well on the path ahead. Not much of the journey is left. Do even better on your path and do things even more righteously.”(Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference).



Please kindly point out if there is anything improper in my sharing.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!