To Cultivate Solidly in the RTC Project

Helen Xin


Greetings to great and benevolent Master!



Greetings to fellow practitioners!


师父说:“从表面上看,大法弟子是在反迫害,实质上大法弟子最大的责任就是救度众生,这也是证实法的真实体现。对大法弟子、对中国民众的迫害是恶党在中国大陆发起的,所以大家要针对的就是中国大陆,也就是针对中国大陆的人。” (《二零零五年旧金山法会讲法》)

Master said: “Superficially speaking, what Dafa disciples are doing is counteracting the persecution, but in reality your greatest duty is to save sentient beings, and that is the true embodiment of validating the Fa. The persecution that has been perpetrated upon Dafa disciples and upon the people of China was launched by the wicked Party in mainland China, and this means that you need to focus on mainland China, to focus on the people of mainland China.”( Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005 )



After Shen Yun concluded in Brisbane at the beginning of this year, I joined the newly formed Queensland RTC phone group. I had heard and read some of the practitioner’s sharings from the RTC team before, but didn’t get involved. This project’s purpose is to convince the Mainland Chinese people to renounce the CCP. I have now been part of the RTC team for some three months, and I truly feel the preciousness of this cultivation environment.



A most inspiring part on the platform for me is the half-hour practitioner sharings after doing these calls every night. Dafa disciples from around the world share their different phone call experiences; how to deal with these experiences, how to do better, the relative understanding of the experiences within their cultivation, the tests along the path, and their enlightenments, etc. I benefit greatly from these sharings.


刚开始时,在师父慈悲的加持和鼓励下,拨打挺顺利,每天也能劝退一些。后来,劝退人数减少。当时,看到周围的同修都在不断的向内找,而自己却被一个观念障碍着,觉的这一向内找就是正念不足,应该什么也别想,接着打。直到一天晚上,在平台上听一位欧洲同修交流,大意是,在拨打电话时,心很纯净,甚至感觉好像进入另外空间了。当时很受触动,是呀,自己的心达到这么纯净了吗?再往深处找一找,因为最近参与的这些项目,有机会每周和同修面对面交流一次,而自己没有把它视为提高的机会,而是一股脑儿的带着显示心,欢喜心往同修那里灌,表面上听起来是自己如何过关突破,实际上都是在或多或少的执著心的指使下给同修灌这些不好的物质。师父在《转法轮》中说: “我们讲修口,是常人中的那些放不下的名利与修炼者在社会实际工作中没有关系的;或者同门弟子中互相之间扯一些没用的;或者由于执著心指使显示自己的;或者道听途说传一些小道消息的;或者对社会上其它一些事情谈论起来很兴奋、很愿意说的,我想这都是常人的执著心。在这些方面我觉的我们应该把口修一修,这是我们讲的修口。”

In the beginning, the calls went smoothly under Master’s reinforcing and encouragement. I was able to successfully convince a few Chinese people every day to quit the CCP, though the numbers began to drop. At this point, I saw fellow practitioners around me looking within to improve them. Whereas I was blocked by a notion and didn’t look within myself to see why the numbers dropped. I felt I had enough strong righteous thoughts at the time and should keep making calls. Then one night soon after, a European practitioner shared her phone call experiences. My brief understanding of what she shared was that her heart was so pure that she felt she was in another dimension when calling. I was really touched. That was it! Was my heart that pure? Digging further, I realised that being involved in these projects, I had been given the chance to share with fellow practitioners face-to-face once a week. I didn’t consider these sharings as the chance to improve myself, but instead I poured my attachments of showing off and zealotry onto other fellow practitioners. Master taught us in Zhuan Falun: “We talk about minding speech, it’s about the ordinary things like reputation and profit that you can’t let go of and that aren’t related to a cultivator’s actual work in the world; it’s about disciples in the same practice talking about pointless things with each other; it’s about stuff that’s done to show off because of attachments; about spreading rumors heard through the grapevine; and talking about other things in the world with a lot of excitement and interest. I think these are all attachments an ordinary person has, and we should mind our speech when it comes to these things.”



There was also another night when I successfully convinced a few Chinese people to renounce the CCP in a very short time. Again, I became zealous and thought at this rate I should be able to save quite a few tonight! As a result, after this mindset, I had no success. From this, I understood cultivation is a serious matter. A Dafa disciple’s mind and every thought should be kept on Fa.



After a few years of cultivation, I understand on my level why Master talked about showing off, jealousy, and zealotry. For instance, when I started cultivation, Master helped me to get rid of my attachments to being clean, the fear of insects, etc. These attachments didn’t recur much after being removed. However, the attachments of showing off, jealousy, zealotry, lure and lust continued to appear and try to interfere with me. As the old cosmos was based on self, the lives generated from it had the factor of being attached to self, and thus it has warped over time. Dafa disciples were buried with layers of bad matter when they came down. Therefore, it has to be peeled off to go back. “A person should return to his original, true self – that’s actually the true purpose of being human.” (Zhuan Falun)



Being aware of this, during the calling and sending of righteous thoughts, I realised to have the thought not just to eliminate all the interfering factors that stop sentient beings from getting to know the truth, but to also add to clean up the bad factors in my own field, and at all times to use the purest heart to save sentient beings. Master said in Zhuan Falun: “Besides, when you treat another person you and that sick person form one field, and all of his pathogenic qi will come over to your body”. I understand that when we clarify the truth, we form a field as well. Keeping a pure field will help them to find their true self and accept the truth.



All practitioners’ energy contributes to the whole body. For instance, practitioners on the platform all know about the meaning of 9 pancakes. Sentient beings listening to the truth is just like eating pancakes. The first or second time Chinese people are clarified ‘The Truth’, they may not want to renounce. But after a few times of different practitioners clarifying ‘The Truth’ to them, they become clear and understand, just like having enough pancakes. They then with clarity agree to renounce the CCP. I have spoken with sentient beings like this. One man said: “You have called me many times and I know what you are going to say. I asked him: “Have you renounced yet?” He said: “Not yet.” I said: “Then I will help you renounce it.” He agreed.

On a larger scale, Dafa disciples as a whole body are clarifying ‘The Truth’ via different channels to the world’s people. It is the interactions and foundations that have been laid by Dafa disciples globally that have enabled sentient beings to renounce the CCP.



I have been living in Australia for many years now, so I have no idea whatsoever what the current Chinese are like. Most of my locals are Westerners. The projects I am involved with interact well with each other. Though I haven’t cultivated for a long time, I am involved in a recording project and every week I see sharings from fellow practitioners, divine cultural stories, people experiencing Dafa miracles, Dafa spreading worldwide, and people signing petitions to stop the persecution, etc. All this information has become important resources with my truth clarification. One time when speaking with a man, he asked me that if he believed in Falun Dafa, could his leg operation recover? I had just prior recorded a story that I had read a few times and remembered very well called “Dafa Shifu saved me.” So I told him this story and also suggested to him to sincerely say “Falun Dafa Hao and Zhen Shan Ren Hao” and he would witness Dafa miracles. He responded: “Yes, I will do it.”

Another time, I came across a young lady who believed the ‘non-God’ theory. We talked about 1 hour and 35 minutes over the phone. I clarified the truth, and shared a few stories of my own experiences from believing the CCP’s lies to starting practising Falun Dafa myself. Eventually, she agreed to renounce and promised to say the nine words.



During the RTC platform calling, no matter whether they have joined the CCP or not, I clarify the truth to them so they know ‘The Truth’ and that is their only hope to be saved. Now, I have no attachment to the number being saved, but only being responsible for every predestined sentient being. After the people agree to renounce, I often suggest to them to help their family members renounce the CCP also. Sometimes their family members were away and I needed to follow up. When I called back, the line was either engaged or was not answered. But I didn’t give up. There was one number I kept redialling. I eventually got through after about 20 days. This call was also very successful. All the family members renounced.



Since working on the RTC platform, I have rearranged my exercise and Fa study times so as to Fa study at night before calling and also study Fa on the platform. In order to be able to make phone calls, I have overcome all kinds of difficulties. In the beginning, I didn’t have WiFi at home. After convincing family, we changed to a box with WiFi capability. I could do Dafa things on my laptop then. Next was the problem of Internet allowance. 1/3 of our monthly plan is during peak time, that is, from afternoon to midnight. Another 2/3 is for the time from midnight to noon. Fa study and calling time all fall in the peak hour. Family members sometimes watch videos online, which use up a lot of allowance. At the end of the month, often there is not enough. In order to get extra Internet connection, I bought a new mobile phone and joined a plan with data. However, there is a daily limit that I discovered later. I could not get online for too long, not to mention calling online. Finally, I bought phone cards for the time I need. Though all in all, there is only one thought in my heart: “I need to call and save people and nothing can or will stop me from doing this.” At times for varying reasons, I cannot always go out to organise truth clarification, though I can and do make phone calls. From mid-June until this article was finished, I haven’t missed one day. I always factor into my day time to make calls.



Not long after I joined the Queensland RTC phone group I had a dream. The scene in the dream was of a dark sky with heavy grey clouds. There was a ship with a few groups of people standing on the deck. These people were wearing life jackets. I had one under my arm. We looked down from above the ship. Then we went to the side of the ship. I saw the ship was tipped to the side and sinking. After waking up, I realised that Master had hinted I should try to save people on RTC. The people with life jackets had renounced the CCP in their hearts and were just waiting for us to help them finish the procedure in this dimension. Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference: “There really isn’t much time left. It could end at any time, and the next phase could begin at any time.”

Dafa disciples don’t have any attachment to the time. Everything is within Master’s hands. No matter what time it finishes, we just try our best and see every day as the last day, and leave no regrets for ourselves.



Thank you Master for granting disciples such a powerful rectification adder. Appreciate fellow practitioners giving selflessness to keep this pure cultivation environment. This is my cultivation experience on the RTC platform to share with fellow practitioners. It is only limited to my level. Please point out anything that is not on the Fa.


Thank you Master!


Thank you fellow practitioners!