心系众生 精进步别停

Always think of sentient beings Cultivating diligently all the time



Greetings Respected Master! Greetings fellow practitioners!



I am a veteran disciple that began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996 along with my parents. Although I was young at the time and didn't have a fully mature understanding of the Fa, Dafa took root in my heart. Looking back at my path of cultivation, I feel that I have really been stumbling along, tumultuously pushing ahead. Having come to today, my heart is filled with infinite gratitude to Master.


我主要想谈谈自己来澳洲的这三个月的修炼体会。在国内的时候,由于受条件的限制,没有一个跟同修在一起的修炼环境,父母和亲人同修也不在身边,想做好师父 要求的三件事,可总觉得力心有余而力不足。再加上常人社会各种诱惑,自己的安逸心和懒惰情绪,时常忙了一天晚上心里开始自责,师父要求的三件事总是做不 好,就感觉想保持一个修炼人应有的状态,时刻保持正念真难。所以我总是渴望有一个精进的修炼环境,把我往上提一提。现在看看这种想法也是很自私的,也是在 向外求,并且是强烈的依赖心。即使这样,因为有一个想要提高往上修炼的愿望,师父也加持了我,让我有机会来到澳洲,让我尽快跟上正法进程。我很感激师父给 我的这个机会,因为在这三个月中,我努力融入国外大法弟子的助师正法的洪流,做着师父要求的三件事,同时感觉到自己的心性的提高,对法理的认识的不断升 华。

I would mostly like to talk today about the three months of practicing since I arrived here in Australia. When in mainland China, due to objective constraints, we do not have a practice environment. I was also unable to be together with my parents or fellow practitioner relatives. I wanted to do the three things required by Master, but I always felt that it was beyond my grasp. In addition all kinds of temptations from ordinary society, my attachment to comfort and laziness all affected me. Often I busied myself with ordinary things all day. I was upset with myself for never being able to do the three things well. I wanted to be able to maintain a cultivator's state, but I was never able to keep up my righteous thoughts. I was eager to have an environment that would allow me to more easily stay diligent. Look at this thought I had at that time, I realise it was very selfish, and was looking externally to solve my problems. Even so, because of my desire to want to improve myself, Master strengthened me and gave me the opportunity to come to Australia and catch up with the Fa-rectification process. During these three months I have strived to merge into the torrent of Fa Rectification with Dafa disciples abroad, doing the three things required by Master. At the same time, I feel the improvement of my xinxing and understanding of the Fa



刚来澳洲的时候,正好离神韵来悉尼演出还剩一个月的时间,自己感觉还没回过神来就加入了推广神韵的行列。我真是很幸运,赶上了推广神韵这样荣耀的事情。神 韵是师父带着做,是讲真相救人的有力方式,过程中强烈感觉到师父的加持,每天跑多少路也不觉得累,自己好像被拽着飞速上升。本来初来乍到,我的英语说得很 生硬也不流利,第一次给别人说的时候我记得非常清楚,那时还没有看过介绍神韵的稿子,就凭自己的理解和有限的英语磕磕绊绊说了一点,不想对方听完后恭恭敬 敬地半俯下身跟我握手还一直说谢谢,并询问在哪里可以买票。

1. Promoting Shen Yun

When I had only just arrived in Australia, one month before Shen Yun was to arrive in Sydney, without thinking about it much I began promoting the show with fellow practitioners. I feel really very lucky to be involved in such a glorious project. Master is leading Shen Yun and it is a powerful method for saving people. During the process of doing the promotion work I felt Master's strong support. Every day I walked around for many hours to do the work but I didn't feel tired. I felt like I was being pulled foreword while walking. At first, my English was very rough and not fluent. I remember the first time I spoke with someone about Shen Yun; I didn't speak well and I just explained things based on my own understanding, but the person I was talking to listened intently until I had finished speaking and then shook my hand respectfully and asked where he could buy tickets.


我心里很感,是父在鼓励我啊,一切其都是父在做,但是却把立威德的机会了我 而且我发现后来只要是介神韵,我的英就会很神奇的流利顺畅。神韵把弟子们带的很高,比如相互之的配合,众生得救的用心程度,法理的认识在推票效 果中的效。甚至每天早出晚忙忙碌碌,连对食物的着在程中都慢慢磨去了。另外,我整体的修都能从神韵演出救人的效果中体出来,那一 正念学法都很抓,大部分时间整个人都融在法里,提高很快。感谢师我参与推广神韵的机会,把我从大陆刚出来不久的消极状中往上拔了一截。

I felt very moved in my heart. Master was encouraging me. In fact, everything is done by Master, however it is also an opportunity for us to establish mighty virtue. In addition, I found that as long as I continued introducing Shen Yun to people, my English would mysteriously become more fluent. I feel that Shen Yun plays the role of encouraging and supporting practitioners. For example, we come together and cooperate to do the work well and improve our understanding of the Fa in the process of selling tickets. Because we are so busy we even gradually overcome the attachment to food. Our ability to save people also improves as our cultivation state as a body improves. In order to do the work well we were also studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts more often and I thus felt that we improved very quickly.



2. Breaking through a state of slowness

我属于慢性子,做事磨磨蹭蹭。所以在悉尼神韵演出束后不久,我又回到了自己不不慢的生活奏。但是仔想想个状是不的,而且我很苦。慢 也是安逸心和私的表,做事慢舒服,身体上和心理上都很怡然,其是把自己的感受放在了第一位,就想自己“怎样过得好,的舒服”,没有把救 度众生放在第一位,就是旧宇宙特性私的表在的时间每一分每一秒都很珍,都是父用巨大的承受延来救度众生的。作大法弟子,来世的目的就是助 正法,救度众生,不能本末倒置啊,什么事情都没有救人的份量大。

I have a mellow personality and am quite slow to do things. Thus, shortly after Shen Yun concluded in Sydney I again lost my sense of urgency in doing things. After thinking carefully about this I found it was not right and worried me. Doing things slowly is also a manifestation of the attachment to comfort and selfishness. Doing things slowly is more comfortable and pleasing. Actually, at that time I had already placed my feelings as most important, just like an ordinary person, rather than placing saving people as a priority in my thinking. This selfishness is actually a characteristic of the old cosmos. Every second, every moment during this period of time is very precious and it is extended time that Master has borne great hardship in order to give us to save more people. As a Dafa disciple, our goal of coming to this world is just to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. We can't forget our fundamental purpose for being here, as nothing is as important as saving people.


些也是我突破了自己“慢”的状后悟到的。那时给自己定了一个目两天之内完成一 作。因事情比多,按理不熬夜肯定是做不完的,可我那了分分秒秒,不浪一点,撑着沉重的眼皮,按照划甚至提前完成了。修人基点在法 上,处处都体出大法的超常。就得那两天精神特好,然睡眠时间还更少了,但头脑很清晰,也不困,学法功也没落下,并没有得非常辛苦,真是“柳暗 花明又一村”,一番天地。做大法的事情忙碌起来是非常好的状头脑没有多余的时间着常人的事。直到我突破了“慢”个状,我才发现之前的自己早 上昏昏沉沉听不见闹铃,其是因没有抓紧这紧迫的救人时间

These are all understandings I came to after breaking through my attachment to doing things slowly. At that time, I set myself a goal; that I would complete an item of work every 2 days. This meant that I would have to stay up late to finish the work, as I had many things to do. I thus made the most of every minute, pushing through my tiredness to complete my target, even occasionally being able to finish set tasks earlier than the time limit I had set. Although my eyelids felt heavy, my mind was clear. I was also able to keep up with Fa study and exercises without much sense of hardship. It really was like Master says in Zhuan Falun, "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!" You will find things to be a completely different situation. Being busy doing Dafa work is a great state to be in, I think, as the mind has no time to ponder things of ordinary people. I found that actually, before, the reason I felt sleepy when I woke up in the morning or even didn't hear my alarm was because I had no urgency in my heart to make the most of time to save people.



3. Clarifying the truth face-to-face



Going to the Sydney tourist spot to clarify the truth with Chinese tourists, I really felt what it's like to "go wandering" like a monk, meeting all kinds of people who would ignore me, be unfriendly and cold towards me or even curse at me. It was a really big test of whether my heart would be moved or not; Whether I would feel upset or resentful, whether I could maintain a good attitude towards the tourists and whether I could persist to clarify the truth and encourage them to quit from CCP organisations. Whether I could have mercy towards those who had been harmed and cheated by the CCPs lies and remember that their knowing side, buried deep in the mortal world, was waiting to hear the truth.


的几次心受到很大的冲方表出不好的反应时,自己就有点泄气,此不在修人的状了,所以方再提出的疑就不能智慧的回答。 也是修程,只要开了步子,在父的帮助下逐就会提高上来。直到有一次,去景点之前功学法正念都做到位了,尤其学法很入心,整个人的状都很 好,正念也很。到了景点看着众多大游客,我的内心烈的有真相救人的愿望,所以就默默的求. 加持,弟子智慧,想把他都救了。当真念的候真 是感受到佛法的大殊怀着一颗纯净救人的心,在父的加持下正的、善的把不好的西都抑制住了,方的度都很友好,真相也听去了。

The first few times I talked to the tourists I was very affected. When the people I was talking to did not respond positively I would loose heart a little. This was already not the right state for a cultivator. Thus, when the tourists had many questions, no thoughts of wisdom came to my mind as to how to best reply to them. This process was a cultivation process. As long as I persevered, with Master's help I gradually improved myself. Eventually, I was able to keep up with doing the exercises every day, sending strong righteous thoughts and when studying the Fa it was really entering into my heart. In such a state, upon going to the tourist site I was filled with the wish to clarify the truth to them. I asked Master to strengthen me and give me wisdom to save them all. As this righteous thought entered my mind I also felt a strongly righteous and compassionate field surround me and suppress all of the bad things in and around me. When talking to the tourists their attitude was all quite positive and they listened to the truth I told them. I really sensed the greatness and power of the Buddha Fa.


开始的候我 很佩服那些一直跟着游客真相直到他三退止的同修,因方表面甚至说难候,在好面子的心和所的自尊心的影响下,我就没有勇气再跟 了,但我一直希望自己能像同修一言放弃,就是一直突破不了。可那天当我完全投入状心都想着把个人救了的候,不知不中自己也跟着他 走好的路,那心里就想着希望多知道一点真相,能有更多的机会选择三退,完全人着想。其实师父在把有人往自己跟前,他很多也以前都 跟自己结过缘一世就是来等着听我们讲真相来了,只是来到人世头脑一洗迷得太深。我大法弟子何不是这样呢?父花了多少心血才把我一次次从迷失中 回来。所以不管世人的表面怎么,想想个生命的不简单不容易,我都要尽全力做好,“慈悲能容天地春,正念可救世中人”(《洪吟》)。

When I started, I very much admired those practitioners that would follow and talk with the tourists and persist until they would quit CCP, because for myself, because of my attachment to saving face and self-image, if a tourist did not show a good attitude towards me I would loose the courage to continue talking. I wanted to be like those practitioners that can continue gently speaking regardless of the tourists attitude, however I was unable to overcome this. After I was able to keep up my cultivation state, however, I found myself unknowingly following along with the tourists for a long distance and talking to them. I just wanted in my heart for them to understand the truth some more, to give them more of an opportunity to quit CCP. Perhaps many of them have a karmic relationship with me from past lives and in this life are waiting for me to tell them the truth. It's just because their brains have been cleared upon entering this world. How much painstaking effort has Master made to bring them this opportunity to be woken up? Therefore, it doesn't matter what attitude worldly people have on the surface. As Master says in Hong Yin 2, "Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring, Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world ("The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos" April 6, 2002).



Saving people is also very serious. Every thought is critical, as it can affect the decision or view of the person you are talking to. Actually it is also an issue of whether a large cosmic expanse can enter the new cosmos or is eliminated. Sometimes, just with a little conflict in my mind or if I am not careful and an improper thought rises in my mind, it can impact the salvation of the person you are talking to. So we need to be meticulous when cultivating our heart. In order to save more people we must cultivate ourselves well.



Concluding Remarks


说过能当大法弟子,就是有救度众生的使命。救度众生才是我大法弟子的真正目的。几字起来不,但是却异常珍承重。一入常人社会 迷的境,甚至是大法弟子各个目中,都方方面面考着我有没有从人的状中跳出来,各种没有修去的着和人心都想悄悄埋住大法弟子救人的本性。 但是 大法弟子做事不是靠常人的技能(但是一定的技能也是必的),我有法,只有我做事情的心和目标摆正——就是救人,大法的力量就能展,那真是无所 不能,心想事成。所以做什么事情首先要正自己的念,我做件事的目的是什么,如果救度众生有帮助就去做,而且做的程中也要清醒,刻提醒自己是在 救度众生。

Master has said that as long as we are Dafa Disciples then there are sentient beings waiting for us. Saving sentient beings is the ultimate purpose of being a Dafa Disciple. Such a thing is easy to say, but it is in fact a responsibility we should really cherish. As soon as we enter the illusory environment of this world or even the work of a Dafa project, we face all kinds of tests as to whether we see things from an ordinary or a divine perspective; of whether we allow the attachments we haven't gotten rid of yet to gradually cover up our original nature or we can break through. A lot of what we do is not dependent on ordinary skills, although a certain foundation is necessary. Because we have the power of the Fa behind us, as long as we have the right attitude and state of mind when doing things, which is to put saving people first, the power of Dafa will manifest, which is limitless. So when doing something, as long as we first of all correct our thinking, ask ourselves what our motivation for doing that thing is, as long as it is something that can save people and we are clear during the process of doing it, we can have the effect of saving people.


以前没写交流稿,没有珍惜相互交流相互促提高的机会,也是一直得自己没有修好。但是后来悟到不管怎么炼这长时间了,会有收,哪 怕是经验应该放下自我,拿出来和同修共同切磋,共同提高。我提高上去了就能更有力的救度众生,救更多的众生,让师父多一些欣慰。

I have never written a sharing article before. In fact I was not cherishing the opportunity Master gives us to share experiences among each other and improve together. I also always felt that I hadn't cultivated well. However later I decided that in any case, I've cultivated for such a long time and I have improved somewhat, even if it's just a few lessons from personal experiences I learned the hard way. I should let go of self and share and improve along with fellow practitioners, because then we can save more people and let Master feel more content.


最后以父在《二零一零年纽约法会法》中的一段与同修共勉:“史上然很多人在修,其从来都没有人修成的。我们讲过,那都是副元神,真 正的主元神在世间轮回着。就包括迦牟尼的人体本身,老子、耶的本身,都在大法弟子中。史上积攒的威德足以使他们圆满,其他大法弟子也是一,足以 使你们圆满,所以我圆满不是问题,救度众生个重大使命才是最大的问题。能不能完成个使命才是关,成就自己不是目地,去已经树立了那个 威德,你才配当大法弟子。”


Finally, I would like to quote Master's words from the 2010 New York Fa Conference to encourage practitioners: "Although many people in history have done cultivation, none in fact succeeded in their practice. As I have explained before, it was always the subordinate soul [that succeeded], whereas the true master soul of the person continued on in the human realm, reincarnating. And this holds true for the human body of Shakyamuni, Lao Zi, and Jesus, all of whom are now among Dafa disciples. The mighty virtue that they accumulated would suffice for them to achieve Consummation, and the same is true for other Dafa disciples—it’s plenty enough for them to achieve Consummation—and it is thus that I’ve said your Consummation is not a question. What is a question is [your fulfilling] the enormous mission of saving sentient beings. It’s only this question, of your managing to fulfill this mission that counts as critical. Your own completion is not the goal. You already established that mighty virtue in the past, and it is on those grounds that you are worthy of being a Dafa disciple."


The above is just my understanding at the present stage of my cultivation. Please point out with compassion anything I have mentioned that is improper.



Thank you Master!



Thank you fellow practitioners!