Overcoming Interference

During the Promotion of Shen Yun


Revered Master,

Fellow Practitioners



Master said in the 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching ( May 13, 2012 ~ New York)

But, the standard for cultivation during the Fa-rectification is strict, and so is the standard that post-renewal divine beings are to meet, for these are the standards and requirements of the new cosmos. Beings that have not been rectified by the Fa will, on the other hand, use the principles of the old cosmos to go about things, and use those to evaluate Dafa disciples. They will only feel okay with it when you meet the standards that they acknowledge; only then will they let you progress upwards free of interference; and only then will they think that you are qualified to save them.”


Many practitioners have discovered that they experience the most interference when some important aspect of Fa rectification is happening in their immediate area. Of course no project is more important than Shen Yun which, under Master’s direction, has the most power to save sentient beings. It therefore comes as no surprise that interference is most prevalent in the period immediately before Shen Yun arrives in a city, and that interference will inevitably affect those who have not cultivated well the most. Often, practitioners appear to lack self confidence, mistakenly believing they are unable to play a role in certain aspects of Shen Yun promotion, or they always seem to be preoccupied elsewhere.


Master: “But they haven’t managed to destroy the Fa-rectification or Dafa disciples, and nor have they destroyed mankind, or blocked the Fa-rectification. But they have brought a great deal of trouble. The trouble manifests here in the human world, taking the form of interference. These things have been happening all along.” (New York, 2012)


A few weeks before the show was due to arrive in Melbourne our main coordinator organised a room just a block from the theatre, for practitioners to meet, study, share promotion experiences and send forth righteous thoughts for a few hours every evening. Regrettably, I did not initially attend these gatherings. It really seemed like too much effort to drive into the city and back and I always seemed to have something else to do. However, an all day Fa Study was arranged for Good Friday and since that is a public holiday I had no excuse for non-attendance.


Master: “If Dafa disciples don’t do well, if they lower their standard for their cultivation and if those old, higher beings—those layers upon layers upon layers of simply countless Gods and those countless Kings—all do as I just described, then think about it, how much difficulty will that bring to Fa-rectification?” (New York, 2012)

As it turned out, I was extremely glad to be there as the field was very powerful. Just as 8.00 pm righteous thoughts was concluding there was a very loud sound like a thunderclap right overhead and a car alarm went off as if the vehicle had been struck by lightening. Some of us went outside to see if anyone’s car was damaged but there was nothing. What’s more there was no thunderstorm either. A Chinese practitioner later told me that this was a “spiritual bomb”. It appeared that our efforts to improve our collective cultivation were certainly having an effect at some level.


That night there was one sharing from a practitioner who admitted that he had a negative thought regarding ShenYun, and that he believed this thought should be exposed so as to keep our overall energy field as pure as possible at such a critical time. This led me to look at my own thoughts and see if they might be adversely affecting the field in any way. It was certainly a step in the right direction as until one recognises that there is a problem it is impossible to try and rectify the situation.

Master said: “…and one won’t even be able to recognize that certain bad thinking and behavior are at odds with universal values. If one can’t recognize bad thinking for what it is, then what can be done? There is no other way but to act according to Dafa.” the 20th Anniversary Fa Teaching

On reflection, I came to the conclusion that, first and foremost, I needed to apologize to my fellow practitioners for periodically having inappropriate thoughts about others over many years. These thoughts arose from unhealthy attachments such as anger, jealousy, lust, arrogance, impatience etc. I was often overly critical and sometimes even contemptuous of fellow practitioners, which is totally unacceptable - especially from a member of the Falun Dafa Association who should set a good example. Moreover, even if the thoughts were never actually articulated or acted upon, their very existence was bad enough and would undermine not only my own cultivation but that of the whole body of practitioners, especially with regard to our ability to cooperate well during the promotion of Shen Yun.


Master has pointed out that: “These intense human mindsets result in people not being able to cooperate. And during the arguments that you have, some people’s human mindsets are really strong, with some people even being driven by those attachments to quarrel with others.” (New York, 2011)


I might also mention that, being an Association officer, practitioners often come to me with concerns and complaints; and those complaints invariably involve another practitioner who they believe has treated them badly. That will also lead me to form opinions about those involved on both sides. So there is probably a lesson here for us all in that we must always focus on what other practitioners do well and look inside first when we feel that we have been hard done by.


Master has told us: “Another cause is the attachments that come from one’s human mindset. Especially notable are the notions that one forms, or habits of thought that one forms, which make it very hard for a person to recognize when human thinking is unconsciously at work.” (New York, 2012)


I know that I should evaluate every thought to determine if it is in line with the Fa and if not - eliminate it immediately as interference and not a thought that originated with my true self. Regrettably I frequently fail to do this when my human side is strong.


As a consequence of my poor cultivation state I have, in fact, failed to eliminate some quite serious physical symptoms which are interference that has taken on the guise of the ancestral karma which killed my mother, uncle and others in that branch of our family going back for many generations. Significantly, the symptoms first started about six years ago, around the time we first started presenting the Show in Melbourne. At some point I obviously had a wrong thought about these symptoms making the condition much harder to rectify. This wrong thought combined with poor cultivation to create a loophole that could be exploited by interference.


Master: When I have witnessed Dafa disciples being severely persecuted and their righteous thoughts aren’t strong enough, I’ve really thought about removing that tribulation for you. But, if I were to remove it, it would mean that you hadn’t passed the trial, hadn’t borne what you were supposed to bear, and hadn’t improved in cultivation. If I removed everything for you, then none of it would count for you and you would end up being nobody: you would not count as a cultivator, or as a Dafa disciple…. if you are carrying all sorts of attachments and human thoughts, you will meet with a great deal of trouble, and that trouble will serve to block your path.(New York, 2012)


A week or so before the Shen Yun was due to arrive, a combination of lack of faith, fear and encouragement from non-practitioner relatives caused me to visit the doctor for the first time in thirteen years, and I was booked in for tests and a chest x-ray the very day before the first performance.


Master reminds us: “Under the effect of righteous thoughts, everything around you, as well as you yourself, will undergo changes. Yet you have never thought to give it a try. The old forces as well as the interference from the evil elements are precisely exploiting the gaps in your thinking. That’s what they have been doing all these years.” (New York, 2011)


Practitioners were now sending forth righteous thoughts at least on the hour every hour. The more diligent were doing every half hour. The extra righteous thoughts helped turn the tide for me and I finally made it down to the Ross House Fa Study three days in succession. The first day I was truly amazed how powerful the energy was and how compassionate the atmosphere. I truly felt that we had at last recaptured some of the magic and wonder many of us experienced when we first obtained the Fa!

As Master commented: …be enthusiastic like you were when you first took up cultivation. Don’t be like ordinary people, whose fleeting enthusiasm fades after a few minutes and then disappears altogether.”What is Dafa Disciple? - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 New York Fa Conference


I then made the decision to cancel all the medical appointments and instead go to the airport to welcome the performers flying into Melbourne from Taiwan. That was indeed a much better way to spend my time.


Throughout the period of Shen Yun’s residency at Melbourne, practitioners who were not involved backstage, reporting for our media, cooking meals for the performers, or other duties, gathered together to send forth righteous thoughts every half hour. In between they would read Master’s writings on the subject of righteous thoughts. When I attended, I found this to be also very beneficial and several hours seemed to pass by in no time at all.


Although the shows did not sell-out, I feel that practitioners nonetheless worked together much better than they had in past years; putting aside their own opinions, working well together and doing what needed to be done. An example from my own personal experience would be “door-knocking” in the final days prior to the show. I had previously thought that such a practice was not in line with the high-end branding requirements stipulated by the Shen Yun Office. However, in the event that there were still a lot of seats still to be sold I opted to participate. I visited a shopping strip in an affluent suburb and went down one side of the street, calling on every business, while two other practitioners did the other side of the street. In fact the response was excellent with hardly any negativity at all. It was merely a case of working out the right approach, while being cheerful and positive with the conviction that you were there to do everyone a very big favour. Many practitioners did much more than I did, but for me to go out at all was a huge breakthrough as I had been so opposed to the idea.


To conclude I would just like to say that when Shen Yun left our city there was inevitably some sadness that we had not sold out every performance, but at the same time I felt privileged to be part of a very special community of cultivators dedicated to doing the very best that they could in any given situation.


I’ve said again and again that you cannot see a cultivator’s good side. That side is simply terrific, and has met the standard.” (What is a Dafa DiscipleFa Teaching Given at the 2011 New York Fa Conference )


Those words of Master’s hit home in a way they had not done before and I understood how important it is that we always try to focus on what practitioners do well rather than on their shortcomings, and on the things upon which we agree rather than on those issues about which we disagree. Usually you will find that when you are having a dispute with another practitioner; if you step back and think about all the things on which you have agreed over the years they will be infinitely more numerous than the conflicts.


What I think is key, actually, is that as long as you keep pace with your Fa-study, with your cultivation, all of these matters of cooperation can in fact be resolved.... Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference


When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn the tide.” (New York, 2012)


So let us all try to improve the strength and quality both of our Fa Study and our right thinking, so as to fulfill our historic mission and assist Master in saving more sentient beings.


Thank you Master,


Thank you fellow practitioners
















师父说:“甚至认识不到一些不良的思想行为与世间普世的价值是相抵触的。很多不良思想认识不到怎么办哪?只有按照大法做。” (《二十年讲法》)


师父讲到:“这些强烈的人心使互相之间配合不了。在争论中有的人心很强,有的在人心带动下互相争吵” (《二十年讲法》)



师父告诉我们:“一个是自己人心的执著。特别是形成的观念、形成了思维的方式,那就使自己很难认识到那些不自觉的人心表现。” (《二十年讲法》)



师父说:“我看到大法弟子被迫害的很严重的情况下正念又不足,真的想把难给你们拿下去,可是拿下去关就没过去,该承担的也没做到,修炼也没上来,什么都拿下去那就什么也不算了,也就啥都不是了,也不算是修炼人、也不算是大法弟子了。。。。。。带着各种执著、人心,那么在这条路上就会遇到许许多多的麻烦,麻烦挡着自己过不去。” (《二十年讲法》)


师父提醒我们:“你在正念作用下,你身边的一切和你自身都会发生变化,你从来都不想去试一试。旧势力和那些个邪恶因素的干扰,就是在钻你们思想的空子,这些年来一直在干这个事” (《二十年讲法》)




在神韵入住期间,凡是没有参与幕后工作、媒体报道、为演员提供伙食或其他任务的同修都集中到市区的学法点, 每半小时发一次正念。中间他们会读一些师父关于发正念的讲法。当我加入时, 我发现这是非常有益的,几个小时也似乎过的很快。



我一再说好的一面你们看不见,那边已经非常好了、达到标准了。” (《什么是大法弟子》,二零一一年纽约法会讲法)


其实我想,关键就是,如果学法跟的上、修炼跟的上,这些配合的事情其实都能解决。” (《大法弟子必须学法》 )

弟子正念足,师有回天力。” (《二十年讲法》)