Article selections: Australian Fahui 2012, Melbourne


Note: The majority of the articles is provided bilingually (Chinese and English) with a bilingual title. Articles with only a Chinese title is available in Chinese only.




推廣神韻的點滴修煉體會A A few experiences in promoting Shen Yun


从考照悟到的 Some understanding from my failed driving test



Sharing some understanding in my cultivation


在集体正念中升Elevating self through the process of group efforts


我要跟父回家I want to follow Master home

修去怨恨心Eliminating the mentality of resentment


去掉神韵推广中暴露出的着心 Eliminate my attachments exposed during the promotion of Shen Yun

信法不断提高自己的修炼标 Having faith in Master and the Fa

去掉人心推廣神韻 Get rid of attachments to promote Shen Yun


Overcoming interference during the promotion of Shen Yun 克服神韵推广程中的干

Cultivating in different environments


修心  救人

Work harder in cultivating Xinxing

A Sacred state of mind with 100% belief in Master



整体配合 修好自己




恩溶于正法 添正念救度众生 Gratitude for Master’s grace, help saving sentient beings


参与全球电话组营救平台的点滴体会 Participating in

the Global Telephone Group Rescue Platform

推广神韵中的一次成功One successful sale in promoting Shen Yun to my boss


為法而來的寶寶 Baby that comes for Dafa


心系众生 Always think of sentient beings cultivating diligently all the time


在法中 Returning to righteousness in the Fa

父的 父回家Listening to Master and following Master home


向内找 放下自我


突破自我 救人不忘修心Breakthrough self - save sentient beings whilst cultivating the heart


与大元一同成 Growing in the Fa at the Epoch Times project