My experience of participating in the Hurstville Quit CCP Centre

Dong Ling Ling, Sydney

Greetings Master, Greetings Fellow practitioners

I live in Hurstville where there are many Chinese people and practitioners. The Epoch Times office is in the centre of Hurstville and many residents are highly educated. Due to the lack of truth clarification, we were struggling to be granted permission to set up a Quit CCP Centre. There was even a local councillor of Chinese background that had stated that as long as he was in office we should not expect to be granted permission to have a Quit CCP desk. All those interferences were causing great difficulties in truth clarification and we were deeply worried.

Master said in the Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference: “The public presence of a “Party-Quitting Center,” or a “center for quitting the wicked CCP,” is an endless source of aggravation and exasperation for them. The fact is, it's a powerful place for destroying evil, and that is why they fear it.”

In the winter of 2008, we formed a Quit CCP Centre in the Hurstville area to save sentient beings. At first we did not know how to clarify the truth to people. We followed Master’s Fa principles, coming from a heart of benevolence as we spoke to people. At first, we could only get one to two people to quit the CCP a day. That figure slowly increased to five to six people a day. We then invited experienced practitioners to come and assist us. It was inspiring to see an experienced practitioner who clarified the truth to every one she could. She would move up and down the streets to find more people to quit the CCP. She was perspiring, but she kept going and did not even feel tired. With her leading the way, we gradually started to catch up. Soon we had 30 people quit the CCP in a day. As Fa rectification was progressing faster and faster, we decide to go from having the Quit CCP desk one day a week to both weekend days. We felt the urgency of saving more sentient beings. Soon we had more than 100 people quit the CCP in a weekend.

As people awaken to the truth the CCP starts to panic and the interference follows. On one occasion a man attempted to steal one of our picture boards. Our coordinator reported the matter to the police and clarified the truth to them. During the process we applied for permission to have the booth set up and this time it was approved. We were able to turn a negative incident into a positive one.

The interference continued. One day a Hurstville councillor removed one of our main picture boards. I was very sad and thought that we should truly cultivate ourselves by upgrading our understanding of the Fa. We started a Fa study group and really looked within. We realised that we must steady our minds and not be moved by the removal of our picture board. We needed to strengthen our righteous thoughts, put more effort into clarifying the truth and help more people to quit the CCP. With Master’s help we could help more people to quit the CCP even without the picture board.

Many practitioners supported our efforts. Some coordinators made smaller hand-held boards for us. One coordinator requested that our picture board to be returned. The councillor knew that what he had done was not right and he promised to return the board.

Another councillor told us to put the boards in a place where no one could legally remove them and we followed his advice. We could see that this person now understood the truth and had made the right decision. Although he initially did something negative, he now realized and thus has a chance of being saved.

Our weekly Fa study has continued to this day. Our weekend quit CCP centre is always set up come rain, hail or shine. The evil in other dimensions is rapidly being annihilated.  We are all very diligent, as we know that this is a part of our vows. All practitioners arrive on time and never take days off, even when encountering sickness karma. There was an elderly practitioner who lives a long way away. One day it was raining heavily and to avoid being late she ran. When she arrived her shoes were so wet that she could pour water out of them and her clothes were soaked. We were so touched by this. We all understood that if we don't keep up Fa study the site will not continue. We hold our quit CCP group Fa study every weekend and share on the areas where we are not doing well. We also share about problems that we have experienced so we can all look within and cultivate together.

We also experienced tremendous interference at our Fa study site. We were forced to change venues a couple of times, but with Master’s help we finally established a stable site at the Epoch Times Office. We know that cultivation is up to oneself while gong is up to Master. It is all Master’s blessings and we are here to thank Master sincerely. Due to the mass elimination of the evil in Hurstville we are able to have a stable Shen Yun promotional booth in one of major shopping centres and the theft of the Epoch Times has also decreased.

In fact the Quit CCP movement is an activity that all practitioners can participate in. Whether it is at the Quit CCP sites or making calls to China to save Chinese sentient beings, it is all cleaning our environment and other dimensions. As more evil is eliminated we will encounter less interference in doing other projects, such as Shen Yun promotion. 

I also participate in the RTC borad online calls to China. This is the global CCP call centre to assist people to quit the CCP quickly. It is running 24/7 and every Dafa disciple can learn how to help. Experienced callers can teach practitioners how make calls. Everyday there are 40000 calls waiting to be made and new practitioners are helping to make calls and doing very well.

The coordinator at the call centre is a lady with a two-year old child and her husband does not cultivate. While she spends most of the day on the calls to China she also has to take care of the child, do housework and also help practitioners all over the world. She always has a compassionate voice and manages everything carefully. Sometimes we can hear a child’s soft voice during the calls. There is a Japanese practitioner who also has a baby. She holds the baby in one arm while making calls with the other hand. She gets people to quit the CCP very quickly and easily. We can sometimes hear baby sounds on the phone and the sentient beings are very moved and often promised to quit and stay away from the CCP. I was moved to tears when I heard this. They are great mothers. There is also a practitioner from the USA involved in many Dafa projects. He uses his rest time to make quit CCP calls to China. Due to the time difference he only sleeps two to three hours a day.

All the practitioners who participate in this call centre would be able to present a great experience sharing. Practitioners mature quickly in the centre as they listen to others making calls or having one-on-one tuition. Practitioners help each other with enthusiasm. When a practitioner helps someone to quit the CCP they receive a lot of encouragement from other practitioners. Once they help a second person to quit the CCP they will not want to leave the call centre. Every day one can gain new understandings, whether making calls or just listening and supporting with righteous thoughts. The skills learned at the call centre can be used to clarify the truth in other environments. Practitioners, this call centre is a call centre given to us by Master, let us all join it!

In the last few years with Master’s help we overcame many difficulties and tribulations. Every step is arranged by Master. Those areas where we have not done well are areas where we need to improve and continue to upgrade. I wrote this sharing to push myself even harder. I hope practitioners can point out anything that is inappropriate. 

Once again we thank Master for his compassionate salvation!